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  1. The runway was built in the thirty's for a Ford tri-motor so some oil guy from Texas could fly up to his ranch in the valley, it may in fact be the ranch on top of the Butte. it became a national monument during WW2 and part of the Teton National forest.

    Yeah we have no frost on the job except the road that was plowed
  3. Jackson take offs and landings can be pretty trippy, on one landing about half way down the the run way the pilot came on the PA and told us to brace for a high speed corner ! Apparently it was either that or the snow bank at the end of the runway. Braking was very limited because of ice and reverse thrust only does so much. We have friends that worked at the airport and they met us at the ramp and asked how the landing was. Taking off they have to bank off to the east to not be at ground level when flying over the butte at the end of the runway.

    Found what was left of an antler Tuesday the squirrels are chewing them up pretty quickly this year Guess I better head for the woods
  5. Hitch recommendations

    When I got the Yukon I have now it had a rotted cross tube on the hitch, I cut it out and welded in a cross tube out of a 1 ton ford van the width was perfect for welding between the side plates of the factory hitch.
  6. This ^^^ I'm starting to plan a cross country trip in a couple years probably going to be on the road for a month or more. Laynie's father is in VA and brother is In Oregon one of my sisters is in FLA and friends all over the country. One stop will definitely be Jackson WY I have a friend that lives south of town and would love to have us stay for a month. She and Laynie will go riding and I'll go fishing. If it was just me and the dog I could be on the road for a year but Laynie can't do the confines of a camper for that long.
  7. There's lots to do in town and short driving distance from SLC. Don't get the Winni for the first day there, stay over night at least. and don't have the return date the day you leave both plans will cost you a day on the road witch is where you want to be. I've played this game before.
  8. Tow Dolly and wheelbase

    I towed Toyworks 350 Dodge Cummins to Burlington with my F350 with a Uhaul dolly with no brakes. I think both rigs weighed about the same and had no wagging at speed I was amazed the tires lived but it all went well. Don't you know anyone with a proper tow rig that you could bribe with secks or a steak dinner to make the trip?
  9. Make sure you can get in the Park during the Time frame you are thinking about I know later in the summer it gets crowded. If you want I can ask the locals about events and travel times there will still be snow up high in the early summer. I think the Valley floor is at around 5 or 6 thousand feet so prepare to be at elevation I always do aerobics for a month before I go out to ski. If you ride horses there are guides for that too. I can get you names.
  10. If I was going to Yellowstone I'd fly into Jackson. With the Green River trip, without looking at a map I'd say fly into Salt Lake, rent an RV plan on 10 days, fly during the week and don't rush. There are music festivals and other events during the summer. The last time I was out there Laynie and I drove from Jackson to GrandTargee in Drigs Idaho for a blue grass festival. It was an awesome day. Oh spend a day in Jackson proper, shop check out the bars and shops. There is a Pawn shop just west of the center of town that's always worth a stop. I have't been in years but I have friends there that keep trying to get me out again. There are also river guides that will take you fishing or just picnicking there are several households of trans plants from here out there
  11. Locktite Woes

    The last time I had locktite on my hoots she was 21

    #metoo make sure you go in with bed hair and carrying some under garments in your hand
  13. CDL Downgrade Notice

    The local hospital has a satellite clinic for occupational medicine they test for about $100 takes about 45 minutes
  14. Dan Gurney WNBDFB

    I think 1972-3 ish he drove camaro's of that vintage. I think they were full bumper light hole below the bumper style. The car he drove was #6 if I remember correctly, he was a freak about car set-up and tweaked the set-up for every track himself. I'm not positive about this but the camaro's may have been Penski cars.
  15. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    Just started snowing in the last 5 minutes guess I'll go wipe down all car door gaskets so they don't freeze shut