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  1. These guys have a pretty righteous aluminum trailer selection. This is where I'm going for mine...if I ever end up getting one.
  2. Non title NH car to Mass??

    Used to be an old registration and a bill of sale was good enuf, now?
  3. Sunday. 4/15.

    Shotgun and a flashlight.
  4. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    Dang, way over what my license will cover. I would have been thrilled to take you up on the offer.
  5. what material for tie rods linkage?

    They make the bungs in different sizes for different ID tube. I may have to alter my thinking depending on the available real estate on the steering knuckle. There might not be enuf room for that big of a heim. Probably have to wait until I actually have the truck in my possession.
  6. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    I'm thinking of Roadkilling it from my brother's place in Troy to my place in Clarksville after doing a few things to it. The ratchet strap holding the tie rod up has me worried, the blown PS line would make it a lot less fun, no, no worries, it's a stick. Can I put a NH temp tag on this thing?
  7. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    8.2 Detroit N/A, 6-spd Eaton. 4 wheel disc....rusty lines, no worky.
  8. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    It was for sale for evah, but the bottom fell out of the price and I couldn't say no any longer. John, does your truck/ combo need any special license? I'd have major wood the whole trip driving that!
  9. what material for tie rods linkage?

    I may have to step up to 2" or step down to 7/8" rod ends. The stock linkage is bent for clearance under the driveshaft, I was planning on bending it to go over the driveshaft. It should be well protected, I'm really only concerned with bending it.
  10. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    It's got a 203" wb. For the first time I regret selling my 25' gooseneck and 1 ton.... 14K it might have handled it, but it would have been a DOT nightmare. The GMC body is going away and will be replaced by the F800 in the picture which is in much nicer shape than it looks. And probably a 6V53-T/Allison combo.
  11. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    It's not often I'm out classed by a trailer load, but no one I know has a setup big enuf, 14K bumper pull seems to be the limit. Sachilles, no chit, this truck is almost in your back yard at the intersection of Union and Bean Rd. I'll look up those companies and give 'em a call.
  12. what material for tie rods linkage?

    Thanks for the info. 1.5" is too small, this is for a 9000lb Rockwell front axle that will have a minimum of 46" military rubber on it. 1.75x .120 is the smallest tube that will handle 1.25" heims, the next step is 2" tube....yikes!
  13. I have a large truck I need to move from Northfield VT (near Montpellier) to either Troy VT in the far north or Clarksville NH. Does anyone here have a truck and trailer that can handle a 12K lb, 26'6" long truck, lives in the area and wants to make some $ ? Or if you can steer me towards a local carrier. It runs and drives for loading but isn't road worthy. Need to have it gone by June
  14. I'm looking to make a large tie rod and drag link for a truck using rods ends and weld in bungs. Prob going to use 1 3/4"x .120" wall tubing and 1 1/4" heims with 1" bolts. What's the best type of steel to use for this? Any sources in southern NH/N Mass?
  15. Gravely hoarders?

    Cured myself of that buying a tractor....