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  1. Eclipse viewing

    Pretty sure the cows didn't stare at the sun anymore then usual. My favorite meme was one that you should hide your houseplants in the cellar yesterday so they could acclimate to the dark.
  2. Eclipse viewing

    My ancient non-auto dark helmet worked. Or you could have just squinted.

    Freakin brain is not engaged lately. Not sure why. Hooked up the rotary rake and prezteled the pto shaft a min later getting it stuck on the 3pth lift arms.
  4. Sunday

    Quick attach is the best thing that's happened to tractors in a long time. Especially now that I have an adapter to put skidsteer stuff on my euro.
  5. Shaturday

    Old home day. Always a great time.
  6. Friday

    Really lost the boat trailer bearings today. So bad that when we launched the boat the tire fell off the axle. Good thing we could just lift the boat trailer and stick it back on before the tire floated down the river. AAA will not tow a boat trailer on a flatbed. So in true farming fashion we just tossed the boat and trailer on the deckover.
  7. Cookin' with cast iron

    I cook on cast iron 90% of the time.
  8. SAT

    Yup the bobcat and the Gator. Same deal couldn't live without them now.
  9. SAT

    Rats got another row of sweet corn. And my vune plants are doing awful. Other then that the garden looks good.
  10. NETFLIX Binge

    Yup I stayed up late all week and watched Ozark what else is out there?
  11. Threatening thursday

    There is a difference between hunting, shooting varmits etc. To putting down a farm animal or a pet. That's what I was getting at.
  12. Threatening thursday

    Bastard was shimming up stalk and eating the ear on the stalk. Raccoons rip the stalk down.
  13. Threatening thursday

    Okay I just blasted a rat that was eating sweet corn. Dropping that hammer felt great.
  14. Threatening thursday

    I've put down quite a few animals. Have to say pulling the trigger never felt good.