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  1. Papa Ken

    Sheet metal clamps

    I bought mine on amazon, they are harbor freight ones. It was like $20 for 8 of them.
  2. Ok, I have a 1/2” Dewalt drill, model # DW236, that I dropped about 3’ a year ago and it stopped working. I can buy a new one for around $160, but I was wondering if anyone has had any luck either repairing it themselves or having a place like Home Depot repair it for them? I love this drill and it was a gift from my parents like 10 years ago and I would really like to save it, if it is possible.
  3. Papa Ken

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    The stock harness is going with the 4.0 that is sale pending. i have a 96 4.0 with the complete harness, along with the dash, column, and anything else that I can find if you want?
  4. Papa Ken

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    Just finished pulling the motor and tranny out. Up next is mount the door strikes and modify the firewall to fit the ‘97+ interior pieces.
  5. Papa Ken

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    I am going to admit that I have been having flash backs the last few days of working in the toilet on vehicles. The only difference is I have matured from colors light to bud light and I am now doing this stuff by myself. What started out as an interior swap is now about 4 bolts away from being a full blown tear down. The motor/tranny is ready to come out, I just need to yank the cross member bolts. I am going to spend the next couple of nights cleaning my garage and will wheel the truck in Saturday to yank the motor. I will post some pictures tomorrow night.
  6. The ‘88 is sale pending. i still have the 96 for $100 and the 99 for $200 with the remains of the XJ. I will consider interesting trades for other Jeep stuff.
  7. Papa Ken

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    Thanks, I couldn’t remember exactly what it was. I LOL’d at your post the other day about the mouse smell in your jeep. I literally just gutted everything out of interior of the truck, including the wiring, to get rid of all things mouse related.
  8. Papa Ken

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    It has already had some form of that on the floors. As soon as I get all the misc. brackets and supports welded up, I will be applying seam sealer to everything and then some form of protection to it.
  9. Papa Ken

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    Interior of the Comanche is completely gutted. I took a couple of days to visit my parents with Lucas to do some fishing, but I will get back at it tomorrow afternoon. The MJ doors are swapped over, I just need to put the door strikers on (and align them) to make them latch. When we get back tomorrow, I will start transferring over the brackets to mount the dash and console. Does anyone need a 4.0/aw4/231 drivetrain wrapped in an XJ shell?
  10. Papa Ken

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    I got a good chunk of wiring and the dash ripped out of the cherokee tonight after work. Another couple of hours tomorrow afternoon and everything should be out for the wiring and dash. I also broke all of the door torx bolts free to make that part easier. I am targeting Monday to start the dash assembly on the Comanche.
  11. I have (3) 4.0s that I would like to sell before they end up at the scrap yard. 1) 1996 4.0 that ran well when pulled. ~196k on it. Will include any and all wiring and ecm needed to make it run. Best offer. 2) 1999 4.0 (distributor) with ~235k on it. It will include a Cherokee shell with AW4 and 231, the wiring stripped, dash gone, and a bunch of other stuff I am using for my Comanche. Will be available approximately July 9. Best offer. 3) 1988 4.0 (Renix) Has 117k on it, runs great and is still in the truck to hear it run. It is getting pulled in favor of a GT40 dressed 5.0. It has a 2 wheel drive AW4 that will be included, along with the all the wiring that gets pulled from the truck. This will be available late July, but you can hear it run now. I only drive this about 10 miles a week back and forth to the dump. I would be interested in trades for any/all of this as long as whatever I am receiving is smaller than what is going away, Ford 205, BW 1356, Dana 300, MJ rear 3”-4” lift leaf springs, 35-37” tires for 17” rims (will add cash for the right tires), shop tools/benches, steel tube or plate, etc... Try me. Located in Berwick, ME.
  12. Papa Ken

    258 dipstick tube

    I think that is what to his, he has one in there now, but it doesn’t sound like the right one. I keep trying to talk him into buying a 4.0 and dropping that in.
  13. Papa Ken

    258 dipstick tube

    That is a good point, I will pull one off of my many 4.0s kicking around now and see if that works for him.