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  1. I was going by this. didn't know the specs for either engine
  2. it's probably similar to a 4BT Cummins
  3. Pictures of the engine?...
  4. does it cruise nicely at highway speeds? what is the top speed? about 60-65?
  5. Hey, let me know when you get the next usable one of these Miller furnaces. I would also be interested in whatever accessories might come with it (oil tank, thermostat, etc.) Thanks.



  6. Hello from New Jersey!

    I'm an "outsider", been a member for a few years, the way I stumbled upon the forum is, I've been 'wheeling with LIOR (Long Island Off Road) club for about 25 years and we've had runs with members from other clubs etc. I think I met with Paul some 10 years ago at one of the runs in Mass. and he had the NEOW sticker on the windshield, and, like they say, the rest is history. Ed
  7. Random Stuff for sale

    Hey, I left you a PM, gotta get your ppal aadress... Thanks Ed
  8. T18 D300

    That was all Scouts but 1980, they had D300's with a pattern unique to the T19's One year wonders. Now, if you can score THAT set up, it's probably worth a couple thou. Ed
  9. T18 D300

    I think the only ones that came with the adapters from the factory were the T-19's found only in 1980 IH Scouts. I could be wrong though
  10. That's where it would go if I acquired it
  11. WTB Old skool "roll cage" or light bar

    I do have one like the one in the New London add (old CJ) Can be picked up in Parksville NY
  12. If you changed your mind about selling it it's ok. Just let me know one way or the other. Thanks. Ed
  13. Still interested. Still waiting for pictures. I can pick it up in the near future. Send me some photos to Ed 631-275-2155
  14. NP 435

    I have a place up in Liberty NY, near Roscoe. When you get a chance, call me or shoot me a text. Thanks Ed 631-275-2155