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  1. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Whats the difference between trump and hillary? Nothing. They both serve the kremlins best interest and have a blind following of polarized fools who blame each other for what a 3rd party is doing to the nation. I like that we were at war with the saudis like 20 years ago. Now were giving them billions. Mao's book on tricking your enemy into funding and arming you is about the size of an Iphone user manual but no one will ever dust it off. We probably deserve this downfall for laziness. Bin salmon is on his coordination tour here now, it reads like an all star trojan list. I like that we close hotels to the public for it so that the public cant accidentally report on who comes and goes. Theres a caravan of hondurans headed our way right now through mexico. Just intime for trump to fan the race flames some more. How easily his twitter account could be used to unite left and right americans against the genuine threat of moscow/beijing. Hes just as devisive as his last partner, barak. Oh look, a fresh round of tarrifs from china. I told ya how long ago, trumps tax cuts will come with his inflation. The next partner ends the tax cuts and we all get poorer. Sofa king simple.
  2. 2020 presidential BS thread

    No one cares if you block me or not. I have no idea why a grown man has to announce his relationship status with another one as often as you do. Jim Jones is where the "koolaid" comment comes from. One has to look at far as wikipedia to see that -in his own words- he was a marxist from youth and infiltrated religion in order to harm it. A marxist martyr who puts on a priestly outfit then does something horrible. Then folks like you spend the rest of their lives assigning the blame to religion, rather than communism. Again you prove to be the most useful tool in my entire shed and i hope youll keep at it. Lets play another round, friend. Im an endless drivel dispenser. How unfortunate for your false sense of U.S. security that so much of it actually tends to include a little truth. The lines are being consistently redrawn to shift alliances and divide every group. I was very manipulated by partisan politics and having hatred stoked up in me by antagonism, then directed at someone else who was having the same done to them toward me. Andrew breitbart and arrianna huffington were besties. Think that through. Cant be any more RW than breitbart or any more LW than huffington. Both got filthy rich. Looks like one might have got himself dead over it too. My platform is described best by frederic bastiat and ayn rand, who were once standard american education. Theyre almost band today and replaced with socialist theory. I search these terms on university engines all the time. You find 4,000 for lenin and 2 for bastiat, which will either be criticism or a faculty member from france. Im talking probably 50x i have done this. Its across the nation. I want sound currency issued by our own treasury and backed in a tangible, convertible asset. I want stable economy driven primarily by small business on primarily domestic markets, minimal representative government restrained by an armed and free citizenry, the original constitution and bill of rights. I also want our citizens to be allegiant to the USA and for ur intelligence services to be able to maintain internal security once more. None or this death to america is free speech bullshiit. I want the news publishers, professors, legislators, diplomats, bankers and CEOs investigated and prosecuted if they tied to marxist leninism. It is a murderous doctrine of world slavery. All the other politics stuff is just fodder to break us apart. You want to abort a baby? I hope not, but youll have to account for it on judgement day, not me. so im not gonna let that wedge me from a strong political alliance against socialism. I am not whoever breitbart, coulter, limbaugh, beck, oreilly, fox et al tell me to be anymore. Theyre polemicists and antagonists lining their own pocket by tickling a ratings meter, built by our enemies. The polemicists made me hate great people i grew up with over split hairs. Been working on mending those mistakes lately. absolutely. Thats why propaganda has a one way distribution system, top down with no feedback or dispute. You will notice that the major news outlets have all closed their comments. Major social platforms have thousands of kremlin controlled accounts that easily stamp out any dissent. This is why neow of all places has become critical. I dont know any other electronic location where the members know each other in real life. where trojans/trolls/govt/billionaire media cannot counterattack. The best information with the most evidence available to the most people will win. Still no news on whats happening with navalny's followers. Past fake dissidents used to find the genuine and secret opposition who will later be executed or imprisoned are