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    Yeah, my friend wants to know also...
  2. Pressure washer recommendations

    I used to have a nice electric pressure washer....

    One of the last real first ladies, Your grace and dignity will be missed. Rest in peace.
  4. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    I was at the brick barracks at Jackson in 82. We had a platoon of chicks across the "quad". Had quite the show about 3 weeks into basic.
  5. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    We were near the red/white water tower. Not the big one on top of dragass hill
  6. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    Were you Harmony Church or Sand Hilton?
  7. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    I was A-2-2 in '83. And you really didnt get orientated to the area when being hauled around in a cattle car or running in the dark...
  8. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    Harmony Church Ft. Benning. They used to make us dig regulation sized 2 man foxholes under the barracks if someone was caught smoking during non smoking time. Not just the guy that was puffing away, the whole damning platoon....
  9. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Stop getting applicants from the GD Craigslist hook up page...
  10. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    Technically I went thru basic twice. Once at Ft. Jackson between my Junior and senior year. And the second time at Ft. Benning for active duty Infantry. I can tell you this, there is a BIG difference between REMF and Infantry Basic. At Jackson, we had all the doo-dee, but it was light compared to combat arms. We had a reservist DI at Jackson, the MF'er looked JUST LIKE Sugar Bear. Not the Starsky and Hutch Sugar Bear, but the damn cereal cartoon character. Could bearly (see what I did there?) keep a straight face when he was trying to agitate you. Benning was a whole different ball game, it was for realz. Very big, very mean DI's and they would be VERY aggressive. Their whole point was, if you cant survive this, how TF are you gonna survive combat? I was considered prior service because I was in the NG before going active, and was JROTC and went in as an E-3. My bunk was near his office and I was his gofor. Go get pvt so and so. One several occasions I had to get some F up who would get some wall to wall counselling. Like the kind where the kid had to apologize for the dents in the Drill's wall locker. The ONLY time I was on his bad side is when I was messing up the EOC testing and almost flunked (has a case of the ate up's). He brought me over to the bleachers sand counselled me. After I responded with some pvt snuffleupacus doo-dee, he proceeded to adjust my attitude and helmet with a forearm slam that knocked me off the bleachers. After that I never failed another station for EOC as well at my EIB testing 4 months later.
  11. Judge Harry Stone WNBDFB

    Used to love watching Night Court. RIP Harry...
  12. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    You'll like Westbrook, nice quiet town. Lots of new micro breweries nearby. I'll hunt you down some afternoon and buy you a beer.
  13. Looking for a hobby metal mill or 3 in 1

    I appeciate it, however, looking for someone in NH area. Plus my upper is not legal in CT. At all.
  14. Looking for a hobby metal mill or 3 in 1

    Basically I need to bevel the inner part of the upper to accept 45ACP mags. The upper I received was of a newer variant and not like the pics I saw on the innerwebz (as they were EXACTLY what I was looking for). The mfg did away with all of their CNC programming for that variant and does not want to try to duplicate it. I can do it with a demel and a rat tail file, but am looking for something a little more professional.
  15. Looking for a hobby metal mill or 3 in 1

    It would be "small" stuff and aluminum. Mostly.