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  1. bigjeep

    I think it's Tuesday

    Just did some wheeling and dealing. Gone a klx 250 I would never ride. Got a 7x10 dump trailer.
  2. bigjeep

    Rover hard top

    you should buy it.
  3. bigjeep

    TJ Hard Top Wanted

    I think there was one on Maine Craig list yesterday.
  4. bigjeep

    Rover hard top

    I would definitely like to know it's worth. Roof measures 77 inches, what does it fit? Very good shape, I think.
  5. bigjeep

    Rover hard top

  6. bigjeep

    Rover hard top

  7. bigjeep

    Rover hard top

    What did I find?
  8. bigjeep


    Copper L tubing,blue letters= potable water piping,heavy. M weight tubing, red lettering= heat piping,thin wallled.
  9. bigjeep


    This American life. Npr, but I like it.
  10. bigjeep

    Tax Bill Tuesday

    Used the new tractor today. Nice.
  11. bigjeep

    Monday Monday

    36k feet above eastern Wyoming, holy nothingness. Bucked up the $8 for 6 hrs of intrawebs.
  12. bigjeep

    Monday Monday

    5am in beautiful downtown SLC. Awesome steak last night with my two favorite people. Has been a Very Good trip,now to come home to the pup and new tractor. Yay ,flights.
  13. bigjeep

    Sultry Sunday

    Awesome steak at Chistophers. Night cap and off to bed. Wonderful vacation.
  14. bigjeep

    Towing price check/recommendations

    Had our 25 foot motor home towed 45 miles from Portland When we bought it. AAA
  15. bigjeep

    Sultry Sunday

    Just toured the Mormon park. Aquarium now.