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  1. svobronco

    Tire Studs

    You can get them from Tire Rack already studded too.
  2. svobronco

    Chipper and Ford 8N for sale

    My chipper was perfect.....didn't you see the pictures? Going to get the 955 tomorrow
  3. svobronco

    Chipper and Ford 8N for sale

    Now you tell me......
  4. svobronco

    Chipper and Ford 8N for sale

    Eyes on a JD 955...
  5. svobronco

    Chipper and Ford 8N for sale

    Chipper is sold pending funds....less than 1 hour! That's a new record for me.
  6. Looking to buy a newer 4x4 tractor and these need to go first. NEOW discounts apply.
  7. svobronco

    Fork lift ID

    That's great news! Thanks gents. Now I just have to find out what it is so I can replace the water pump....
  8. svobronco

    Fork lift ID

    Anyone know their fork lifts? Can MFG und lift capacity ball park be ascertained from this pic? My brother inherited it with a property he bought and I'd like to know if would handle a 6V53T.
  9. svobronco

    Deck over 10K trailer

    It weighs about 3200lb and is registered at a full 10K. That leaves 6800 plus what you put on the hitch.
  10. Was ok with the 1 ton, but now it's just overkill. Time to downsize.
  11. These guys have a pretty righteous aluminum trailer selection. This is where I'm going for mine...if I ever end up getting one.
  12. svobronco

    Non title NH car to Mass??

    Used to be an old registration and a bill of sale was good enuf, now?
  13. svobronco

    Sunday. 4/15.

    Shotgun and a flashlight.
  14. svobronco

    Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    Dang, way over what my license will cover. I would have been thrilled to take you up on the offer.
  15. svobronco

    what material for tie rods linkage?

    They make the bungs in different sizes for different ID tube. I may have to alter my thinking depending on the available real estate on the steering knuckle. There might not be enuf room for that big of a heim. Probably have to wait until I actually have the truck in my possession.