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  1. I can do $152 shipped to you on them, 2day transit.
  2. Floor jacks

    Suspicious, coming from the guy who is happy with a plastic folding table supporting a transfer case.
  3. Repairing insulation baffles

    Show off!!
  4. Repairing insulation baffles

    Now we're talkin! Will PM you.
  5. Repairing insulation baffles

    I'm assuming he means the sheetrock. Which the wife will love for me to remove.
  6. Repairing insulation baffles

    So what would be the harm about blowing in a bunch of insulation without replacing the baffles? Is that a big no no?
  7. Repairing insulation baffles

    Also, we did add ridgevent when we did the roof 9months ago (the one thats curling)
  8. Repairing insulation baffles

    Yes the soffits are vented, but like I said most of the baffles look collapsed to me, so technically I guess that means no they are not vented. Yes, the 2nd floor has sloped ceilings and kneewalls. I haven't busted through the kneewalls yet, but I suspect I need to blow insulation in there too. My biggest concern right now is removing the old disintegrated baffles, as they will likely clog up any new baffles I try to shove down there.
  9. Repairing insulation baffles

    I do want to investigate blowing insulation in, but want to get these baffles set first. is it worth renting the blowing equipment from Lowes or should I pay someone else?
  10. 2nd floor of home is wicked hot in summer, wicked cold in winter, snow melts in vertical rows (the joists), ice damns, buckling roof, etc etc Finally poked a hole into the attic. Only thing I could really see is the baffles are super poopty material and some seem collapsed. It just seems like they are disintegrated and I don't think I could even grab them to yank them out. What are my options here to get new baffles in place? Do I need to bust into the eaves and drop all of the insulation down?
  11. Brake cleaner

    I considered that.. that is the equivalent of 45 Advance Auto aerosol cans, and $39 dollars cheaper. But then I need to spend $43 dollars on the sure shot, plus whatever shipping is. So that's more expensive AND takes up way more space.
  12. Brake cleaner

    I guess I will need to drive any extra 5min to the next store. Who needs clean brakes anyways.
  13. Brake cleaner

    Seems like Advance is all out of brake cleaner. The guy says they haven't been able to get any in for a month and no one can tell them why. All brands, not just house brand. Are all stores out?
  14. Damn Kids Thread

    We're learning on the fly. He got rid of the plant for us.
  15. Damn Kids Thread

    This one was under mom's watch, not dad's