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  1. I am picking up an ‘04 Wrangler Unlimited this week and it doesn’t have the female portion of the rear seat seatbelt that bolts to the floor. Does anyone have a set that they are looking to sell? With the bolt would be a bonus. if it isn’t close to Berwick, Me, I would be willing to pay for shipping.
  2. Last chance before I cut the frame up tomorrow night after work. $100 for just the frame.
  3. I have owned this since it was new. It is the 1.8 with a 5 speed, 195k on it and going up as it is my daily driver. It averages around 38 mpg. Oil has been changed every 3k. It runs and drives great, I would drive this anywhere and I will get a new sticker for it before it goes. It has snow tires on it that are in great shape. Most of the miles are highway miles from amesbury, ma to Kittery, me. For the past year and a few months, it has been driven mostly on a secondary highway (route 236 in southern Maine). It is black with gray interior. Some stitching on the front of the driver seat has come undone, but other than that it is in decent shape. It could use a good cleaning and it has some scratches. I am getting ready to buy a Jeep and I don’t think the dealer I am buying it from will take this as a trade in. I am thinking around $2000- $2500. I just want to see if there is interest and if it is priced right for a quick sale. It could be as early as next week or right after the holidays, not sure yet. I bought this as a practical vehicle back in May of 06 and I am just tired of driving it and want something different. Located in Berwick, Maine.
  4. Drilling out spot welds

    It isn't horrible. There is one spot of rot on the driverside rocker, and one by the back passenger body mount below the taillight. I had planned on replacing the body mount channel anyway and when I started poking around with a screw driver I found a couple of soft spots near the roll bar mounting locations.
  5. Drilling out spot welds

    I am going to plan on cutting off the channel and just leaving the “2” strips that need the spot welds removed. Then, I will start at one end and chisel/drill my way through them. If that doesn’t work, I am going to cut the channels off and then take a sanding disc on the grinder and just grind them away.
  6. Drilling out spot welds

    I am replacing the body mount channels on Shannons tub and I am having a hard time “seeing” the spot welds to drill out. 8 have one of those nice drill bits for drilling out the spot welds, but it doesn’t do any good when I can’t see them. I have hit the panels with a wire wheel and a sanding disk and that didn’t make them stand out. I have about ten that I can see, and I am pretty sure there are about another 700 to go.
  7. "It's my jeep" restoration...

    I pretty much have the frame and drivetrain ready for the body. Just have to put some new shocks and bump stops on it and she should be good to go. I rigged the body on its side so I can start removing the body mount channels. Only about 700 spot welds to drill out and then should be good to go.
  8. Nobody wants this? I will throw the anti-rock sway bar and the 8.8 and (2) Dana 30s with it for $900. I want to start moving some of this stuff. Would possibly consider trades for a 97+ XJ, YJ, or other interesting items. Try me.
  9. Anyone have anything good jeep related to trade? Dana 60 fronts, 33-35” tires, etc... I am going to cut the frame up Sunday and send it to the scrap yard.
  10. "It's my jeep" restoration...

    I have the front and rear end all bolted up under the new frame. The motor is mounted up with a new valve cover gasket, rear main seal, oil pan, and oil pan gasket. I will be putting a new pilot bearing, clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing in it in the morning and then bolting them back up and will have the drivetrain ready for the body. i picked up a Hobart 190 for the body work and am waiting on my new body mount boxes to come in so I can start on the body work. I am shooting to have the body back on the frame by the end of thanksgiving week. The sooner I can get this one back on the road, the sooner I can get the Comanche in the shop and start making that a much funner truck to drive.
  11. I have pictures of this on f***book or I can email them to you if you are interested.
  12. $600 for the frame, the longarms, and the anti rock. The frame will be cut up this weekend to get it out of my driveway.
  13. I want to clean out some axles I have kicking around my garage. I was planning on swapping them under my Comanche, but I just want them out of my way at this point. The axles are crusty and need new brakes. The 8.8 is out of a 97 Mountaineer and has disc brakes, 3.73s, and I believe a LS. The HP 30 has crusty brackets and has 3.54s and is out of an 96 XJ. The LP is out of a 01 and has 3.54s as well. All are complete from hub to hub. Located in Berwick, ME. Bring a truck and a friend, you are getting all 3 for $250. I really don’t want to separate.