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  1. door hinges

    I appreciate that! By the time my dad told me he had a router, I finished chiseling the hinges - I'm effective enough at it now. But I did buy the template and borrow my dads router for the door latches, those such with a chisel. Finished this project a while ago it seems!
  2. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Belber! Just when I needed some good toilet reading. To be continued, leg fell asleep.
  3. 89 2wd one ton

    Was hoping to click on this and find one of these local:
  4. WTB: Mikuni VM34 carbs

    All set, can delete
  5. Looking for two carbs for a snowmobile. Preferably from a 99 Arctic Cat Panther 440, but I can make most VM34's fit I think.
  6. Shop light recommendations

    That was my intent of posting the followup!
  7. Before Jerry tells you

    What were the disposal fees for the tree?
  8. Shop light recommendations

    Never followed up on this.... even though I was out of warranty, they said Merry Xmas and repaired it and shipped it back free. They said the inside was all wet and the board was fried. Good chance a bunch of coolant poured on it shortly before it died.... never connected the dots till they said that.
  9. Tow Dolly and wheelbase

    I towed my Toy pickup with my dad's '06 Ford Ranger ext cab for a season or two on a tow dolly. It was really only 15min back and forth to Field and Forrest or Wambus so not a large distance and no traffic. It wasn't super sketchy, but I wouldn't go much further than that. Plenty of power and it even stopped ok, but a bit of sway above 45mph.
  10. diesel trucks pros and cons

    911 is not a preventative, it reliquefies gelled fuel but doesn't stop it from gelling. They make a different product in the white bottle that prevents gelling.
  11. door hinges

    If I buy a router, I want to get exactly the one I want, which is backordered. Convinced myself the doors won't fit on the Bridgeport... chiselled out a 2nd hinged and it was much faster and better. 4 more to go.... I still like steel better.
  12. door hinges

    Does anyone actually use a chisel to make door hinge pockets or is it time for me to buy a router? First one took me about 1/2hr and looks meh.... 5 more to go. I like buying tools....
  13. Home accounting

    To you as well!
  14. Home accounting

    ...I have the same hopes and also put it on the wife's phone.