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  1. Brought It Tuesday

    IN! for the Columbo solution.
  2. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    2003 Jeep Liberty runs but needs work, $600. It's a co-worker's: https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/cto/d/2003-jeep-liberty-sport-4wd/6608403762.html
  3. Threw it over to the walking distance from my house flatrater, new relay in place and we're all set. It was as if I needed someone who knows what they're doing to take a look.
  4. And I was being sarcastic, because yesterday I hoped it just needed a recharge. I think I have a bottle of R-12 kicking around here somewhere that should do the trick...
  5. Those are $300 Ray Bans BTW. My co-worker let me try them on, said he'd give me a good deal on them. Hard for him to beat the price of the $12 aviators I usually sport though.
  6. 'scuse me, I think you mistook THIS GUY for someone who can't tell that this $35 Target solution CLEARLY says don't add moar: I'll quit wasting time and start spending money after I check relays, fuses, and banging the clutch lightly.
  7. oh hey, look XKCD made one for us BIL types:
  8. Too late to avoid disappointment for a few reasons. But you know how the weekend warriors are: have to at least attempt banging it lightly before ponying up pro money. Target, ha! But only because I was walking by it and knew I could return it if refrigerant level wasn't the issue. More a crime of opportunity rather than intent to kill.
  9. Innernetting has lead me to believe that if the compressor isn't engaging (mine's not) that high and low sides equalize.
  10. Wife's Acura MDX has been having AC issues. The compressor has been chattery for a while but it worked. But in the last few days it's been slow to give cold air. I figured it was a cheap option to try topping off the refrigerant, but I plugged into the low-pressure hose and got a high reading, over 60psi on the simple recharge kit I was using. 40psi is the goal according to this gauge. This morning the compressor engaged a few times, now it doesn't engage at all. So do I have a compressor problem I'm not going to solve with a recharge?
  11. Manic Monday

  12. Some folks, you just can't reach

    I see that now in the 2nd picture. meh.
  13. Some folks, you just can't reach

    Forget the touch-up theories - the body color changes from tan to blue in the pics of the frame. They're pics from a different heep. If this seems confusing, remember that it's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.
  14. Random Video Of The Day

    Look at the bottom, all the deaths in the last 5 years. That *is* the fails video.