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  1. Agree with tucking the rears, all exposed, that's for t buckets and model A's.

    Taking Dad kayaking down the Farmington.....Good day to be on the water.
  3. Linda already told me....It is under consideration, I will probably apply and it will depend on what they have to offer.....PM me you number, must've lost it in last phone...
  4. Let me know whenish and I will try to plan around it....Might be heading to the shore at some point on Monday Old Lyme area and could swing through Middletown too...You have my number in a PM... Great...There goes my CIA career...LOL
  5. I am in Bloomfield, but I am sure I can get it closer to you...Or Maybe the Windsor Fire Dept right off 91 at Rt 218...Exit 35 I think if you are coming up 91.....
  6. Brought It Tuesday

    I'm sorry.....What did you type?lol
  7. Brought It Tuesday

    Sucks that someone ratted you out for "venting" to your online friends.....Is how I took it...I don't remember you saying anything that should rise to police levels. So much for live free or die...
  8. BRING IT! Monday

    Riding to Congers NY to get my FJR ECU reflashed....
  9. Up too early for a Saturday

    Looks like a score, love the stepside!.....
  10. No Plan Sunday

    Maybe some yardwork and/or whambulance work.....Planning for Jeep night at Mark's tomorrow....
  11. Grendel is looking for fenders if you missed that thread and any of them are up for grabs.....
  12. WedNesDay

    Funny, I feel the same way about the "click it or ticket" ads and the utility co. ads and everyone else that wastes advertising money....
  13. North Conway NH 6-21 to 26?

    Thanks Guys!...All street bikes. If there were something spectacular we would gravel it, I think we are planning on riding Kang and Mt. W already, Neither of which I have ever done, might rent some quads on Sat.
  14. North Conway NH 6-21 to 26?

    Heading up with some friends for a motorcycle based vacation. We do something every year, VA last year and Nova Scotia the year before. Any locals with input on what to see or local gems for food or whatever, please let me know.....Thanks!....Oh, BTW.....expect it to rain most of that time NH....You are welcome!
  15. But how does it tow?