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  1. Bob416

    Thoughts on wheelbase?

    Looks like belly height it's gonna be about 24" I don't have the air shocks in the front yet tho so it's a little tricky to guess exactly
  2. Bob416

    Thoughts on wheelbase?

    Xj powertrain, 4.0, aw4, 231, possibly possibly dual cases down the road but no money for that yet And I had one guy tell me 120, and about 6 now that are 110-112 so I think that's what I'm gonna go with
  3. Bob416

    Thoughts on wheelbase?

    I'm working on a my buggy and trying to decide where to put the front axle (cue smart assuming comments) I have it mocked at 110" wheelbase but could very easily move it about 10" in either direction. I'm building it mostly for rocks but also want it decent on hills. Not sure what info would play into this so here's what I think might be relevant. Anything else please ask 16" travel air shocks front and rear such down winches front and rear 60 front, sterling rear, both dually width but running stock h1s so it's not obnoxiously wide 42x14 iroks Double triangulated 4 link rear Single triangulated 4 link front Full hydro steering
  4. Bob416

    Ford one Tim

    Typing on my phone, ton jumped to Tim and fat fingers hit post by accident
  5. Bob416

    2 sets of h1s

    Willing to sell the rubber inserts? Our trade for mag ones?
  6. Bob416

    Ford one ton brakes

    I'm looking for a factory disc brake setup from either a sterling 10.5 or 10.25. I need everything from the backing plates out but I'll buy a complete axle for the right price. Doesn't matter if it's 8x170 or 8x6.5
  7. Bob416

    Ford one Tim

    Delete please
  8. Bob416

    38.5 & 39.5 Swamper Spares

    Is the 38.5 sold?
  9. Bob416

    38.5 & 39.5 Swamper Spares

    Put me in line for the grooved one as well please if it sells I'll take the 38.5
  10. Getting an 05 grand cherokee daily driver this week, it needs tires bad and the 235s are just too small. Looking for 245/65r17 or 255/75r17 or something in between. 265s might fit but I'd have to test fit a set first must be set of 4 or 5, nothing too aggressive, A/T preferred Also looking for a set of 17" JK moab wheels, not looking for any other wheels Might be interested in a 2" budget boost too but nothing bigger
  11. Bob416

    wtb plow

    I'm ok with brackets or blades that need a little paint or minor patching so long as they're not completely destroyed
  12. Bob416

    wtb plow

    Looking for an 8' or 9' plow setup for an 05 ram 2500. I need everything. I have a buddy selling a mm1 plow so I'd also consider all the truck side stuff for a 3 plug fisher. Hoping to spend in the 1000 range but will consider others if they're priced right
  13. Bob416

    8.8 locker

    No thanks, I drive it regularly so I'd rather not spool it
  14. Bob416

    8.8 locker

    Looking for a 31 spline 8.8 locker, either for open diff or a full carrier locker, by this weekend if at all possible Don't wanna weld it and I don't want a limited slip, would also consider a borken aussie, one side of mine failed but the other is in good shape so I could fix it with another borken one
  15. Bob416

    (1) Spare TSL 36x12.5/15-ish

    I have a 36x13.50r15 irok, just about at the wear bars, has a very slow leak from a small nail I was gonna patch, message me if you're interested Its in Bourne, ma