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  1. So I was asked some questions....

    nice write up! almost lost my coffee when i saw the Strap!! love the green CJ!!
  2. yet another doosh thread... what would Hazus do?

    I agree that you should call his boss. We have 10 vans on the road and i am the guy that has the responsibility of taking these calls. A few things i have learned over the years of doing this. People such! If the caller will leave their info with me it is typically a real complaint, If they don't its a " I'll get you" type of call, IE caller was trying to merge onto the highway and the driver wouldn't let them in. As the guy who takes the calls i typically know which one of my drivers it will be about. We take this seriously with suspension of employee after 3 legit and proven calls. GPS tracking on the vans helps us too........I had one "gentleman" call in and complain about one of the guys "ripping thru" a very high end development and he had blocked my guy in the customers driveway demanding action be taken immediately. While i had him on the phone i checked the vans log. My driver had been going under 25MPH for the last mile it was driven. I asked the caller where he had seen this and he stated " he almost rolled turning into the driveway". At this point i place the caller on hold and called the driver to see what was going on and his story matched the GPS log. I then had the local police dispatched to the house and returned to the caller. Turns out he likes to drink and patrol his neighborhood often. I think this was his second DUI.
  3. Teach me about smoking meat

    What kind of smoker did you get? Check out for some hints into the right direction!!
  4. Does anyone know this rig?

    No, in the great state of taxachusetts, you have 30 days to title and pay taxes from the date of sale listed on the title, Once you have done that, you can take a decade or two to register. They just want your tax money NOW.........But the greatest joy is IF you purchase from a private sale.....even if you pay 100.00 for the junker you must pay sales tax on what the current "book value" is now. You can appeal it but they have made it so difficult to do so most dont!!
  5. CJ Power Steering box ?

    A buddy of mine sent his out to red neck and had it done.
  6. CJ Power Steering box ?

    Paul, Should have the metric fittings, Direct bolt in
  7. CJ Power Steering box ?

    Paul, What year CJ? I replace mine with one from a H1, Night and day difference. Got rid of the slop but it also made it much easier to steer in the rocks I think i got mine from for under 200 with the core. PN Cardone 27-7595, Your CJ will need the Metric hoses, so if you already have those its bolt in!
  8. Computer Under $1K

    We are switching our sales force over to surface pro 3's. We have set them up with docking stations with full size keyboards, mice and monitors for when they are in the office, and wireless display adapters for when they are traveling for presentations. I have heard that they like them, The only bad thing ive heard so far is that they only have one USB while traveling. We have about 1500 into each unit but we have quite a few accessories too.
  9. Neow First-----Welding

    Thank you one and all!!! This is a great start! Now hopefully someone will see this request!! We need a medium sized Metal fabrication shop recomendations We will need a hoisting tree ( totally custom) and metal bins fabbed up. ( i know we are building a shop that could do it but they want everything done before we open the doors) GO!
  10. Neow First-----Welding

    No i dont know he also an elevator guy?
  11. Neow First-----Welding

    the design phase of this project is already done for us. The main office is in the UK so we have to build to their standards, ( rules and regulations over there are much stricter than here) They are financing the project so money is not the issue. At this moment we have to have bins and racks custom built, ( when i suggested we wait till the shop is set up and then had the employees build them i was looked at like i had 3 heads.) I think the upper management thinks this will be a turn key project ( are they in for a big surprise!)
  12. Neow First-----Welding

    We are going to start Manufacturing Custom rails for Curved stairlifts ( yes the chair that takes people up the stairs.) Our current model is a twin tube lift that uses 2 in OD .250 wall DOM tubing in this application. Wait till you see my bender!!!
  13. Neow First-----Welding

    Figured i would ask here first. We are going to start manufacturing here in MA. I need the name and contact info for a company to supply welders and supplies (Mig Welders, Welding booths, exhaust, etc) Anyone know of a company that can supply commercial/industrial equipment that has a decent reputation? Thanks
  14. Wanted, CJ transmission mount torque arm/mount

    Just bought one from Jeff @ Crown. It was cheap.
  15. Rules for dating my daughter

    We've been though his once already...( our kids are spaced apart in years) The one's we didn't care for she seemed to stay with while the ones we liked didn't seem to stay around long. ( we never admitted this to her except once.) she hooked up with one loser when she was @ 20. My 5ft 2 firecracker of a wife went over to his place with a few of her friends and literally threw him out a second floor window along with most of his belongings, Never saw him again. The really funny thing is there was this one kid she was dating that at the time i really didn't like at all. Now that they are no longer dating he isn't that bad, comes over the house and hangs out on the porch with us and talk Jeep. Been at least 10 years or better since they dated. ( this really pisses her off LOL) The one thing i have learned is no one is good enough to meet my standards, they try but so far to date not one of them in my opinion is good enough for my daughter.