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  1. 2zdey

    Annual physical this morning... expecting the doc to tell me I need more exercise....

    Easy-peasy, nothing under it...

    Went to Canaveral Monday to try to see it, disappointed they scrubbed...

    Oh boy.... Got a call from the school guidance counselor that our 6th grader told a girl (via text) that another girl said she was a sl**... I doubt he even knows what it means. This will be a fun evening.

    So, 6 months after the drama at the office started, we got notice the office is closing.... Fun day of packing and drinking beer in the office. Renting a 26' truck Thursday to take equipment to a self-storage unit.

    Just got home from my sister's wedding in AZ over this past weekend. And some damner applied for a $15k personal loan in my name... fun times!

    Good day of skiing. Tomorrow should be better. Was planning on taking Monday off and skiing Tues & Wednesday. Sadly I already bought those lift tickets. Wife & son are probably visiting a distance relative Monday @ lunch, I might have to go skiing that day. Oh, and the outside pool is pretty sweet. There's approx 4'x5' inside the building with a ladder on either side to head to the respective changing rooms and then an arch with plastic curtains over the water to take you out to the rest of the pool. Only reason I had to buy the beer in cans was due to the pool. Finally, when the boy gets wise and tries to get on my shoulders when I'm in the pool, Dad's revenge is to stand up in the shallow end and expose the boy to the freezing air temperatures while firmly holding his legs so he had nowhere to go...

    Skiing at Sunday River with the family... (or at least trying to.) A lot better snow than the slush puddles at Wachussett yesterday. -mike
  9. Twosday again

    Odd, I changed my @ North Middlesex (Now Main St Bank) when I forgot the new pin on the new card they sent. Had a little machine right there that I punched it into.
  10. Wetness day..

    Gah, she beat me to it. Yeah, it's $39 for 39 months rolled into the monthly payments to cover that subscription. Math works out, it's the same price.
  11. Would you be interested?

    Curious to hear more, not sure how different it would be compared to driving/crewing at Lemons races...
  12. Monday

    Long story short, builder originally built this house for himself and didn't put in any fireplaces or woodburning stoves... it is on my list of things I may change.
  13. Monday

    damning oil company can't manage their auto delivery program very well if two winters in a row I run out of oil... I smell a switch in my future.
  14. Any Bullit fans?

    Jon, did you read his article??