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    "bal wash" That's rich
  2. Thirstday

    Off to kill trees be careful out there
  3. Turn signals, really nice looking units. And yeah I need a set of those too
  4. Thinking the M37 sold it's not out by the road anymore I'll find out for sure tomorrow
  5. Sunday Funday

    My chimney gets done from the top down too, PITA but it is what is. Got ribs in the smoker and blue fish to go in after that. Never hit submit yesterday must have been distracted. Ribs were good, not great, a little smokier than I like, I used fresh hickory should probably use a little less. I also did some interweb mods that made for a steadier 200Ëštemp, when the ribs came off I did a quick cursory cleaning, refuel, changed the food grill and put the blue fish in. We'll try that tonight.
  6. It was Charlie Pikes then Phil the "Pill" Miller's, Dan bought it about 5 or 8 years ago. He had plans of repowering it with a 6BTA Cummins, but found a rig already built. M138 Cummins, Stick, 60 front, 70 rear locked all around
  7. 4.8 chevy in a tj

    Sounds like a good project to me, but I'm like that
  8. Thank you for the picture help. T
  9. A close friend has a running, driving, stopping M37 for sale in Essex CT. Working on pix with contact info
  10. Flannel Friday

    Perfect !
  11. Flannel Friday

    I think Shepard is Quiet Corner Tree Service. He's sketchy
  12. Flannel Friday

    Yeah mine is about to 21 but he was a good DD when he lived here.
  13. Flannel Friday

    Frank Shepard ?
  14. Flannel Friday

    Going to kill a few more trees today, Liking this fall weather !