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  1. Voodoo Chile

    MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    I think she I read she's played acoustic since she was 10 and went electric at 16. Curious to see if she takes off... I would see her again based off of what she played with Buddy.
  2. Voodoo Chile

    MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    Thought for a minute it might be Liv Lorusso (above) who sat in with Buddy Guy on Strange Brew at the Casino a few weeks back. move up to about 3 min. she was pretty amazing.
  3. Voodoo Chile

    new computer needed

    depending on how you store your pictures and music this may not be true. I personally wish I had gone for a 1TB HD instead of the 500gb as I am shuffling files off to a portable hard drive a lot as my disc keeps filling up. I don't trust my pictures to the cloud/FB/photobucket as companies come and go and lets face it nothing is printed anymore for pictures. Granted I also have 195gb of music in my itunes folder which includes a handful of movies and a doo-dee ton of albums and bootlegs...
  4. Voodoo Chile

    RNSOTDFK Random News Story of the Day for Karl

    When was the last hijacking of an American plane? 9/11 I don't believe we've had one since then... no need to announce a secret button as a deterrent and there must be a thousand pilots with the knowledge so its not really a secret... file this under user error.
  5. Voodoo Chile


    years ago as a teen I was in York Beach, saw an amazing classic corvette driving thru traffic. I was admiring it and said to my friend check out that awesome vette, he replied "anyone that drive a vette is an ahole." Vette is now along side us and he says "Hi Dad!" - driver replies "Hi Kirk... need a ride...." Since then I've noticed just about anyone that owns a vette is indeed an ahole.
  6. Voodoo Chile


    IKEA meatballs for the win.
  7. Voodoo Chile

    Today is my FRIDAY

    could it be rough seas that caused the cancellation? Saw Elvira on the Talking Dead a couple of years back. Damn she looks good for someone her age!
  8. Voodoo Chile

    Brought It Tuesday

    my favorite is when Aholes see you pulling out of a spot in a parking lot and elect to scoot past you while you are clearly backing out. Common courtesy is dead.
  9. Voodoo Chile

    Brought It Tuesday

    Roy sorry to hear someone did that. Pretty freaking low thing to do imho. On the main view of the forum it shows the number of replies to a thread as well as the number of views. This thread is currently at 57 replies and 661 views. I can't recall which thread the post was on, but you can get an idea of the number of views from the info above... Brought It Tuesday 57 replies 661 views Dill 8 minutes ago
  10. Voodoo Chile

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    looks like a RzR LOL
  11. Voodoo Chile

    Anthony Bourdain....well...you know

    now in parts unknown. I just don't get these rich celebrities with endless resources clocking out this way. I have to wonder how many people they inspire to do the same. Shameful.
  12. Voodoo Chile

    THRUSDAY, night of the coon.

    try tarps.com they have a lot of doode and reasonable prices. might find a better deal there. We just leave our hammock uncovered and the last one lasted about 10 years.
  13. Voodoo Chile


    IDK, I kind of think she is a POS and got what she deserved. This was a picture she posted of her "burning cookies" a year or so back. Pretty tasteful...
  14. Voodoo Chile


    My FIL and BIL are both over 6'3" and went there years ago. Needless to say they stood out just a bit as my FIL is a ginger as well as tall and pale.