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  1. They shot my Hybrid Accord

    my brother in law has a small used car dealership down in nc. he sells the snot out of hybrids, specializes in them actually. says he can't keep em in stock, regardless of mileage, they sell like hotcakes. he services them too, has a couple factory trained hybrid techs in his shop.
  2. found some, thanks. the only piece i need is a tailgate bar for the back window.
  3. Battery Impact gun

    ok. i think it's the same battery that the drill takes. they're both 20v, i would think it would fit it. should have enough oomph.
  4. Battery Impact gun

    $159 at lowes, not bad at all. and i'll get 10% off with their veteran's discount https://www.lowes.com/pd/DEWALT-20-Volt-Max-1-2-in-Drive-Cordless-Impact-Wrench/3977525
  5. Battery Impact gun

    i just remembered, i bought a 20v lith ion dewalt drill not too long ago. could probably just buy the 20v dewalt 1/2" impact tool and use the batteries i have for the drill. have to price that out.
  6. Battery Impact gun

    no, no real hurry. planning on doing a lift kit with wheels/tires sometime next month. or at least when it warms up. perusing craigslist too just to see what's out there.
  7. Battery Impact gun

    good point. thanks tj.
  8. Battery Impact gun

    i have an air impact, but not having to run the compressor would be nice. also the portability factor. i'd like to buy a fuel, but money is tight. i've got parts i need to buy too so i'd rather skimp on an impact i'd only use once in a while. might have to order one and give it a try.
  9. Battery Impact gun

    bringing this up again as i'm in the market for a cordless impact. considering the hf earthquake xt 1/2" 20v lithium. i'm not what you'd call a heavy user so this might do what i need. https://www.harborfreight.com/20V-Max-Lithium-12-in-Cordless-Xtreme-Torque-Impact-Wrench-Kit-63852.html?ccdenc=eyJjb2RlIjoiMTU2ODUzOTgiLCJza3UiOiI2Mzg1MiIsImlzIjoiMjM5Ljk5IiwicHJvZHVjdF9p ZCI6IjEyMjU3In0%3D &utm_source=hpBanner&utm_campaign=xthptot030118
  10. i ran a prg mini lift on my nissan titan for a few years. coil spacers up front and 1" blocks in the rear. no complaints, worked very well and gave the truck a much better stance. i still have the parts.. don't know if they'd work on a frontier though.
  11. looking for a pair of black 2-piece soft doors for my 05 tj. anybody have some kickin around they don't use?
  12. WTB: TJ Soft Top

    found a complete bestop soft top for short money so i'm all set. thanks guys.
  13. So school shootings

    i have 2 kids in school currently. i would love to see an armed presence at their schools. the more the better, and make it known to all. all over the news, the papers, signs at the schools. having several armed people in each school is one helluva deterrent for a would-be shooter. they could send em to the sig sauer academy for training, one of the best facilities in the world, right here in nh. i'm quite certain they could come up with, or likely already have, a training course specifically designed for it.
  14. really? who doesn't like jeeps?!?
  15. Snow plow back drag blade

    wow neither have i. i want one!!! didn't know that existed.