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    Bled steering in the offroad machine last night. Should be able to drive it now once everything else is checked over. Cheif of Staff at work gave me some tickets to Hunter Hayes tonight at the ball room, as a "thank you" which I guess was nice. Busy weekend ahead, think I'm going to miss some of the surf though.
  2. SAT

    Trying to get the buggy to fire up. Pretty sure I'm getting power to the coils, but no spark. Charging battery up, the battery is deadish so don't think that can be helping

    Had a late night over at a friends house learning about their New Zealand trip. We are heading down in November, trying to figure out how to make the most of it
  4. WED

    Dropping off my resume today at another company. Would be a pretty cool job, over in Dover NH designing high end out door camping/adventure equipment. Rather than email I have opted for the bike over + printed on waterproof paper option to set myself apart a bit.
  5. Fry Day

    Pretty nice out up here actually. Leaving work early to get down to Boston in time to see Erin play a softball game, beach day tomorrow then a free day Sunday. Getting pretty darn close with the buggy so hope to knock out some more of the final thinks with it then.
  6. TUE

    Nope. By choice, no AC and its cooler outside. Quite prefer it actually, no bugs, nice breeze, hard to beat.
  7. TUE

    another night on the outside couch...until about 445 when the rain woke me up. rain has stopped now but still a bit hot
  8. 2017 Garden Thread

    Same. I was cleaning out the shed at my grandparents the other year, was head level with a the loft. Lift up bucket to remove....MICE! about 5 of them 1 foot from my face. Not sure I could of made any more awkward girly shreak if I tried. Never really seen a snake of that size, but I'm sure my reaction would be much of the same
  9. She said yes: TN edition.

    Might of missed it, but these are all trees on your land still?
  10. Ned? Ned Ryerson?

    32. I don't think any part of me feels this age. Thanks all!
  11. Toooosdey

    Good night to sleep outside last night. Second story balcony and couch for the win.
  12. She said yes: TN edition.

    I didn't know if maybe now kids were in morning so he had to take, where before they were in afternoon so he could get stuff done, then wife home to watch.
  13. She said yes: TN edition.

    Is school out or is it that half day kindergarden thing now?
  14. My Turn :gulp: Chevy