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  1. Farm Tek for new / 15 yr warranty. Not a low cost provider though...
  2. Want to say 12-15. The new one has a 15 yr warranty...
  3. I'll get it to point you can do a quick turn and burn. Evenings, weekends, sporadic vacation days...
  4. I'll get it to point you can do a quick turn and burn. Evenings, weekends, sporadic vacation days...
  5. Bump. Long arm frame still available. $1000 now. 2004 4 cyl frame available. YJ Sold out CJ sold out But, WAIT! I have 12 going on a truck for delivery at the end of the month! YJ, 6 cyl TJ, CJ5.
  6. Bought these on speculation / re-gear options for people / responding to "wanted" posts when people blow them up etc. Tired of looking at them but into them for more $$ than I would have liked... End to end takeouts. Will need basic maintenance and cleaning. Couple rust spots in the coil buckets but not bad. These are a better option than paying for parts and labor to regear. Have equipment to load, Lakeville, MA. $400 Cash. Dana 60 front trades (97 down)? Rick
  7. Some of these have been kicking around and need to go. Scout (right hand drop) low pinion. Incomplete. missing a shaft and spindle out on one side. Assume the gears are junk. Great housing to narrow for a CJ or whatever. $80 . I'm sure I can pull the knuckles alone and sell them for twice that. FSJ (Full Size Jeep) right hand drop 44 front. Rusty inside. Hub to hub for rebuild. $100 Good CJ or any Right hand drop application. "narrow track" around 60" was to wms. Flat top GM 44 knuckles, sandblasted and painted $180 / pr Full width Ford, 44 low pinion, disk brake, 8 lug with "Big" spicer hubs, 4.09. Decent overall condition for the age but should be freshened up. $350. (the hubs ALONE on eBay go for this price!) Working through a 30 yer stock pile of axles and will list more as they come up or ask. Lakeville, MA. Have equipment to load. Rick
  8. Tools and people best in the short term. May pick away at it but not immediately.
  9. Be nice Boyz :-D New one on order. time to start moving things! Rick
  10. Second in line if SCF changes his mind!
  11. Anyone, anyone, Bueller? Any takers for my existing building? SCF?
  12. I think I'm going to go down the 'bigger' shelter route. This style building has served me well and not as intrusive as the steel box. I did some checking and town wants permits for sheds and carports. I don't want to drop $8k then get a cease and desist... I'll take $300 for my building. Looks like around $1300+ freight retail. It's basically this one without the skylight panel. The door zippers on the front panel are bad. I just leave them unzipped for ventilation and weigh it down... https://www.farmtek.com/farm/supplies/prod1;ft_garages_vehicle_storage;pgpb01000r4n_PB01000R4N.html
  13. Admins delete if people complain... Can't delete post. Jumped the gun, still researching options and worried about permitting. I want a steel prefab fully enclosed 'carport'. I can hide it on my property but can't permit it on proximity to boundary and wetlands probably and not sure if neighbor will complain... Discuss... Rick