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    Wow, that's some virtual reality on your bike computer ......
  2. Funky Friday

    70 degrees on Wednesday, now snow on the trees today. WTF

    Had a nice little campfire last night. Dog still smells smoky. Prepping 2 houses to sell, 1 to settle an estate and 1 for a job transfer. Lots of little honey do items. These will keep me out of trouble.
  4. Tropical Tuesday

    Close to 50 degrees already and it's only 530. Im liking this. Next couple days will spoil us all.
  5. So school shootings

    This is a tough topic. I dont know how many teachers would have what it takes to not hesitate to draw down and take a life. I'm beginning to agree with those who are calling for an armed presence in schools, but am not sure arming faculty is the solution. I think the better alternative may be utilizing retired military and/or law enforcement as previously stated. Its a damn shame we even have to have this conversation. It says a lot about about how our society is rapidly deteriorating.
  6. Because SUNDAY

    I may have to give that a try. Looks fairly straightforward. I'm guessing thats a 36" opening and those are 1x6 beaded v groove. I'm adding a wall downstairs and that would be perfect.
  7. Google WIFI

    I'd normally cat it but he uses his phone and iPad mostly. I may run a line anyway in that rare case he actually would use his laptop for homework.
  8. Google WIFI

    I'm not sure how power could either. I dont have a spectrum analyser, but I did troubleshoot the old fashion way using an AM radio and there was only the normal noise you'd expect to hear. The only other thing close to that corner would be the electric meter. I dont know what frequency that transmits on. I was thinking about the power line adapter but was only familiar with the earlier generation ( re: early 2000s) gear. A lot of that stuff did not work as expected. Thanks.
  9. Twosday again

    Here we go again. Let's do this.
  10. Google WIFI

    What are you using for the access points? I need something for my son's bedroom. Every place in the house is good except his room. From what I can tell the power (electric) may be interfering. The panel is directly below him and all the wiring chases up his wall. There is no real "electrical interference" per se, but when we check signal strength his room, particularly the front outside corner is significantly less than anywhere else in the house.
  11. Because SUNDAY

    Did you build the door? Looks awesome.
  12. Muddy Monday

    Slept like doo-dee. Woke up around 1230 with heartburn, munched some Tums but couldn' t get back to sleep until 300. Weird dreams didn' help either. Not going to be a fun day.
  13. 2020 presidential BS thread

    This. The man was brilliant. This is the best explanation of where we are today I've heard in a long time and it was recorded when?
  14. Day Of The Tooose.

    Happy anniversary of the blizzard of 1978. I was officially AWOL from my first day of basic training. I lived in Indiana at the time and they close the state. When we finally got to Fort Knox, we spent an extra week in reception shoveling snow and breaking ice all with no hair.
  15. Monday

    It's too early to do this. Watched the game last night and didn't get all my beauty sleep.