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  1. PAUL

    Fawking Belben was right all along!!!!

    yea, no. We're on dependence and going back into bondage. hey bondage! Well at least my wife will like it.
  2. PAUL

    Smokers Corner

    What'd you do for seasonings Paulie?
  3. PAUL

    Microwave Burritos

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I think the Queen of frozen Burrito's, Tina's Beef and Bean, has been dethroned. I just tried the El Monterey Beef and Bean for lunch today, and it was pretty damn awesome. Try them, and you'll thank me later.
  4. PAUL

    Fawking Belben was right all along!!!!

    funny. The lazier society becomes, the more they like Socialism.
  5. PAUL

    Smokers Corner

    Yea, I went 2-1-1. Seems to be the routine with smoking everything these days. Will try the the 3-2-1. Mike that reminds me, I found a video for you.........
  6. PAUL

    Smokers Corner

    Chicken Quarters: Came out good. ( Just BBQ) Wings: Meh, could not tell difference. Ribs: Came out Very Good. (Mesquite chips, dry rub, apple vinegar spray after 2 hrs, then texas crutch for 1 hour, then wet mop for last hour, 4 total) Next up: I bought a brisket from my local meat place, now I just need to find 11 hours.............
  7. PAUL

    Phones and Plans

    2007 Casio G'Zone Boulder milspec flip phone. Beat to fawk and back, still going. Still holds a charge for three days, beotch.
  8. PAUL

    Grading the latest teacher....

    I'd hit that. oh, and she's kinda cute too.
  9. PAUL

    Random Video Of The Day

    tough call with the merge zone. However the 442 was the agressor. And yes, if I had that car I would not be trying to push a semi out of the way. Pause and look at the positioning of the vehicles on the road from 30 to 50 seconds. Tells the story.
  10. PAUL

    Tire Studs

  11. PAUL

    Tire Studs

  12. PAUL

    JAVA Update-skoolz me

    Trying the Stok iced Java for the first time this morning. Wife loves it, more than the Starbucks. Not sure I'm still on board with the whole ice coffee craze just yet. Cold brew is tasty tho.
  13. PAUL


    Speaking of monkees installing these things: I've got a client saving tens of thousands on a ground unit by doing all the excavating and trenching himself. Setting up the panels really can't be that hard, I would research the DIY angle more.
  14. PAUL


    Carl, Keep studying the MA SREC's program, get some solid info from your salesman. From what I know, SREC 1 was the most lucrative, and is gone, SREC II has just ended and now they are on to the "Smart" program. Each time they change the program, it gets less lucrative and the payback gets longer, afaik. I'm not saying don't do it, but the boat is going past you......hopefully there will be nicer boats in terms of technology and efficiency. Surprised. I thought your land was all wooded/under cover. I've been wanting to do it for years here at the office, getting cawk-blocked left and right.