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  1. A sharp eye might spot something a Little Longer in one of the frame stacks... Rick
  2. Meanwhile in CA and NV this was going on:
  3. Black tub in the paint booth. Price has to change accordingly but don't have cost yet.
  4. Getting frames for Second week in September. Everything sold at the moment. White tub gone. Black tub heading to the body shop. Rick
  5. Juiceman - are you in the market for tub or Frame? PapaKen, confirmed 6 cyl TJ frame for your year on the load. Working on as many as possible. Also YJ frames possible for this load. Someone is looking at the white tub today. ONE TJ frame left at the moment. WICKED nice, all factory paint etc of course no rot. 2003-2006 4 cyl style. Rick
  6. big jeep got a 'unique' tub. So solid, but banged up. I have really nice black one with amazing floors, mounts etc but light hit on passenger side. $1k NEOW price and I'm hesitant at that. Should really fix it and shoot for top need of the market. Not finding as many for the September load.
  7. Good deal. Already buying them. Probably weekend after Labor Day my truck will get here. Rick
  8. I have a bare chunk with cut tubes I'd let go cheap. Does that count as center section? I'm short on shafts. I have bare housings too.
  9. Happy to help! Others looking for same? I can uncover more but need some time to get to storage yard. Rick
  10. I had to pair it down... Sold off most of the 1 ton stuff.
  11. I'll pick my storage lot soon but might need to use CJ outers. If this one sells I might be short knuckles and caliper stands for the next housing(s).
  12. It's certainly close for e-roc! I have a couple others but not sure how complete, but even housings alone are worthwhile. At F+F 8/19 weekend.
  13. I took this in trade. Haven't checked gears yet. Assume 3.50 or maybe 4.09. Disassembled with all parts, not sure if core calipers I have match. 5 on 5.5 with disk brakes / open knuckle. Desireable welded Cs vs cast so you can grind off and have clean tubes for coils / links / leaf pads etc. $250 Lakeville, MA Rick
  14. Sounds good. You will thank yourself in the long run!