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  1. Baby Call Ducks

    get 2 and a Barry white CD, you'll have plenty in no time
  2. Injection question

    the good is that you have a secondary kill switch of sorts. and if the pump is plumbed right the fuel is just going to return to the tank if the motor is not running.
  3. Howell fuel injection question

    switched 12v is all I have on the 4.0L in my cj. not that dissimilar to the howell kit on a 258.
  4. What's the nuttiest project in your brain?

    c3 is loaded on my trailer waiting for me to have some time off. vaca is week after next
  5. *free* hot tub tech talk

    when we bought this house we bought stock in Clorox, so I am prepared for the worst.
  6. *free* hot tub tech talk

    NY now. they don't take kindly to the Maine way of life
  7. *free* hot tub tech talk

    but is it free? this is my main reason looking to cheap out of this. I know her, 2 years = 5 uses. tops, and all those in the first 2 weeks. after that, I would be listing it for free.
  8. *free* hot tub tech talk

    we have a giant in-ground pool that doesn't get used much, so I fully understand the desire or lack there of to maintain such items. sounds like I wouldn't be that bad off to continue to look for a free one. thanks!
  9. so the wifey wants a hot tub. I am not really down to drop $2k on a new one. I see them all over craigslist/FBmarketplace for free. most say they won't heat or pump. What are the pros and cons of getting a free hot tub and fixing the needed parts? worth it to fix them or are they junk items? any brand better than the other? I have a nice car trailer and can move it easy enough, just wondering if the neow collective has thoughts on the issue. or would or wouldn't recommend it.
  10. D44's front and rear

    I was thinking of the big yellow rockdog rig as well. that was marc Courtneys rig once right?
  11. D44's front and rear

    that's the rig that started me down the cj8 path.
  12. long bullpoop story I won't bore anyone with, but looking to help a friend rehome a dog. he's a 2yr old redbone coonhound. supposedly has food aggression to the current owner, but this dog has been rehomed from a great situation through 2 less than perfect homes all with other kids and dogs involved. original owners were training him for search and rescue and he's super smart and good at tracking, but needs someone willing to do the work and get that info back after the last 6 months of being just a pet. he needs to goto a person who knows dogs, dogs energy, and dog's needs to strive.
  13. U-joints

    are you actually going to grease them after install? then greaseable. if you are lazy and will forget them, use the non.
  14. YJ water pump pulley

    all good man, thanks. I found a Taurus fan in my parts bin so I bought an XJ water pump and will not worry about the fan location. thanks all.