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  1. JeepinMike

    Independence Day!!!!!

    Mmmm, beer & pool all afternoon. Family & friends. No heater or solar cover and its already 85 this summer.
  2. JeepinMike

    Independence Day!!!!!

    That's why I tossed our boat behind our forestry, ran the pump during the parade, and had the forestry line in the boat hosing down the crowd... beat sitting in an A/C-less truck!
  3. JeepinMike

    Monday Monday

    Almost sounds as bad as going above the sanctuary of a church yesterday afternoon investigating a fire alarm... Talk about a dry sauna.... A/C's pretty much not working in our house. But my home office above the garage has a minisplit... walking up the stairs this morning was glorious.... 74 degrees....
  4. JeepinMike

    A case of the Mundays ....

    Welp, up a little early for an ambulance run, now to see what the rest of the day will bring...
  5. JeepinMike


    That sucks. Navy flys the Seahawk, CG flys the Jayhawk. It may have been what was in the forecast as well as what you actually saw there. -mike
  6. JeepinMike


    Sea Hawk or Jay Hawk?? If I had known earlier I'd drive daon to watch. -mike
  7. JeepinMike


    Answer to the whole no shorts bit:
  8. JeepinMike


    Up way too early with my son at a scout camp out just down the road from Field & Forest. Hopefully headed home in the next hour or so and a relaxing day at home.
  9. JeepinMike


    Pretty much. We called immigration a couple hours in advance, so they already have passport names/numbers. Took the guy all of a minute or so to take our three passports and match them up with three of us, and tell us we're all set. Honestly, if you wanted to do something *bad* as a one time thing, it'd be trivial to seek something or someone in. -mike
  10. JeepinMike


    We tried fishing when we went to the Caribbean 6 years ago and didn't have any luck, so we didn't try. Motoring up the sound now, meeting customs and immigration in Milford in a couple of hours. -mike
  11. JeepinMike


    Hey, is that the Montauk light?? It is.. and after 10 days we're back in the land of the internet, cell phone service, and other modern conveniences... -mike
  12. JeepinMike


    And we're off...
  13. JeepinMike


    Stratford - Housatonic river. Pretty much grew up sailing out of there...
  14. JeepinMike


    Last morning in Antigua, waiting for coffee at a small shop at the marina. Hoping to shove off by noontime, next stop Connecticut. -mike
  15. JeepinMike

    Friday Baby!!!

    Logan for an early flight... Antigua by 2PM... couple days of relaxing, then close to two weeks to sail to CT....