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  1. Jerusalem

    Neither did Hitler
  2. Smokers Corner

    Electric rocks, my buddy makes some damn good ribs in his smoker
  3. Dumping Cable for Streaming?

    Spent an hour on the phone with spectrum, if it were my choice, I'd have ended the call canceling everything.
  4. A guy looking for his Willys

    I heard you had a nose for it

    The drive to you is more miles than I put on my Samurai in a year.

    So jealous
  7. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    How has no one snatched these up yet? I may regret getting my dad on the same battery system as me, I guess we will see... Pm sent.
  8. Gifts to get kids to get them into wrenching

    Thanks everyone, I went with a snap together model and the battat toy Seth recommended.
  9. Chevy shake?

    My ex girlfriend didn't like the samurai because the rough ride made her fancy cans bounce too much perhaps I could have called Suzuki?
  10. Dumping Cable for Streaming?

    Wow! I'd call Amazon
  11. Chevy shake?

    They should go, it would be a blast
  12. Tuesday

    Red = sarcasm
  13. Tuesday

    Bug eye!
  14. Tuesday

    This is awesome, would the admins permit us to have a build thread? It's 4wd it will go on dirt....
  15. 2018 Jeep JL

    The day I bought my JK, I sat in a Liberty with the huge sun roof. I could have gone that route and gained 10 MPGs. Probably wouldn't have kept the same re-sale value....