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    Wish I'd gotten a picture... saw a Shelby Cobra in traffic this morning... license plate "ENZOWHO"...

    Going to see my friends running at 24 hrs of Lemons for a few hours and then stacking firewood.
  3. We engineers prefer "detail oriented".

    Little one face planted on a concrete walkway with the wife last night... bruises and a scrape, but she was ok... wife was freaking out. This morning it looks a lot better. Great to meet Jonesy and his Dad and pass on some Gravely stuff! Soccer and the dump soon...
  5. One Line Movie Reviews

    Blade Runner 2049 Liked it a lot! If you like to geek out over the original Blade Runner you will enjoy this one.... Story stands on it's own if you aren't familiar with the first one, but knowing the background adds a lot to it. They did a great job referencing the feel / look / sound of the the original Blade Runner movie. It is looong.... 2:45, but the pacing (which is kind of like the original) is good cause it helps to tell the story.

    If he knew he wouldn't have to come visit you... I'm taking a 1/2 day and going to see Blade Runner with a underemployed friend of mine... Just cause I want to get out. Also did a phone screen for a job in Nashua this morning. I really hope either that or the job here in town works out... Need to get out of this place.
  7. Thirstday

    And it is full of old people....

    I admit I don't remember exactly where you were going, but I thought you said Virgina Beach.... Why wouldn't you just fly to Richmond or some airport a little further south instead of doing all the driving?
  9. New gig

    Has she considered there may actually be more $ in cosmetology? Better schedule too...
  10. Exactly.... what else would I do with my day?
  11. I saw a thing on TV suggesting you should keep an automatic center punch in your car to break the window glass in case your car goes into the water in an accident.... they didn't explain how to keep it from being reachable and store it so it wouldn't fly around and impale you during an accident though.
  12. New gig

    Make sure you wear a crop top t-shirt and short shorts to make the right impression with the boys... and girls.
  13. Buggy Overheating Issue

    The gauge might read that way...
  14. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Your crimp may have changed the resistance of the circuit (technically, impedance) which would cause the gauge to read differently.
  15. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Same principal applies with the mechanical gauge.... Gauge is calibrated to show a position relative to the resistance (which varies with temp) presented by the sensor/sender. Wire just carries the voltage signal. Unless the wire is hot enough to conduct heat into the sensor and overwhelm the ambient from the sensor it shouldn't matter if the wire is warm/cold/hot.