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  1. Swampy Sunday

  2. Bike computer recommendation

    I'll just stay fat and happy.
  3. Wack Off Wenesday

    Best post evah, evah.
  4. Tropical Tuesday

    The boy got his new friend.
  5. Tropical Tuesday

    Sending a check to diamond gates Terriers ,deposit on new doggo. Pretty sure the boy is picking up a 9 week old border collie this afternoon. We had a border collie for 15 yrs, the kids were young then.
  6. Snowy Sunday

    In Presque Isle, going for a ride through the woods.
  7. Sad day coming, probably Friday.

    Cam is chasing Squirrells in the sky. Thank you all for your kind words. Quick and painless good bye. Jim and The Lovely susan.
  8. TGIF

    Heading to Presque Isle, tomorrow, snowmobiling with The Lovely Susan and the Kaiserman crew.
  9. Sad day coming, probably Friday.

    Today's the day. Been a damn good run.
  10. Sad day coming, probably Friday.

    Thank you all.
  11. 17" wheels for CJ 5x5.5

    I'd sell the tires to some flatbiller. Loudest tires i ever ran. Sold them at a pretty big loss,they were so bad.
  12. How about a fish Recipe

    Fresh scallops,raw. Yum. Thanks Kaiserman
  13. Sad day coming, probably Friday.

    Always assumed his demise would be from a bigger dog. Fearless little bastid,Always called him my 100# dog. Jack Russell terrorist.
  14. Sad day coming, probably Friday.

    He has been an awesome friend. Oh the stories I could tell. Most of them good. LOL.