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  1. He was an architect previous to his career as a prophet.... There was only one thing I could do....Ding a ling dang my dang along ling long....Cue awesome music....

    Do the dead trees become paper? It's all paperwork....Might take a ride to Mass. to bug a guy about M715 parts...
  3. 2016 Subaru Crosstrek

    I think they are good cars...Not sure why they get the gay/engineer reputation thing around here. Too new for my tastes, I probably couldn't afford the MV tax on that in CT....
  4. 2016 Subaru Crosstrek

    Does it come with a free lesbian?
  5. THE Jesus.... God Damn 'Merica and I will die if I want to....I support anyone and their personal choices as long as it does not affect anyone else's personal choices...
  6. Shameless Plug: World Water Day

    Reminds me that I am due to go piss in the Quabbin reservoir....
  7. 14B

    Spoke with him last night, he is going to look into it....

    Potato chips have jobs?
  9. 14B

    Thanks...He is looking for a newer disc one unless the conversion is easy? I am sure he wouldn't mind buying the outer bits if it was stock parts...Guy that came up w/ me for the S/C.....

    Hoping you get off Carl....
  11. 14B

    I have a buddy looking for a DRW one also if anyone sees one...
  12. Name that tranny.

  13. NOCO genius 3500 battery charger

    I think its the China....That stuff is fragile...
  14. What do you know about hummers?

    Hummers such!
  15. Beverly MA LS?

    Thanks! Was a bit skeptical when he lowered the price from $5000 to $1000...But i will try to chat with him....