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  1. PAUL

    It's 7:33 Monday

    My back is a bit stiff this morning. Glad I don't actually work for a living, that would such.
  2. PAUL


    Harbor Freight drum mixer. Took me about 8 bags until I got the hang of it. First 8 stuck to the sides and it took actually longer to mix them. Then I figured out: Wet TF out of the first bag, slurry, then put in the second bag. The mixer made it through the day, I was surprised.
  3. PAUL


    6x8. 22 - 80 pound bags. that pretty much sucked. Remind me next time to listen to my concrete guy when he says to just call a truck.
  4. PAUL


    Oh look, I'm working. 1) Pay a bunch of clients payroll taxes. 2) Concrete form to pour slab before steps I built 2 years ago. 3) Finish Harbor freight concrete mixer assembly. 4) Be happy if I'm ready to pour by dinner. 5) Skip pouring and take kids to the Northfield drive-in instead.
  5. PAUL

    Smokers Corner

    I think we meant to leave one there, for whomever. I forget. Andy would know.
  6. PAUL

    Smokers Corner

    Yea. Maybe CMerrick needs a smoker in the attic of his barn.
  7. PAUL

    Smokers Corner

    Don't let Paul buy anything that comes in a box with some assembly required. Adult ADD kicks in and I lose interest. Bought some ribs for it too, lol, they're still sitting in the fridge. I had high hopes.
  8. PAUL

    Hump day

    My truck............passed state inspection yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. PAUL

    Smokers Corner

    I bought that one two weeks ago!!! Figured I'd do some smoking for 4th of July. Took it out of the box.......Holy SH#!@. 8 million pieces. So here we are, and there all the pieces sit in the kids playroom. I'll let you know how it goes, some time before my teenage daughters 30th birthday.
  10. PAUL

    Tax Bill Tuesday

    My car taxes are nil, we drive junkers. RE tax on the other hand: It does not pay to be a lawn Nazi, they whack me hard. We have every new big name big box in town, and more coming, Five Guys, even LL Bean is coming to town........and my tax bills still soar year after year.
  11. PAUL

    Way early Wednesday

    and the Mason/Brookline Earth Day clean-up......Back, pre-kids, when I actually used to wheel. I wanna fawkin woo woo.
  12. PAUL

    Way early Wednesday

    x2. Very similar story here, that man was a legend, that Jeep sure could "roll". I still remember his laugh like it was yesterday...........................gawdfuggindammit.
  13. PAUL

    258 dipstick tube

    I will never remember to check, but I'm pretty sure I have one that broke off at the base of the motor, not sure if this helps, but if it does LMK. I can get it as far as Kittery this weekend. If I remember to look for it, next task is to actually find it.
  14. PAUL


    wow, didn't see it in the news.