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  1. Smokers Corner

    Ours is propane, love it. Temperature control came through pre busted. But that ok cause it borked at 225*. Set it and forget it. Actually I add wood chips every hr for the first few and then leave it alone.

    Women's work

    I was going to say,add a couple more flues.
  4. wednesday

    I'm going to write the bonus Checks. Son,good part time guy who's coming on full time in the spring and guy I can't wait to fire. Decisions
  5. Tuesday

    We have had the little buggers in our house off and on for years. Bought a sonic device last week. Poof gone. To good to be true? Only time will tell.. Let me find the link. Cleanrth PCS101 Three-Stage ComboSonic
  6. Back To Work Monday

    3rd times a charm The Lovely Susan says ,good I have one more shot. Lol
  7. Snowmobiles and trailer

    Probably not a kids sled 3 cylinder two stroke.
  8. Snowmobiles and trailer

    Still have Polaris and Trailer
  9. Back To Work Monday

    Randi siteing today. Had a nice chat. He looks to be doing quite well. seems he comes to town often. Maybe lunch next time. I was too busy today.

    Snow mobile bridge built, Used the boy's excavator to remove old one. 8000# machine, the old Dodge hauled it fine. Road trip to Rumford ,1 hr each way. To tell customer their water heater was installed wrong, now broke and need a new one.They are going after installer. Pretty sure that will go no where. Just sold the ski doo. Supposed to go to Mom's for the game a dinner, The Lovely Susan is already there. may just go to the beer store and come home.
  11. 12/1\17

    Where is the naked Shane Pic?
  12. 2020 presidential BS thread

    A reason I skip this thread. We just live our lives and pay our bills. We see it every day and The Lovely Susan helps their devil spawn smile.
  13. Remote start

    When I looked into it. Sounded like a better idea to just buy a car with a factory installed one.
  14. Turn key and go. These are mine,just bought them from an older gentleman. I just wanted the trailer they were on. I've had this trailer 4 or 5 yrs, hauls nice. 12 ft. Machines are very clean. They weren't started this year before I bought them. When I got home they fired right up. Thanks Jim
  15. 12/1\17

    are you new here?