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  1. Nice little flatbed I've been using around the yard to haul and store Jeep parts. Time to move it along now that I have a machine with forks... Will probably regret selling it but need the space. Karavan. ~8x8 deck. Plywod, pretty decent condition. 2" coupler, jack (wheel borken). Tires are bald but hold air forever. Never checked bearings. First $100 cash. Not title, should be well within weight limits for no titles. Write your own BOS. Lakeille, MA. Can pickup and set on your truck or trailer if you don't want to tow it.
  2. No grille or hood on the 3B. Any interest here?
  3. Download of what's left from my last load fro AZ / NV / UT /CA 1979 CJ5 Frame $1200 1979 CJ7 Frame $1200 1979 CJ5 STEEL Body Tub $1500 53 CJ3B Body tub with bunch of extras package deal $2k OBO 1995 YJ TUB. PERFECTION. Black $1600 (on eBay at $2200) TJ frames, 6 cyl $1800 TJ Transmission crossmembers $80 (NEOW Only) TJ Gas tank skid plate, stock $80 (NEOW Price) Drivers TJ Fender, Silver, Original No rust from CA $100 (NEOW price) 87 YJ Complete, 6cyl 5spd, runner driver No Rust Arizona Jeep. SOA on 35's. (in other thread). $5500 72 - 75 CJ WS Frame Solid OEM Steel. $200 All Parts are in Lakeville, MA. I have equipment to load. All prices Cash in person no shipping. Most of this is advertised around the net for pretty much same prices... Working on a September load if there are requests. Rick
  4. This is down and so is the price. $250. The big bow sections still need to be unbolted, waiting for a pickup date or getting caught up on other stuff or I would do it! Rick
  5. Nope. No hood or grille. Lots of everything else! Come check it out and make an offer before it’s gone!
  6. 36' flatbed load of parts back in MA from AZ / NV / UT / CA 95 YJ Body tub - $1600 79CJ5 body tub $1500 53 CJ3B body tub package $2000 Frames in other ad - 76-83 CJ5, CJ7, TJ (multiple, lost count). Trying to turns some deals this week and send my partners home with a fist full of benjamins.. Pics upon request or as I dump them off my phone onto the thread! Loaded up Craigs list and FB with same stuff. Won't last! Lakeville, MA. Have equipment and guys to load trucks and trailers! Rick
  7. Chop the extra height out for CJ2A... Package deal. $2k. TONS OF PARTS!
  8. LOL. Keep driving traffic to my thread!
  9. Absolutely! I think someone edited their reply. Make an offer, let's get this sold! Wicked solid. With WS, seat brackets, I think tailgate. It's in Lakeville fresh from AZ! Rick