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  1. Shaturday

    Thanks I'll check it out. I'll be filling a 20 yard at least with all the doo-dee I got to toss. 50+ years of clutter and doo-dee remodeling to purge from this house. At least the bones of this place seem good anyway.
  2. Shaturday

    Finished ripping down the last of the walls in the basement. Removed some more hack wiring. Nice to have an actual basement again I can use. Now to haul all this doo-dee out of the basement without a hatchway. To bad I can't open burn here. Be cheaper then a dumpster will be.
  3. Friday

    The drugs will get ya every time. I was off a week after. Not a fan of narcotics at all. Yeah I still work my legs a lot to take up more of the weight of my back. My stubby right leg doesn't help. Lol. And when driving, it's those quick looks back that still get me. Highway driving is the worse. But not having to be driven around is like getting your license all over again.
  4. A few months ago I'd of been all over it instead of buying my 03 f250. Always loved the 70s fords. Glws.
  5. Damn Kids Thread

    Mine broke my nose. Twice. Dislocated both my shoulders. Hot me with a 2x4 in the back if the head. Was a wrestling freak. If he saw a move on tv, he had to try it on me. Such a loving brother. But he did always have about 100lbs on me.
  6. Friday

    Sounds like it's going good at least. I got to see the two plastic disc replacement options before my surgery but it was my insurance making the decision on what one I got. It was a surprise what one I actually got. I have a pic somewhere of it. Yeah It was 6 weeks for my neck before they'd let me drive. Worse feeling ever. I usually drove 100+ miles 5 days a week. Still sucks to drive over 30 minutes.
  7. Looking for a pair of good RE1444 or RE1445 leaf springs

    Ferrara spring works Springfield ma. Check out their website. Been around a long time.
  8. D30 Wheel Bearings

    ^^^^^This. Plus you'll get 20% codes emailed to you weekly.
  9. Tuesday

    Had the same thing in my back yard. Bare wire just hanging out and never an issue till I grabbed on and found out it was live and pooped the fuse. Still not sure were the wire originates. Found this gem today. Fire was close on this one. Pretty crusty.
  10. Monday

    Took me awhile for that "just can't get comfy". About 2 months I think. Didnt help my surgeries were only a few months apart. I Was/am on the same stuff as you and never slept more then 2 hours at time. Your body got so use to sleeping in od ways because of the pain and now you want to sleep how you use to. It'll come around. Good luck man. Surgery was my last option but definitely don't regret it. Was worth the few extra months of being uncomfortable.
  11. Some pics from this past weekend

    Looks good man. Every time I've been there is water flowing down the trail. And has rained Every time too.
  12. SAT

    There was an old large tv antenna run into the area of it. Who knows really. This was all my grandmother's husbands work. Great machinist, horrible electrician and carpenter. Just stupidity everywhere. No grounds, things just tapped into anywhere he liked. Tor almost everything down by hand too. Just awful.
  13. SAT

    Pretty ain't it.
  14. SAT

    More basement destruction and more crazy wires. Wish I could just give up and walk away. But electrition friend is gonna help. This was my first surprise of the day in the pic. The wire with the twist ties goes to a switch to turn on 6 light sockets in series in the ceiling. Still have no idea what the trans is for.
  15. SAT

    Sweet. Seen Clutch a few times. Always a good show. Primus only once. Some of the weirdest people I've seen in that crowd. Great show otherwise.