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  1. 2020 presidential BS thread

    It is an excellent point.. That the line between true news and satire is getting this blurry. Everyone can be duped. If that same story had a credible non-satire journalist's name on it.. What will the result be? It gets consumed as genuine. My living grandparents, aunt, stepfather and father will 100% believe that its true. That makes them another inch closer to thinking you cant save america so dont bother. "Believe" isnt the right word. I read constant absurd clickbait ridiculous propaganda designed for western consumption knowing its almost entirely lies. What i believed was this pile of poop was being published as truth by a reputable source. That the author is a satirist was what i missed. Doonesbury is a cartoon by a communist. When he writes lies and demoraling stuff.. "Oh well its just a comic, its not serious." Except to those it demoralized.
  2. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Half way thru reading it i scrolled back up to see if it was the onion.. And was like cmon.. The new yorker punlished this nonsense? Wife was impatiently waiting for me to put phone down to start a movie and i was in a hurry to rub JFNs nose in it so didnt look the guy up. Never heard of him, have no use for satire. Real world is too funny for me already. Jokes on me
  3. 2020 presidential BS thread

    LOL I couldnt even pick it out. all the other news looks just like satire these days too.
  4. 2020 presidential BS thread

    For JFN. This is from the new yorker. Hardly a fly by night shaky news outlet.. its been around since 1925, surely influenced millions of people.
  5. The Wood Shed

    You havent gotten the ones ive been sending all this time? The cellular out here really stinks.
  6. The Wood Shed

    Pretty busy with firewood right now.. In the next few days ill try to break down the bundles and select the best pieces and trim em up to fit. Pm me your address and ill take care of the rest when some coin comes in. I still owe you for the cutting board. hope youre able to deprive some liberal of their money with it. You evil capitalist. You need some hickory bonded to your walnut? You know where to find me.
  7. The Wood Shed

    It was given to me, good hard white stuff. Why not pass it around
  8. The Wood Shed

    Solar kiln, very simple to build. Google it. Looks like $19 will get a 12.5 x 12.5 x 6" deep box to you. Would 12" strips be of any use or too small? Its a bright white fine, straight grain, very dense wood (think ax handle obviously) that would really pop with walnut next to it. I have a load now thats pretty fresh, but there are some that have been air drying for years. Ill have to look closer at those piles to see if the end cracking is bad. These are sawn along the log with the grain, so it wouldnt be endgrains like you normally use. Not sure if you do other stuff but some of it is just too pretty for firewood.
  9. Gun thread

    Remsport/TR-enabling is a major supplier in the 1911 business. They make their own finished race pistols but also supply many many other hand finished boutique builders with the blank components to be hand lapped and fitted, etc. Theyre friends of mine in ludlow mass. If youre saving up for an heirloom 1911, see them first and fingerbang some pistol art that didnt get mass assembled by immigrant women.
  10. The Wood Shed

    Can you do anything with high grade hickory tim? I have just stepped into an infinite supply of slab wood from the handle mill. a lot of it is really nice blank stock for stuff like what youre doing. Completely free of knots, rough sawn, no bark, very dense. Its very flat rate shippable, Ill take some decent pics if its something youd like to see.
  11. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Ill make my stand, right in this driveway i built.
  12. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Convergence on communist terms. It will take many good influence agents for us to interpret events correctly for a smooth transition without warfare. Fortunately we seem to have plenty. In every television, newspaper, radio show and political movement in the country. Ive visited the politics sections of a number of forums the past few months. Its not like neow. Theyre absolutely loaded with trolls. Each one has 3-5 fake accounts to support them and demoralize the opposition around the clock. Google russian troll farm
  13. 2020 presidential BS thread

