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  1. 84cj build

    Shiny! Junk.
  2. Lockright Woes

    Agreed. New springs and pins should get ya back to 100%
  3. Bella Belben

    Stores are not even allowed to ask an owner if the dog is a therapy dog or not. Most don't want the hassle either
  4. Chevy Dana 60 front axle 4.56 gears

    I would love to put a 60 in my cj7. Gears match my 14bolt.i just don't have the coin.
  5. 84cj build

    Ron, those are the stock wheels I was hoping you had for sale when we talked. I have the original hubcaps for those. I will never run them if you would like them. All in great shape.
  6. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Mike, if you ever need poop hauled across the state I've got a dually duramax and a car trailer all NY Legal and can help boarder to boarder and then some if needed.
  7. Bella Belben

    So very sorry Mike, we helped our 7 year old over the bridge yesterday so I know exactly how you feel today. Glad you and her got 12 full years, even though it's never enough. Run free bella
  8. Electric Trailer Brakes

    Mine was locking up on the way to gonzo's place,walked back to check what was up and thunk thunk the wheel bearing was super loose. Not sure if it was related, or just dumb luck that I checked it.
  9. The type of buyer that will spend the $$ on a build like that will be a serious one,and having that "jewelry box" look when you open the hood will show the effort and dedication you've put into all aspects of the truck, the show and the go IMO...., maybe I watch pregnant dogin' rides too much.
  10. After all the work you've put in, vintage air is an easy step to make it that much more over the top
  11. Is it worth it to recore a radiator?
  12. ISO: 8 lug wheels

    I have a set off the j-truck we had in limerick
  13. Newest old plow rig

    I have been throwing around the idea with my similar rig. Do you just have a snatch block hanging from the boner bar to lift/lower?
  14. hard top for 2010 2dr.

    Thanks ! I think I convinced her to buy. New soft top Thanks for the link, I'll pass it on
  15. NOCO genius 3500 battery charger

    picked up a 3500 from Amazon on a daily deal for $45. hooked it to my dead dead yellowtop and it just blinked charge/fault and never wanted to do anything more. got it charging one of the other in-use yellow tops that was dead too