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  1. TJ

    I think it's Tuesday

    Or it would get really good, kind of like riding a bucking bronco ! Bet you can't stay on the full 8 seconds!
  2. TJ

    NEOW helping NEOW

    There's all kinds of shenanigans this weekend, the muster. the 78 reunion, and I think 1980 or something going to the blue hound on Saturday.
  3. TJ

    Day of the Wed

    Condom boat ='s zodiac
  4. TJ

    Day of the Wed

    I rented Mick Swain's place on Coast Guard RD for years until an uninvited party showed up at the house at the end of Laborday weekend. Cops, pissed off neighbors, mildly pissed off owner It left a bad taste in my mouth for the place and I never went back. It is maybe the best location on the island, crescent beach on one side and harbor beach on the other, clamming, easy condom boat ride to the Boozer, it's nice. There's about 6 houses on the island with ties to Essex, there's one two doors over owned by John Plumb and one on the other side of the salt pond owned by one of the Maple Ave crew
  5. TJ

    Trailer Brake Controller Removal

    My only thought is that in my memory those Short Wave/Ham/Single Side Band radio's require a fair amount of amperage maybe I'm thinking of old school design radios but it seemed to me they required a heavy supply right from the battery and ground loop.
  6. TJ


    I was under the rattle bang Yukon replacing rear spring hangers 1/2 the day. Would have been good to see you Todd, been a while.
  7. TJ


    oh to be young and well hung- over! I can't have a couple beers without feeling it the next day
  8. TJ


    Yeah imagine that, I didn't see him till noonish! What ever was getting borken took all night into the day ! I suspect he's slightly dehydrated today, do you think she got him dfrink and ripped his clothes off?
  9. TJ


  10. TJ


    I was at a big beach bash yesterday in Westbrook with a band and 5 logs of micro brew from 2 different local brewery's and a pony of piss light. If we were in contact you all could have come over it was a 50th for my nephew and 3 others. They had way to much food and drink, I beat feet when jello shots came out, Happy Birthday to Thomas !
  11. TJ


    In Clinton ? Lyme or Old Lyme?
  12. TJ


    Yeah it was L or heavy weight copper BUT THE PHUCKING QUALITY SUCKED!the last repair was the filter loop and the piece of pipe had divets missing all along one side
  13. TJ

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    yes this^^^ or an idling diesel engine
  14. TJ


    Quiet around there this morning ! Your fox might still be hungry you want to borrow our rooster ? Been dealing with this about every couple years we get a pinhole, it's pissing me off because it's mostly the things that I changed in the 80's "that got redone with heavy wall copper" that are giving trouble not the stuff from the 50's.