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  1. Another Wet Wednesday

    Sanding drywall... It sucks. I'm really out of shape too, which makes it worse.
  2. Last Will and Testament

    5 days until I hand in my resignation.... sooo close.... Definitely wish I could have started the new job sooner than later.
  3. Last Will and Testament

    I won't pretend to know all the pros/cons of a trust. One thing I'm told is that if you put your assets into a trust in someone else's name (e.g. your wife / kids) and you are the trustee it is a way to protect the assets from lawsuits and/or other legal liabilities (e.g. they can sue you, but if your assets are in a trust in your kids name they can't take them from you cause you don't own them). There are also tax implications if you have any significant amount of wealth that the trust can shield your assets/heirs from.
  4. Last Will and Testament

    If you want to get fancy establish a trust. That makes some stuff easier cause you change the trustee, not necessarily ownership of the stuff.
  5. NETFLIX Binge

    Watched the 4th season of Bosch on Amazon... One of the few cop dramas I really enjoy. End was a tad anticlimactic.
  6. Last Will and Testament

    I think the lawyer I talked to a few years ago said $250? Wasn't going to be complicated.
  7. 2zdey

    They said it was serviced in the last ~20 hrs, presumably by them. Has ~1125 hrs on it. They were using it to move trailers around (had a 3 pt hitch adapter) I can ask for records, history. The salesman speculated it had mostly been used for dirt work... Bucket definitely showed use. 3 pt showed some use, but didn't look worn. It does have a quick attach bucket. In general it looked like it was in good shape for a 10 yr old machine. Clean paint, no marks outside of wear from use. Good tires too.
  8. 2zdey

    Looking at a Kubota machine.... '08 3240HST w/ loader.... is a large/reputable equipment dealer. Anything you farmer types suggest to look out for in general on these kinds of machines?
  9. 2zdey

    You'll do that anyway.... make an occasion of it and do something else.
  10. NETFLIX Binge

    Dare Devil is the best of the Marvel series they've done, IMO.... The Defenders was a pretty good job pulling them together, but it was really slow to get going.
  11. SUNDAY

    Poison ivy bubbled up on my wrist overnight after yesterday afternoon's brush cutting activity... Figures....
  12. NETFLIX Binge

    But, just think how much easier it will be when she moves somewhere warm and you have the house and barn in CT all to yourself!
  13. MONDAY

    That is what I thought too, but I was curious to know.
  14. MONDAY

    Question about the drama, in this case.... What, if any, legal hoops do/did you have to jump through to take ownership of the van / legally have it abandoned?
  15. Fridgid Friday

    Waiting for the end of the day to start vacation mode.... Definitely looking forward to it. The day I get back to work I'm submitting my resignation for the end of that week....