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  1. 89 6 cyl 5-speed guessing a 231 tcase. Great top, doors are solid other than a small spot of rust each. Body is shot and so are the fenders. Frame is solid other than some scale rust and a few body mounts that need replacing. Hood and grill are solid. High pinion d30 and d35 rear( not sure of ratio). I haven't gotten the engine running and don't know the condition of the tranny. Dr/pass seats are nice. No windshield. Military wrap leaf springs and drop shackles. I'm keeping the tires and rims. Located in Georgetown ma. Call or text 2072562537. Would like to sell whole for $700 OBO or will part out with enough interest.
  2. 4) New 35X12.5x20 Trxus MT

    SOLD to a good dude! Thanks, Trav!
  3. 4) New 35X12.5x20 Trxus MT

    Thank you for taking the ride up! Enjoy them! Maybe we'll get some snow and they'll come in handy on the roads.
  4. 89 YJ Top and Doors

    My bad, posted in the wrong section.
  5. 89 yj Top and doors. Top is great, doors have a small rust hole each. Top $200 doors $150. Located in Georgetown, MA. Call or text 2072562537. If youre interested in other Parts, I may part the whole thing. can grab better pics tomorrow.
  6. 4) Brand new 35x12.5X20 Trxus MT. Located in Georgetown MA, $1000 neow price. Call or text 207-256-2537
  7. 1) New 36x12.5x15 Swamper SX

    Price drop: $250.
  8. Brand new 36x12.5x15 Swamper SX only one! Located in Georgetown MA. Call or text 207 256 2537. $300
  9. 87 Chevy CUCV Dually Axles

    Well seeing how the add says axles, id say it were for axles. Yes no?
  10. 87 Chevy CUCV Dually Axles

    Ok people. Theyre CUCV (chevy) Dually axles. Axles Im asking $1200. I lower because I want them gone. I put my number for people to call if theyre interested. Look at the description. I have responded to people who show interest. Thanks for your input.
  11. 87 Chevy CUCV Dually Axles

    Will take $1,200. Need moved.
  12. 87 Chevy CUCV Dually Axles

    Lowered: $1500