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  1. Friday

    this for some reason is acting very erratic with my computer
  2. Friday

    Thanx Russ Ok so now I can't tell if I post anything when I hit the post button and my last post comes back into the window when I try to do a new post ?
  3. Friday

    Thanx Russ, I just upgraded my OS on my laptop so I have a lot of new features everywhere !
  4. Friday

    Thanx Russ, I just upgraded my OS on my laptop so I have a lot of new features everywhere !
  5. Anvils

    There's a few for sale around here in the $250 range not in very good shape either! The decent ones are in the $750 range. I have a buddy that sees them and buys them fairly regularly $50-to $100 bucks, he a lock guy so he's in all kinds of buildings. I'm working on his van. I'll ask him to keep an eye out.
  6. Friday

    Trying to finish up a job today that bit me in the arse. Disc brake rear on a 30K mile 2014 E450 tool van, borken stud, have to pull the hub and remove rotor to change said stud, E brake adjusted all the way in, TO MUCH RUST TO CLEAR E BRAKE SHOES, use the big truck hub puller to fold the E brake. Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. But Ford makes a service kit for this repair it has everything you need to replace after destroy it with a puller. I worked on that hub for 3 hrs before I finally gave in and folded the E brake. Oh and hory carp do they like yellow lock-tite at Ford I had to put a pipe on a 1/2 " ratchet and fight the bolts to the last thread in 6 spots, if I did the job at my place the torch would have come out.
  7. Some pics from this past weekend

    Fun pix Roger would love to wheel with you sometime. Miss Poncho's Wreck, it was my goto stop when ever I was in da hood. There were places up in the N. Adams area that were hard double locked on 38"s that I wouldn't want to take a skidder after that storm. they were bare from years of use and just washed away.
  8. When technology bytes

    It really is a scary world, as Americans we expect a certain amount of privacy and anonymity. With these modern convince's comes big brother spying on us and no one is doing anything about it at a government level because they don't work for us anymore. I have a friend that has very close friend that is considered a kook because he has no phone or outside power source to his house, no cell, no TV except digital rabbit ears. The town refused to give him a CO on his house because he wouldn't hook up power and phone to his house saying it wasn't safe. He's a bright guy, he beat it somehow, but the state building code doesn't except you not being connected. He's been talking about this stuff for 25 years and now it's here. He does use a computer, public library has them for info he needs. I don't know what he survives on, well I can guess, but apparently no one else has. I sort of wonder if we don't need to be much less connected in the future for fear of government oversight.
  9. He went to Providence and no one's heard from him since!
  10. I was in an antique store the other day all the iron was $50-75 dollars. I got most of mine at tag sales a couple came from my grand mother MacWinney. I'll get a few more pieces from my parents house. I'll stop by the local clean out guys shop and check for you.
  11. dead Beat- over due bill

    A buddy of mine lost a house to the bank because he rented to three different people that had 1st ,last ,and security in cash the day they signed. and never paid another cent and it took him 9 months to get them out. Plus the last two trashed the place to include stripping copper and a new boiler out.
  12. O2 Tank

    I have an extra bottle if you get in a pinch
  13. Cookin' with cast iron

    Yupp, we have one large cast Marion and a Griswold in the kitchen. I just packed the rest to the storage trailer, a skillet dutch, a bail dutch, 3 or 4 smaller pans, a popover/muffin pan, and 2 bacon presses. Plus we have a large enameled iron dutch oven in the kitchen for stews and sauces.
  14. SUNDAY

    If you look into it you'll see she sponsored a generation of MOTO kids, they still call them Loretta kids