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  1. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I guess one couldnt possibly transport the generator inside said van, then put it on the ground and shut the door for actual use.
  2. Belben-ator

    Theyre pickin on me now gang. Noah the time traveller. Remember when i was joking about building an arc? Thanks for the birthday laugh "rachel bishop." https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/time-traveller-who-claims-hes-12018851.amp PS: a poison umbrella dart or botched home invasion would be so much more exciting, dont you think? Im gonna do this til ya kill me so step it up already. I dont have an income to audit or a house to lose. Incarcerate me so i can find time to write a book about you. Phuckin coward homos.
  3. Day of Stupid Cupid

    Job Opportunity here if anyones looking to relocate. http://fox17.com/news/local/king-pin-granny-arrested-in-major-drug-deal-bust-in-middle-tennessee
  4. Belben-ator

    Oh noes! Build a wall build a wall quick donald save meeee
  5. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Newsfeed anomolies of the day. 1. Yesterday the news was released that a US fighter jet struck a russian tank in syria on saturday. (Why does it take 3 days for this information to get here when every soldier has bodycam these days?) Update: apparently some russian soldiers will killed by "US backed forces" in syria also. Like a week ago but news broke yesterday. 1A. Why do communists always fight us via remote proxy wars? Because then there are no genuine witnesses to dispel the bullshiit they send us through the trojan media. They dont want pics of wooden ISIS jihadis and russian film equipment showing up on FB. Has russia ever attacked alabama? No, and theyre not gonna because they dont want to get nuked in an actual real fight. Theyre cowards who only get bold when the risk is very low. So they stage little silly conflicts in the desert or jungle or sky or arctic that are menacing to the american finger nail biting prozak generation hiding behind a screen. It generate tremendous psychological value from news output now, then future revelations to carry fresh deceptions on cue later, etc. 2. The NYpost says putin had to approve attacks on US soldiers, further painting the picture that world war 3 with russia is emminent... literally within like a day of NK softening up. Theres that scissor strategy. Take careful note of this immediate tone shift, it means change is coming. (Be funny if NK reunifies with SK at the olympics and be our new partner to help ease tensions with moscow. Hope i didnt spoil that for you ivan) 2A. the stockmarket only seems to care about a bogus jobs report which has futures down about a percent. Because fighting russia wouldnt have any economic impact at all. Give me a break already. 3. Abc news says russia is threatening to block youtube and instagram if they dont remove vids of "the oligarch" oleg deripaska on a yacht with a russian official. That they have THREE DAYS to remove it, after the whole world has had time to view. (A real cease and desist order in russia comes out of a gun mind you.) The purpose of showcasing that (kgb created) "oligarchs" are buying off russian govt is to paint putins system as corrupt which we already know. This is to build up a fake reformer named nevalny as an anti corruption candidate opposed to putin. There is no possible chance for anyone in the russian federation to be truly openly opposed to the system. Opponents are in the gulag or in the ground. Navalny is fake. Grudinin is the backup plan if that falls through. Sobchak is obviously just an extension of putin but when all else fails, distract them with T&A right? Worked for melania. *cough* victor knavs, party member. One may recall that a few years back i pointed out that russia has like 7 political parties yet putin never has a challenger because there is really only one party..(CPSU) even amnesty international agrees its all rigged. a real democracy has 20 or 30 candidates even with only 3 parties. So this year they have a bunch. In 08 the "state duma" changed their procedure to keep putin in place 2 extra years through this time frame. I guess it takes a while to train new actors. You may also recall the screenshots i posted of 40 anonymous guests logged on NEOW in the middle of every night. I observed them for quite a while, then posted once and they went away instantly. Con artists need feedback from the target in order to best craft the con as it unfolds. So here you go oleg and vlad and all of you central committee biitch a$$ panzys. These are my critiques. Keep working on it, youll get there. Oh and omarosa is a pretty transparent influence agent, you should start using people whos wikipedia page doesnt scream trojan.
  6. 2020 presidential BS thread

    2 days ago vice news (whoever that is) published that duterte instructed his troops to shoot betches in the cooter. This morning fox news and then all the others tweaked it just a little saying duterte instructed his former commie troops to shoot the COMMIE female guerillas in the cooter, and a handful of other incendiary stuff for the #metoo crowd to rail against. 1. Duterte is himself a marxist deceiver and a red cape to give the bull a plausible excuse for charging. He is the leader who cut phillipine alliance with usa and joined china, the worlds largest admitted communist party. He is surely not friends with communist china and shooting communist chicks. Theyd kill him. 2. His troops are not former commies. They are current ones. The democratic/western aligned phillipines fought against the huk rebellion in the 1950s and won with western help. Duterte is a CPC supported infiltrator who came to power by treachery and his drug dealer killing campaign isnt killing drug dealers, it killed off a mix of unlucky people, a few dirtbags, and anyone left who might oppose his dictatorship. Standard procedure. 3. His purpose is a controlled opposition. The social justice movements need a "nazi" that they can challenge, fight and defeat without ever being exposed for what they really are. Its why duterte sounds just like trump. Another scripted right wing villain who really works for them. 4. The southeast (usa) has been mostly immune to propaganda for a lack of being able to reach residents directly.. Many people here still dont have social media or smart phones, even internet.. And the strength of church membership here in bible belt is strong, theres no social justice in southern baptist church, just jesus. The state of virginia, lead by UVA at charlottesville, has taken the lead in trying to inflict maximum damage here. UVA is full of SJW. 5. The good folks of the coal and oil regions in pennsylvania have also gotten a lot of activism working against them lately, much coming from lehigh university in bethlehem. 11million hits for lenin on their server. Thats the record of any university ive found. Itself also where fred trump sent his late son. Fox has been really anxious to blow its cover lately. They just cant wait.
  7. Random Video Of The Day

