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    Is he hot?
  2. Bella Belben

    Sorry to hear Mike. Things like this bring your focus to what really matters in life. Think about the good times, and spend quality time, and spread love to the family.
  3. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    nice job on the tiles.
  4. what forum is Belben on now?? sure? I' guess I'll have to keep going till I realize that..........
  5. what forum is Belben on now??

    You sound like a COMMIE. What interest of it is yours to know what it costs to make them and how much corporations profit? Supply and demand, they get what they can for them. Exploitation of the plebeian worker is the cornerstone of Capitalism!!!!!
  6. Sunday.

    I was always like that.........Then I had kids. Finishing my kids mac/cheese/grilled cheese/cheeseburg/hot dogs/pizza is why I weigh over 200 pounds.

    Difficulty staying motivated at the moment, I just want to go skiing and spend time with family.
  8. Sunday.

    I always make my little ones split steaks, because I know I can get a full steak out of what they miss. Fat makes for more flavor!
  9. Sunday.

    Be sure to load up on pro-biotics after the cycle. Antibiotics kill everything, good and bad.
  10. Oh poop!

    Shoot his dog, bang his wife, leave an upper-decker on his toilet, and toss his car keys on the roof.
  11. FRIDAY

    Still going after 28 years here. I'm surprised I have not totally fawked it up yet, who knows, I still might.
  12. Do air guns get tired?

    Nose off, grease, got it, ty. Ran some WD through it last night and let it spin, that helped I think. I think maybe yea it needed a good spin, I never really do that, just use it and put it away.
  13. FRIDAY

    I'm not much into morning secks. Love nooners, more of a night guy. Expend my energy and take a nap. Wife is the opposite, secks wakes her up.........I hate that, lol. Roy, this is the GF with the rotten kids?
  14. FRIDAY

    I knew a crazy lady, like certifiable, that swore by the neti pot, she even brought me one, said she'd never been sick, ever, because she used it. Anyways. Truck may finally be fixed. After drivers wheel bearing, IWE, new vac solonoid, all new vac was the passenger side IWE. lol. It would have been cheaper to take it to the dealer than shoot the parts cannon at it. Kinda sorta, I think the drivers IWE was toast too, err, sure of that.....So now it doesn't sound like a Sherman tank going down the road, and I may be able to go over 55 without rattling apart.
  15. Hoo hoo dilly Wednesday

    Those poor stairs.