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  1. JDogg

    wireless surveillance

    APEMAN WiFi IP Camera 720P Wireless... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071WYKYFK?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf I have one of these in the house. works ok. 3 passwords deep on security, but who knows. I can watch from my cell at work, set it to record on the on-board micro-sd with motion.
  2. JDogg

    You Know What Day It Is

    a guest of Prestone
  3. JDogg

    You Know What Day It Is

    dear judge.... I retract my statement and any positive comments....
  4. JDogg

    You Know What Day It Is

    Just found out I am going to SEMA in October!!!
  5. JDogg


    Roy's letter is awesome. if mine is half as good as his I will be glad.
  6. JDogg


    I had to have my wife/secretary read and rewrite mine. gibberish to decent letter, I think.
  7. JDogg


    did I miss the time for fridays hearing? i have the date and the place, just didn't remember seeing a time. meeting in the parking lot and all walking in together arms locked in solidarity, or trickle in 1 at a time?
  8. JDogg


    95 south is a traffic jam.495west is no better. Glad we are headed north east.
  9. Is there enough to make 1 half decent truck?
  10. JDogg


    Shoot me a format please.
  11. JDogg

    AMC 20 1-Piece Shafts

    Would you only recommend these as spares and not the main set for any reason?
  12. Thinking I am going to sell my rock crawler. I dont post much about it, or really much at all anymore, but having a hard time seeing this rig sit and never leave the yard. Times and desires have changed and I am looking for a new project and this is the first of a few to leave. Quick specs: 93 4.0l approx 200k miles T18 Dana 300 with terralow 4:1 gears& HD rear output Wag44 front. 4.56s & spooled. I have a kingpin 60 with 4.56s that I will include( its having its drw hubs machined to srw currently) 14bolt rear, welded Recentered h1 rims with Goodyear takeoffs CJ frame, wag front springs up front and xj front springs in the rear. Tube work by boots and myself. Dual yellowtops with marine switch. Fuel cell with stock YJ pump. I'd really like to keep the winch and put it on the other jeep, but can be negotiated into price too. Seats have been changed from moabs to stock XJ seats. I know I am missing a thousand details I really dont know what this is worth, I see prices on bookoffaces all over the board, I understand it is worth what someone will pay.what says neow on a value? All my pics are too big to upload. I have a bunch on fecesbook.
  13. JDogg


    Mom is pit /beagle, dad is pit
  14. JDogg


    This little one comes home in 33 days.
  15. My 5th wheel hitch is in the bed. Never been an issue since 2002. That is until I crushed the plug with a bunch of junk. Replaced and keep using it that way