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  1. bigjeep

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    The Lovely Susan, Lowell born and raised, absolutely loves northern Maine.
  2. bigjeep

    Phones and Plans

    On a s7 for 3 years,works fine.
  3. bigjeep

    Case of the Mondays...

    That's awesome,I have always hoped to have an impact on another's life like that. Thank You
  4. bigjeep

    Splitting Saturday.

    Kaiserman is in the house. Came down to pick up the Harley, no plans he brought his Jeep, may wheel up a mtn.
  5. bigjeep

    HFB Roy!!!

  6. bigjeep

    Thrz of the day

    1% of my customers are poopie-doopies. Guess who emailed me today?
  7. bigjeep

    Phones and Plans

    Me,the lovely Susan, mom and one I save for the company. 204 a month,it's f,ing stupid. But I run a company. $2500 a year, it's crazy.
  8. bigjeep

    Wed Nes Day

    Double root canal, can't feel half my face. Makes drinking beer a challange.
  9. bigjeep

    SUNDAY Funday

    Shelves above the oil tank should be no problem.
  10. bigjeep

    Battery Impact gun

    I know I have one for you text me your mailing info Two 07 890 8776
  11. bigjeep

    Battery Impact gun

    Let me look at my inventory. I will make a list.
  12. bigjeep

    Battery Impact gun

    Don't buy any Millwaukee chargers. I have several I will NEOW nice to any one.
  13. bigjeep


    Edited. That text was from last year's adventure. Hence the Karl's phone comment.
  14. bigjeep


  15. I would go sometime, with you. Know the place a bit.