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  1. Yea we moved here last sept and like it.
  2. Thanks guys. Picked up my deck over today so need to make room. Wife says i cant keep 3 trailers! i'm right off ex 15/16 off 84. Southbury ct. trailer has been great and for sure is multi purpose with the railings. Kinda do t wanna sell it.
  3. Sold Its a 22ft, 10k Big Tex trailer. Has two six lug leaf sprung axles, with good brakes on both. I replaced all tires and rims with load E trailer tires (Carlisle tires). has brand new matching spare. Replaced electrical box and plug two years ago. Trailer is in overall great shape. Deck does show some age, but it is still very solid. Trailer is 83" wide between wheel wells. It has the railings which have come in handy when transporting anything other than trucks, as there is endless tie down points, and keeps what ever you are hauling on the trailer. Only reason I am selling is to go to a deck over trailer. Here is a pic of mine
  4. Factory hitch was rusted and wanted to upgrade it so i picked up this hitch. When i removed the factory hitch i am glad i was replacing it as it weighed about 1/3 of what this new hitch weights. Here is a link: Here is the story, this is just about brand new (only towed with it 1x), the hole for pin was not drilled straight from CURT, so they sent me a replacement, that is now on the truck (even replacement still had issue). I just opened up the pin hole on the one for sale and she fits nice and tight. For the WD shank, i would have to open it up a bit more as the hole is more precise on that shank. **Note this takes a 2.5" receiver not a 2" receiver. this is a class V hitch. Here are the details from CURT. Hitch Class: 5 Receiver Style: 2 1/2 in. square Drilling Required: No Maximum Tongue Weight (lbs): 2,700 lbs. Maximum Gross Trailer Weight (lbs): 18,000 lbs. I got this for $230. Selling for $120. Shipping wld be expensive but wld ship on buyers dime. In southbury CT 06488. PM or text me 203 four seven zero 4661. Who needs this....
  5. petzl21

    battery tender recommendations

    I use the batteryMINDer 1510 and love it. I had the batterytender jr previous. I have them on all the vehicles/tractors that sit for any period of time. one tender can maintain up to 4 12v batteries.
  6. petzl21

    Project Zoom Zoom - I wanna go fast, really fast.

    I always had a blast even though i was the low guy on the totem pole (swappin tires, setting air pressure, squeezin my FA into these custom built cages made for skinny guys like youself). very cool to be able to experience a race from the pits! worst part was being in a race car, that does not like to go slow, or be able to inch forward, and loading into a 2 story semi, its not the most fun experience being on that lift as it brings you up to the 2nd level of cars, not to mention shoehorning myself out of the skinny man cage, and then out of the car when there is no space once your in the trailer! always a good time though! Good luck with the racing, if i had more time, that would be on the list to. its a big commitment time and money wise.
  7. petzl21

    Project Zoom Zoom - I wanna go fast, really fast.

    I've only gone and worked Limerock and Watkins Glen with him. He has been to so many tracks, i cant even keep track. One company he contracts thur (Speed Sport in Danbury) works with handles a lot of racecar stuff for all sorts of rich folk from weekend club races to cup car's! Works for me b/c when else would i be able to drive a Porsche cup car (on and off the trailer and to fuel up)!
  8. petzl21

    Project Zoom Zoom - I wanna go fast, really fast.

    Looks like you have one hell of a winter project! congrats on the new purchase! time for an enclosed trailer to haul your "nice" race cars around in! not to mention having a nice shady/cool place while at the tracks. AC and an awning is a must have! I work a lot of the races with my bro (only local ones for me) but he travels all over the country for them. i forget what series he is an official for too. He is big in all the electronics and data collection and tuning of the cars. I'll be following this build! Oh and reliable power and handling/braking far outweighs crazy power. all about technique on the track and the setup of the car. A good driver will smoke a lesser driver in a higher end car any day of the week.
  9. Well ya may lose the bug for a while, but its like herpes, its always there and comes back with a vengeance. I hear ya with the $$$ thing. Its tough having all the stuff that goes with it and the space it takes up. Hope ya come to your senses and finish it up and enjoy it! Any day in the woods (even draggin out strangers) is better than a day not in the woods...
  10. Chuck, come on out with your old friends at NTC. were not a bunch of randoms that need to be dragged out of the woods! got built guys out more than 3-4 times a season!
  11. petzl21

    Rausch Club Comp

    I took your post on our forum too. have more than enough class 3/4 rigs, cant find enough class 2 rigs though!
  12. In Southington, CT 06489. Buyer pays shipping. 2 sets of 1.25 QA1 Chromo Heim XM16 (1 left and 1 right) - $50 per pair - SOLD 2 right hand 1.25 QA1 Chromo Heim XM16 (box says they are L but they are not) - $25 each - SOLD 3 sets of 7/8 QA1 Chromo Heim (3 left and 3 right) - $35 per pair - SOLD 2 sets of slightly used FK 1.25 Chromo JMX16 (their strongest heim)- $75 per pair - SOLD