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  1. TJeepGuy

    NEOW helping NEOW

    Is there air in the tires? AAA towed the 300ZX my kid was given, no questions asked.
  2. TJeepGuy

    It's 7:33 Monday

    Work at home day. The kid is supposed to be working on his Miata. Bad tensioner pulley on the timing belt, but instaead he's off cross country biking with his buddy. Kids I finally got around to doing the cold air intake using the Ford Windstar filter housing. Didn't take as long as I thought and looks pretty good. Now a few other chores and I'm done for the day.
  3. TJeepGuy


    The kid is working on his free "Z" car. Engine spins free and will fire on starting fluid, but we have a fuel delivery problem. Subscribed to AllData so he's slowly working his way through all the electricals. Good experience for him. Car sat for about 8 years and shows evidence of being a home for wayward critters.
  4. TJeepGuy

    Monday Monday Monday

    Starting a tear down of a tree house for an old friend. They sold their house and the structure has to come down. It's 8 x 16 and built on shaky stilts. I'm doing it (1) as a favor and (2) for the materials. He was my assistant den leader when my oldest son went through Cub Scouts and has had a stroke recently. The pt materials will go to my oldest son's place in Dover to build a ground deck / patio. Think I'm going to cut the braces and pull it down off the stilts so its easier and safer to dismantle.
  5. TJeepGuy


    Rumor has it that rain is on the way. I'd better zip the windows back into the TJ. The weekend is supposed to be very nice.
  6. TJeepGuy

    Independence Day!!!!!

    The kid's Miata is pretty fun although I don't enjoy getting in and out of it. Now that we have all the bugs figured out its pretty fun to drive. Of course the turbo helps, making 255hp at the rear wheels.
  7. TJeepGuy

    Going fishin saturday

    Just cut a hole in the wall the size of the outer casing and frame out with some 2xs.
  8. TJeepGuy

    Gotcha Thursday

    Youngun brought home his "free" car last night. He got a 94 (I think) Nissan 300ZX. The T tops had leaked at one time so smells mildewy and it hasn't been running for a while, but it's not in too bad condition overall. He's going to get it running and use it for his winter car.
  9. TJeepGuy

    Way early Wednesday

    You can always hire the lady with the goat herd to come and clear. Saw her on Chronicle awhile back. The goats love poison ivy and no chemicals needed.
  10. TJeepGuy

    Way early Wednesday

    Good times. I remember pulling him out of the woods after a "c" clip let loose. Held the wheel in with a branch and a comealong.
  11. TJeepGuy


    Spent yesterday wrenchfesting in our driveway with the kids and his friends Miatas. I definitely would like a lift and need smaller hands if I'm to continue helping out. Kids car is now putting out around 250HP at the rear wheels. Back in my wheelhouse today. Affecting repairs to a very sketchy built older deck. The railing consist of lattice panels and no posts. Cutting in and attaching 3 posts to create access to the pool.
  12. TJeepGuy

    A case of the Mundays ....

    Lumber prices are rising. 4x4x10 PT is $20. Thats about $4 a post higher than what I paid earlier.
  13. TJeepGuy


    Just wanted to thank everyone who passed along their summer cold.
  14. TJeepGuy


    Our 31st anniversary today. Hard to believe she has put up with me (and me her) for so long. I've been blessed to find a keeper on the first go round.
  15. TJeepGuy