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    I’m sure that his mansion, private jet, and luxury cars were owned by the “church.” His $150K was probably just his pocket money.
  2. Wack Off Wenesday

    WFH again today. It hovered right around freezing yesterday while it snowed all day until about 11pm. Then, it dropped to the low 20’s and all that wet snow froze solid since the only use salt in a few trouble spots around the city. It’s a beautiful day today, though. Here’s the view from my deck.

  4. Tropical Tuesday

    Snowy day in Portland, I’m working from home today as my commute is up and back down a steep, twisty road over the 1000’ ridge to the West of Portland. It’s a beautiful, fun drive through fern gully type terrain but it will get cluttered with crashes and likely shut down.
  5. Manic Monday

    Sounds reasonable, it’s your house. Besides, your children are there and you have a right to know everything that goes on there.
  6. Snowy Sunday

    Better that than chainsaws and firewood again.
  7. Snowy Sunday

    Pics? Is it just like a forstner bit?
  8. Toyo vs Pro Comp

    I found a tire shop that could ship the Toyo tires up from their warehouse in Texas and were still $270 less that the local distributor in total. I can live with that. I’ll have them in a week.
  9. How about a fish Recipe

    Two pages in and a topic about fish recipes is still February. What the hell is going on around here!
  10. Toyo vs Pro Comp

    Thanks for the advice guys.
  11. Toyo vs Pro Comp

    I seem to recall only getting about 40K miles out of a set of the Toyos on my ex wife’s ex terra.
  12. Toyo vs Pro Comp

    But they shot your grandfather!
  13. Toyo vs Pro Comp

    I’m buying new tires for my 4WD Nissan Frontier and wanted to go with load range C 6 ply Toyo Open Country AT 2’s but there’s only one authorized dealer for Toyo in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Having a lock on the market, they are charging about $62 more per tire than I can get them for online. Apparently, online retailers can’t even ship them to my state because of this. The alternative is load range E 10 ply Pro Comp AT Sport tires for about $95 less per tire than the Toyos. Has anybody run the Pro Comps? What do you know about them?
  14. Sad day coming, probably Friday.

    Sorry man.
  15. Belben-ator