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  1. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    Seems more likely someone else might have salvaged it if the river is running without ice.

    Honestly, I think I'd be best off with a fully electric one cause it will sit a lot.

    Once again I find myself needing a fork lift... And not having one.... Picking up 9k lbs of stuff tomorrow on pallets... And unloading by hand.
  4. Speed bleeders

    You just have to keep the reservoir topped up as it drains down... will push the air out as fluid pulls more in from the reservoir.

    All I'm getting is you want Dave to star in a Donkey show...
  6. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    The irony here is you have a perfectly good boat sitting in your garage...
  7. It's what you get when you are in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains....
  8. diesel trucks pros and cons

    Not like diesel. Aviation kero is used cause it won't gel/freeze at low temps. Usually outside oil tanks have a fuel oil/kero mix to keep from gelling. Oil guy never stired my outside tank.
  9. Guy I work with is also a professional pilot... He flew charter jets on the side. He had interesting stories about landing at Jackson Hole.
  10. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    I just assumed the tractor would ride on the treadmill.
  11. MONDAY

    I was surprised to hear that you don't pull the dock out for the winter some how. I would have thought problems with ice taking the dock would be common on a river.
  12. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    When I install the right belt, yes it will. Until then I have to hope to find the right treadmill....

    AS-9100 is the aircraft manufacturing standard.... if you make parts that go on airplanes and want to sell them to airlines you need have that certification. To be honest, I don't really think the compliance we had to do to meet the standard was actually all that terrible... At the end of the day it comes down to having documented procedures and ensuring that everyone (engineering, manufacturing, etc...) knows what the procedures are to do stuff... The procedures are defined by the company and fully controlled by the company, so it isn't like some 3rd party was telling us how to do it. What the auditors were looking at was if the staff knows the procedures the company defined and if they know what to do when they need to find a procedure or don't know the procedure. In almost all cases the right answer is "I look in the process manual tree and if I can't find it I ask my manager...". Making sure the procedures were sufficient was separate from the AS-9100 process... for that we had to get our design certification from the FAA and the people they have who review that stuff (3rd party engineering firms who are certified to sign off on your design and report to the FAA).
  14. Wanna buy a brewery?

    Saw that on the news at noon.... Thought about posting it here... you beat me to it!
  15. Tow Dolly and wheelbase

    My $ would be on the dolly... Properly setup with a weight distributing hitch I didn't find the trailer really pushed the WK around too much in corners. WK weight is ~5500 lbs, plus another 600+ lbs of passengers, tools, spare parts, luggage, etc... Trailer was loaded with a lifted XJ and lots of spares, so it probably came in just over 7k. OTOH, when I was crossing the continental divide in Colorado and had the trailer pushing me down hill through the mountains on the interstate in a light snow storm there were a number of moments when I wondered if I would need to change underwear once we got to the bottom (I was OK though).