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    Got one of those eyeball throbbing sinus headaches. Nothing Ive taken so far seems to help. Gonna scrap the rest of the day, light a fire in the woodstove and ride the couch for a bit.

    I was 43 when the youngest was born. Wifey was 36. Still plenty of time.
  3. Jerusalem

    This x 2
  4. Tuesday

    We have 2. One has moved out. The youngest is a junior in high school. I kinda miss all the hubbub, we were always on the go with scouts, soccer, band, etc. But I'm kinda getting used to the lull. Even with all we were doing, it was still easier dealing with them when they were younger. Life seemed simpler.
  5. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Just wish he would lose that middle school bully kid persona.

    How well I know. Although it can be a bit stubborn at times to get started. I'm lucky that I have a little over 2 acres that is at least 80 percent red oak. We also abut 7 acres of conservation land that is about the same. Haven't dropped a tree in over 5 years, just cut and burn down branches.
  7. Wall Mount TV???

    Yeah, I agree for a 32. But it's inevitable that the 32 will turn into a 36 then a 40 and before you know it a 55 or 60 will be hanging there.
  8. Wall Mount TV???

    I've installed a couple of these. They go up fairly easy. Take your time and make sure you're in the center of the stud.
  9. 12/1\17

    Morning all. TGIF. Hey Karl, I can' figure out if you were up late or up early. Cleaning day for me. Need to make space for a delivery of 5 new windows. Also need to finish the space for the wife's pottery kiln.
  10. Turdsday

    Oh God no ...............................
  11. Mangled Lyrics

    I've got to agree with Roy. Who else can sing off key and harmonize with himself at the same time. Neil rocks. Always has, always will.
  12. Buy More Monday

    My inbox is full of more opportunities to spend my wealth. Back to the grind. Next.
  13. Mangled Lyrics

    Hey c'mon now. Leave Neil Young out of this.
  14. Wet Wed?

    Just started raining in beautiful downtown Hampstead. Glad I finished the roof repair job yesterday. Youngest has a Miata project today. For starters he has to remove the crank pulley and I dont have a 21mm socket. Oldest is coming over to use the miter saw and I'm headed out to finish 2 small indoor jobs. Busy times.

    I'm off to repair a leaky porch roof. Sounds like it might be a good day for it. Wish I was closer Karl I'd be happy to help you out.