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  1. Jon W

    2020 presidential BS thread

    All of the other US leaders in that meme put the US first... Trump's letting his ego get in the way cause he can't admit anyone else could be responsible for his election success.
  2. Jon W

    Uh oh...

    Don't think I've ever seen a SxS with one of those...
  3. Jon W

    I think it's Tuesday

    Just heard that my former employer is shutting down the office I used to work in. If I hadn't left I'd be getting laid off at the end of the month. Sucks for all the guys I know there, though I admit having the summer off would be great.
  4. Jon W

    I think it's Tuesday

    Consider putting in a game camera that can watch anyone coming in/out of the driveway. A sign that indicates it is private road/privatr drive/no outlet might also help if people are mistaking it for a roadway they can use.
  5. Jon W

    It's 7:33 Monday

    Do you guys do work related to antibiotics research? Coincidentally I read something about a drug company announcing last week they were stopping their research into new antibiotics and the staff was getting let go.
  6. Jon W

    Trailer Brake Controller Removal

    The old school radios were all analog internally, which needed a lot more power for the radio internals, before you got into the output amplifier. The challenge for the transmit side was having a series of modulation stages, mixers, and amplifiers that didn't introduce distortion or noise from the power supply. For receive you needed low noise amps (agian, filtering so you don't get power supply noise).... Any old school radio guy will tell you the better your power source the better performance you're going to get from a radio.... And that is truth. It isn't the whole story though, once you throw modern digital tech in to the mix. Newer radio models are using digital front ends and they do all the modulation mixing in the digital domain before converting to analog and output through a single wide band analog amplifier stage.... They don't worry about the non-linearity of the amp because they can calibrate the digital stage to introduce the necessary distortion to cancel out the analog amp's distortion. This flexibility makes newer radios a lot more power efficient in a smaller package and less susceptible to noise on the power input side because the majority of the power filtering they have to do is for the analog amp and they don't pick up noise or distortion from the earlier modulation/mixing stages that were all digital. I would expect the 20A from the cigarette lighter, 240w, to be more than enough power for a small dash unit.
  7. Jon W

    Trailer Brake Controller Removal

    You've got a cigarette lighter there, just to the right.... I'd splice into that. Plenty of juice available on that line (they are usually 20A) and it is right there / easy to reach. Since you are probably just using it to power stuff with that USB adapter, you won't have any problem powering that radio too. I would NOT share power to the radio with the power wiring to the brake controller if you plan on using it for a trailer. Unlike your cigarette lighter socket, the brake controller can max out the current limit on its circuit and that could be bad for the radio.
  8. Jon W

    Random Video Of The Day

    This made me chuckle...
  9. Jon W

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

  10. Jon W

    Where’s Disapear Skier?

    I think "car parts" is a euphemism for sex toys.
  11. Jon W


    Thought about audii books, but I like to read when I can, so I haven't tried any yet... I'd rather read it thn listen.
  12. Jon W

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Cause they aren't deaf yet.
  13. Jon W


    I'll check it out when I finish this series.
  14. Jon W


    So, the new job has meant ~1 hr commute each way daily.... I listened to Pandora for a while, but I got tired of it and started looking for something else.... decided to try podcasts. The hard part is finding something that is interesting enough to listen to for an hour -- lot of stuff out there just isn't that interesting to me. Eventually, I found a couple that I've enjoyed though. There is one series I'm going through right now called Caliphate, which is by a NY Times journalist. She has been reporting on Isis and various War on Terror topics and the podcast is presenting her answer to the question "Who are these people who join the muslim extremist groups?".... kind of like, what attracts and makes someone from Western society leave the society they grew up in to join with fundamentalist muslims, particularly groups like Isis and Al Queda. I've often wondered about exactly this question.... Why do people join these groups? Anyway, I'm about 2/3 of the way (6.5 of 10 ~episodes) through and it has been really fascinating to listen to. If you're looking for something to listen to and want to try something like a podcast, I recommend this one. The main focus of the reporting is to explain the reasoning / rationale and psychology that causes people to join, and in many cases, leave the extremist groups. There isn't any attempt to generate sympathy for them or to judge their actions. You can find the episodes in podcast apps, or directly from this link: JW