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  1. Rooster

    Parts washer. HF or TSC?

    This is the larger 20gal floor model. Works awesome, just not needed anymore. NEOW nice price of $75 Firm(ish). If you bring a 10gal bucket you can take the solvent as well! Pics to follow
  2. Is that why you wanted me all nekkid?
  3. I'm cleansing for the next month or so, beer is not on my menu... Yes, hell hath frozen over...
  4. Rooster

    Splitting Saturday.

    Helped a friend cut and split about 1.5 cord of some of the best black cherry I've ever seen. They're going to use it for "camping"... Ugggh.
  5. Rooster

    HFB Roy!!!

    HFB old man!
  6. #thisusedtobemyoffice/mancave...
  7. Rooster


    I was on vacation in S. Burlington VT. My sister and (ex) wife woke me up and said something is going on in NYC. Couldn't pull myself away from the TV. It was surreal. Got a call from my boss at some point and he was relieved that I was still in VT. I was supposed to fly out of BOS on the 12th...
  8. Rooster

    Looking for parts

    Being on a high dose of rat poison, its my number one concern. A good whack and a brain bleed is fatal for me.
  9. Rooster

    1984 CJ7 Renegade

    Very nicely done!
  10. Rooster

    Looking for parts

    That’s why I want to protect it. Oh and my head too
  11. Rooster

    Looking for parts

    Anybody have a yj family roll bar cover? Looking for black denim and in good shape
  12. Rooster

    You Know What Day It Is

    So, who would you suggest for the other 2?
  13. Rooster


    Any idea why the continuance? I mean your lawyer asks for one and the judge denies it but yet the state asks for it and viola!
  14. Rooster

    You Know What Day It Is

    You'd like that wouldn't you? I knew you were sweet on me...
  15. Rooster

    You Know What Day It Is

    Just bought not one, but two Peloton bikes. Fawk you Karl, fawk you very much. Love, Rooster... BTW, you just got either $100 or $200 in referral bonuses. So fawk you thrice. !