dubzek, walesa, solzhenitsyn, sakharov, litvinenko, (who is being referenced a bunch right now over the poisonings. Litvinenkos disinformation is that chechnya is against the kremlin. Wrong wrong wrong. Theyre fiercely loyal! Who bombed boston? Chechen nationalists) and 3 generations of litvinovs. One litvinov writes disinfo for major news media and another is part of greenpeace. The dark haired girl from pu$$y riot thats always doing stunts for attention and getting arrested is also. Navalny is a current operation, these are by far the hardest to stay ontop of. He was arrested and released with a partner, pyotr ofitserov. This is how totalitarians always stay ontop of the masses trick them into revealing themselves. Im sure there are a hundred more i havent noticed yet or who arent activated yet. @TJ. I thought the same, that chinese stiffening would amount to russian slack. Golitsyn said when both take off the mask they are going for the kill. You have to play a lot of chess to get a feel for soviet tempo, thats their game. East/west convergence is the checkmate. Trumps meeting with kim is the thing being accelerated. The nuclear arms reduction. If no one pays attention we are getting disarmed. If our people wake up, reds will take two steps back. Thats the leninist mantra. 1. Note the meeting is to take place in finland. "Finlandized" is an old CIA term to describe a country that is under unofficial soviet control. The UN for example, is finlandized. 2. There is a private, womens only island being set up now in finland as a "retreat" for ladies. Obviously they will all be wealthy, influential activists. You watch how many of those ivanka trump and wendi deng types get together. The trophy wives from stanford, canaan, pokonos. The ones with husbands at goldman sachs or the federal reserve or brookings institute etc etc etc. 2A. In an electronic surveillance world, secure comms is number 1. You cant win the hammers without a rock solid crew and perfect comms. You cant destabilize nations without the same. Thats why its a game for the ruling class. They jetset around to all their galas and awards dinners and film festivals.. Many with no idea what they are really coordinating or on behalf of whom. "All idiots are useful, some more useful than others."
  3. 2020 presidential BS thread

    I get that you guys dont care about this stuff but it has to be posted to the "information space" where information warfare takes place, and it must be done where real people who know each other exist. 50 trolls cannot operate on neow. You can think i am a russian or whatever, but half of neow has met me in person, been to my house and shop and jy and so forth in mass, a few have been to TN. I cant go on reddit or FB or twitter and go against 200,000 russian accounts. ..anyways.. The night before clinton trump election it was all you could see on a newsfeed. Right now there is a completely fixed election going on in russia and the entire world knows it. Yet there is a protest movement of young democratic, western-ish, technologically capable kids who have rallied behind a band political candidate opposed to putin (navalny). His supporters vow to oversee the polls and ensure no election fraud takes place. Look at the news. Not a peep. No news source at all has come up on my feed and my preferences pop up anything political. The world is silent on the false reelection of a dictator. As soon as i post this the trojan news will scramble to cover their blunder. The election has been the most confusing event i have followed, and i have shifted my expectations several times. Gorbachev going against putin was a big item. He is still the ringleader. There is no doubt navalny is a false dissident. The kremlin is taking credit for poisoning silent opponents across oceans. It is not going to allow a loud genuine dissident to live in moscow, period. Fact. Build your thoughts around that piece of truth. All russian news is controlled by the kremlin. So when russian news is saying bad about itself there is a trick brewing. Navalny was arrested then released by the prosecution in 2013. So were two other trojans, sakharov and solzhenitsyn. Those kids who came out and mobilised against the kremlin behind navalny... Theyre not gonna be around talking for too long. This marks the 4th major wave of russia sifting their own population for dissent. Xi is now president for life. I expect the russians will do the same with a putin win today. If there was gonna be an upset like the fake yeltsin coup, it would be on every news station. Nikki haley wendi deng
  4. 2020 presidential BS thread

    In 2005 i nearly departed earth, and accepted jesus christ as my lord and savior. My most common prayer was "Father please use me in your work." Bible says the scales shall fall from your eyes, and i do indeed miss them. Ive tried with no success to glue them back on. I expect to be killed doing this job and i guess i have made peace with it. How many get killed if i dont? Who is to say.
