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  1. RNSOTDFK Random News Story of the Day for Karl

    Was he trying to blow up the hospital?
  2. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Unless she's seen it up close

    Just say you want it to be safe, would be a real shame if it caused a horrific crash and killed us both.
  4. Manic Monday

    "If you call your grandma mom and your mom Pam, YOU GOIN TO JAIL!" -Chris Rock
  5. Manic Monday

    I can trust you all day long, it's the other party I'm worried about.
  6. Tropical Tuesday

  7. One Line Movie Reviews

    The motivation of a villian is political and the story is about a new king and how he is going to rule. Which is politics. The length comes from the fact the "black panther" is a mantle that is handed down from each generation. So there is a lot of exposition about the mantle and then about the new black panther.
  8. One Line Movie Reviews

    Man was it long tho.
  9. How about a fish Recipe

    Sorry sir, I'm doing my best

    Got up, did my chores, sold my dads staging to a craigslister $1,200, he paid me in 20s broke a $20 on lunch and tolls drove to Portland sold a mini bike for $500. Went to an ATM and deposited all the cash except $120. The deposit was only $1,480, I lost $80 somewhere, didn't count either transaction. Went to harbor freight and bought the $200 tool set for $82. It was open box and i googled hf coupon. Boom! 50 pounds of tools
  11. TGIF

    Been 40 here last 3 days, going to get child and snow all weekend, then be 40 on Monday.
  12. 17" wheels for CJ 5x5.5

    Those are good looking rims!
  13. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    What does that mean? you all see the same teacher? you see the athletes? after call you see your time against theirs?
  14. So school shootings

    Arming teachers seems tricky, it would put a target on them to be taken out first, it would also be a source of a firearm for a would be attacker. We need way more mental health care. If you let your kid have a gun and he shoots up the school, you get the death penalty.
  15. How about a fish Recipe

    Step 1 insert fish into trash can Step 2 go have a steak