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    Gridlock, both government and traffic are a constant in that area.

    I'm up but not at 'em. Went to bed at 945 but kept waking up every 2 hrs. Oh well another day of fun and excitement.
  3. Thirstday

    I'll just get the boat finished and loaded on the trailer. Then I guess I'll have to start drinking early unless Fed Ex shows up this morning.
  4. Thirstday

    My schedule is all screwed up today. Have to wait for a FedEx delivery so that I can sign for it. The kid bought a turbo kit for his Miata and require signature. Of course the only thing their site can tell you is that it'll be here by end of day. At least I can finish the boat project.
  5. Thirstday

    I could definitely use an extra hour or two of sleep. Oh well, up and at it.
  6. Happy Hump Day

    Not as nippy out there this morning. Got a little boat project to complete today. Replacing the transom and several other pieces of wood on an older 14 ft aluminum boat. Anything for a buck.

    I'll take it. Let me know how much. PayPal, cash or check?

    Spent the most of the day laying under my father in laws brand new Chevy Equinox installing the tow plate and wiring needed to tow behind his motor home. Removed the grille and bumper cover assembly to mount the tow plate and ran a wire bundle from the front to the rear for lights. Essentially made the car into a little trailer. Would have been nice to have a lift.
  9. Flannel Friday

    36 degrees here in Hampstead. Definite shrinkage situation this morning. Just turned on the heat.
  10. Another one of Jeff's project. an older unit but runs as it should. Both 110 and 220 VAC. $225 He needs to pay for the turbo kit for his Miata.
  11. Posting for my kid. 1998 Honda TRX 90. New rear axle bearings and brake shoes. Runs and stops as it should. Oil changed and carb cleaned. 4 speed clutchless transmission. Pull start, no electric starter. Plastics have some cracks but have been stitched. He wants $800 and is pretty firm on price. These are getting hard to find. This is a good machine for kids.
  12. Monday

    That's not politically correct. It's Indigenous people day! What a bunch of bull
  13. WED

    1st coat of poly on a 12 ft piece of stair railing for a customer. Loading up for a dryer vent repair at 11:00. Gotta take a couple of pics of the JD lawn tractor and Makita generator the kid is selling. Looking forward to a nice campfire this evening.
  14. Sunday

    We got there around 4:30 and the ticket lines were virtually non existent. The only place I felt was really crowded was the rides and the truck pull arena. Everyplace else seemed pretty normal.