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  1. Bike computer recommendation

    I paid more than that for just the front wheel of my race bike... I use a garmin Edge 500. Pretty good middle of the road product. Doesn't have color, doesn't live update with your phone or anything fancy like that. But the battery lasts awhile, screens and configurable, and its pretty accurate. You can find them cheap on ebay and amazon these days,
  2. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Feel like I need to create a problem just to find a way to use that
  3. what forum is Belben on now??

    He's still trying to recover a bit from the DOT/Truck issues but plugging away every day
  4. Nhoilundercoating.com

    A friend of mine Runs Northeast Mobile Undercoating (who use this product). Has a specialty ramp trailer, shows up to you spays it on. He was booked solid before I left for NZ, couldn't even fit me in.
  5. Who Knows NYC?

    Brother lives in Brooklyn, parents head down about once a year and he always is able to find a pretty good deal for them on Air B&B
  6. Beggars Tuesday

    Just a vacation this time. Hope to get some adventuring in, but no races.
  7. Beggars Tuesday

    Going to be a tough day at work today. Finished up most of what I had to do yesterday and leaving for 3 weeks to head down to Austraila and New Zealand tomorrow.
  8. Soaking Sunday

    Tried to avoid smartphones, but it looks like Apple has screwed me over... Texts from Apple devices are spotty at best for me now. Either only coming in partial, or not at all at times; my family and GF are all on Iphones so makes it a bit difficult to communicate via text. Smallest smartphone I see available is the Iphone SE, what a clever scheme they have. Not looking for anything fancy, somehow have managed to get this far without anything so not trying to jump full bore into Iphone X status. Alternative suggestions?
  9. New gig

    Same here. 1 week "academics" 1 week Shop. Although a bunch of the people I know who went there are still in the industry they trained in. I went for Engineering, I'm a ME, GF went for science, she's a Scientist, here sister for baking, Head Pastry Chef at some fancy hotel, 2 other of their friends when for hair, both of them own their own salons, etc
  10. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Picked up another one... Gauge I have now is just flat out wrong, the new one matches pretty close to the IR Thermometer and shows not problems at all. Well, at least I have a rock solid cooling system now.
  11. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Didn't have a chance right now but I'll do that this afternoon when I have some more time. Thanks all for the help so far!
  12. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Ok lunch update. Ran home, topped off, turned on and let idle for as long as I could before I had to get back to work with the rad cap off. Gauge ran up past 240*, everywhere I measured with the thermometer was below 200, 190 even...so thinking the gauge is just whack. Didn't even turn the fan on. Even the thermostat housing that gauge is plugged into wasn't nearly that hot. Couple small things to note to make sure I'm not going crazy. I did this with the rad cap off, after a bit, it started pushing a bunch of fluid out the top, thermostat opened up and it trying to push an air bubble out? It bubbled more or less the rest of the time but in larger blubs. So just for a visual since I've never seen it before, how much movement should I be seeing once the flow is circulating?
  13. Buggy Overheating Issue

    I'm not reading the ECM temp, I have a mechanical gauge. Would think its pretty reliable, but I have no way of verifying, and its a cheapo
  14. Buggy Overheating Issue

    That is what I'm going to do tonight. When I first put the thing together I for sure had a huge air bubble in the upper radiator hose as I didn't have a bleeder there and it was above my radiator cap, had the hood on. Overheated. Then I drained it, move the transmission cooler off the front with its own fan, put the high flow pump/thermostat/radiator cap on, with a bleeder at the top, removed the hood. Overheated. Now I put the Taurus fan on, move the radiator up so the cap is above the hose. Still says it overheats. I was trying to figure out if i had the gauge wire run along something else hot, other than being ~1ft above the header its mostly floating in mid air. The IR gauge will give me the definitive answers I need hopefully. Also running without the radiator cap to observe water flow. Final thing will be to remove the thermostat and see what happens again.
  15. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Stock ish, I had to make a bracket for the PSC pump but it still spins the water pump CCW Luke warmish, but I'll have to run it again to give a 100% accurate answer. When I first tried it I let it get up to about 205*, turned on the fan and was blasted with a ton of hot air. After the temp gauge not falling, I kept feeling all around and behind the fan just going to my self "there is no way it's that hot, the air isn't even that hot". But again wasn't directly paying attention to this, nor did I have the thermometer to verify the upper radiator hose temperature. But for sure was hot at the inlet and got cooler as I went down to the outlet, to the point that it felt body/room temp at the water pump inlet. The tone of the engine doesn't change at all as the gauge says it's getting hotter. Valve covers aren't super hot, etc. Oh I don't care. First truck I ever owned was a ranger, and there is still a bit of that left in this thing so sentimental value and all that non-sense.