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  1. WTB AX-5

    56min from my place, FYI
  2. WTB stock CJ7 Under hood light

    Not pretty, but complete.
  3. WTB stock CJ7 Under hood light

    Are you still looking for one? Pretty sure the plow rig I just bought has one on it, probably not pretty or working, but I can test it all out
  4. Back to the top. Need to find a new buyer. Open to most any offer. Can deliver within reason. Heading to Maine on the 20th.
  5. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Not CL, but this was listed as a 1975 renegade, 4cly, 3spd. None of which is true. Didn't bother to check the year but no 7s in 1975. It's also a 258/t176. It's also headed to my place
  6. Gravely hoarders?

    I did. I got rid of all but 3 when we moved to NY. There were 7 at one time.
  7. Gravely hoarders?

    Gravely stuff all uses their own unique attachment . This is my 49 with a few upgrades and a real mower
  8. Gravely hoarders?

    Truth. Looks nothing like my walkbehind, or real mower
  9. I'll help you fred. Not to worry. But seriously, I am on the side of helping if that is what's asked for. No reason for a loved one to suffer and rack up countless thousands of $$ in a hospital when all they want is for the pain to end.
  10. 1998 Wrangler not starting...

    All the grounds hooked up? Auto shutdown relay preventing it from cranking? Crankshaft position sensor?
  11. Assist or full hydro?

    I am hauling my junk to Maine for April 20th, not sure there is time to fawk with it before then, if not some time over the summer would be great.
  12. Assist or full hydro?

    Wow is right. Definitely want to set something up about tapping my box. Let me know what you'd like for cash/beer/booze for the time
  13. Assist or full hydro?

    I have been known to make some pretty crazy drives for junk. I also spent 2 years driving from ME to NY to see my now wife before we moved to the same state. Tjlong is about 2.5hours from here, not out of range from my normal travels anyways.
  14. Assist or full hydro?

    Where are you located? It may just be worth the drive. I did do the 2 tap system. The only part I screwed up was the bottom hole was a hair too high and when I ran the tap in It hit something inside, pushed the tap sideways, and ruined the threads.
  15. Worlds coming to an end Wed

    We have the perfect yard and exposure for solar, but all the companies will only do roof installs, I want a ground array. No one wants to talk about those.