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  1. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Hopefully they were loaded.
  2. NETFLIX Binge

    Started watching Sons of Anarchy a few weeks back. it was slow to get going but has gotten better now. Just started season 2. Went from watching one episode every few days to two a night.
  3. Friday

    I thought it would have said UHTTHIS TGIF, head is throbbing. Doesn't help when the little one kicks you there.
  4. axles, axle parts and wheel/tires

    Does the rear D60 have the hubs? If so, DRW or SRW? Could you measure the OD and ID of the spindles with a mic?
  5. Tuesday

    Maybe you should look for that wire again. Day two of SOP writing. Its amazing how many need to be written that I thought operators should be able to perform on their own.
  6. Tuesday

    Been up since 2, can't fall back to sleep and now the youngest is asleep on me.
  7. Flickr

    Here you go Jimmie.
  8. Flickr

    I sent this to the rock knocker before. Maybe it will help some folks here. PP1 PP2
  9. talkin timber

  10. talkin timber

    Will do and then update the post. Funny..... I see them fine on the computer but not the phone.
  11. talkin timber

    From TJ IMG_1190 IMG_1195
  12. SAT

    Removed the front door and sidelights, found out the contractor that built the house never even tried to protect any part of it from water. No flashing, caulking or fasteners holding the door frame to the frame of the house. Had to replace part of the sill. Flashed, caulked, framed, and done. Took the better part of the day but at least its now done right and looks a lot better than before. Took the family out for dinner and ice cram after. It was a good night.
  13. FRIDAY

    I will never understand why people enjoy drama, all it does is mess with people's lives. Hope everything works out in your favor TJ.
  14. FRIDAY

    Into work 2 hours early. Hopefully out early. Replacing the front door and sidelights tomorrow, going to get as much done as I can tonight.