  5. 2020 presidential BS thread

    How could i forget the lovely dana loesch, irresistable babe who is now the face of NRA, albiet a bit more plastic than she once was. I followed her for years and id probably do whatever she told me like any other guy with a diick. So yeah, remember when i was saying theres a civil war brewing? And then i start really understanding commies and realize holy shiit its a traap.. Civil wars are when a country is weakest and most abt for overthrow.. Its how the 3rd world countries have become aligned with red countries whether they like it or not. Then a week ago dana, head of NRA says "your time is running out." Wow no shiit so theres steve bannon saying #metoo and #timesup are epic powerful feminist movements to be reckoned with and theres NRA saying times up too. Its like the left and right have scheduled civil war. And there has been a good bit of news saying moscow tried to infiltrate NRA. Alright, so Lets look at dana, started off as a democrat and studied journalism at webster university outside st louis. Never even heard of it. Search my usual terms, comes up with none.. Hmm thats odd. I mean all colleges teach atleast some social theory and you cant not have marx, engels lenin et al. Dig a bit deeper on webster.edu. Oh look http://www.webster.edu/provost/office/media-kit.html The ceo/cfo/provost is from belgrade, came to america right after the wall fell, went straight to new haven. Then he opened a business school called hamline. Speaks 6 soviet languages. Bulgarian is interesting because the only thing they seem to export is heroin. "He is credited for bringing the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence" Susan polgar chess institute website says "Chess for Peace Ambassador with former World Champion Anatoly Karpov and former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev." Next ill go on to the dean, nancy edmonds paul "In recent years, Paull has traveled to Egypt, China, Russia, the former Soviet states of Georgia and Armenia and is working with the United Nations Treatnet program to share best practices in drug abuse." The deans assistant is from ho chi minh city. The Senior Grants Analyst, Linda Dahlgren, oversees grants for US state deptartment russian entrepreneur exchange program. I gotta go to bed, im beat. Next installment no one will read or believe, Dana Loesch goes to Breitbart. Which is like a summer camp where lefties go in and rightys come out.
  6. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Last week i dump that pile of info that i know karl wont read because hed rather piss and moan then do something about his shiity state.. and in it i mention im gonna say something about pennsylvania at a later date Within days lehigh university pulls its honorary degree from donald trump. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5a967962e4b09c872baf4c14 Lehigh had 11 MILLION hits for "lenin" when i screenshotted it recently. Cant have the undisputed marxist university of planet earth supporting the donald. Guess they forgot about building up their agent before he was converted from liberal to nazi nationalist right wing. Like richard spencer, don black, david duke. The communists who make sure there are sufficient nazis in sight. Oh wait, fred trump sent his other son, the late fred Jr to lehigh. Coincidence im sure. Imagine that. Youve got millions of dollars to send your kids anywhere and you dont pick columbia or georgetown, you pick lehigh and wharton. Where is wharton.. Philly, San francisco and beijing. Theres what, 5000 cities to choose from? i think we will put this business school in three of the most socialist locations on earth because nothing spells business like socialism. Ivanka went there too Its kinda like hey, i think i will get two of my 3 wives from communist countries. (I know jerry/roy. No amount of evidence will ever make you doubt your diety but i have to try. I still love you both.) i said last summer that the south china sea dispute was bullshiit, a maoist trick to get funded by the enemy. Obama went to cuba and agreed to arm north vietnam. The phillipines left us, joined china and now as of last week, they are exploring the south china sea together for oil and claiming america is the biggest risk to their security. https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Manila-State-Chinese-Oil-Company-to-Explore-Disputed-Sea-Together.html This segues very well for me because ive been trying to convey to people that rodrigo duterte of the phillipines is a huk communist and his killing squads are not killing drug dealers theyre killing anyone who will oppose him. He has the same foul mouth trump does and is likely a forerunner for testing genuine american social response to certain themes in advance of trump opening his mouth. Why do i think this? Because yesterday in pennsylvania again, trump said we ought to consider executing drug dealers. There is a movement in appalachia to "kill your local drug dealer." Ive seen huge back window stickers about 5x. Trump has agreed to meet with north korea. My expectation is what i have always said (which is what golitsyn screamed till he died) that eastern and western society will be forced to converge on communist terms, becaise they will be negotiation from a position of weakness, division, being over stretched, undergunned and out of allies with no resolve for a war. North korea and south korea will eventually reunify. Trump will probably come back with a great new deal for nuclear reduction on our part.. Oh itll be great. The same f*ckin deal he has been trying to get thru since what 1987.. 