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  1. 1951M38


    Figure 2-2x8 for beams at 24' = 8 12'rs 8 6x6 posts 2x8 rafters 16OC about 24 to be safe (one slope shed roof)...about 12 sheets of plywood for the roof...$600 bucks for roofing....maybe a few more 2x8's for infill bottom of wall "beams"with some infill studs and board siding....maybe $3000 in material?
  2. 1951M38


    Apparently, Mike used to date some horse chicks too...LOL
  3. 1951M38

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    I'm with Rachel and Karl....I do have some sympathy, but it is finite.....And Mike, you know that to get out of a poopty situation is hard, but you can make that decision for yourself regardless of the station you were born into. Big pharma ans scumbag doctors are part of the problem, but at some point, it comes down to personal responsibility as well...Do I feel bad for a second grader in that kind of life? Absolutely! Hopefully that gene pool ends quickly or elevates above it....I am a "tear the band aid off/ sink or swim" kinda guy though...
  4. 1951M38

    Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    In CT we have to do everything (building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, handicap accessibility, (sprinklers, fire alarm shared with fire marshal)) So it is a little more than "building"...
  5. 1951M38

    Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Building inspector basically.....
  6. 1951M38


    Are you opposed to one more post on the open side? 8' openings make for a smaller beam on that side than 12'
  7. 1951M38

    Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Denying my $11 million DPW project permit today...Plans are horrible, about an 80 item correction sheet. 7 days and counting
  8. 1951M38

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    I admit I don't believe I really understand addiction...I have some pretty great times where drugs were involved.....But I guess I never felt the world would take care of me so there was always work the next day to think of...I did date an "addict" at one point and always believed the addiction was a symptom of an untreated mental health issue...
  9. 1951M38

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    I am a big fan of Darwin.....Wish we would let him do his job more often.....Bet none of them would cure cancer....Play through...
  10. 1951M38


    Any permits required up there? I assume you donn't want those timbers on the bottom? Must be a prefab shipping thing, but that would omit the concrete piers...
  11. 1951M38


    All sawmill wood or lumber yard stuff? Siding or boards? Just a run in shed? What do you want for roofing? I am sure we can sketch up a post and beam type of thing on some concrete piers that after the concrete was done could be built in about a day (depending on roofing and siding)with a crew of around 5 with just a couple being experienced....
  12. 1951M38


    I'd be up for a NEOW "work party"....We did Andys garge in 2 days.....
  13. 1951M38

    Way early Wednesday.

    Like Sam the butcher bringing Alice the meat.....
  14. 1951M38


    Think I might take half a day "off" and go up to the new job and see how they do things to see what I can start making easier or better...And se what is in the hopper...
  15. 1951M38

    Monday Funday

    I understand that planes are more complicated, but pretty sure i could figure out how to drive a car if I knew how to work on one....