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  1. FGZ


    Friendly Friday reminder to FreeJerry
  2. FGZ

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    I think I saw her on 1A Wenham once. That's all I got. And yes I'd go grab groceries most aggressively in that flat-fender with 4.3 - sounds fun.
  3. FGZ

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    'snot mine, but nearby in Peabody: https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/cto/d/1950-willys-cj3a/6672406506.html
  4. FGZ

    HAngout or Whatsapp question

    WhatsApp works via data (mobile data, wifi, etc) connection, not mobile messaging like MMS or SMS. I like that WhatsApp has a website component - you open the www and scan the barcode with your phone and all of your WA convo's pop up on the screen. I like it because I'm getting tired of typing on a phone screen, much prefer keyboard. WA doesn't have the message character limits that texting does, and I think they are even adding (or have added?) a video call feature. I know the voice call feature works well. This of course all requires you to be connected to data somehow.
  5. FGZ

    Way early Wednesday.

    And the Jeeps have NY plates and the whole profile is 4 hours old - totally legit.
  6. FGZ

    Way early Wednesday.

    I thought this was the only vid Fred needed for having a bad day:
  7. FGZ

    Sunday Funday

    That's just cruel.
  8. FGZ

    Random Video Of The Day

    But did not appear to be asking for it by the way he dressed.
  9. FGZ

    North Shore Jeep shop???

    Can you see THIS FB LINK?? It's from the group Guys Stuff 4 Sale Only - North Shore Massachusetts. TL;DR - the guy was looking for recommended shops. Responses: Pioneer garage on Walnut Street in Peabody, Macmillan autobody in lynn, Silvestro's Garage in Rowley, Paradise Auto in Swampscott, Farms Full Service in Beverly Farms, Fastrack in Peabody... And there are some others, but Pioneer in Peabody was recommended 3 times I think - that would be my first shot.
  10. That probably 'splains the price difference, $4000 set of tires.
  11. Bought for $1500 in May, asking $6500 in August? I know I'd flip an undervalued vehicle if I could, but this rubs me the wrong way for some reason.
  12. FGZ


    Some reminders of why JFN is my huckleberry... Voted #2 in WMUR's "Viewers' Choice 2015: Best auto repair shop in New Hampshire" Customer testimonies, from FB... Voted #5 in WMUR's "Viewers' Choice 2016: Best auto repair shop in New Hampshire" And I'm sure there are many more quotes to share. They sure do start to paint a certain picture though, don't they?
  13. FGZ

    new computer needed

    My 5 year old refurbished Dell is starting to slow down too. It's on it's 2nd battery but I still never go anywhere without the charger even though I'm traveling with it more and more. So I'm in the market too. I have settled on going after a Dell XPS 15 or a Lenovo Carbon X1 - good battery life, professional machines. Either have higher specs than I will need, but I'm still going to hunt around Craigslist and FB Marketplace for the best deal I can find.
  14. Winnah. He threw it on offerup for $3k and had $2800 cash within a day. The guy had the exact same car/truck but totaled it and kept the motor/drivetrain.
  15. FGZ


    emailed you for the format.