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  1. Trying to sell one of my trucks to help fund my Duramax Escalade project. I bought the truck over the winter because I was in a bind and needed a truck. I've put probably 1500 miles on it without any hiccups. It's an 08 F250, 277k on the clock. It's a no frills work truck, crank windows, manual locks, but it does have a decent head unit and 4 thumping speakers. Pretty good shape rust wise, frame's solid, bed is off a newer truck and very clean, cab is good except the inner rockers both sides have soft spots from where the stock running boards held salt and dirt against them and some rust over the windshield. Has an intake, exhaust and SCT tuner. Like new 35" all terrains on 17" alloys. It should get rear pads and rotors, along with backing plates and ebrake hardware. Looks like someone ran the pads down to metal and just tossed pads on but didn't replace the rotors. Runs and drives good, no CEL or any other dash lights on. Would make a decent cheap diesel work truck. It's on clist for $7200, NEOW price $6500 cash as is, where is, not really looking to trade. Located in Burlington, VT.

    I started using it last year, before that I used Fluid Film. I think the NH stuff hangs on longer, plus it's black and not the mildly gross semi-transparent caramel color of the FF.
  3. Built 81 Toyota pickup

    Couple more pics just showing the before and after of popping the door back out.
  4. Built 81 Toyota pickup

    Finally took this thing on a shake down run. Performed flawlessly. I don't know how I ever survived without the v8 power. Whole new animal compared to the 22re. I did get a little too acquainted with some trees so currently neither door opens from the outside. Didn't break any glass though and I'm sure I can get the handles working. Almost don't want to sell it. But still need to.
  5. Built 81 Toyota pickup

    I'll let it go for less to a NEOWer vs Craigslist. Really need to sell it asap, running out of time before winter.
  6. Built 81 Toyota pickup

    Well that's debatable.
  7. Built 81 Toyota pickup

    Besides what's already posted this is the only other picture I have on my phone. It also shows where the PCM and TAC module are mounted.
  8. Built 81 Toyota pickup

    I feel very good about both. But I already have a sled and have talked myself out of another bike many times. Wheelbase is right around 113" No title, VT doesn't title anything older than 15 years. No hydro assist. Long story short I was trying to get this truck done 2 years ago to wheel before winter. So I built it kind of basic figuring I'd want to change other stuff anyway. Hence why it just has a stock geared np205, welded diffs and no hydro assist. As you see 2.5 years later it's ready to wheel, but I kept the same build direction because I had already decided to sell it after I finished it. And I knew I wasn't going to get any sort of ROI anyway so it wasn't worth spending more money on the build.
  9. Built 81 Toyota pickup

    Down to $7k on this thing. Probably end up having to part it out.
  10. Built 81 Toyota pickup

    Some outdoor pictures and a walk around video.
  11. Built 81 Toyota pickup

    This hot rod is all set for a new home.
  12. 32' enclosed gooseneck trailer

    Bump...make an offer. Trying to get it out of here.
  13. Lh6 or LQ9

    As I'm sure you are aware that oil pan is a super convoluted mess. The pickup for the oil pump is towards the front of the sump, which is what causes oil starvation issues on that chassis. Which is probably what caused the demise of the original engine. There are a handful of ways to correct it. What I've found to be the easiest/best/affordable is a new pickup tube and baffle from a company called PCM of NC. The first one I did on a customers 97x Aero who came in for an engine and trans build after taking out a rod and a main bearing. Then actually just yesterday I was helping a friend install one on his 97x ARC as a preventative measure.