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  1. 1965 Jeep J2000

    Hey! I resemble that remark.
  2. 1965 Jeep J2000

  3. Stand With Steve

    Sent over a benjamin.
  4. Stand With Steve
  5. 1965 Jeep J2000

    Wedding was on Friday. Made it with there with the Jeep. Great success! Huge thanks to @HEEPJEEP for all the help along the way. Ran well about halfway there, then started to spit/sputter at more than 1/4 throttle. Put a new fuel filter on before we left the venue and added some carb cleaner. The ride home was better until the last couple miles, then started to do the same thing. Hoping for just a plugged jet or something easy. Will also check vacuum lines/timing/plugs/etc. Still need to get inspected (10 day lasted until Saturday)...horn, ebrake, and bumpers should do it.

    But it was worth it
  7. Manic Monday

    Omghai2u A/S/L/noods?
  8. My son's 76 Cherokee Chief.

    @grendel There’s two of those at the junkyard here if you need any parts.
  9. All of the Dana 44 bearing caps

    Fluid is drained. Think covers are usually still on. They don’t care, they’ll sell anything.
  10. All of the Dana 44 bearing caps

    @HEEPJEEP We can raid the pick n pull when you’re here
  11. 1965 Jeep J2000

    Went for a drive today. First time on the road since 2005.
  12. 1965 Jeep J2000

    Don't have much for new pics, don't think anyone cares about wiring and brake lines. Looking to get out on the road this weekend so I'll have some pitchers with the bed, doors and hood back on. Only 1 week til dooms day!
  13. 1965 Jeep J2000

  14. Thursday thursday

    Out driving like an idiot?
  15. MONDAY

    Foot of snow tomorrow.