1988? When he was working with gorbachev, worlds best deciever. Nuclear arms reduction rhymes with surrender. Wars do not happen when all forces are equal, only when one is weak. Lets see.. What else. I called out jared kushner, next day he was top headlines. Then hardly noticeable was our ambassador to mexico, roberta jacobson, quit. few days later its that jared kushner met with mexico without her in all the major propaganda sources. I look into her.. Interesting piece. The state department recommended that she be reassigned from a post in peru because she was a civil service employee and the job was for a foreign service agent. Madelaine albright over rode. Lets look at madelaine shall we? Immigrated from czechoslovakia in 48, same year soviets siezed it. Prior to that the germans had control. Youd think coming from a country that was conquered by socialist left and socialist right countries, youd be pretty anti socialist. She goes to liberal colleges, works for extremely left wing senator edmund muskie then soviet disinformation agent zbigniew brzezinski at the national security council, becomes first female secretary of state under clinton, united nations, professor of foreign relations at georgetos, council of foreign relations. blah blah. File her under bad. What else. An extreme left athiest with an online law degree from california and basically no shot at winning is running for district 14 senate seat which is in the nashville area. This state is 95% opposed to her platform but i bet she wins. Gayle jordan. Russian elections on march 18th i believe. Im not certain how it'll go. Putin is starting to look like a mannequin and is aging. And theres been a big ramping up of evil russia worldwidd that has hairs raised. This is usually when soviets install a young reformer with a soft style. My expectation is navalny who isnt even on the ballot from what i gather. If he wins it will come with an immediate softening from russia and a cleaning up of the trolls and menacing news. It will be fake. There is only one party in russia, china, cuba et al and its commies. Fein weakness and division when you are strong and united.
  7. 2020 presidential BS thread

    yes, let me school you. Senator McCarthy gets the credit for a smear campaign that is mostly attributed to secular jewish slimebag homosexual lawyer roy cohn. The story goes that he was in love with a supposed anti-communist named G. David Schine who got drafted. Cohn then tried to get the army to give him all sorts of special privilege or else. The army retaliates by creating the army mcarthy hearings which were abnormally public. Cohn is the famous antagonist who sets the stage for McCarthy to be censured and the very name "McCarthy" to become an "ism" which is what we are dying from today. The phrase was coined by a soviet agent whos name is escaping me right now. Anyhow. This is the mechanism by which american internal security was turned off. There was a massive decline in internal investigations of our government employees, politicians, military leaders, lawyers, industrialists, activists, "community organizers" and influential people for subversive elements. It was a prerequisite for the mass infiltration of our open society systems that was scheduled for the coming fall of the berlin wall. You may recall the peace treaty of ww2 where germany was to be occupied for 40 random years. Well the berlin crisis, the kennedy immigration bill, then the cold war and the tearing down of the wall put it right on schedule. 61-91. What bad guys have communists built up to help them win the struggle for hearts and minds? Adolf Hitler, Joseph McCarthy, and Donald Trump. Oh look, theres a tall, thin pretty young donald trump, who was a protege of... Roy Cohn. Who else hung out with cohn? Roger stone and paul manafort
  8. 2020 presidential BS thread

    I have been a very rightwing/pro-gun political activist for about 15 years. Just before i met my wife i was catfished by a girl from the internet. It was about 4 months long and the people were definitely in my region, notes and cards were left on my door, huge long story. The punchline is that this girl wanted me to kill a man in hamden mass for her. Supposedly he raper her. About two years ago i was at the junkyard, by then very active in anti-russia stuff. I was alone in a storage yard working on a piece of my own equipment with closed gates. a huge slavic dude in between some dryvans,scared the shiit out of me from behind, only thing i can think is he came through a hole in the fence. He asked if i worked there, real heavy accent, i said yeah kinda whats up... Oh come here i want to buy this box trailer (it wasnt even for sale) but look inside i think the floor is messed up. And im saying yeah this trailer is junk itll never pass DOT.. No no Come here look at this look with his arm around me, kinda shoves me up into it. Into the trailer we go and i mean i stayed all 48 feet away from him with a pistol in my hand,in my pocket. No violence occured but if he sneezed id have shot him, i was close to puking. I make excuse and zip out then have an awkward chat after trying to play it cool.. He claims to know the owner, do business all the time. I start probing a little.. Oh youre ukranian, how is the war going over there.. What do you think of putin. This guy loved him, the war in ukraine was americas fault. Pro russia all the way (non communist ukrainians hate russia) After its all over, i ask the boss (my very close friend, who is a capitalist ukrainian) who this guy is. He has no idea.. Never heard of him. Never done business with him. 2 other guys at the yard say never seen him. I can only assume he was paid to come find me. He claimed to want the trailer for going over the road, i mean it was folding in half. No trucker would dream of hauling this can around. I never ever go on fasebook, like once a year. My wife and i get friend requests from russians at federal agencies in russia. 5 days ago maybe? A reminder of what happens to your family when you work against mother russia. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-43295134 Yeah im super paranoid its all in my head guys
