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  1. Any Bullit fans?

    Jon, did you read his article??
  2. FRIDAY- day of the dig out

    You're probably better off with this...
  3. Snows a blowin' Thursday.

    Hence the 'Our neck of the woods!' Hard to tell with the wind, I'm on an open field. Probably close to a foot, though I had snow drifts that were probably 18-24"+ in spots on the driveway. -mike
  4. Snows a blowin' Thursday.

    Not too bad in our neck of the woods. North Middlesex just closed schools for tomorrow. Ran to the store an hour ago, roads were so-so, did see a FWD car or two more or less stuck on a hill..
  5. Frigid Friday

    And the last saw class I was at my (hot, 24 yro female) instructor kept telling me to use the tip more.... plunge cuts, windows, bucking without leaning over so much.... Yes, it was hard not to smile when she said it.
  6. Frigid Friday

    Actually, electrics have more torque. I've heard of warnings of some chaps may not sufficiently protect you against electric chainsaws due to this. Haven't found any youtube proof of an electric saw going through standard chaps however. -mike
  7. Load The Sleigh Sunday

    Wife just left for the Pats game.... it will be a lazy day here...

    Hey, I said they might have moved it. Bring it over, you can have my truck, the interior lights actually work with a switch.

    They may have moved it, but it used to be tied to the dash lights, which was to the left of the steering wheel on the dash. Press up all the way (dash light go all the way to bright), and then the interior lights come on. So we have a potential buyer for the company. I'm tasked with setting up the demo. Yeah, no pressure. Screw this up and the company folds.
  10. WTF Thurs.

    Don't know, but I share the feeling...
  11. Not your average wireless thermostat A little pricy...
  12. Back To Work Monday

    Well, found out (not surprised though) at work that a business relationship that would keep us going will probably not be happening.... Oh well. Time to start looking.
  13. NOCO genius 3500 battery charger

    Only problem I had with a NOCO charger was wearing out the cables where they exit the box. Just beyond the molded strain relief ended they broke.
  14. Turdsday

    I'm at a place where we don't have a vacation policy. You want time off, you take it. On the flip side, it does feel a little awkward to take (significantly) more time off than other people. I have been taking 3-4 weeks a year w/o issue, including almost a month contiguous this past summer to sail across the Atlantic.
  15. Turdsday

    US Hydraulics. Actually it was the fittings that had the issue, and they're pretty good about having the right metric fittings in stock.