    On the b series vtec killer cams its not even there any more. They delete middle rocker and lost motion assembly then put a spacer sleeve on the rocker shaft and run wild grind cams with 2 lobes instead of the 3. On K series i discovered while mocking up the cam kit for them that the economy vtec from CRVs used an H pattern exhaust rocker which could also be run on the intake side and delete vtec. I was just about to have elgin make me some cams when some racer in NY i think showed up with one at the track already sorted out. Now there are vendors who make billet roller rockers for single lobe vtec killer cams.
  8. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Id have to think about that.. Or even where they all are. Dodge, jeep, volvo.. Uhh. Nissan. Toyota. Think theres half a civic floating around somewhere. Couple dozers...
  9. Belben-ator

    Thanks ladies, and rachel. Preciate it
  10. Random Video Of The Day

    i grew out of that crowd. They always seamed to end up with sick cars but somehow i never got any of the money from it. I dont know them particularly but its pretty likely all the cams were dialed in with my indicator kit. I didnt listen to their commentary but the LSvtec sounds gnarlier that the k series because of the fixed cam timing. It might be running a vtec killer cam too which is very lopey and wont run without a really high idle, vaccuum is too low. The k series likely has high and low cam with variable intake timing still enabled which smooths out the low rpm manners so it doesnt sound as nasty but it is much more potent. By now id bet theres lots of 2.4L k series making 1100hp and up. Those things cant resist making stupid power if you have stupid money.
  11. 2020 presidential BS thread

    i dont wanna make it about me except to say my financial downfall was entirely against my will, and most certainly by the grace of god. In love, i am the richest man alive today. I would have lost my family for certain if i had it my way. As to wages vs prices, i dont have numbers and am shooting at the hip here but it is a gradient. The closer you are to the printing press, the more your wages outpace inflation. The lawyers who work for an investment bank for an example are at the head of the line. The money supply injection source. They get their cost of living increase before the rest of the country does so they are spending dollars with an undiluted purchasing power. As the consumer at the front of the line has more to spend, the retailer around this consumer raises retail price to maintain equilibrium. He does more business because of increased currency available for purchases and eventually raises wages when he has to to compete for the employees he will need to retain his staff or expand to meet the increased demand. At the end of the line is the guy in kentucky pulling the lever on the trash compactor at the transfer station. Everyone else has gotten their share and spent it ahead of him. So the cost of goods has been raised and there is no pay raise for him because the county has 500 other applicants who will take the job at the current pay rate. There is no laborer shortage to force a wage raise. So the goods went up but the pay stayed the same. This is a tax on every dollar that the poor man has in his coffee can. For the middle class it kinda depends which end you are closer to. The lasyers mechanic likes inflation a lot more than the compactor operators mechanic does. So its a commie economist lie when bloomberg or market watch tells you inflation is good. The fed has a 2% inflation target. There has never ever ever in the history of sound currency been a federal or central bank inflation target, quite the opposite! The founders were explicit in this and its why they must be discredited whole hog. Even the bible says the debtor is slave to the lender which is where the founders got it. You should take that to mean the fed is your enemy and wants to enslave the poor. If they were the poor mans friend they would collect dollars around wall street and BURN them. This would give the poor mans coffee can account a boost. Less dollars in circulation competing for the same amount of goods. A stronger dollar buys more food, more house. I know your inner trumpmo loves the tax cuts and who wouldnt, but watch your dollar strength closer than your tax bill. Its a slight of hand where you feel like you get ahead but really stand still. 5% tax relief offset by 5% dollar decline does not warrant 100% allegiance.
  12. NPR says Dill is in a sticky situation

    Look into the gore family mineral rights lease from armand hammer. Then look into armand hammer. And imagine an arm-and-hammer next to a sickle. Thatll tell you what you need to know about armand's parents, and where the junior gore gets his political staying power. Al Gore dgaf about the planet. He is a paid spokesman of the kremlin and always has been. If he ever tries to come out of that closet, he will get what breitbart did.
  13. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Let me know when youre coming down. I can move it to whichever side of the compound you'd like.
  14. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    No, thats the guest house.
  15. The Bro-bcat

    Thank you sir. We've been truly blessed. I have more than i deserve.