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  1. All those years trying to center a punch in the hole..

    Center punch sets
  2. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Pick up another gauge on the way home and try that. Maybe swap to an electrical unit.
  3. Thirstday

    Can't seem to make anything last today. Get a task, everything goes smooth and quick, even when I try to take my time. One hour left.
  4. Thirstday

    Why not fly the whole way? Putting around the floor today, picking up a bedroom set tonight, heading down to Salem MA tomorrow.
  5. Happy Hump Day

    It's always a good night when laughter is coming out of all the mouth in a home. Not sure where Charlotte learned to climbed all over her sister.....
  6. Happy Hump Day

    I have for similar metal nuts and bolts where the threads get messed up when trying to unthread them. Tap magic works wonders too.
  7. M37 for sale

    I'd say turn signals - 7" Headlights w/turn signals
  8. Happy Hump Day

    Mag drill, 1-1/4" drill bit, slow speed, lots of Cool Tool (oil) and we are done. 8 holes made bigger in a couple of hours, new personal best.
  9. Happy Hump Day

    Nope, drill bits. Boss wouldn't let me put in the PR. There were some other simple parts to this "build" that I wanted to do slightly different and was shot down on all of them. Now he realized if we did them, our part of the build would be done. Oh well, I get paid the same.
  10. Happy Hump Day

    Waiting on some bits to open up a 1" hole to 1-1/4" in 1" thick steel . Engineer said "Opps, yeah I missed that."
  11. New gig

    Congratulations Roy! What a great opportunity for you!
  12. Toooosdee

    Had some frost on the bike this morning.

    Fred, I didn't know you got a hold of Karl's phone. I will say, I'd like to have one or two of those.
  14. Rovering OFR & Southern VT

    I right clicked the image, clicked "save image as", uploaded it to my flicker account then copied and pasted the img code. I have a few photos on my google account. When looking at them for the "share" code, I only see a "link" to post (what you posted in the first post).