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  1. LJ "Rubiclone" Build

    Looks like it gets around pretty good.
  2. 3rd function hydraulic question

    Not really.. Could be 2 wire or 4 wire which just about doubles the wall thickness. A section of hardpipe is a lot more accurate .. The wall thickness is typically .070 to .090" on seamless hydraulic tubing(oem stuff, not black iron)
  3. Eclipse viewing

    Yeah but those happen every 30 minutes, not years.
  4. But can you blow a pugg?
  5. 3rd function hydraulic question

    What size are the lines going from your A/B ports to curl cylinders?
  6. 3rd function hydraulic question

    One more thing to fail. The spool will always work.
  7. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    Leadership competence and troop morale are critical components of battle readiness. This is another chip in the paint.
  8. 3rd function hydraulic question

    The benefit of a selector is its easy to plumb in and no worry about relief valve stuff since its already in there. If you want to add a dedicated spool, then you have a few options. Least easy is probably swapping out oem 2 spool for an integrated 3 spool because your current is probably hardpiped into some floorboard access area and not too easy to modify. Or you can run a power beyond plug out of the loader valve, feeding into a separate grapple valve.. This new valve needs its exh line to be routed to tank so theres more mods to do. There is also a risk with differential relief pressure stackup. You cant use both valve sets at once unless there is an overall system relief upstream of both valves. The easiest way to get a dedicated 3rd valve is to add a single valve into your current circuit in series, down stream of your main valve. You cant use both at once but theres no risk of relief pressure stackup blowing your machine apart. The upstream valve will still provide relief.. But the 3rd valve will have no flow when the loader is in use.
  9. 3rd function hydraulic question

    Have a two spool valve block now and you need a 3rd spool. The plan you describe does not require a 3rd spool.. You keep the boom on the boom spool and use the curl spool to curl or close grapple, based on which position this device is in. Double selector is what counts since you need A and B ports both switched to different cylinder pair. https://www.surpluscenter.com/Hydraulics/Hydraulic-Valves/Selector-Valves/3-4-NPT-30-GPM-PRINCE-DOUBLE-SELECTOR-VALVE-9-6131.axd
  10. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

  11. Eclipse viewing

    Welp, cross that off the list.

    Why, was it a full moon or something?

    Im gonna pee all over it and talk dirty to you.
  14. Wet Wednesday

    I hear rachel pulls a mean sheath.
  15. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    Remember this guy? Theres your proof that shiit happens when subversives get through. You think we are in the runup to ww3 with no efforts to sabotage our fleets or lower morale/confidence in govt? Cmon. Its standard procedure. The FBI had 55,000 open investigations into internal security in 1974. By '82 it dropped to 14. This kinda stuff is the result. You veterans all know the danger of a trojan in high command. Everyone will obey. Do we have the ability to prove the commander didnt make the conditions right for this "accident" ? No. No one is even asking the question. Anyone is allowed to waltz into govt. The clintons and obama proved that.