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  1. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    I like the picture of steam rolling out of the engine compartment

    Took my tundra to get fluid filmed today, last night I crawled under to look at rust, frame is very clean but the rear axle is crusty, put a coat of por 15, probably shoukd have wire brushed it first. Was taking flakes of rust off with the paintbrush. Noticed it has a sticker that says "LSD oil only" soooooo my diff likes to party!
  3. P0325 and p0400

    ugh that sucks
  4. New gig

    I was told I can't take the college prep courses AND go to the voc school.

    I went to bed at 930 and have been trying to go back to sleep for an hour now.....
  6. They make car soecific ones that go on your key chain. Also has seatbelt cutter.
  7. I put mine on a glass coffee table
  8. Thirstday

  9. Buggy Overheating Issue

    So, if I crimp in a few more my engine will run cooler?
  10. Thirstday

    I want to go to lemons and I want to go to team oneil drift school there...
  11. Buggy Overheating Issue

    I broke the connector off my temp gauge and when i crimped on a new one, the temp reads lower
  12. New gig

    The beginning? I dunno
  13. New gig

    Didn't the shooting in Vegas happen on the 1st?

    Can you make me a pair of skis?
  15. Hopefully at a liquor cheeseburger party