    I know trump is doing a great job and all, no matter what he does, among his "base" but for the rest of you who arent drawn into the twitter polemics like a moth to a bugzapper.. Those still objective enough to weigh any politician by his performance.. a few points youll not see in mainstream media that dramatically effect you and should be watched are going on now. 1. Big diesel fuel tax hikes are being claimed as the only way to fund a bunch of trumps infrastructure projects. Everything you buy has diesel as a cost unless you dragged it out of the woods on your solar powered skidder yourself. Any extra diesel tax will be funded by you through the mechanism of inflated prices on consumer goods. 2. In 39 days i believe.. December 18th.. The federal motor carrier safety administration will be enforcing madatory ELDs.. Thats a gps electronic logger that is tied to the ECM and reports everything to the fed. It is sold under the guise of safety but really its only going to put the owner operator independant trucker into a lot of trouble for violating the hours of service.. Which is incredibly complex and designed not to work. Read about it sometime.. I still cant figure out how it works. All i know is when your clock runs out you have to park the truck and i promise you, theres nowhere to just park a bigrig if your clock runs out in traffic. Itll be more tows, more impounds, more guys ruined like i was. You folks heard about the life of a driver getting caught on the wrong side of DOT once, but DOT is thousands of agents at thousands of weigh stations doing that every single day. Especially in northeast. The result is many owner ops are retiring once ELD comes, and many startups wont be possible because the lone driver will not legally be able to make these good paying hauls that are needed to cover the equipment. 48 state Semi truck insurance STARTS at $800/month with no coverage on the truck and a perfect record. The shiny pete and aluminum trailer you see.. Thats a $75k and up rig. That trucker is paying $2000 a month for insurance alone. Many are in the $7500 a month expenses catagory for one rig. The current players didnt plant their seed in this soil.. They started 30yrs ago and grew and adjusted. When they retire the next generation wont be able to replace them because the freight rates arent high enough to pay the expenses of starting with good equipment and complying with the vast regulation. Running a truck interstate is harder than getting secret clearance in the military by far. The profit margin is being legislated, taxed, fee'd and insured out of it. ELD is designed to squeeze the owner op out and make trucking an industry thats entirely done by a handful of mega carriers with terminals, drivers and dispatchers everywhere. The good paying haul from texas to chicago with 2 days delivery schedule will no longer be possible by anyone else after ELD. Driver one runs his 11 hour clock to the first terminal and drops where a fresh driver in a fueled up truck hooks and runs to the next terminal. Only by relay will that freight still happen. So the mega carrriers will thrive while the small companies drown in compliance audits and fines. Why does govt like mega carriers? Because it consolidates an entire industry of drivers under a handful of CEO's who do argue with govt, theyre pals with it. That is unseen control of capitalism. There is a current direct letter campaign asking trump to put off the ELD mandate. I dont care what all he says about making merica great. Watch what he does. "..Grind them between the millstones of taxes and inflation." Trump may make a big show of temporarily rolling back income taxes with his right hand. But watch and see if he ramps up inflation with his left while youre all distracted.
  14. Small Business NEOW sorta first

    1. 9 of 10 startups fail.. Something close to those numbers. 2. Most successful business owners dont land success on their first rodeo.. Its the lessons learned from the initial failures that are moat invaluable 3. Partnerships are inherently difficult. Its like being married, with no sex. 4. With the difficulties listed above, always take on risk based on the possibility of total fail. For instance, if its your first venture, and youre going in with a partner who is green, your odds are doubly worse so dont put your home up for collateral. I tried to borrow money from the VA to buy a 4 unit duplex with my besty 15 yrs ago. He was not a veteran. I dont remember if it was a no because him not being a vet or if it was a money issue but it was a "wont even consider it" deal because of the partnership. It positively looked at both of us jointly. Im not saying dont do it, but i am saying its cheaper to competely pick your venture apart on a napkin before you start, than it is to make to 5 visits to your attorney that you borrowed money to hire.. With boxes of paper each trip.. Easier than trying to get old computers in the attic fired up or pouring throgh thousands of emails to find records to bring before the trustee who you will have to explain your life to loud and clear for the recorder with 20 other strangers in the room at your liquidation. I promise you this. Failing without loans is a whole lot different than failing with them. Bankruptcy is a 3-5 yr startover misery. It wrecks marriages, it saps peoples happiness, it steals great years from you. You cant be at risk of bankruptcy if you never ask the bank for a date. Business is a lifestyle and partnership is a marriage. You have a plan to get into business. Whats the exit strategy? All starts should have a planned end. And btw plans never go according to plan. I still have a lot of industrial resources up north id be happy to share if you think i could help. Goodluck buddy.
  15. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Hes been readin the bible and splittin wood.