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  1. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Today is trash day. Got soaked taking everything out to the end of the driveway, NOW the rain stops!. First world problems
  2. Another Wet Wednesday

    Tell him vodka is a clear liquid. Mix in some powdered Gatorade and the prep and he'll be good to go.
  3. Trailer axle and wheels/tires

    X2 for my town as well.
  4. 2zdey

    Kid got his Miata turbo build done yesterday. Had to install a new clutch after the old one got contaminated with a coolant leak. Back to the tuner and dyno on Wednesday. He's looking for about 260 to 290hp at the rear wheels. I'm off to install some gutter guard for a customer. Last job for my 32 foot ladder before I sell it. I dont use it enough (nor do I want to) to justify keeping it.

    Swab it with some Clorox. It will dry up fast and won' t spread.
  6. Fridgid Friday

    Large glowing orb radiating bright light outside my window. Strange occurance.

    Snowing here ...

    I don't know if they still offer the same tour but if they do it's worth the bus trip around the launch sites. Some amazing Construction and amazing facts. I was fortunate enough to be able to work a space shuttle launch very early on.
  9. Today is National Lineman Appreciation Day. Give your favorite lineman a hug (or a reach around would be nice, too). Just remember, without linemen there would be no power, no phone and no porn ....
  10. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    I believe it was Sand Hill. I know we could see the jump towers off to the right.
  11. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    Ahhh yes, the cattle trucks. We always got yelled at for mooing ....
  12. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    Correct me if I'm wrong but that area was surrounded by Jump School and Ranger School with a big motor pool behind it, right? I don't know if the paint job survived from 78 - 79 but our barracks had a grim reaper with crossed swords on the outside, C 1 1.
  13. R. Lee Ermey WBDPABUMA's

    One of my DI's in basic was barely the legal height to serve. Tough Viet Nam vet, airborne, combat infantry badge, etc ... When he would be chewing anyone out he would stand close enough that the brim of his hat would touch lightly against your chest. Then he would reach up and slap the bill of your hat to make sure you were paying attention. He was tough. He'd lay down on the gym floor, pick the biggest guy there and have him stand on his abs while executing perfect leg lifts and chewing our asses out. He was the one that always took us on marches and would walk our asses in the ground. It wasn't until the end of the cycle we figured out he would double step his own cadence. He drove a 67 Camaro, jacked up in the back with a burnt out Cherry Bomb muffler on the 230 straight 6. Sgt Leslie T Boswell loving known as Buzz. His eyes were glowing red bloodshot every morning. BTW, if you have ever seen the movie Stripes, you saw where I was in Basic. We were the last training company that cycled through those WW2 barracks before the closed and were used for the movie set.
  14. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    G'morning. Another day of living the dream.
  15. It’s Saturday!

    I absolutely positively hate caulking and painting. That is all .....