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  1. weird phone call

    I get scam calls daily on my cell phone. Either my phone or Metro PCS pick it up and display it as a possible scam. But ones with local numbers still get threw. I trust no calls about insurance unless it's my local agent. If you're worried at all, call you ins co or agent and have them run a check for possible claims.
  2. Need 2 265/75/16 E

    Pep boys can get them. No one else seems to carry or bother with them around here. I'll check it out. I have 2 new Hercules up front and love them. They grip like a sob. But they'e 225 a pc before mount and balance. Gonna buy 2 of them in Feb or March. Just need something to last till then. My rears were the old fronts from when the bearings were shot and chewed them to doo-dee.
  3. Need 2 265/75/16 E

    I do have a set of Kelly Safari ATR lt245/70/16 non E rated from my WJ with about half tread I can trade. All warn pretty even. Maybe 8k on them.
  4. Need 2 265/75/16 E

    I'm a day late dollar short as always. I had a set coming, then the dude fell off the earth. It wouldn't even bother me if my auto hubs worked reliably.
  5. Need 2 265/75/16 E

    Anyone have 2 265/75/16 load E ATs they'e looking to get rid of cheap? Something decent to get threw winter or atleast till tax season. My rears are awful in the snow. And too choppy and lacking in tread for the front axle. So before I drop $400+ on 2 new tires, what's around?

    I still get to deduct it. It's paid out of escrow which is paid into each month. The bill I just got doesn't need to be paid. It already was. So you still get to deduct it because it's being paid just like if it was out of pocket. Do pay taxes on the interest from the escrow account but that is nominal.
  7. Jerusalem

    See, that right there is what most people don't seem to get. We can support our president and the work he does without really liking him as a person. He's a well known douche but he knows how to get it done. Twitter? I don't think its a bad thing having a preaident that will go dirrectlly to the people and speak his mind. Granted he needs a handler to town him down. This country has gotten to soft. The Palestines broke the treaty a decade ago and have many time sinse. It was time to move it back where it should of been 20 years ago. There's no reason to continue catering to known terrorist just to say we're the better country.

    That' what I said about the tax bill that showed up today. Up a few hundred and slated to go up again in 2018. Thankfully it's mixed in with the mortgage and insurance bill payed monthly. I don' get an Eversource bill here thankfully.
  9. wednesday

    That's pretty sweet. Most I ever got was about 8% of my salary before taxes. Which they raped me on. But it was more of what the company needed to spend before tax season then them wanting to give it to us. We use to get small cash bonuses in our checks from one of the owners if you busted butt all week. But that ended when he died. The other two owners weren't so generous.
  10. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

  11. Tuesday

    This is why I have had the same insurance agent since i was 17. Every year he shops all my options. But it always comes back to Commerce for car insurance. Under $600 a year right now. That's my home insurane also. Best rate around. But they can't seem to match my car insurance rate from Commerce yet.
  12. In good shape, ive seen them from 2-3k around here. No rust is a huge plus with them. I'd start at 3k myself. Some kid will want a 5spd to be cool ya know. And a one owner is always a selling point.

    Was only one kick and it came loose. Was my last ditch effort before going to the shop. 2 6ton stands and 3 tires on the ground, wheel still bolted on loosely and the jack under the pumpkin, the truck wasn't moving with my little self kicking at it. Even if it dropped, it woundnt even touch me. But it's done anyway.

    I had the same issue with my f250. Spent an hour trying to bang the rear wheel off. I finally laid down under the axle and kicked it with both my feet for ha has'. Popped right off. Same on the other rear tire. Just use a few extra jack stands.
  15. ABS vs Non-ABS brake lines...

    Seems even these guys only do non abs. www.classictube.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?name=&description=&short_description=&sku=&price%5Bfrom%5D=&price%5Bto%5D=&year=2000&make=Jeep&v_model=Wrangler TJ&cab=&ton=&duty=&drive=&box=&engine=&ymm_cat=Brake Line Kit. Pricey as hell though.