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  1. JDogg


    Mom is pit /beagle, dad is pit
  2. JDogg


    This little one comes home in 33 days.
  3. My 5th wheel hitch is in the bed. Never been an issue since 2002. That is until I crushed the plug with a bunch of junk. Replaced and keep using it that way
  4. JDogg

    North Conway NH 6-21 to 26?

    Muddy moose restaurant makes a killer mudslide. Good food too.
  5. JDogg

    Lost a good man today.

    Sorry friend.
  6. JDogg

    ISO: ‘97+ XJ parts...

    I didn't fully read the title, I missed the 97+ . Much nicer interiors indeed
  7. JDogg

    ISO: ‘97+ XJ parts...

    I have 90% of the interior of a 2dr 95 xj. No pedal assembly thou had to cut it up for the ax15 swap into the CJ.
  8. JDogg

    Bender. Borrow or buy

    Not in a rush, but it's on the short list of jeep projects
  9. JDogg

    Bender. Borrow or buy

    I want to add a couple of bars to my tube rig including a harness bar. Looking to borrow if possible, or buy a bender with dies. I haven't bought the tube yet so I can use either 1.5" or 1.75" dies, or I can make whatever work.
  10. JDogg

    1968 K20 (wrecker)

    X 11 billion. Clear coat. Drive. Drool.
  11. JDogg

    Welding instructor needed

  12. JDogg

    Some folks, you just can't reach

    I have the same kind of trip planned in my head, but.... I have family in Arizona to stay with that can do the search for me And I am looking at cherokee chiefs, or j-trucks. Not a run of the mill wrangler. The adventure back is half the fun IMO
  13. JDogg

    What do I do with my old music CDs?

    Toss them all in the microwave for 2 minutes on high
  14. JDogg

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Anyone we know?? https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/1987-jeep-comanche/6568901450.html I'd love to but need to pass to make room
  15. JDogg

    Sunday beotches

    Pics of the 4wd lever? How much of a pain was it?