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  1. mike_belben

    Smokers Corner

    You bought all this with my 2017 tax return didnt you?
  2. mike_belben


    Chomped nerve is like getting tazed. You aint doing nothing but begging for mercy. If karl doesnt have degenerative disc ill be pretty surprised.
  3. mike_belben


    You knew hear?
  4. mike_belben


    My foam roller was from dicks and the thing is basically a hunk of pvc with an inch of foam over it. A towel and a 4" diameter cutoff would compare. It hurts to roll on but every time theres 4 or 5 click clacks and i put on my OH face.
  5. mike_belben


    Darling, I will help you any way i can. Which may be a lot or may be zero, kinda depends on what you need. I havent had a dollar of income in like 4 or 5 months. We been off the foodstamps for half a year, so were pretty proud of that. Zero subsidy. perpetual budget crisis has been good practice for us though. Still chipping away at quitting the dollar. Two years ago i was going bankrupt at $32/hr + sidemoney. Now we are stable on $13/hr. I hope to halve that next year. Its a boatload of backbreaking labor. No wonder people love debt. Anyway, you can take it up the a$$ and come out smelling like roses on the other side. It can be done.
  6. mike_belben


    When youve got the right tool for the job, use it. :*
  7. mike_belben

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I take it back. Wikipedia now claims his death was reported in 1993. I looked very hard for him a few years ago. Never found anything.
  8. mike_belben

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Probably dead by now but how and when is unknown which is very strange these days especially for a critical defector. You dont have governments spending millions on a persons debriefing and relocation/protection then just lose them. I believe Yuri bezmenov was a true defector. I hope he was. However it appears the soviets instead of assassinating him, arranged interviews for use as false opposition bait decades later. He was doing live audience shows in the 80s that were never released. You dont rent a studio and film crew to not air the shows. They started appearing in 2013 or so on youtube disinfo channels. The quote i just posted is from a disinfo site. Its complicated. You wrap disinfo with true info designed to attract the audience that you want your disinfo delivered to. Worms are good for fish. Hooks inside worms are good for fishermen.
  9. mike_belben


    Looks like they work really good actually. Did some research and found a list of incinerators that some useful idiots have compiled to oppose and target for closure. I count 210 commercial trash to energy incinerators. http://www.energyjustice.net/incineration/usplants Wikipedia says 50-60kw per ton of garbage is the standard. How many JFN sized electric bills could be covered by one dumpster? Their platform: Their list of accomplishments is incredible. Far beyond what the 5 people on their staff could do if ya catch my drift. Immeasurable loss of energy and jobs. http://www.energyjustice.net/accomplishments
  10. mike_belben

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    About 10 years ago i was the land access guy for EC4WDA and looking through chapter 90 for laws on wheeling abandoned roads. In plain english was a law that said vehicular homocide = mandatory prison and having been conditioned to hate the kennedys like everyone else, i was furious that this turd gets to be above the law that i have to abide by. I always wondered why does a bernie madoff go to prison but a ted kennedy get set free, makes no sense, Theyre both filthy rich. Last year or so yuri gave me the answer, cuz moscow had ol teddy on the line, helping achieve their goals.
  11. mike_belben


    Your harmstrings will definitely pull your back into misalignment. The whole skeleton and all its muscles/connective tissue works together to support us. When one goes on vacation the others work overtime to cover its shift and that causes pain from lactic acid buildup. The hardest part is sending the overtimers back to doing their own job. Heat/cold, ben-gay, anti-inflammatories, stretching, and breaking the knots up manually are the tools. Im no doctor, but from what i gather much of these shooting pains are nerve ends being crunched by vertebrae that no longer have sufficient space for the nerve to pass between them. Worn out discs and misaligned vertebrae are probably the two main causes. Like getting your finger pinched in a door, step 1 is open the door. So elongate the space between vertebrae. If theyre compressed and misaligned, you still need them uncompressed before realign. Long term misalignments will tend to go back to where they were a few times. If accupuncture works, its probably a lot of tricking your brain into relaxing those muscles. Id bet it works a lot better for the natural believer than the natural skeptic. A foam roller and heatpad are pretty critical tools. Lay your neck on 2 tennis balls in a sock. Those two cords going up your neck have a lot of control of your overall tension. About 2 minutes and slow deep breathing will loosen a lotta stuff up. Ive got a traction machine and home made neck board for dealing with my fused C2/C3 every few days. Posture is a big causation too. Sit up straight. Raise the phone to your eyes.
  12. mike_belben


    Describe your pain, numbness, tingling, shooting screws, etc and how it came about.
  13. mike_belben


    Dumpster companies get paid to haul off garbage. Municipalities subsidize places to dump garbage. My point is A. It COSTS money to move trash from the point of generation to the point of storage. B. Fire plus water can drive a generator, from micro scale to macro scale and doesnt require a PHD in futurium that will never arrive to do it, as my backyard joes illustrate (i found quite a few actually generating power afterwards) I can find no real push anywhere to convert local trash to local energy, despite all the fake "local" everything cheerleading these days. Why? Because its actually practical, economical and possible to take a lot of revenue and power away from those who have the water rights, the drilling rights and the power distribution contracts. Money is power. All beings with resources to lose, will expend them toward keeping their resources. Phillip morris will lobby the fed to pass a tobacco bill that it wrote itself in order to make entering the market more expensive for small fish that could become challengers to them, but dont think PM wont fight a tobacco ban tooth and nail. WMECO will mail you that brochure about making your life more efficient every month but the bill only seems to rise no matter how many LED bulb rebates you splurge on. Lotta inertia.
  14. mike_belben


    Billion dollar drilling rigs punching holes 50 miles below the ocean surface is pretty uneconomical. Yet the whole world scaled its way up to it over the last century. Inertia keeps a lot of things in motion.
  15. mike_belben

    Case of the Mondays...

    The tire distributor in palmer has one in the office. "To err is human. To blame it on others shows management potential." Boy was that S+W. These days i have to stop and think about what its even like to live in that world. They can keep it.