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  1. heavysquad


    Building and painting campaign signs
  2. heavysquad

    Microwave Burritos

    Do you think Jesus could microwave a burrito so hot even he couldn't eat it?
  3. heavysquad

    Phones and Plans

    hey, I tried to give android a chance, 3 phones none lasting more than 2 years each, trying a different OS for once.
  4. step back and get a good picture of the overall project, geeez all I see is rust holes.
  5. heavysquad

    Phones and Plans

    ya, I sprung for the 256gb model now that last years is sold out. Ios takes up 15gb.
  6. heavysquad

    Phones and Plans

    Annnnd US Cell called, they are sold out of last years phone..... but they could pre-order the new phone for $100 less and over night it when it comes in. Supposed to ship Friday, we will see.
  7. heavysquad


    a counter clockwise swirl
  8. heavysquad


  9. heavysquad

    Case of the Mondays...

    An insurance company used it to celebrate no going out of business after hurricane andrew
  10. heavysquad

    Case of the Mondays...

    I heard a heron squawk the other day, friggin dinosaurs.
  11. heavysquad

    Phones and Plans

    Ended up ordering last years phone from US CELL, $300 for the 64GB model. Tempted to pre-order this years phone and pay $50 more and get the 256GB. But, like Jerry says, it will be a very long wait and my current phone just can't stop being a total pain.
  12. heavysquad

    Phones and Plans

    Went to 2 US cell corprorste stores today, both were sold out of the X. Guess a lot of people are doing what I'm doing.
  13. heavysquad

    Desperate Marketing?

    I like em!
  14. heavysquad

    110v plug in LED over head lights

    Oceanstate has 4 foot 3100 lumen lights for $15 I got a pair, pretty bright