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  1. Jeebronc

    AMC 20 1-Piece Shafts

    Sometimes if you don't know the brand it's difficult to find the right bearings, they vary ever so slightly from brand to brand...
  2. Is it sold? will you sell just the Warn?
  3. Anybody has a lead on either a set of Rubi TJ 44's or a set of TJ 44's built/ locked ready to mount for a reasonable price?
  4. Jeebronc

    99/2000 4.0 grand cherokee motor

    I think those years are the distributorless ones with "weak" heads...Usually twice as hard to find and twice as much $$ as a "standard" 4.0...
  5. If it doesn't have a rusted frame it's perfect for what I need.
  6. anybody know what axels it has? IFS? mileage? how's the frame? too many questions?
  7. With the salvage title, what would be the procedure to register it in NY state?
  8. I don't know, I like this thing. I like diesels. Are those manual hubs?
  9. I was going by this. didn't know the specs for either engine
  10. it's probably similar to a 4BT Cummins
  11. Pictures of the engine?...
  12. does it cruise nicely at highway speeds? what is the top speed? about 60-65?
  13. Hey, let me know when you get the next usable one of these Miller furnaces. I would also be interested in whatever accessories might come with it (oil tank, thermostat, etc.) Thanks.



  14. Jeebronc

    Hello from New Jersey!

    I'm an "outsider", been a member for a few years, the way I stumbled upon the forum is, I've been 'wheeling with LIOR (Long Island Off Road) club for about 25 years and we've had runs with members from other clubs etc. I think I met with Paul some 10 years ago at one of the runs in Mass. and he had the NEOW sticker on the windshield, and, like they say, the rest is history. Ed
  15. Jeebronc

    Random Stuff for sale

    Hey, I left you a PM, gotta get your ppal aadress... Thanks Ed