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  1. 05 TJ, Stock to Mall Crawler

    got to spend a few hours working on the jeep last evening and sunday afternoon. started with the front end tear down and right off the bat, she fought me. those POS oem lug nuts fell apart and did not want to come off. took way longer than it should have, but i got them off. then the front shocks.. 2 of the bolts on the driver's side argued with me. ended up having to bust out the sawzall and the cutting wheel, cut the nut off of the top because the it wouldn't come off. then cut off the bottom of the shock at the eye to get at the stripped bottom bar pin bolt. PITA but she finally let go. passenger side went relatively smoothly, only had to cut off the top shock nut, bottoms came out fine. i can't wait for the fight with the rear shock bolts then came the sway bar end links, which came off fine, no troubles there. that's where i had to quit. it was getting late, had to get the kids to bed. plus the skeeters were getting bad in the garage.
  2. 05 TJ, Stock to Mall Crawler

    started marinating the nuts/bolts in pb blaster in preparation for the lift install. when i'll get to do it, i don't know. fishing the winni derby this weekend, but sunday it's supposed to rain pretty good. maybe i'll get some time then to get started.
  3. 05 TJ, Stock to Mall Crawler

    i appreciate it guys, thank you, but i'm gonna run what i've got until it breaks. then upgrade with better stuff.
  4. 05 TJ, Stock to Mall Crawler

    nope, it's a 35.
  5. https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/1987-pontiac-fiero/6584262703.html
  6. picked this up last fall to plow my driveway with. all stock except for some aftermarket wheels and tires. i can't leave it stock though. it just doesn't look right, doesn't look like a "jeep". it's almost embarrassing to drive it like this. it deserves a little modding. my plan for this one is much different than my last one... i went way down the rabbit hole last time. v8 swap, tranny swap, dana 44's, bds lift, 36" intercos and tons of other stuff that i spent way too much money and time on. not gonna happen this time (of course i say that now). but this one will be a simple lift and wheel/tire upgrade. down the road i may add a few bolt-on goodies here and there like bumpers and such. for now, it's getting a zone 3" lift and some 33" duratracs on some black d-window steelies. nothing grand. i did buy a used bestop soft top for it and some bestop soft doors on craigslist for short money. put those on last night. this is going to be somewhat of a slow process, i simply don't have as much time (or money) as i used to. a wife, 2 kids, 5 pets and a house all seem to conspire together to take up most of my time so i'll be doing this work in short segments when i get free hour or two. i have all the parts for the project as of yesterday, so i hope to get started on it soon. one thing i don't want is this taking up space in my garage for months on end for such simple work so hopefully i can make to most of the small windows of time i have. i've never done a coil spring lift so this will be a little different for me, my last one was an 83 cj7 on leaf springs, but i think i'll do ok. pics as i bought it and with the new soft top on there. more to come as things progress.
  7. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    could be a good deal if the frame can be fixed. or for parts.. https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/pts/d/2002-jeep-tj/6583038348.html
  8. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    cool little sammy.. https://nh.craigslist.org/snw/d/suzuki-samurai-dump/6548083515.html
  9. TJ/ Rubicon D44's

    this guy has a 44 rear for $600. https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/pts/d/jeep-wrangler-tj-parts/6551110060.html
  10. They shot my Hybrid Accord

    my brother in law has a small used car dealership down in nc. he sells the snot out of hybrids, specializes in them actually. says he can't keep em in stock, regardless of mileage, they sell like hotcakes. he services them too, has a couple factory trained hybrid techs in his shop.
  11. found some, thanks. the only piece i need is a tailgate bar for the back window.
  12. Battery Impact gun

    ok. i think it's the same battery that the drill takes. they're both 20v, i would think it would fit it. should have enough oomph.
  13. Battery Impact gun

    $159 at lowes, not bad at all. and i'll get 10% off with their veteran's discount https://www.lowes.com/pd/DEWALT-20-Volt-Max-1-2-in-Drive-Cordless-Impact-Wrench/3977525
  14. Battery Impact gun

    i just remembered, i bought a 20v lith ion dewalt drill not too long ago. could probably just buy the 20v dewalt 1/2" impact tool and use the batteries i have for the drill. have to price that out.