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  1. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Just got my boat motor delievered. Driver almost lost it down out the end of the trailer. I was yelling to drop the pallet jack while I tried to cram the forks in. Got it down but that was a bit scary. Now I have a marine Cummins 4bt sitting in the sugarhouse. Now it just has to meet up with the boat.
  2. Yup to echo what everyone else is saying. Just buy a skid steer adapter for the tractor. Bliss farm up in VT can get you one. No one has time to damn with pin attach. On top of that you aren't going to save anything on the pin on ones, they are going to cost just as much.
  3. Another Wet Wednesday

    That reminds me I saw Maine plate OIIIIO in Farmington yesterday
  4. Another Wet Wednesday

    Its good. She just drags it out. I thought she was ready to pop him out a month ago.
  5. Another Wet Wednesday

    Cow I was waiting on finally decaffeinated, so probably good I came home last night. Looks like a wet day so resting tired legs. Great skiing yesterday too Hardcore skiiers and a parking lot of bus campers. I think we have one more ski day up to Jay in the cards for friday. 25 days on the snow this season.
  6. Mundee

    We no doubt passed each other. 2 kids and a wife ripping and a slow dad. Not many kids out there yesterday. Nh vacay week is this week. It was great skiing in the sun.
  7. Mundee

    I did not go down white nitro. Holy poop that looked steep. Kids are still sleeping. We are skiing today too.
  8. Mundee

    Skiing the loaf with the fam. Hanging in a fancy damn condo owned by one of the wife’s former coworkers.
  9. Probably going to be more meat on the dog.
  10. What’s the breed?
  11. Good trip to Maine one of those all fall together trips. Pulled a ZF gear off a motor in a guy's dooryard in Newcastle and then headed down to Bristol to visit a guy who raises a bunch of odd pigs. And a guy posted up lobster bouys for sale. Turns out on the same road in Bristol. Grabbed bouys petted some hairy pigs and back home.
  12. Off to Maine for boat parts today
  13. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Ya cows are going nuts around here too.
  14. Moist Monday

    This is seriously some nasty damn weather.