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    Would definitely not want to pee on that fence by accident .....

    My youngest turns 17 today. Happy birthday, Jeff.
  3. I'm not in a big rush so I can hold them. I dont know if I'll be up that way anytime soon, but I'll let you know if things change.
  4. It has a little damage on the front. I'll get a picture Sunday. I'd sell the pair (since they've been cut) for $30.
  5. Drivers door needs a window motor. Both for $40?
  6. So I bought this as a parts rig for my kids 98 XJ project. He's been picking at it and is pretty much finished. I dont have a way to pull the engine or tranny in my driveway, so if you want those you'll have to bring your own hoist or take the whole thing. All window glass is good except for the windshield. Gray interior, red exterior. Has 200k miles on it. Front doors are off and have power windows. Rear doors are shells. Front fenders are available, but have been cut for 33's. Let me know if you have any wants. Very reasonable prices.
  7. WBDFBOTD - The Rhinestone Cowboy

    I can remember watching his tv show when I was a kid. He could play with the best of them. The show I remember most is when Mason Williams debuted Classical Gas with a full orchestra.
  8. sunday thread

    What a nice day. Too bad my back is pooched. I did manage to finish the framework for the new front steps. Ordered the decking Mama picked out, $450 worth for a 6x4 platform and a 6 x 12" step. Have to wait until Wednesday to finish. Dug out all the loam that was under the precast and filled in with gravel and stonedust. That material was free as the contractor who reworked the underground utilities at the beginning of our street left all the excess. Going to the big Kingston Days car show in a bit. There's always something worth drooling over. Time to get my "want" on.
  9. Brake cleaner

  10. Thursday? I guess?

    I rented one of those this week to take out my front steps. I know I'm getting older, but that thing kicked my butt. I think the electric hammers have a higher weight distribution and that makes them more awkward to move around.
  11. TJ Metalcloak Adj. front track bar

    Gotta ask. Your ad said adjustable but the link is for a fixed (?)
  12. MONDAY

    Back from 2 weeks vaca in Maine. Get to deal with a backlog of work and projects at home. 1st up at home is removing a precast landing and step from the front door and building a new porch.
  13. Damn Kids Thread

    To each his own
  14. Damn Kids Thread

    I prefer "bushes" myself