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  1. JeepinMike

    Microwave Burritos

    A little bigger than Tina's, we usually have a stack of Trader Joe's Chicken Chile Verde burritos in our freezer... though I did just discover they have 2140mg of sodium....
  2. JeepinMike

    Happy Friday

    Yeah? Rumor has it we may be going back tomorrow; every gas crew turning on gas lines @ homes will be escorted with a fire engine...
  3. JeepinMike

    Thrz of the day

    My $$ is just a worker screwup. They did mash the button for more help pretty quick, spent a couple hours in staging with about 25 other fire apparatus at the Andover High School. Couple trucks would be sent out at a time for a call, but honestly things were calming down as we were getting there.
  4. JeepinMike

    Phones and Plans

    Nope, just got Android Pie....
  5. JeepinMike

    Phones and Plans

    Been with Project Fi for 3 years now. Started with a Nexus 5X, and it just stopped chargling last week. $180 for an original Pixel, and it's perfectly good. As much as I was thinking of looking at the Pixel 3 when it comes out, I think the Pixel will do for a year or two, and at the price, I can afford to replace it if I screw up. Short version, I kinda see used smart phones like used cars....
  6. JeepinMike

    SUNDAY Funday

    The 1A auto show in Pepperell has been growing nicely over the years. Unfortunately, a Corvette decided to take out a telephone pole in town. We suspect he/she came from the show. Front end was reportedly completely wrecked....
  7. JeepinMike

    Where’s Disapear Skier?

    Hmm, I wonder whose COE is here at the 1A show...
  8. JeepinMike

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Hey, that's Little Gull Lighthouse... had the pleasure of sailing past it twice last weekend, but not fast enough to prevent us from dropping out of the race due to lack of wind...
  9. JeepinMike

    Random Video Of The Day

    They also get into fancy stuff, surface drives, where the prop is only half in the water....
  10. JeepinMike

    You Know What Day It Is

    Last time I told a friend that she never talked to me again....
  11. JeepinMike

    Way early Wednesday.

    Hoping it doesn't get too hot this afternoon (too late!), hoping to drop a couple trees in a friend's yard. I'd rather not do it in 85 degree heat. I do know I'm not going to be climbing them today.
  12. JeepinMike

    Day Of The Satureday

    Spent way to much time taking people to the hospital in the ambulance last night, though the flirting nurse was entertaining (and a bit of an ego boost).... son’s off with a friend camping in Maine until next weekend. -mike
  13. JeepinMike


    Hmm, fraudulent CC opened in my name late last week, and discovered my mail was put on hold for the entire month just now... coincidence? Probably not...
  14. JeepinMike


    We bought outright three years ago from a small company (Second Generation Energy). Break-even of our system is supposed to be around year 7. They're managing the SREC side such that we simply receive a check quarterly (minus 2%) for the management fee. I want to say it's around $250/SREC, and obviously the checks for the summer are higher than winter time. Haven't had to do anything aside from cashing the check. Not knowing the company you're working with, I'd ask them what their process is for getting the SREC credit. -mike
  15. JeepinMike

    Tardy Thursday....

    Its 9:30 and no one's here? I sense a disturbance in the force... Sadly, I think today's the day we have to put the 18 yro cat to sleep...