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  1. Scerb

    2020 presidential BS thread

    Sooo, Trump believes Putin over his own intelligence departments? I'm not 100% anti-trump, but I'm anti this and curious what the Trump spin is.
  2. Scerb

    Where’s Disapear Skier?

    Now where's Roy?
  3. Scerb

    Stand With Steve

    Damn that sucks... way too young
  4. Got it, thank you!! Glad you like the site! Will be in touch soon with tracking info...
  5. Scerb

    Driveshaft Ears bent out

    Dave's good for that as well. I'll watch from the internet.
  6. Scerb

    Driveshaft Ears bent out

    They normally bend a little when changing ujoints and often need to be straightened to get the c-clips to seat correctly.
  7. Finally launched my new online store. Several of you have ordered stuff through me before, hopefully this will make it even easier. Would love to hear honest feedback on the site too! You can all use coupon code "NEOW" for up to 10% off and free shipping over $150.
  8. Scerb

    Chamshell Carrier Bearing Puller - SOLD

    Clearing out the axle tools? If you've got a pinion depth tool to sell I'll take that!
  9. Scerb

    Looking for a hobby metal mill or 3 in 1

    The 3in1's are ok for small stuff out of soft materials. Nearly anything large enough for our hobby or out of steel it would not be great for. So it really depends on what the project is before we say a 3in1 is bad or ok.
  10. Scerb

    door hinges

    I appreciate that! By the time my dad told me he had a router, I finished chiseling the hinges - I'm effective enough at it now. But I did buy the template and borrow my dads router for the door latches, those such with a chisel. Finished this project a while ago it seems!
  11. Scerb

    2020 presidential BS thread

    Belber! Just when I needed some good toilet reading. To be continued, leg fell asleep.
  12. Scerb

    89 2wd one ton

    Was hoping to click on this and find one of these local:
  13. Scerb

    WTB: Mikuni VM34 carbs

    All set, can delete
  14. Looking for two carbs for a snowmobile. Preferably from a 99 Arctic Cat Panther 440, but I can make most VM34's fit I think.
  15. Scerb

    Shop light recommendations

    That was my intent of posting the followup!