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  1. SCT X4 tunaah

    Going to trade it in towards a new tuner for my new truck unless one of you gents wants it for $250
  2. Rats - got some, want less

    Dry ice down the hole, pour in water. The co2 is heavier than air and finds the lowest level displacing the o2. Self burying too.
  3. Dan Gurney WNBDFB

    Dan was a HUGE piece of American racing history! Beating Ferrari at Le Mans was a feat few could have dreamed of, never mind accomplished. His passing is truly a blow to the fans of that era such as myself
  4. Electric Trailer Brakes

    Break-away switch?
  5. Stretching a tire

    Sure is a recipe for loosing a bead at just about any pressure.
  6. Safe Clean out

    Forwarded to a buddy....
  7. NEOW First - Portsmouth to Newport

    1-3 AM after that, forget about it.
  8. NP 435

    Do it yourself, manual transmissions aren't very complicated. There's no black magic like in an automatic.
  9. Enclosed trailer pests??

    Just picked up a jug of Rat Magic. Chipmunk population is out of control in my neighborhood and I can only shoot some many of the little corksmokers. Pricks already chewed the wiring on my snowmobile trailer. The stuff smells pretty good, wouldn't mind using it inside. Contains cedarwood oil, castor oil, clove oil and peppermint oil.
  10. Any Mathematicians here?

    I can count to 21
  11. Changing a 7.5 ton crankshaft in a cruise ship

    What's the flat rate on that?
  12. lunchbox locker suggestions?

    Spartan, copied everyone else and then made improvements. Price is good too.
  13. If it was 4wd I'd be all over this
  14. Lifted/modified Jeeps in MA

    I have Maine tags on my trailer too, if we're tax evaders than I guess so aren't 40% of the semi trailer owners in the US. One could argue the point that if you pay Mass the $ owed for excise tax and reg then you can register in any state you want. I see VT having a big increase in Jeep registrations soon.
  15. Fitch Fuel Catalyst

    I get mine in northern NH, any Valero station has it. Only 91 octane is available currently, wish they sold 87. My antique tractor fouls plugs on the 91, guess 6.5:1 cr will do that. I've run a lot of it thru my daily driver and new truck, they both get an average of 1.5-2 mpg better mileage than with the diluted doo-dee. I can bring down 5gal cans of it to Salem NH if anyone is interested, I go up about every other weekend. It was $2.64 before Harvey, not sure now.