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  1. Wack Off Wenesday

    So I think its currently 98% or so of climate scientists believe that humans are at min partial responsible for a climate change. You can probably find a couple that don't believe but we still have people who are convinced the world is flat. So here is my final comment on the subject. If they are correct and all the deniers are wrong we better everything we can. And if the reverse is true and humans have no way to influence whats happening, what have we lost in trying?
  2. Wack Off Wenesday

    Cause 75 in feb is normal? I"d rather it be gradual. And one more of day of that we would have been done. Now that's an issue.
  3. Wack Off Wenesday

    Crazy sugaring weather around here, sap is flowing like a fire hose. Made 2 gals of syrup every 20 minutes for a few hours today.
  4. Wack Off Wenesday

    Yup found a few on me today. Tiny little bastards.
  5. Wack Off Wenesday

    Pretty sure I'm just farming mud right now. Made 8 gals last night, never seen it run that hard. Time to go pick through the fog and see what we have today.
  6. Manic Monday

    Well your district sucks then. My kids have a better time when skiing is cheap and not full of mpoopie-doopies. Not that I get to go along, vacay week is usually full on maple season.
  7. Manic Monday

    Not in NH/VT its next week.
  8. Manic Monday

    Finally boiled still haven't made syrup hopefully tomorrow.
  9. NETFLIX Binge

    Godless, its starts really really slow but the last few episodes were great, good western.
  10. Snowy Sunday

    Ya I need another 300 to fill the rig before I fire up, I shouldn't have squeezed yesterdays and just boiled. But we got vac leaks fixed. I thought it was going to run better yesterday but it cooled off fast. And its 14 out right now so everything isn't going to thaw til close to noon. I started with a homemade rig and 15 taps. I've always enjoyed it and grew from there. I've got 850 here at home right now. Probably add another 50-75 this afternoon. Then I'll tap the leased bush at some point. But honestly I'm seeing more and more advantage to just staying at home. I've got another 300-400 taps to expand here before I have to cross into new territory at home. Its nice just to hike back and pump it up.
  11. Snowy Sunday

    Most of the supply houses call them "Canadian tapping bits" its designed to cut a clean hole but more importantly they really pull the chips out of the way. Full speed in and out in one motion. When I was just doing a few holes I ran wood bits. I think these are worth the extra cash.
  12. Snowy Sunday

    Busy day in the woods. I'm sunburned pretty good. Pumped out the woods tank at noon. But after concentrating it's not enough to fire up. Should be tomorrow. Back to adding taps and fixing leaks in the morning.
  13. Snowy Sunday

    The Dill abides.
  14. Snowy Sunday

    An armoire would really pull that room together. There was a free one on here the other day, let me see if I can find the post.
  15. Snowy Sunday

    I don't have leaning trees. We got straight fluffy powder probably 6 or 7.