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  1. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I think it's just a truck Gillie bought to resell, he gets oddball stuff and throws a redonkulous price on it and waits for a sucker. Don't be that guy! He probably bought it out on the cape.
  2. Another Wet Wednesday

    Probably won't build anything, but you will tone up. DON'T PHUCK UP YOUR BACK! Be careful how you lift and build a table for next to the splitter so you can slide big stuff onto it so you don't have to keep lifting pieces back up. Meeting with a lawyer about incorporation today hopefully. Going to rebuild a chainsaw today also.
  3. Last Will and Testament

    We started, never finished now we have to change it! I was thinking of this just the other day. Oh well rainy day might give that lawyer a call.
  4. Mundee

    Off to RI to haul some tree length firewood

    Killed trees today that's all I gots!
  6. Pressure washer recommendations

    For stripping paint rent or borrow 4K 3-4 gallon a minute commercial don't screw around or you be there for EVVARE ! you may find a local commercial rental center with a 6K 4 gallon unit[water blasting pump](united rental) be careful though they'll knock on urazz
  7. People are stupid dangerous animals ! This is why we need inspectors
  8. NEOW Express

    There was some one on CT Craigslist Redneck Division(FB page ) looking to get a Land Cruiser FJ40 from Virginia Beach to Milford CT
  9. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    Do tell. For us they were sand bags mostly, mouthy city chix and lesbo's, it was an early experiment in training woman with the men. There were a few very fit strong woman but for the most part it was a platoon of mouthy pregnant doges.
  10. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Not TSC, we order from Shagbark, sorry I wasn't clearer with my post. At TSC you get anything you want as long as it's what they are selling
  11. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    They look like the yellow pine barracks on Tank Hill at Ft Jackson, When I was there we had the "New" brick barracks "brix with chicks" we had a platoon of girls in our barracks.
  12. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    We get them at the TSC and Shagbark grain store, that's where we get the fru-fru breeds but they must be ordered ahead
  13. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    You know how to fix that ! jump in between! Rachel knows how to make a samich
  14. The paper work is done. Federally he needed a tax stamp but in CT it was a AR hand gun. the tax stamp went away when he sold the lower and 300 Black Out upper down in LA. At this point it's just a well machined piece of aluminum and steel.