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  1. Manic Monday

    In theory you are supposed to use only DI water with the neti pot. In practice most people use hot water from the tap and 99.9999 people are fine as the salt you add should kill anything in your water. I used one for a few years but havent used it this year as yet. Takes some getting used to but really helps clear out the sinus very well.
  2. NETFLIX Binge

    I watched "altered carbon" not to long ago and really enjoyed it. Sort of a Blade Runner vibe and type show with a pretty decent budget.
  3. Equifax Data Breach

    my wife and I both signed up for the free credit monitoring from Equifax. I froze my credit with them and we got a new credit card since then with no issues. I did get email notifications from Equifax about the card being created. Also when I paid off my JK I got a notification from them so it seems to be doing what its supposed to do....
  4. Fugg'in A Friday

    Lucas is a stand up guy! I think Optima will renew his sponsorship if this makes the rounds.
  5. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    finally a way to spend my extra bitcoin!
  6. 2020 presidential BS thread

    got me curious so I had to google.... 1.7 Billion and not US currency per se... and it was returning money they paid us for weapons we never delivered back in the late 70s... http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-iran-payment-cash-20160907-snap-story.html http://www.politifact.com/georgia/statements/2017/jun/06/karen-handel/Handel-pushes-details-Iran-deal-terror-support/
  7. Wednesday

    havent searched it out yet but one of the students inside the bus was also making a video. Crazy poop right there...

    Now if Roy could only pull out long enough for her to get out the door. yes, that is the one you need to pull out... ..
  9. Sunday

  10. One Line Movie Reviews

    Han Solo is supposed to take place before the original movie from what I understand... It has Chewbacca and Lando in it but I think that's it as far as the cast we know is concerned. Also as far as The last Jedi and Empire goes: Hoth was a right to left battle scene, the Last Jedi was left to right so they are different. I've seriously seen that argument on the interweb....
  11. NETFLIX Binge

    watched it with my tween-age daughters. It was a tough show to watch especially the end, but I wanted to be able to discuss it if they felt the need...
  12. RNSOTDFK Random News Story of the Day for Karl

    Obama's or Hillary's fault?
  13. Turdsday

    you can say that again.
  14. Wednesday

    Its where they store the Millenium Falcon scale model near london between films.
  15. oh hell no! Not Warren! I dont see her taking the win on a national election even with the help Donnie is giving her by bringing her name up over and again...