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  1. SidewaysTim


    Nothing like a big bowl of pasta to put you right to sleep!
  2. SidewaysTim

    Uh oh...

    You didn’t say that I couldn’t talk
  3. SidewaysTim


    Sorry Karl and Tom, just a quick weekend trip.
  4. SidewaysTim


  5. SidewaysTim


    I traveled 3000 miles today to surprise my best friend for his birthday.
  6. SidewaysTim


    Hi Fred!
  7. SidewaysTim

    Day of the Thurz

    Plans cancelled for tonight. Damn.
  8. SidewaysTim

    Day of the Thurz

    I’m certain that she was born with female parts.
  9. SidewaysTim

    Day of the Thurz

    No, I’ve known her for about a year. We run in the same circle
  10. SidewaysTim

    Day of the Thurz

    Not most, but yes.
  11. SidewaysTim

    Day of the Thurz

    It’s supposed to be in the mid 90’s here today so a female friend and I are heading to the clothing optional beach on the river at Sauvie Island after work. Her idea, she hates the family beach area. Oh yeah, she’s a cute 27 year old! I love Portland girls!
  12. SidewaysTim

    Hump day

  13. SidewaysTim

    Hump day

    Some jackass started shootings mortars and fireworks at 1:45am in the park a block away. Woke the dog and me up, he was not pleased and neither was I. I contemplated getting dressed and going out there with a baseball bat. Not impressed.
  14. SidewaysTim


    This. Dress for the slide, not for the ride.
  15. SidewaysTim

    Get my life back Sunday

    In true Portland fashion, we stole that motto from Austin.