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  1. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    You’ve asked this one before.
  2. Another Wet Wednesday

    One of my techs collapsed onsite this morning. He was taken to the hospital via ambulance. Apparently, he has a brain bleed and is being rushed into surgery. Scary. He’s from our home office in Central Illinois. We put his wife on a plane a few hours ago and either our foreman or I will pick her up at the airport at 9:30pm and bring her to the hospital or hotel. My foreman knows her well and I have never met her. I figure it might be better if a familiar face picks her up rather than a complete stranger. Im a little shaken up.
  3. 2zdey

    How is it only Tuesday?
  4. Poopin' after midnight. Your Wednesday thread.

    Fred might be able to beat it to that.
  5. Fridgid Friday

    Underwood sells pretty good wine in a can.

    You spelled Janet wrong
  7. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Which would you answer first?
  8. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    I’m just going on record as the one that came up with that theory.
  9. Here chick chick chick!

    The NEOW (rhymes with fresh eggs) chicken thread because I don’t really care about them and don’t want to read about them in the daily thread unless it’s in the context of a bear rolling a 100 pound rock away from the coup door to eat them...or, a more likely scenario, jesus chicken rolled the bolder away from the front of the coup and acended to the great deep fryer in the sky to save the souls of all the eggs that you people eat!
  10. Moist Monday

    I just post pics directly to NEOW
  11. Judge Harry Stone WNBDFB

  12. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Hey Fred, when did you mount the piano sidecar to your FXR?
  13. It’s Saturday!

  14. It’s Saturday!

    I think I’ve seen her in Portland
  15. CBD

    Did my friend reach out to you?