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  1. TJeepGuy


    That's it? I've only just begun.
  2. TJeepGuy


    There's no way with the tech that's available the stacks would be spewing trash. The filtration and scrubber tech exists, but it costs money. But I feel wholeheartedly that is where we should be headed.
  3. TJeepGuy

    Case of the Mondays...

    Just finished laying in the picture frame on my deck. 4 post notches, one right in the corner miter. Sweating like a pig so this is my cool down break. One more PITA board then things will go a lot quicker. 11 blind clips per board, 24 boards until the final rip. Railings by the weekend.
  4. TJeepGuy

    Wed Nes Day

    A little wet here this AM. Dr.'s appointment at 10 so hopefully drying out later today. Finished the hitch install and wiring on the new to me Ranger yesterday. Also got my tool cap moved over and bolted down. Finished stripping bent/borken parts off the WRX and got most of the replacement pieces on order. Got to straighten some metal tonight with the kid. Very light hit, no frame damage. Just some awkwardly bent sheet metal.
  5. TJeepGuy


    I was working at Lucent in North Andover. Started hearing preliminary reports on the radio while driving in. Got to the guardshack and a group of people were huddled around a small tv. Went inside and proceded to hook up multiple tv's for the next 30 minutes or so. The whole thing was so surreal. We all hung around for a bit and then gradually filtered out and went home. The weirdest part was when we went out to the Big E. There was still a flight ban in effect and I remember there was a jet from Chicopee that flew over the fairgrounds. Everyone just stood and looked up and it was so quiet.
  6. TJeepGuy

    Moist Monday

    Me too .... Hope my shredder can keep up. I'd like to get my truck cap moved onto my new to me truck today. Maybe the rain will hold off long enough until the kid gets home from school to lend a hand.
  7. TJeepGuy

    SUNDAY Funday

    Kid picked up an 04 WRX with a built engine (stage 3 tuned whatever that means)with 40 k on the engine and clutch. Drivers side front has a light hit so we need a bumper cover and headlights. Has a 3 inch exhaust and rumbles like a V8. I think I kinda like it.
  8. TJeepGuy


    Going to look at a Subaru WRX with the kid. He sold his XJ and wants this for his winter driver. Then when we get back I'll be under my new to me Ranger removing the old rusty trailer hitch and installing the better one off my old Ranger. Then finish the prep to move over the contractor cap. Busy days, but at least its nicer out.
  9. TJeepGuy

    Field Trip Friday

    Is that before or after the buffet at Golden Corral?
  10. TJeepGuy


    Seems credible Look up the Frank guy who commented on Justin's post... Real piece of work there.
  11. TJeepGuy


    doo-dee. I was so pissed I forgot to include. Real Man's Garage Sale on f***book.
  12. TJeepGuy


    Some asshat posted his head up the bum opinion of this whole mess. I'm not one to take part with an online flame war, but he will be getting an earfull in a private message from me. The guy isn't even from around here. If you can access it, then look up his buddy that commented. Dirtbags the both of them.
  13. TJeepGuy


    I remember going to my first Packer's game at Lambeau Field. It was so cold I had to squat to pee for 2 weeks after.
  14. TJeepGuy

    Tropical Tuesday

    I think its a MA requirement. I remember doing the career center thing when Lucent was imploding.
  15. TJeepGuy

    12:24 Wednesday

    Off to rehang an entire kitchen of cabinet doors. My customer had her cabinets painted and new hardware installed. There's not a level door in the lot. She was upset with the work and when she called the painter to come back they basically told her they're not carpenters and they did the hardware as a favor. Now she has to pay me to straighten things out. I feel bad for her, but good rainy day project.