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  1. "It's my jeep" restoration...

    Just a little update...with no pictures. All of the work on the frame is done, all the fuel and brake lines are hooked back up and mounted. The sheet metal work on the body is all completed and the underside has been wire wheeled down and painted with SEM rust something or other. I wire wheeled the interior and hit that with the duplicolor bed coating. I have to touch up some bare metal on the frame and the body and then it will be ready to bolt the tub and frame back together.
  2. 8.8, HP D30, LP D30

    $200 if you grab these things this weekend.
  3. Hmm, I might be willing to offer up a ‘88 Comanche in a straight up trade. That 6.0 would probably help my gas mileage in the TJU...
  4. 2000 jeep cherokee factory radio

    I didn’t keep the radio when I stripped it down. Sorry.
  5. 86 Monte Carlo SS

    No thanks. The TJU is one of my other favorites.
  6. 86 Monte Carlo SS

    Sorry not in the cards right now. I just bought an 04 Wrangler Unlimited and will need a bit before I can another kitchen pass for another vehicle.
  7. 86 Monte Carlo SS

    The Monte SS was one of my favorite cars when I first got my license. I had an ‘87 non-t top among a handful of Oldsmobile cutlass’s when I was in college. That was one of only a couple of cars I regret selling.
  8. Sorry, she was cut up and sent to scrap before snow flew (well at least before snow flew for the second time).
  9. ‘04 Wrangler Unlimited gas mileage sucks...

    The winter fuel would explain why I have always dropped about 3 mpg in my Corolla. I used to blame it on the snow tires I put on.
  10. "It's my jeep" restoration...

    Work has been extremely slow on this over the past month due to my real job, and the cold temps in a non-heated garage. I do have the driverside body mount channel off and the sheet metal cut out to replace the rotted out floor section. I should be welding that back up tomorrow. I did decide to not cut out the whole body mount channel, and just removed the section that was rotted. I hit the poop out of the front portion and it is solid, so no need to create more work for myself than necessary. Once that is done, then I will be on the passenger side body mount channel. Yay. To stem Shannon from constantly asking me when is it going to be done, I convinced her that I needed a new (to us) Jeep Wrangler, so we went and bought a ‘04 TJ Unlimited. I love it, but it is her primary vehicle until I can get this one back on the road.
  11. ‘04 Wrangler Unlimited gas mileage sucks...

    I drive like an old lady. I have always averaged around 17-19 mpg in my TJs and XJs I have had in the past. I haven’t changed my driving. I have a few things to check on it when it gets a little warmer out, but for now Shannon is driving it as ransom to help motivate me to finish her jeep. On a side note, the Falken Wild Peak MTs are a pretty nice tire. Granted they are only 31s, but they have very minimal road noise and have been great in the snow and ice so far.
  12. ‘04 Wrangler Unlimited gas mileage sucks...

    The od is definitely working. It is 4wd now, but wasn’t before. I was enjoying some real wheel driving in the snow the other day. I am leaning towards deeper gears, but will take a deeper dive into later this week.
  13. I have run 2 tanks of gas through it and am averaging 11 mpg. It has 31” falken wildpeak MTs on it, is an automatic and runs/drives great down the road. It had a tune up done on it this past summer. I know this is not going to get mileage like my corolla, but I was hoping to get around 16-18 like I get with Shannons TJ. Heck, I averaged about 20 out of last couple of XJs with an auto. It had 33s or 35s on it in a previous life, so I am curious if it has something other than 3.73s in it. I will check that out when it isn’t precipitating out. Any ideas on improving it to get around 16-18 out of it, other than swapping in a 5.3 or 6.0?
  14. Sorry John, just seeing this now. I would like to hang onto the Currie anti-rock since I just a '04 Wrangler Unlimited, but I will try and get you some pictures of the long arm stuff. I would do $500 for the long arm stuff and I will throw in the Ford 9" that I have. One of the adjustable uppers, at a minimum, will need a new joint since it was seized to the bolt and I had to cut into it a little bit to separate it from the frame. I am not sure when I can get some time to swing this over there, but we can work something out I am sure.
  15. I am picking up an ‘04 Wrangler Unlimited this week and it doesn’t have the female portion of the rear seat seatbelt that bolts to the floor. Does anyone have a set that they are looking to sell? With the bolt would be a bonus. if it isn’t close to Berwick, Me, I would be willing to pay for shipping.