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  1. Random Video Of The Day

    And while im on the subject.. Has a fawkin one of you opened up a single paper by lenin, mao, guevera or any of the smaller named commies? All they ever wrote about was how to topple america. Its YOUR neck im trying to save. Who has read even a single fawkin pamphlet? Lazy fawks. Shame on you expecting me to do all the gawd damn work and spoon fawking feed it to you. Some fawkin countrymen ive had to fawkin work with. The lot of ya
  2. Random Video Of The Day

    I really cant blame anyone for coming to that conclusion and im running out of energy to defend it. Ive known someone would have to call me out eventually for years now. Fair is fair. I can go away for ever as i have physically already done, and youll still see things unfold more or less as ive described because basically theres a manual and ive given all the info about it that i possibly can. Ive always said not to take my word for it, always insisted you read for yourself, gone to extra effort to cite sources and insisted you doubt me too. Dont think ive ever said "trust me." trust is exceptionally dangerous. you have a domestic communist insurgency that is not having any counterinsurgent efforts applied to it because your leader says today north korea is the big threat. So today theyre taking over portland or st louis, someday its nashua. Today theyre tearing down george washington statues. Someday its honest engine auto repair. Today it might still be reversible for you guys living in liberal regions, feeling all safe because of your registered gun collection and pistol permits. The conservatives are fleeing your region in droves. How long before the remainder votes that you dont need guns? How long before they vote you dont need your retirement account or land? Cant see it coming? I think its pretty clear.
  3. Tho'rs day

    Might take ya a while
  4. Homeowner chainsaws

    My wife has sex with me. Clearly shes an idiot.
  5. Random Video Of The Day

    @ jfn Ion mihail pacepa defected from romania and wrote a few books. He is among about 5 published defectors of whom i still hold to be genuine after years of exhaustive study within the means that i have to eliminate the disinfo writers which is 98% of em. In "disinformation" pacepa explains in detail his specific role in soviet and romanian intelligence trying to find and stop lee harvey oswald, who was trained for the assissination that kruschev ordered in a drunken tirade, then was talked out of when sober upon the gravity of a nuclear first strike from us in response. Its not a "i know who did it" story. Its a confession. We did it, heres how. Pacepa also details the large and urgent effort to fabricate mob and CIA stories and who they were distributed to and published by. I loaned the book and never got it back or id tell you who. Its pretty obvious in hindsight since we went from emminent nuclear war directly into thaw and detente right at JFK's death and thw fake sino soviet split was initiated within a year. Thats a lot of major world change for our intelligence to be tied up with while the warren commission is going on. As for the bushes.. The entire clan has a lot of really bad indicators going back to prescott. Its hard to know if they were just stupendously dupable or influence agents. I also hate to admit just how many very successful trojans got their start in the reagan administration. I love ronald reagan, but im starting to have some sads creeping in.
  6. Random Video Of The Day

    And on that note.. My father isnt a conspiracy guy at all. He believes the news, what he sees in a movie or campaign ad. He is how i know we are doomed by disinfo. I dont talk to him about this stuff.. hes not a talker with me at all really. When 911 happened there were pictures on the innernets of enormous molten steel blobs consistent with a thermite demo. I had seen a documentary about it and i know i was thumbing through a printed magazine at a dentist office and commented outloud to myself. 'Holy shiit that pile of steel didnt come from JP5 and office chairs." That picture was the first thing that made me search.. I was 100% sheep prior to that, believed anything any reporter said. Fast forward to dad and i at SW.. He calls me over to a computer terminal logged into his account. Looking around kinda nervous and says real quiet that something wierd is going on. Shows me a folder of his saved images.. Various junk, raunchy jokes the guys send each other etc. Says i had pictures saved of molten blobs from 9/11 that seemed impossible to me. I was just telling mark (his repair partner) yesterday that you cant make that much slag with an oxygen lance in the time that those buildings took to fall, he looked right at them, and now theyre gone. But none of this other stuff that violates company policy. Mark comes over looking real shook up and swears he saw them yesterday, gone today. He logged out for the next guy to log in and did not move them. Doesnt know how. Years prior i showed many coworkers google images of huge molten slag balls by typing thermite blob. Today i cant find anything even close to those images with any search terms. The innernet has been cleaned up.
  7. First thing Tuesday

    He who controls himself is mightier still.
  8. Random Video Of The Day

    But... I have seen wikipedia altered after i linked it here and pointed something out. The watchers are watching.
  9. 2017 Garden Thread

    I tried that all summer and everything in it still died. Tried commercial fertilizer too with no result. I think theres so much compaction that roots cant get oxygen nutrients. Loosening the rootballs and rows with a shovel is the only thing that gave any obvious boost. When the bobcat could barely dig it out despite being plowed twice in spring and loosened several times i just said hell with it, this dirt is far too compacting and needs to be scrapped. Same results over the years from 3 immediate neighbors. Other end of the road is one decent looking garden, the owner digs up this real rich stinky (like a septic leach field) black creek bottom loam and has been tilling it in for years, so not very comparable to my dirt anymore I found the county soil survey, 260 pages and vastly more complex than i expected dirt could be. It claims this is a poor region for crops, kinda fooled me since i never saw more farming than here. But i guess it is mostly hay, corn and cattle now that i think of it. Anyhow the primary crop here is hardwood.. We have 72% of our landmass growing timber. our soils are much better suited to that. Excellent oaks can come out of this area if the management is there. I still need to bring a dirt sample to the usda office and see what they recommend. Would like to have some compost made by then as well.
  10. Random Video Of The Day

    I know nothing.
  11. Homeowner chainsaws

    I wouldnt replace tillotson or walbro carbs with chicoms. I did on the deere 140 and the chinesium was a POS that gave more trouble than the last. This is what you ought to know about saw adjusting. http://www.madsens1.com/saw_carb_tune.htm You dont have to worry about a tach if you learn to hear the difference between two stroking and 4 stroking, and i dont mean the jfn bonus pack. If you can get the thing to run on ether or choke or by holding it open etc thats fine. Next step is stabilizer the idle by cranking up idle stop, then twisting the L screw until you find highest rpm. Too far in or out will fall off. Find center of hill. Then lower throttle stop until chain stops walking. Now rev the thing up and get the H screw set where it revs up and sounds good, then back H out until its raspy and burbly at WOT. Now start cutting into a piece of sizeable wood and dig in. You should hear the rasp go away and saw sound like a dirtbike.. Braaahp real clean and crisp. The H screw is set right when WOT no load has a light rasp then switches to clean and screamy when you dig in. Lifting off and dogging in while holding throttle open will shift this tone. If the idle and L screw adjustment works but the saw just wont rev up its the carb diaphram. The silk hardens up with age then they cant pump fast enough. If tuning is fully erratic and unstable its usually a vaccuum leak that'll melt your jug and piston by the end of the day.
  12. Homeowner chainsaws

    Have you tried adjusting the high speed screw?
  13. Homeowner chainsaws

    I hope its treatable.
  14. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Give me the children for 8 years and itll be a bolshevik fever.
  15. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Its not entirely their fault, having been programmed to foam on command and all that.