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  1. t-bone

    Let's talk hiking boots

    I second the LL bean Cresta. Best hiking boot I have owned and I've gone through a lot. Can't beat the Bean warranty.
  2. t-bone

    Dumping Cable for Streaming?

    Roy, any idea of what speeds your getting for your DSL? Fairpoint DSL is basically my only choice for internet at the house in Harrisville...unless I go to dish internet. And of course what's available there is on the slow end of things. I'm not convinced that I will be able to stream much of anything. We have Fairpoint DSL in NH with the slowest MBps and we were able to watch Netflix without a problem. The shows took a minute or two to load but very rarely paused. Fortunately our neighbor just paid to have cable strung down the road so we are switching to high speed internet by Time Warner.
  3. Yes it has doors that have electric windows and mirrors that still work and are in good shape. Thanks for the suggestion of NTC, will give it a shot.
  4. Price is negotiable for fellow NEOWer. Need to move this thing.
  5. For sale is a 1987 Toyota 4runner. 22RE with auto trans. Very heavily modified. $3000 The Good: Solid axle conversion 5:29 gears Chromoly front axles Upgraded front disc brakes Upgraded front rotors Lock right front locker 1 ton steering with DOM tie rods 37" Irok radials with plenty of tread Stock rear axle with welded dif OBA with a york compressor Rear bumper is also the air tank Hand throttle In cab winch control Dual batteries with 12 volt guy switch Full size spare tire Spare open dif Custom soft top Tube front bumper Tube doors Full hard doors with electric windows and mirrors Rock sliders Custom front square drive shaft Professional built extended rear shaft New heavy duty transfer case mount Ready to hit the trails. Just point this beast at an obstacle and start wheeling. Will pretty much go anywhere. The Bad: Dented body Engine has a knock and may need a head gasket.
  6. t-bone

    Toyota 22re

    PM'd you
  7. t-bone

    Toyota 22re

    Looking for a decent running 22re for my 4runner.
  8. t-bone

    Shop wifi

    Thanks for the info. NEOW never disappoints
  9. t-bone

    Shop wifi

    Not to hijack this thread, but I am in the process of getting internet and electricity in my sugar shack whick is about 120 feet from my house. I dug a trench and buried 1 1/2" conduit. My plan is to plug into my existing router in my basement and plug another wireless router in my sugar shack. Right now I have DSL internet but may be going to a different carrier to get cable tv/internet. What is better cat 5, cat 6, fiber, or coax? Will this plan work? (I am getting some cat 5 for free from my neighbor.)
  10. t-bone

    Motorcycles of NEOW

    My 1972 suzuki ts400 2 stroke
  11. The thing is a rocket ship. Had it since high school. I'm surprised I never wrapped it around a tree.
  12. Looking to unload a couple of vehicles to get some space and to fund a new project, but I have now idea on asking prices. I would love to get 3 grand a piece or am I way off. What do the minds of NEOW think? Not interested in parting them out. First one is a 6 cylinder 95 YJ that belonged to my MIL. We bought it a few years ago and since then I have fixed the left front frame with a section of frame, drivers side rocker and drivers floor. I know the frame has some issues and could probably be fixed, but a frame swap is what it needs. It runs great, starts up every time. It blew a rear brake line and I have no interest or time to fix. The next one will break my heart when it sells. I have a 1978 Trans Am that I bought while in high school. It has a 1970 Pontiac motor with a turbo 350. Goes like a raped ape. It started to rust so I decided to take some auto body classes to try and save it. In over my head and now have no time or funds to do it right. Used to run great, I drove it to my new garage and that is where it has sat for 10 years. Had the motor rebuilt, added eldebrock carb and intake, hooker headers, trunk floor is in great shape. It could use some attention to the passengers side front floor, driver rear quarter, drivers rocker. Passenger side is done. The last one is a 1987 4Runner with a 22re, auto and a blown head gasket. I was going to have it fixed, but may sell as is. Lots of modifications: SAS from Marlin with an 84 front axle, 37†Iroks, welded rear, lock right front, 4X Innovations front bumper, rocks rails and tube doors. Dual batteries by 12 volt guy, york OBA (rear bumper is the tank), hand throttle, incab winch controls. Hard top is gone but has a custom soft top. Comes with real doors that I use for winter.
  13. t-bone

    YJ cage (jungle gym)

    Very interested, you have a pm.