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  1. e-roc

    110v plug in LED over head lights

    I've had those Job Lot ones in my attic for about 10 months. No problems, much better than the florescent tubes, especially in the colder temps.
  2. Thought of this post yesterday when my buddy texted me.......He has an 06 Ridgeline with a blown motor, he is asking where to post it for sale. I told him to go to Offer Up or one of those other apps, he'd be happy with 2k.
  3. e-roc

    TJ Rubicon Rear Locker

    Good stuff thanks guys for the info. Hopefully it is just the plunger/sensor being on the wrong side. I am hoping to pull the carrier tonight.
  4. e-roc

    TJ Rubicon Rear Locker

    Thanks for the reply and the trick. I will pull the carrier in the next day or two. With it pulled, I can check to see if the air bladder plate moves freely, correct?
  5. e-roc

    TJ Rubicon Rear Locker

    Good question, I have not touched the carrier. Unsure if the PO ever removed it. Any way to tell without pulling the carrier? If not, how hard are these carriers to remove and reinstall to check? I've pulled stock carriers and ARB's before. Anything different about these?
  6. e-roc

    TJ Rubicon Rear Locker

    Hi all, I picked up a 2005 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon completely stock. The rear locker appears to be stuck in the locked position. The "rear axle lock" light is flashing, I was thinking it was something related to an air leak or pump. I identified an air leak to the rear locker and fixed that. So the pump will go on then off after it reaches the 5psi. I just changed diff fluid to the factory recommended 175w-40 and put Teflon tape on factory diff cover to make sure it wasn’t threaded in too far (read about this on the interwebs, common problem with TJ rubicon lockers). The rear axle lock light still flashes when the transfer case is in 2wd and the no air pressure to the locker. Put jeep up on jack stands when in 2wd, rear axle is still locked, seems like locker is stuck in locked position. Anyone have any experience with these and anything else to try? thanks -eric
  7. e-roc

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    That same Unlimited Rubicon sold quick about a month ago for 6k from Plymouth, MA. I called about it soon after it was posted, the guy said someone was coming to look at it first. A few hours later it was posted again on Craigslist for the current price. It needs fenders and a windshield frame also.
  8. e-roc

    110v plug in LED over head lights

    I went with these, found some good reviews. I have 12 of them in my 2 car garage, wired up switches to control outlets. Had them for a year and half. Only one has gone bad, I called up the company and they sent me a brand new one, no questions asked, no receipt needed. https://www.samsclub.com/sams/2pk-led-shoplight-4-ft-led-shoplight/prod20051839.ip?xid=plp:product:1:1
  9. e-roc


    Nice videos, I heard it was a good time. My brother was there, said he has met you before. He is Mike with the green series with the chevy 4.3 and the Landcruiser axles.
  10. e-roc

    Non ethanol gas

    www.pure-gas.org Looks like there is a station in Haverhill
  11. pm sent about the windshield frame, also saw this on f***book, figured I'd message you here
  12. Anyone looking for a bike? Selling my 2003 Honda Shadow, got a bigger bike so this needs to go https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/mcy/6234423020.html
  13. Free front and rear TJ track bars. Anyone need these things? -Eric
  14. interested in the windshield/frame possibly the hood too, depending on location
  15. Thanks Rick, nice to meet you yesterday