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  1. Jon W

    One Line Movie Reviews

    This one is based on a book that we read when I was a kid in school... I think the teacher read it to us... we were in 4th grade. My Mom is visiting to help with the kids and talked about it last night.
  2. Jon W

    wireless surveillance

    I haven't got a specific brand I can recommend... I've read about Blink and Nest and never heard about problems with them. The $30 from China are usually the one to be concerned about.
  3. Jon W

    wireless surveillance

    Yeah, that is the social engineering and investigation stuff they can be very good at. Manipulating people to get the info they want to support the narrative they are pushing. I know it happens, no illusions about that.
  4. Jon W


    Have the day off cause I have to take the wife to the Dr this afternoon for a procedure.... Just lazing around the house this morning. The spring fishing trip for Stripers I usually do with a couple buddies was canceled due to weather. We had setup another trip to go for Tuna today, but I had to back out cause of the wife/Dr thing. Last night I heard the captain canceled today's trip cause of weather again.... So now we are going to try to go Oct 3, I assume for Tuna again.
  5. Jon W

    wireless surveillance

    State and local government will collect your devices and maybe request the data from your cell carrier or a company like Google if they think they need it, but they aren't equipped to hack into either your device or computer. Most state and local level LEOs aren't strongly technical and 99.9% of the stuff you see on TV crime shows where they "hack the criminal" or "trace the criminal's computer/phone/etc..." is BS, though some of it has a minimum basis in real tech. The federal agencies are another class and the FBI has used direct "attacks" that are a kind of hacking to collect info about people over the internet, but this isn't a widespread skillset there either. From the cases I've read about these tend to be highly targeted efforts. One that comes to mind was the seizure of a server that distributed child porn. The FBI left it running and installed software that was designed to get the real IP address of any's computer who connected to the server so they could trace location and identify suspects who were trading porn on the site. This sort of thing seems to be relatively rare.... In that case they fawked up though, because the warrant they got signed to authorize the surveillance was from a judge without the authority to authorize warrant surveillance across state lines and they charged a bunch of people from various states and then lost on technicalities when the warrants were challenged. So, ingenious tech deployed to catch people who they then discovered they couldn't prosecute cause their warrants were invalid (this came out because some of the people they prosecuted got the warrants declared invalid in court). Another case involved the police sticking a simple webcam on a telephone poll across the street from the house of the guy who was the suspect, record for a few weeks, and if the could do that legally without a warrant. Became a question of what was the expectation of privacy and I think the guy lost on appeal, but it took a while to get there. I think the court decided it was a public telephone poll / street so there wasn't an expectation of privacy and no warrant was required. The real hackers in the government are federal and are in the foreign intelligence surveillance business. A lot of these guys are contractors working for various 3 letter federal agencies and the military. They don't care about 99.999% of us, they are looking for terrorists and spying on foreign governments. These guys are the real wizards and they can do some amazing technical stuff, but they make mistakes too (which is usually how we learn about their exploits). The fact is, most people who are competent software / technology people are in the private sector cause they will make way more $ there than in law enforcement (unless they can become government contractors). A small % are criminals, but again, they aren't really interested in watching you, unless they can get info they can use to make $. They just want to steal your identity and sell it or may try to extort or blackmail you. Most of what I read about are cases in court that being challenged or appealed.... and generally it comes down to the validity of a warrant, or the governments use of surveillance to collect data without the appropriate warrant. Turns out the LEOs and the government lawyers fawk up on surveillance quite a bit because of incompetence/arrogance -- they think they can skip getting a warrant for some reason or another and then arrest a guy, charge him, and a sharp lawyer gets him off on technicalities. Lots of people are willing to share any data they have with about you with law enforcement under the right circumstances. In the case of your phone company or Google/f***book/etc... that can actually be a source of income, cause they can charge the government to cover their costs to provide data. What LEOs can be good at is social engineering and investigation. They can do a good job putting the pieces together and following the breadcrumbs.
  6. Jon W

    wireless surveillance

    To that point, BB is not really the specific issue.... Hackers get into poorly secured cameras and load new firmware that lets them control the cameras. Then they use them as platforms to attack other web entities. It turns out most people aren't very interested in spying on you via your cams.... Cause we're all mostly boring.
  7. Jon W

    wireless surveillance

    Low $ internet connected security cameras are notorious for being insecure and the target of hackers. I would definitely go with the name brands... Less likely to be an issue. If I do them at home I'll do a separate network for them.
  8. Jon W


    Before you any physical stuff see what the doc says... Sounds like you are uncomfortable enough already and the obvious stuff isn't helping.
  9. Jon W


    Seems likely it is the other way around...
  10. Jon W

    NETFLIX Binge

    I thought the British version of Coupling was good when I get I saw it years ago, but the us version, not so much.
  11. Jon W


    They found degenerative disc in my back from the X-rays & MRIs... I found core strength exercise has made a huge difference for me, but I expect Karl is already getting a good regualr workout for that.
  12. Jon W


    Mostly about $, but I agree inertia is a factor. Landfill size and age matters... If it generates enough gas, how big a plant you can support and how much to design/build/maintain/run it, do you have a way for the generator to tie into the local grid, etc... It is all complicated and the economics of it are the devil in the details. I think the trash-to-energy stuff is well studied and well understood. If people aren't doing it then probably there isn't enough money / economics won't work.
  13. Jon W


    Local weather station said we got 5.17" of rain, since midnight last night.... is about 2x what the weather report I watched last night predicted. sun is out now. JW
  14. Jon W


    Yes, it did take a while to build up the infrastructure. But oil companies get a lot of tax subsidies, like many other industries do, plus they actually make $ on the oil they're selling. It turns out it is actually pretty profitable for them over the long term.
  15. Jon W


    A lot of the economics depends on the price of the electricity they generate.... As electric prices rise and fall so does the $ you make or lose. One of them had a fire cause of a mirror misalignment and took some major damage a couple years ago. A lot of the green energy stuff is similar to oil... You don't develop oil sands at $50 / barrel if you don't break even until $75/barrel. New tech is the same way.... you have to economically incentivize the researchers to develop the basic science, then the industry to build it and deploy it at scale until they can be profitable. And it doesn't take much for the deployed tech to be less economical than people thought up front because of changing market conditions. Cheap natural gas has changed the economics of a lot of energy sector industry.... Coal can't compete with cheap natural gas, which is the main reason the coal industry is declining and power plant operators are moving to... natural gas.... Which is cheaper to operate/maintain.