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  1. Mass law on gooseneck trailer wiring.

    They make a "Y" connector you can tap into the 7pin and then mount one in your bed for cheap money. But no its not illegal to run it off the regular 7pin
  2. Inner airlocks/Rims

    Would take $425 to get them out of the garage bump for a new year
  3. Inner airlocks/Rims

    Would take $425 to get them out of the garage
  4. SOLD

  5. SOLD

    https://www.grainger.com/product/MILLER-ELECTRIC-MIG-Welder-2GPK2 Its a full case unit. Can run off 110/220 with the simple 5 second addition of a plug adapter which is why I bought it, so I could bring it to events that might only have 110. It includes a bottle thats probably mostly full and a mostly full 30lb roll of .025 wire if I remember right. I used it to build some things for my Bronco. It hasnt been used in probably 5 years at this point and its just taking up space. $850 or BRO
  6. One well worn 39" Krawler. Bought it for a spare for $100. I'll take $75 just to make it go away, if not I'll just keep it as a second spare. Princeton, MA
  7. I have one but its a lil bit of a haul for you. The bathroom scale rig works, that's what I was doing before I invested.
  8. mangler custom build #1

    Looking good brother! Totally forgot about your build thread till we talked the other night!
  9. mangler custom build #1

    Its gonna be taller on the rim. I think when I measured them for you before I unmounted them they were 41+". I looked for the old email but I couldnt find it.
  10. mangler custom build #1