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  1. One Line Movie Reviews

    Maybe tomorrow

    Pretty much and..... Are you new here? BOOM! A double header! As in the rubber dummy type...

    I spent a lifetime (3.5 years) in Louisiana once apon a time. Its a doo dee hole


    You can come play with it in my back yard if you want...

    Laundry room work today. Gotta prep for the gas guy on wednesday.
  7. Digging a shallow grave...

    The cost of the site prep is part of the final price. I couldn't get anybody else as they have their own crews. The way I look at it, it would cost me $295, anybody else would be 10x that
  8. Digging a shallow grave...

    Update, looks like the pool set up guys might be able to do the job with their Brocat. Back up plan is rent one in Epsom for $295 a day. It''l probably take me about 4 hours to learn how to use it and about 30 min to actually do the work that needs to be done. The good(ish) news is I've moved the pool site location and its a tad flatter, but their are boulders in the area. Not sure of the size, and I'm thinking they were removed from the foundation site and placed into a pile. So, essentially, I have to move that pile, that's been buried, and is a rock garden...
  9. Threatening thursday

    Just walk up to it and beat it with a bat. Their/there/they're slow as fawk.
  10. SAT

    Me too. Got about 1.5-2 cord that needs to be cut and split. Should go after that oak that was felled last fall at a friends place. If they're still living there...
  11. FRIDAY

    Put some wear and tear on the Co car and OT today. Drove from Northwood to Machias and back. That's 550ish miles and about 10 hours of travel. Oh and I had to work for about 3 hours in between seat time to and fro.Came home and me and Squirt went out for an appetizer and a beer.
  12. sunday thread

  13. sunday thread

    Ahh, gotcha! Wanna play lumber jack in Northwood?
  14. Digging a shallow grave...

    Hahaha, thanks John, it is a big machine. Might not have the means to move it... And its way overkill for a 20x32 patch of dirt
  15. sunday thread

    Tell me more? I need about 6-7 pines dropped