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  1. Dill

    2020 presidential BS thread

    Oh Bullpoop Roy. Watch the conference he is all but kissing Putin's ring.
  2. Dill

    It's 7:33 Monday

    Ah the interwebs are back. Looks like the rain is coming at noon, so I better do a dump run first. Then swapping the water pump in the big massey.
  3. Dill


    It’s even near you. Over at the new Boston fairgrounds. She’s leasing a ewe from a friend of ours. Plans to show at Deerfield and sandwich.
  4. Dill


    Sell hay today. Wifey wants to learn how to run the round baler. We shall see how this plays out. Daughter is away at sheep camp for the weekend.
  5. Dill


    Brutal hay day yesterday. Would have got five but I got a bad ball of twine so I have to go bale another 200 today. 1200 yesterday. And I got my first ticket in years. Hell the first time I got pulled over in years. No traffic 930 at night going down the hill to the lee circle. Who really cares that it drops to 30 a mile before the circle. Evidently lee PD does. I feel safer.
  6. Dill

    Satisfying Saturday

    Seriously every year. You'd think they would learn. Don't sniff porcupines.
  7. Dill

    Tax Bill Tuesday

  8. Dill

    Tax Bill Tuesday

    I have to disagree on the first part Wally. I will defer on the rest. But the curtilage is beyond a tenth of an acre. I’ve had to take 3 acres as the house lot out of the current use. Also there is an added penalty for early withdrawal from current use in nh. I know Deerfield uses half that for conservation funding.
  9. Dill


    Not haying today. Made 1672 bales in the last 3 days. Caught the very edge of a shower Tuesday or that would have been in 2 days. Bunch of stuff to do around the farm today then mow more after it rains tomorrow. This is the most wonderful time of the year.
  10. Dill

    Tax Bill Tuesday

    It’s what ever the house lot is in your town. You have to maintain it in current use for 5 years then the penalty is reduced and gone in 10. It’s so a developer can’t stash land they are flipping at a lower rate. Each part of the lot can still be assessed at different rates. Unmanaged hardwoods is the lowest tax rate in the state but I’ve got 40 acres in crop land 20 in managed hardwoods and the balance in mixed unmanaged.
  11. Dill

    Gotcha Thursday

    Dude 3.5 hours for a tire swap, oil change, air filter and inspection. I didn't bother to have lunch cause how long could it take? 1145 to 240.
  12. Dill

    Gotcha Thursday

    The mini dealer must not be on flat rate. This is taking forever.
  13. Dill

    Way early Wednesday

    Im with Karl and I'm worried Roundup isn't going to do it. This stuff grows like crazy
  14. Dill


    My local guy is pretty good he’s dropping the price 15 cents cause I’m taking at least 400 gals at the stop between the 2 tanks and the off road.
  15. Dill

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post