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  1. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    You got a real catch-22 situation there
  2. Another Wet Wednesday

  3. Last Will and Testament

    poop storm has started and my grandmother is still with us
  4. 2zdey

    There was a design flaw, they leak....
  5. Another Wet Wednesday

    Don't know which is more cruel
  6. Another Wet Wednesday

    Get wife a rake, she had the day off.
  7. 2zdey

    Went and looked at a camper project today. Lots of good parts for the money. Might buy it, not sure. https://maine.craigslist.org/rvs/d/2005-tb-tab-teardrop-camper/6570256201.html
  8. 2zdey

    Someone offer scrap then call the town
  9. 2zdey

    tap tap-aroo
  10. Mundee

    It's the only trail I know of that has a net at the bottom. You're so lucky to be there today. Yesterday was one of the 10 best ski days of my life.
  11. 2004 Jeep LJ. For sale

    Sent it to a friend who totalled his LJ
  12. Mundee

    Shoot, wish I saw this yesterday, coulda done a run.
  13. Penny, Judy or the Mom?

    Ill take what i can get, probably the robot