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  1. Dill


    I did that on a ford ignition coil. My arm was stuck folded up for the rest of the day.
  2. Dill

    Case of the Mondays...

    That's weird I had a heron hunting in a hay field all around me today. I've never seen that before.
  3. Dill

    Splitting Saturday.

    Ive actually just started carrying a knife again. Can't believe how darn handy it is. Real fancy one.
  4. Dill


    My brother had been in basic for 4 days at this point. They actually let them all call home. I woke up the news on the radio it was odd. And then later being out on the tractor on a the cleariest blue sky in a long a time and the first time in my life not being able to see a single plane in the sky.
  5. Dill

    NETFLIX Binge

    Fargo which is an FX series started watching it on hulu last night and got sucked right in its great.
  6. Dill


    Those look like BFG knock offs Roy. Did you end of trying those E rated retreads last year?
  7. Dill


    At the hillsbourgh county fair.
  8. Dill

    Field Trip Friday

    Look it up. It’s a wicked scam. They are signing people up with stolen credit cards as sales agents. You are the 10th or 11th person I know that it’s hapoened too.
  9. Dill

    Field Trip Friday

    Was it rhodian and fields? They are a multi level marketing company that seems to be hardcore scamming people’s cards.
  10. Dill


    Haha that is great. The funny thing is I had just clicked on a Smokey edtion Transam on the f***book market place before I heard the news, I bet that guy is raising the price from 28k. I'm going to need a fast car, nope faster.
  11. Dill

    Field Trip Friday

    The boy is home sick for the first time of the school year. That didn't take long. Sore throat, coughing etc.
  12. Dill


    Waiting on these storms. Too hot to really get fired up doing much. Went lobstering this am. Tons of shorts and only 2 keepers on 8 traps. Good thing it’s only for fun and dinner at this point.
  13. Dill


    Wow that's last minute. Enjoy your weekend and give us a new date when you get it.
  14. Dill


    VT just changed their inspection and said that having a TPMS light on isn't grounds for failure. Which helps since 95% of the state runs around on steelies and studded tires 9 months a year.
  15. Dill

    Can I hunt on my own land without a license?

    Yes you can as long as it doesn't require an extra license. Ie Turkey, muzzleloader etc. I believe there is a small min acreage you have to own as well.