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  1. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    I expect the senior officers careers are all collectively over at this point.
  2. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    Absolutely... The technology exists. I don't think this is necessarily a technology problem. The Navy ships have radar and sonar that is supposed to be monitored and backed up by people. Missing or losing track of an approaching ship is a human negligence problem. Apparently neither the Navy or the freighter crews were properly watching for ship traffic. I can't say I'm shocked in the case of the merchant ship (though we should expect to be surprised that weren't watching)... I have heard that watches on commercial ships aren't manned properly before. I do find it shocking that a US Navy ship isn't / wasn't alert enough.
  3. Eclipse viewing

    Yah, that is why I had to use the strobe function on my LED flashlight to keep it dark.
  4. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    They won't turn on AIS..... AIS broadcasts the ship's location to the public.... Military won't do that. They should be receiving AIS and using it though.
  5. Left axle shaft for a TJ D35 WANTED

    I thought D35 was symmetrical....
  6. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    Collision avoidance in aircraft is just a verbal warning system AFAIK... Guy I work with is a pilot and has told me about it going off in his plane.
  7. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    Article I read said the Navy is supposed to have humans on watch on the bridge and someone on watch at the stern at all times...
  8. Wet Wednesday

    The plot, or his waist line?
  9. Eclipse viewing

    Just found out my boss is in KY today for eclipse viewing.... Guess my plan to WFH today is a good one.
  10. Sunday

    All I heard about on the news was the free speech rally which was then protested by people who presumed that endorsing free speech meant endorsing racism.
  11. Eclipse viewing

    Totality will be visible in NY, VT, NH, and ME for the 2024 solar eclipse. My flashlight has a strobe mode which flickers very fast.... I'd try it first. Wish I had one... Make sure you check the lens filter is dark enough. 12+ !
  12. Eclipse viewing

    Apparently I got the time wrong.... Eclipse is supposed to be start ~2:25 EST in NH... You can put in your zip code to find a local time here:
  13. Eclipse viewing

    I've seen cautions about damaging the sensors for $$$ DSLR cameras if they are pointed at the sun without proper filtering, so I wouldn't take a chance the phone. That said, $40 for cardboard glasses is BS.
  14. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    I read this is the 4th incident in a year... It is mind boggling that the US Navy isn't paying attention well enough to notice a ship that runs into them.
  15. Sunday

    Yes there is, and I did that earlier in the year.... they were back. They're all dead... I went out last night and checked before I went to bed.