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  1. MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    Censored version for the forum.
  2. They shot my Hybrid Accord

    Way more then 500 just in parts. And who knows. Some weird Honda or hybrid weirdo will want it from you for a few grand. Or just drive it till it dies. People spend 500 on oil changes and car washes every year.
  3. ISO 2 D window 15×8 5 on 4.5

    All set. Ended up just buying a pair of them. For 40 a pc on Amazon with free shipping, screw it.
  4. 1965 Jeep J2000

    Love old pics of people and their vehicles they still actually have around. My dad still carries around a pic of his 69 396 4spd Camero he had right before I was born. Got totaled, stripped then put in a hole in my grandmother's yard. I tried to dig it up when I was a kid but grandma was not having it. Property has been sold and split up since. Still waiting to see it dug up one day.
  5. 2020 presidential BS thread

    The Russians were also pushing people to vote third party. It has more to do with just messing with our country then helping anyone in particular. Trump is just an easy target. CNN and NBC both covered anti Trump rallies put together by the Russians. The Russians had a lot more to gain if Clinton won then Trump, Sanders or Stein.
  6. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Never thought I'd be nostalgic for the 90s. A 20 would fill my tank, buy me a pack of smokes and fill my belly with food. Now it's a hundy if you'e lucky.
  7. 1999 grand cherokee lerado

    Oh, and the wheels in pic are no longer avalible. Now has 17 inch bro wheels on it.
  8. 1999 grand cherokee lerado

    Was last titled in my dads name. Should still have the last reg from it. I'm just lazy about getting a duplicate. It's not really road worthy anymore anyway. (Rusty underneath) So I haven't even bothered. Actually have 2 people coming to look at it for parts this week.
  9. ISO 2 D window 15×8 5 on 4.5

    I'l buy 4 of them if anyone has a set.
  10. ISO 2 D window 15×8 5 on 4.5

    Anyone have a pair laying around they'e not using? 15x8 5on4.5 at least 3.5bs. Color doesn't matter. If they're attached to a pair of 33/12.5/15 MTs, even better.
  11. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Only mustang I'd ever buy is a Boss 429. But at those prices, probably not gonna happen.
  12. 2020 presidential BS thread

    That is just straight creepy right there. You know that is exactly what is going on. That's how these Hollywood scum work.
  13. 1999 grand cherokee lerado

    Trade for 33" 12.5 15 mud terrain tires. Xj parts like steering, early xj 231j, full exhaust, armor, sliders, tank skid.
  14. Frigid Friday

    Doesn't make a difference. I've been the same size since high school. And that pic is like 5 years ago. Just did. That's why we were stopped. Lunch brake.
  15. Tropical Tuesday

    That's how my house is. Ranch, with everyhing next to the furnace. Only the main line runs across the basement (along side a heat run) to the meter. And a front hose bib. So far so good. On a better note. A WJ battery will fit a 99-04 f250. A little light on the cca at 650 but it's doing the job for the last 2 days. And said WJ will still start on the weak f250 battery that wouldn't start the truck.