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  1. Jeep seats, 05 tj

    Mine aren't very comfy. Suggestions? Mastercraft,prp what.?
  2. Well water pressure tank

    Two pipe pump, venturi down in the well.
  3. I have a me 2078908776

    That's funnay right there.
  5. WED

    Just bought two sleds. 07 and 09 Ski doo renegades, long tracks.
  6. dead Beat- over due bill

    90 days in Maine. Not sweating it.
  7. dead Beat- over due bill

    I have no contact info on her.
  8. O2 Tank

    buy the tanks=cheaper
  9. dead Beat- over due bill

    not worried abougt it.$650 ain't going to push me over the edge. Was more curious about the CC thing with the MIL. Had a dude we did some underground rough plumbing in a a new house for. Never sent him a bill as we were going back to do the rest of the house. Couple of months later he wants a biil. OK $400 (which was way cheap,again because I assumed we were going to finish the house. His wife or GF calls,"we need an itemized bill" WTF? ok made an intemized bill,$712. Never heard another word from him or got a check.
  10. dead Beat- over due bill

    Once it's installed it his. Can't go get it. If I thought I could sneak in a cut a wire at the top of his well I would,
  11. When we were away over Christmas my son and helper trudged through the snow to pull a 300 foot well and change this guy's pump. didnt pay for two months when I was beating on his door(literally). With his mother i law's credit card.He paid 1/2. now 6 months later nothing. BUT I still have her CC on file. Should I just run it again for the balance? (he lives in a $300k house)
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  14. talkin timber

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