  9. 2020 presidential BS thread

    So the "alt-right" nazi traditionalist blah blah whatever you wanna call them. The commies at southern poverty law center, anti defamation league, ACLU et al will call them KKK and so forth. Im a skinhead by genetics. Im in as backwoods tennessee as i can get. I cannot find this real klan of good ol boys anywhere, becauze it really doesnt exist. When i look at google imagesor lefty articles i see brand new, fresh out of the package wrinkled up klan costumes, put on for the first time for a photoshoot by young tatted up hipster dudes. David duke and don black. They are considered to be the founders of this neonazi generation. You may recall trump was refusing to renounce david duke last year and some controversy from it. Don black is the founder of stormfront, said to be the first online neonazi website. This is the platform where all the white pride "traditionalist socialist" doo-dee comes from. Note that its all socialist, one is left wing and one is right but none are allowed to be capitalist. Well here is the kicker. Chloe Black. David dukes ex wife and Don Blacks current wife. Gawker, new york post and fox all claim this, and that she worked for "sugar baron" jose fanjul. The fanjul brothers are billionaires based in havana. Do you honestly think that a communist nation allows a pair of capitalist billionaires to live right in its capital without doing the party will? So not only does cuba harbor fugitive american cop killers and coordinate an insurance policy on US bound drug shipments, it is also directly tied to the two men credited with founding the neo nazi movement that is energizing the left wing socialists to smash things. That red cape again. There is no real klan or powerful fascists or racists here. Communism must create the evils that it promises to liberate us from before we will sign our freedom away. Rhode island introduced a bill to ban semi autos. Trump doesnt seem to be fighting it too hard, like the ELD mandate, like bigrig parking lot closures, like truck only tolls, like self driving trucks or everything adding to the diesel tax. The NRA is pretty obviously subverted. I used to follow the stunning dana loesch, NRA's new spokesmodel. Turns out she was a dem who came from breitbart which now parrots russian propaganda about as heavily as alex jones/infowars/prisonplanet. And she is incredibly good at giving the left fodder to be angry at. Tennessee is working on a bill for teachers to be trained to carry guns in schools. Initially i thought finally. Then i think of the hundreds of teachers sleeping with students and remember that these days the teachers are 23yr old medicated psychotic teen idiots themselves. Or worse, marxist activists. Giving them guns will mean that more armed wolves get in among the sheep. I dont think itll stop killings. Instesd of teacher blows student itll be teacher blows them away with her state issues 9mm. Oh look at all the red flags! Its nothing at all to put metal detectors at airports but we just cant seem to do this at schools. Spend 25 million to build a school, cant budget for the damn metal detector. Pathetic.
  10. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Ugh. Information warfare is a pain but i guess the good news is it gives one person with the truth a lot of power over a legion of liars and fakes. CNN just released this an hour ago while im typing the above. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/03/01/europe/putin-nuclear-missile-video-florida/index.html Its a video simulation of nukes hitting florida and it suggests that FL is trumps home away from home. Well he spends a lotta time in the poconos too but ill expose all that later. My mother moved to florida for work a few months ago. My stepsisters live there too. Yesterday every school in my county here in TN had law enforcement dispatched over potential shooter threat on social media. I contacted police to let them know it was to intimidate me and what school my daughter is in, that if there was gonna be an attack it would be there. The capt said he is watching this russia stuff pretty close too. God bless him. Remember charlottesville clash last year in virginia? The "nazis" clashed with antifa and one person got run over. Well charlottesville is a full days drive from where i live. The very next day that same group was at the state park 15 miles from here trying to whip up another violent demonstration for me to be baited into. There are HUNDREDs of other suitable towns from here to there. But only one where mike belben lives. i railed on yale long enough for them to stop using yale JD grads in all their BS articles. Now all the "experts" are coming from UVA in charlottesville. That stretch of 81 is also the worst DOT trap in the southeast. And the restrooms started having all these "stop human trafficking" stickers on the glass about 2 years ago. Its a lie. There are tore up meth my mommas all up and down the road here. No pimps, no force. those girls freelance just fine. Slap one and youll be arrested.
