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    You can direct items to save to the new drive once its plugged in or copy what you have over, direct new items there as well and keep the computer space clear. Which way is better, I have no idea. I can barely navigate NEOW so yeah...... ask Fred-o-rama or his boy
  2. Tues 12/12/17

    Is she hot thought? Have you looked into getting a snow blower attachment for it? Neighbor has a front mount on his tractor. I get all antsy in the pantsy when I see that thing going.
  3. Tues 12/12/17

    Finished bagging up the jerky last night. 7 bags of mild and 10 of teriyaki.

    We got about 4" total after the rain yesterday here in New Boston, NH. ATV plow sucked yet the 20+ year old Murray had no issues. Helped out the new neighbor as her husband travels quite a bit and with 3 little ones, I don't see her getting much down in the way of snow moving. Dusting this morning.
  5. Smokers Corner

    That is my belief Roy. I'm sure that ambient temp plays a role when its 20s outside and 40s in the garage where I had it but it should have gotten hotter than that. I want something I can set and mostly forget. I have a 40 lb propane tank I use on the grill and I would use it on the smoker as well. Makes it so I can put it anywhere then really without having to worry about having an outlet near by or run an extension cord. The chicken came out great, we had it as leftovers last night. Reheated and it was still great. I would love to do a pulled pork in one.
  6. Tues 12/12/17

    Maybe with that attitude.
  7. Tues 12/12/17

    Sitting back eating breakfast and watching the poop show I call work.
  8. Munday

    I'll ask our IT director and get back to you. Can you send me your resume?
  9. Smokers Corner

    That's what I thought. No idea, no thermometer and I'm not investing anything into this unit. I'll probably pull the trigger on a propane unit in the future, just need to work on the wife. I told her imagine the crock pot but longer, bigger and better tasting. We're still talking about smokers....... right?
  10. FRIDAY

    Congratulations Mike! Now the fun begins for you as the grandparent.
  11. Smokers Corner

    In mine there are 6 racks. I placed 5 pieces on the very bottom rack and the other 4 on the next rack up. Took them out at 5pm and I could handle the rack bare handed (it was warm but not as warm as I was thinking). The bottom rack chicken was half done, the next rack up was still raw. I threw them all into the oven for about 20 minutes for the half done and 40 for the ones still raw. Flavor was great, everyone loved it, the youngest had three helpings. You should be able to go from smoker to table right? Or do you normally have to finish it on the grill/stove/oven?
  12. Munday

    Gave the wife a break and brought the girls and all their doo-dee to school this morning. Made for a happier morning in the house. Plus everyone slept in their own god damn beds!
  13. Smokers Corner

    A co-worker gave me an older (late 80s/early 90s), electric smoker a few months back. I broke it out last night for the first time, read through the manual and am trying 9 chicken thighs in it today. Not sure how they will come out but figured I'd give it about 6 hours. That still gives me plenty of time to throw them in the over if need be before dinner time. Made a rub using brown sugar, salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano. Started it at 9am, tripped a GFCI outlet about 5 minutes in, figured out its due to the design of the heating element. Put in on a circuit that is not "protected" and has been fine since (check every hour). If this works out well (enough), I may look into getting a new one, just not sure if I want electric, propane, charcoal..... Figured I'd start this thread as a discussion about smokers, recipes, etc.
  14. SUNDAY

    Oh boy Roy. Good for you though that it will be over soon enough. Wife went to work, girls and I went sledding down the driveway, neighbor came over and made two passes with his 50"+ snow blower on the front end of his tractor down our driveway (helped HUGE) hit the rest with the plow on the ATV. Came in for lunch, girls are napping, I just got done laundry and am enjoying a beer.