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  1. Wack Off Wenesday

    These scientist also depend on government grants and funds. I’m not saying we aren’t making a change to To environment, what I’m saying is it’s so minuscule it’s not even registering on sedimentary rock. My point is they are saying it’s all doom and gloom, we’re killing the planet. I’m not an egomaniac and claming we’re damning the planet up. We are a speck, a minor irritant to Mother Nature. In 10,000 years you basically won’t even know abou this “crisis”. In a Nutshell, it’s a business. And like any other business, it’s about making money. And since the whole “global warming” thing didn’t pan out the way they wanted, they came up with a new catch phrase. Which is brilliant in my book. Cuz the climate has always changed and always will. So it’s not untrue, it is how ever the way nature works
  2. Wack Off Wenesday

    Actually it is. Weather patterns thru out history (pre Industrial Age) have recorded temps that are above the norm or below the norm. It’s a planet, things change and evolve. These climate changers are sooooo short sighted and never look at the big picture
  3. Safety toe boots

    Roy might hate them, but I love my Keens.
  4. Wack Off Wenesday

    Good thing we have all this climate change...
  5. Manic Monday

    Awesome! I officially haven't fired a weapon in over 4 years. I have 3 new weapons and 1 I'm building that need to be aired out. The new build will be a sh!t ton of fun to shoot. Can't wait to get the range up and running!
  6. Manic Monday

    Just walked into the garage and about a dozen mice scattered. Guess with all the rain their little houses in the ground are flooding. I don't really mind one or maybe two, but we can now hear them in the walls and ceiling.. Time to set up the "buffet of death" in the garage. Not gonna poison them, the house will stink for weeks. Just an elegant meal with a dozen or so traps.
  7. Manic Monday

    :paul: has a No good deed goes unpunished NEOW discount. I may hit him up on April 14th.
  8. Snowy Sunday

    Less talkie talkie, more action buttercup
  9. Snowy Sunday

    Spent the night researching a new AR build and ordered parts. Just to find out this morning that the 2 halves wont work together. Tis ok, the upper that I really REALLY wanted will.

    Welp, it's snowing. Bring on snowmaghedonapolypes '0-18

    My model 51 is over 21 years old, and only required normal maintenance, but is getting tired. My new 460 is one hell of a good saw.

    Plenty of room above but full of utilities (power panels, lights plumbing and ducting). Might just rip it all out and paint it black

    Went and got a new to us elliptical machine (high end), practically ripped half my fingernail off when the guy took a digger. Oh well, it'll grow back after it stops bleeding. Brought it in the basement and into the "workout room". We now have 2 pieces of equipment that pretty much touch the drop ceiling. Guess I'm going to have to figure out how to raise a drop ceiling by 6"-8". Brought wood in and was going to tackle a couple of trees that are leaners. Not with this wind. Oh well, guess I'll crack a beer and relax.