  11. 2020 presidential BS thread

    I dunno, i cant keep up with analysing our own fake news without needing translation. I read about 50-100 articles a day. Many many today. So Many. Pro-bono commie fighting is killing me this year. And its not even deductible. 1. Putin unveils an unstoppable nuke today. (Stock market doesnt seem to care, because the algorithms that run it arent scareable. Remember that when businessinsider tells you a downturn came from interest rate concerns. If you arent scared of a nuke you dgaf about interest rates or jobs reports.) Commies are not gonna nuke us. It is convergence blackmail. See skousen list #2. Us preference to capitulate rather than engage in atomic war. 2. Jared kushner is all over articles today as this heavily debt riddled dupe who is being exploited by other countries to get at trump. Bullshiit.. Know why? A] Cuz the articles are referencing loans in the millions, yet hiding his financing of BILLIONS on 666 5th ave. And the 20cents on dollar retirement options. Who on earth gets that offer? No one. No one ever. I was full bankrupt and never had any offer to bargain for payoff on a single debt. So why would a lender on a billion dollar real estate transaction do this? It doesnt happen. BOA wouldnt even take my payment when i had a months worth because it wasnt the full balance. B.] Kushners grandfather, jew in then germany now poland, "escaped the holocaust" in 49. Um no. Liberation was in 45. But anyway he comes here penniless and dies with 4000 rental units. My great grandparents escaped same shiit but they died with half a duplex. Wow, great success story its almost like Fred Christ Trumps. Get to him another day. [C] i Dig a little further.. Oh theres a museum in belarus dedicated to the kushners over the top mcqueen style "great escape" tunnel digging and fighting the nazis. Except it was created in 2008. And sputnik news seems to be the source of all the info. 2008 is when the obamunist got into the WH and then fully obscure trump started the birther movement. I was all for him. https://sputniknews.com/world/201607111042781756-trump-jewish-relatives-history/ Lets see here. Number 3. Hope hicks resigns. Ive read 20 articles on this flawless knockout seductress with absolutely zero credentials. They all say the same shiit, shes donalds longest companion, shes his rock, he trusts her blah blah blah. The repeated theme of the story goes that he just plain picked her. Yer gonna be my comms director, she has no political background. What happened to mr businessman surrounding himself with the best in every industry? She wasnt in ANY industry, so claim these articles. Problem is all the articles fail to mention that she came from mathew hiltzik's political consulting firm, hiltzik strategies. Look into him a little and youll find that he supports only full commie left platforms and people. I guess it could be coincidence that hiltzik is a clintonite and that he is close to harvey weinstein who #meToo is destroying, but also serial rapist bill clinton who they are not. Hmm. inexperienced vixen Hope hicks is a communications coordinator alright. She makes sure the organizers are organized to rail against every tweet the twit in the WH posts. He is what i said he would be. A red cape of a big dumb bull. Oh hope has got great taste in men too. Rob porter the wifebeater. Corey lewandowski the lobbyist who sells trump access to russia for a living. Its cute. I guess Trump just cant find anyone who isnt somehow compromised by reds to work for him. Even when he picks random babes. Or wives. 2 of his 3 women are from soviet countries. Ivana got to leave the soviet union at a time when people were only sent abroad for soviet party purposes. She has married i think 4 millionaires now? If that isnt steering influence what is? Ive already ranted about melania and her father victor knavs the yugoslav party member. They keep having to put out articles to play that down. Speaking of ugly influential men getting knockout babes from communist countries back when normal citizens werent allowed to emmigrate, rupert murdoch, wendy deng. Just google images. Speaking of Fox news, theyre splitting hairs to find dividey conquery stuff today. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/03/01/kevin-smith-forced-to-defend-chris-pratt-after-actor-offered-prayers-for-recovery.amp.html Someone offers kevin smith prayers, someone else says keep your prayers to yourself. Fox has to put that in americas face to make people feel different, incompatible, outnumbered etc. Well half you fux are secular and i still consider you my people. My brother is an athiest i still love him. And my church is jammed packed rain or shine. Speaking of online comments, i used to follow every word of former OMB director david stockman. Fast forward, he reveals himself as a trojan for russia when they invaded ukraine in 2014 or so. I had kept trying to contact him to straighten out his confusion.. I worked for a ukrainian junkyard and was getting updates from real live citizen family members opposite of what news said. I finally offered $300/hr for a call. This multimillionaire wall street