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  1. SidewaysTim


    Thanks Rawlus
  2. SidewaysTim


    Talk to Scott Cairns at Central Mass Off-road. He makes his own frame plates and has brought many TJ’s back to life the right way. He also buys them, fixes the frames, and sells them. Looks like he does good work.
  3. SidewaysTim

    Happy Friday

    Yes, definitely. I sent you a message on FB Messenger. I think that the acupuncture helped with the pain of a ruptured disc but, ultimately, time healed the disc. I was not a candidate for micro discectomy surgery due to a prior fractured vertebrae. The only surgical option was a fusion.
  4. SidewaysTim

    Happy Friday

    You need to go several times in short succession to feel relief before stepping back to maintenance less frequently.
  5. SidewaysTim

    Case of the Mondays...

    Back to work after a week of camping in Yellowstone and the Bitterroot Mountains solo.
  6. SidewaysTim


    I got a late start today, really late, and got to the campsite in the Clearwater National Forest at about 9pm. Tent and bedding are all set, having a couple of beers while I use the WiFi and then heading to bed. I had a 9 hour drive today. I have a 7 hour drive tomorrow.
  7. SidewaysTim


    I’m Eastbound and Down in about an hour. I’m heading to Yellowstone to go camping for 4 nights. I’m splitting the drive into 2 days and camping in the Nez Perce National Forest tonight. I may spend a night at Grand Tetons National Park before I come home, too.
  8. SidewaysTim

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Rip off or tribute?
  9. SidewaysTim

    Field Trip Friday

    You just won the innerwebs for the day!!
  10. SidewaysTim


    And what does this have to do with a dog?
  11. SidewaysTim


    Reserve a site on the Yellowstone website, that’s what I did. I’ll be there on Sunday for 4 night’s tent camping. The tourists traffic dies down after Labor Day.
  12. SidewaysTim

    1953 Dodge M37 Power Wagon

  13. SidewaysTim

    You Know What Day It Is

  14. SidewaysTim

    TUESDAY all over agian.

    Just got the diagnosis today, he had elevated PSA levels and they did a biopsy. Just got the results today. Scans and tests are being scheduled now. We’ll find out what we’re dealing with soon.
  15. SidewaysTim

    TUESDAY all over agian.

    Just found out that my dad has prostate cancer. damn.