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  1. Friday

    No sir.
  2. Friday

    Full eclipse coming monday between noon and two.. Theyre talking about closing school.
  3. Phone scam/class action

    All your iou's are belong to we.
  4. 2003 Cadillac STS

    How much delivered to TN? Has warranty with loaner right?
  5. Friday

    Quick, tape the camera!
  6. Phone scam/class action

    Mongoloids gotta eat bro. Ive known a handful of easy money winners in my life and so far 100% of them were poorer with bigger problems after theyd blown it all. When i have money is when i have the most trouble also, which makes me think theyre not coincidental observations.
  7. Phone scam/class action

    I just dont put much thought into. If we are aware of the law that there is no free lunch in life.. 9 out of 10 unsolicited free lunch offers will be a sham. Its kinda like lottery. Whered the 200million jackpot come from? All 200 million people who lost it. Ill just keep my dollar.
  8. Friday

    Yeah. I love where i live.
  9. Phone scam/class action

    Hey hunny lets see if weve won.. Type in every number of everyone you know. Seems like a number harvesting aparatus to me.
  10. Friday

    Thats a pain. Yesterday i got about an hour from home and grenaded a trailer tire on the way to a mill. Best i could do was drive to a patch of grass where the ditch was minimal but i was still half in the road. Fully loaded and leaning over.. My 30ton bottle jack couldnt get under the main frame and was too short to lift from the outer rail. Took atleast an hour and every scrap of wood i could find to get the height in several stages of repositioning. No way to make it to mill before close .. Wouldnt have mattered because i left my wallet on the pump in town and theyre not gonna write check without license. No way im gonna climb back up the mountain with that load. old man pulls up to help, i ended up parking it at his place and shooting the breeze a while. Was a logger/farmer/sawyer. On the way back i stop to help a guy hauling pulp who lost a waterpump. Gave me all the DOT info for the route i need to run. Two different tree services said theyd be happy to drop off full loads of firewood when in my area, just want it gone as fast and close as possible. Cashier had my wallet.
  11. Friday

    Im in.
  12. Friday

    Saddle up pardner
  13. WED

    Before i was born

    Was making a joke about the kaboom we western mass holes heard a few years ago. The teety bar was levelled.