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  1. 2zdey

    F150 DD needs some work. Skinned the inside of some decent tires, I guess I should have gotten that alignment a year or two ago. Brake light always on, messed with the E-brake, now that's frozen. Wubbled to work, 35 mph and smoking the pads. Limited/no power steering. Fluid film did not fight off the cancer as well as I thought. Inspection ran out. Running illegally. My bondo jobs are falling off. Front end starting to rattle from the work I did in the fall, sum-tings loose. Still buried at work, house still a mess, 3 kids need rides everywhere, wife needs to get laid,.......only thing that is fat and happy is the checkbook.
  2. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Wow. Even Karls not awake yet.
  3. THR

    heh, that would be a welcome treat. It is that point in the season, with what I have left, I say "fawk it"....Basically people bring me piles of sh!t and they have profits and they know they owe thousands, but experience tells me that all they do is whine and complain "oh I can't pay that, something must be wrong, I need to get you more expenses." yadda yadda....So I've just learned to write in numbers that will make them happy, I know exactly which client will pregnant dog about what liability and how much they have to pay, so I just go up and bounce off the rev limiter and back off a few bucks.......much easier than listening to them pregnant dog and doing their sh!t twice. It's basically: I know their going to go make up sh!t, so I just beat them to the punch and make up sh!t for them and send them on their merry way.
  4. Wet Wed?

    These last minute people are truly exhausting. If I could just cut everything off April 1st and be done........ 6 appointments today, 2 no-shows so far, 3 more to go.
  5. Wet Wed?

    Fell asleep with contacts in last night. Rigid gas permeable. Scratched my eyeball. down to one eye. This is going to such.
  6. Savings required to buy online

    We have that same exact thing in Amherst. What was once local Campus Auto parts, bought, bought and sold a few times, has a brand new Autozone literally in the next parking lot, 300 feet over, they don't care. Honestly, the best thing about the big box auto parts stores is they are open late nights and weekends when the local places are not open, the times I'm actually in the garage and I need those brake pads on a Sunday night at 8:55pm and I can shoot out to the store and get them.
  7. Savings required to buy online

    I patronize my local guy still, sometimes I bring him the online printout and he gives me a break without asking. Sometimes he throws in the .mil discount even though I am not .mil I bought a ton of doo-dee for my front end from him and he kept giving me price breaks. Once you get to know someone and keep feeding them money, they tend to give you a break.......if they are human. He's the manager of a local big box chain.
  8. SUNDAY Day Of The Bunny

    Quiet around the office today, phone has not rung once. Finally getting someones taxes done that I promised them, oh, about a month ago. <banghead> :maine:
  9. Jeepers Peepers It's Friday

    that's not funny.
  10. Some pussay at Dunkin Donuts

    :shrug: Seem perfectly normal/frugal to me. We do it all the time down the Cape. We go down for the week, minimum charge is like $25 without a dump sticker, so we burn what we can and the rest gets deposited at the local Mickey's and Dunkies, they don't seem to mind at all. We usually deposit dead lobsters and not cats though, not sure if there's much difference. :mrgreen: :paul:
  11. WTB stock CJ7 Under hood light

    I'll try to remember to take a look. I know I have some "door" / foot area lights.

    fawk. fawkin fawkity fawk. Holy fawkin busy. I'll have em done soon, I promise. House next door here to the office just went up for sale, I WANT that field in-between us badly, I can maybe swing it by myself, anyone else want to be my sugar daddy silent partner for 50-100K? Rate of return looks to be about 6% per year (on 50K), maybe tax free after depreciation.
  13. Hungover Sunday!

    Festering and farting out booze and buffalo wings, you do NOT want to come sit in my office today, thank gawd its Sunday and no one else is here. Phew. I fawkin wreak.