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  1. weird phone call

    Hopefully. As long as no one filed a false iinsurance claim in her name. but if that were the case he probably would not have hung up.
  2. weird phone call

    Weird, I traced to # to a linked in profile that says the guy is an automotive appraiser out of Manchester nh. Why would he have our name and #?
  3. weird phone call

    Wife just got a call on her cell and the guy asked for her by first and last name, but butchered the last name. Then he said he was calling about the damage claim on her rav4, and when she said she doesn't have a rav4, he hung up. She does have a 4runner we had an insurance claim on a while back. It was a 603 # but Google says it's not a known scammer.... thoughts?
  4. Remote start

    I got my excuse to get the 4runner in the shop without the wife getting suspicious. Neutral safety switch died when she was shopping 1hr away from my work.... got to leave work early to rescue them.
  5. Remote start

    Finally found some info. Seems like Viper and Compustar are the most popular on Amazon, Best buy, etc but there is absolutely not documentation and I read they won't even talk to you on the phone if you're not a dealer. Fair enough. I found Fortin who does an immobilizer and remote starter all in one with a T-harness. Still need to splice in a few wires, but stuff like parking lights or horn, not the ignition stuff. And they have extensive instructions specific to each model. I got it on order, now I need to figure out how to install it without the wife noticing before xmas.
  6. Remote start

    I have the FSM for the 4runner, still can't believe there is no documentation available for the aftermarket start systems. I understand what you are saying about hack wiring, but I know how to do not hack wiring so I'm not too worried about that. There is a OEM remote start system, but it is discontinued and costs like $400 and everyone says it has horrible range and turns off when you open the door. No one likes it.
  7. Remote start

    I want to add remote start to our 2010 4runner. I want to do the install myself. I'm amazed at how little information there is online about installation - Compustar and Viper provide literally no documentation about their products. Why? It's tough to even find places to buy the hardware without also buying installation. I'm very good with electronics and wiring diagrams, but I'm also expecting you can just buy adapter harnesses to make things plug and play. I've found this for the immobilizer modules but not the remote start modules. What am I missing and where do I find all this info?
  8. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Tax cuts are great and all... but what about the deficit? The deficit is legit gonna destroy this country around the time current legislatures are all dying of old age, so they don't seem to care. Tax cuts hurt the deficit.
  9. 2 post lift bolts??

    It is, as long as you follow the instructions that come with the epoxy regarding hole size, cleaning, curing etc. Half of my anchors are epoxied in because the wedge anchors pulled up.
  10. 2 post lift bolts??

    Easy fix as long as the concrete is not cracked around the bolt hole. You can buy those anchors at Home Depot or lowes. The two wedge pieces are probably still in the hole and you will need to fish out. Make sure the hole is sized within the tolerances for the new anchor. Or you can buy concrete anchor epoxy (also at Home Depot or Lowes) and glue in the same type of stud (without the wedges). Again the hole needs to be within specified tolerances.
  11. R19

    Yes, I just bought a pack of 15" wide and don't need all of it.
  12. Tradesmith 14" floor bandsaw $50

    Interested... can you post a pic?
  13. WTB Old skool "roll cage" or light bar

    I had one in HS.... back in the 00's With Harbor Freight lights though, KC's were $$$
  14. Car/Truck Ramps

    I just bought some Rhino ones to fluid film my truck outside. Haven't used them yet though.