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  1. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Is it just me of does that look like a piece of wood for a body mount?
  2. Welding instructor needed

    Heard back from my buddy. He knows of a few but none that are willing to travel to southern Maine. Sorry.
  3. Torque Wrench Uncalibration

    Good practice is to set it to the lowest setting of just below when not using it. Don't drop it or use it as a hammer either.
  4. Welding instructor needed

    Sent this to a friend that is a certified welder to see if he knows of anyone.
  5. Dana 60 Spindle Boring Tool

    Will try to get some updated pics posted up this week of the tool. I have it on Pirate but if there are any other sites that someone thinks this may sell on, I'd greatly appreciate the info.
  6. Support your local NEOWers

    Backup lights and camera. . . . . :micdrop:
  7. Support your local NEOWers

    I never thought about backup lights on a trailers but its a good idea 1) so others coming up on you know your backing up and 2) if they are bright enough, helps you to see what your backing up into at night...... before for you hit it.
  8. D60 Trac Lok

    Good question Steve. I'll have to count and get back to you.
  9. Chamshell Carrier Bearing Puller - SOLD

    SOLD Good seeing you Dave! Next time bring the girls.
  10. Snow Blower - SOLD

    Nice! Hopefully it treats you well.
  11. D60 Trac Lok

    Used D60 Trac Lok with 3.55 gears and a ring for Dana 60 that have the speed sensors on them. Probably should replace the clutch pack. $25 picked up in New Boston, NH.
  12. Snow Blower - SOLD

    It's a tecumesh.
  13. Snow Blower - SOLD

    Bump $50 - Started it p to move it and it would only move in 2nd gear. Seems like something with the friction disc/wheel. Motor and auger setup are good.
  14. GM 9.5", 14 bolt semi-float, 8 lug, open, 3.73 gears, 33 spline axle shafts. Has the same adjusters inside as it's bigger brother the full-floating 10.5" 14 bolt. Complete axle from end to end. Turn the rotors or throw a new set on and run it. $150/BO picked up in New Boston, NH.