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  1. FbOmRxD


    Up early, drove to Mount Agamenticus, trail run around, now work. Was nice to get out before the heat reallllly got cooking.
  2. FbOmRxD

    Sad News to Share

    I always assumed I was watching him on his Instagram page, super talented and cool work put out at "the hovel" My girlfriend works long hours at a gene therapy place playing around with stem cells trying to solve cancer, this year more than others has really put that in perspective.
  3. FbOmRxD

    Sad News to Share

    wtf. Guess I'm a terrible wheeling friend as I had no idea he was even going through that.
  4. FbOmRxD


    Nights like last are when I take advantage of the covered 2nd-floor porch and the outdoor couch and sleep there. Worked well again last night. Also something really nice about just sleeping outside in general.
  5. FbOmRxD

    Flatr8 estimate??

    Didn't you just buy a DH bike? Aren't those fun?
  6. FbOmRxD


    Drove my car back to work for the first time in over a month. Found a good deal on a sideswiped Stage 3 car and swapped the drivetrain and goodies over into my wagon. Throwing a couple codes, 2 of which I hope are as simple as vacuum leaks (lean on both banks), need to put clamps off a few lines where I think the problem might be coming from. The other I hope is just a cam position sensor, plan on stealing that off my other motor and trying it out. Haven't really laid into it because of these problems, but the 400+ AWHP really gets you moving haha.
  7. FbOmRxD

    I've got a trailer full off timbers...

    well look at you go there mr fancy pants
  8. FbOmRxD

    Bike computer recommendation

    I paid more than that for just the front wheel of my race bike... I use a garmin Edge 500. Pretty good middle of the road product. Doesn't have color, doesn't live update with your phone or anything fancy like that. But the battery lasts awhile, screens and configurable, and its pretty accurate. You can find them cheap on ebay and amazon these days,
  9. FbOmRxD

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Feel like I need to create a problem just to find a way to use that
  10. FbOmRxD

    what forum is Belben on now??

    He's still trying to recover a bit from the DOT/Truck issues but plugging away every day
  11. FbOmRxD


    A friend of mine Runs Northeast Mobile Undercoating (who use this product). Has a specialty ramp trailer, shows up to you spays it on. He was booked solid before I left for NZ, couldn't even fit me in.
  12. FbOmRxD

    Who Knows NYC?

    Brother lives in Brooklyn, parents head down about once a year and he always is able to find a pretty good deal for them on Air B&B
  13. FbOmRxD

    Beggars Tuesday

    Just a vacation this time. Hope to get some adventuring in, but no races.
  14. FbOmRxD

    Beggars Tuesday

    Going to be a tough day at work today. Finished up most of what I had to do yesterday and leaving for 3 weeks to head down to Austraila and New Zealand tomorrow.