trader guy solicited $20 donations every article like a bum so i figured he would take the bait (just like Little Rock based fox trojan mike huckabee who i voted for, yes, father of sarah huckabee sanders in the white house, who worked for frank tsamoutales. Frank worked for soviet trojan lech walesa in poland.. And also every big name R since friggin reagan. Cleon skousen list #15. Capture one or both political parties. It takes a network.) Stockman never spoke to me. So i tested an old dead thread in his forums comments section with some light trolling. Immediately it got buried on page 3 of replies. Few months later i did it again on some pro russia/anti ukraine/anti america blog post he made.. Asked him how much old vlad was paying him. That night the site went to membership only and moderator comment approval. From that time forward all of the sites ive followed selling pure propaganda have gone to comments disabled. One way flow of information is critical, where the "experts" and "historians" and "sources close to the case who spoke on condition of annonyminity" have no challengers. Keep an eye out for that. Again, the 7page translation of valery gerasimov explains pretty clearly how the new warfare is conducted in the "information space" making use of state and civilian actors in all countries at all times..those involved do not normally know what they are involved in but it serves the soviet purpose better than warfare without any risk to them. Social movements are organized, pressured and antagonized into responses that serve to tie up american resources and destabilize society. Examples- BLM blocking interstates or the entire state of WV with schools 100% closed for teacher strike and all those parents being out of work over it. Can you tie those to moscow? No. Does it cause all sorts of strain on the system? Absolutely. That is the new warfare.
  12. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Ive said many times over the years how effective information warfare /subversion requires feedback from inside the target nation to determine how they are processing the info. So when i read a headline that jared kushner had requested more top secret intel than anyone in the white house, and that he was on a temp clearance from trump himself, my buzzers went off and i start researching. After a few days im confident in concluding that he is likely a 3rd generation trojan.. Ill spare you most of the details. But the big one is this Kushner paid a record price for 666 5th avenue. 1.8billion. Then highest price ever for single NYC building. Washington post wrote that the building was very short for the outrageous price, and 25% vacant. That the rental income didnt even cover the mortgage interest. Yet he miraculously entered an agreement with chicom anbang insurance (who owns waldorf astoria) to sell it to them for TWO.8 billion even AFTER he sold off a big chunk of the building. His debt was to be retired at 20cents on the dollar. This news came to light in spring 2017. Keep this in mind, spring 2017.. deal dissolved. Funny part, kushner somehow bought half of the times square tv screen building -as iconomic as the statue of liberty or eiffel tower but with perhaps the worlds most known location location location.. for only $295 mil. So the whole place is only worth 600 mil but this ugly little other building almost 3 trillion to the chicoms? bullshiit i say to myself, doesnt make sense. Feb 22nd @1:21 pm i call my atttorney and tell him about it, keep an eye on jared kushner hes a mole,666 building anbang insurance etc. Feb23 @627 AM cnn money publishes that the chinese government has siezed anbang insurance company, will occupy it for a year (totally odd) and jailed the CEO. FYI- there is no business entity in communist china that does not carry out the will of the party. I would be surprised if any major global business there wasnt run by party officials. Yesterday kushner loses security clearance. Web lights up with kushner scandal articles and suddendly this nearly unknown josh raffel guy is in a bunch of articles. Hes just a personal assistant who also happens to have made "get out" the super racist horror movie. I mean there is almost zero news about this guy until today.. And now he is a buzzword. I expect kushner to be the fallguy for the whole administration, and raffel to be the fallguy for kushner.
  13. 2020 presidential BS thread

    How much money you acquire will be up to you. How much purchasing power it has left, unfortunately, will not.
  14. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Yeah, thats so amazing jer. A perpetual taxpayer funded conveyor belt of middle class wealth being exported to other countries, or the ivy league trojan masters embedded within ours. Bravo. When is retirement? Quit fixing cars and start your own shell corp broom closet IPO. The fed is buying every hollow piece of fake shiit it can find, and printing money as fast as it can, forever, to do so.
  15. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I guess one couldnt possibly transport the generator inside said van, then put it on the ground and shut the door for actual use.