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  1. TJ


    Took that shot to the Hootus, it only takes once! and that was a early HEI I can't imagine a hotter set up !
  2. TJ

    wireless surveillance

    My buddy a lock guy (SAFE CRACKER) just started using something that is connected to his phone through wifi. He can speak through the unit he bought them for a $100 a pop.
  3. TJ


    And all this time you were convinced Dave was posting as Rachel me thinks it might be the other way around By the way what ever happened to Rachel and the girl at work did I miss the pix ?!?!?
  4. Thanx guys! kind of long dollars for rusty bones
  5. TJ

    So. Awesome.

    didn't think about that just the reg
  6. TJ

    110v plug in LED over head lights

    I saw those today. Garrett is about to build a motorcycle shop and we will be lighting it with those probably.
  7. TJ

    So. Awesome.

    it would pass muster in Connecticoozie only using the VeeWee #'s it could not be registered in another way.
  8. TJ


    We burnie no more, now it gets trucked to Hartford loaded on big RR cars and shipped to PA and Ohio
  9. TJ


    Yeah I turn 60 in about a month and a half. I'll be here today but back to work tomorrow, I have to do some mowing in your hood starting in front of Phil the douche's house.
  10. TJ


    Raining hard here now! Rushing to finish a job yesterday lost focus for just an instant and ended up pinned between a rock and a hard place(3,000lb log and a stone wall). Foot and leg swollen and empurpleish looking, not the fun kind, nothing borken but pretty beat up.
  11. Thanx guy's life has inserted it's self in my time lately. I passed the Skunk Hollow Info on. Any other leads will be appreciated, I'll check in daily.
  12. I'm looking for a friend , rotten is OK, looking for parts, top complete and nice is important. Close to CT, found a top today not sure how that panned out.
  13. TJ


    Yeah but he got tired of her poop too. He had a good run for someone that played as hard as he did, when he wasn't making movies he was partying and chasing tail.