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  1. 8.8 Pinion seal replacement

    I walked into the garage yesterday and noticed a small puddle of fluid under the 8.8 in Shannon’s TJ. I haven’t taken a look at it yet, but what is involved in replacing the pinion seal? Can I just pull the flange, replace the seal, and put the flange back on? Do I have to worry about the crush sleeve?
  2. WTB Plasma cutter

    I bought mine from Giant Tech in Wentworth, NH, about 10-12 years ago and it is still working, granted it only probably gets used 4-6 times a year by my father.
  3. "It's my jeep" restoration...

    Thanks, I am more stoked because now I can focus on my MJ and LJ, and I get to drive my car again and get 40 mpgs. I am not digging the $40 fill ups a couple of times a week.
  4. "It's my jeep" restoration...

    This passed Maine state inspection today! All work is complete, now it is up to the wife to drive it and report everything that feels different from before. Lol
  5. 1996 4.0/AW4/231 setup for sale

    The 231 is sold. Anyone need a good running 4.0 for $150?
  6. The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    Looks like I am going to grab the 97 and up interior stuff, plus some of the wiring so I can have power windows in this little truck. I already have the 97+ doors, hood, fenders, header w/lights, is there anything else I am going to need to make this swap happen? Does anyone have any good links for this swap? I have to try and find some of the ones I had before, in particular where to cut the firewall for the newer pedal assy and steering column.
  7. Med duty truck axles

    I will grab these for John when I come down for the XJ stuff.
  8. The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    Writing a check for a complete axle is not in the cards, and quite frankly I can’t justify that. I have the donor axles (kingpin 60 front, two ford 9” housings, and a ford 60 rear) and the means to machine what I need to make them fit together. I am going to try and put them at widths that use factory length shafts...still not entirely sure this will work but that is the goal.
  9. D50 ttb

    Anybody have any use for this? I am not going to use it, unless I get bored and play with it on my LJ. I would trade this for a Ford 205 tcase.
  10. XJ aw4 with t-case

    I have a 231 that I would sell for $75.
  11. XJ aw4 with t-case

    How is the dash, steering column, and brake assembly?
  12. The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    Thanks, but I have a Clayton 3 link kit for an XJ sitting in my garage ready to weld on.
  13. The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    I see this thing sitting in the driveway for most of the winter and I constantly have to talk myself out of putting it up for sales because I don’t use it nearly as much as I want. Then, I hop in it and take it for a drive and fall in love with it all over again...minus the mouse piss smell. As I am pretty much done on Shannons TJ, I think i am going to be build this a little more than originally planned. With that being said, I am going to drop in the 5.0/4r70w, build some home brew 609 axles front and rear, and do the ‘97 and up nose, doors, and interior upgrade. I acquired some H2 rims and will slap some 35-37” rubber on them when the time comes. It probably won’t start for another month or two as I really need to clean out and organize my garage before I start this in ernest. When the time comes, I may start a new thread so it isn’t clogged up with a bunch of XJ stuff for the first bunch of pages.
  14. ISO: ‘97+ XJ parts...

    Thanks, but I am looking to upgrade the interior to the 97 and up interior. I have pretty much a complete dash assembly from a 96 interior, but I want to go fancy.
  15. ISO: ‘97+ XJ parts...

    I would say the brake pedal assy, steering column, and a chunk of sheet metal where those components bolt to. Actual dash itself and components itself.