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  1. supazuk

    Tire Studs

    Tire Guys btw they moved a little south of where they used to be
  2. supazuk

    Ditching the YJ cowl vent.

    i just put a big magnet over the one on my samurai take it off when when i need it
  3. supazuk

    Dumping Cable for Streaming?

    loving you tube tv all the channels all the sports ... plus if you havent seen it Cobra kai is the best thing on TV
  4. supazuk

    WTB Plasma cutter i just bought this 2 months ago . oh poop went up $500 soo much better then my longivity that died
  5. i have a nice rigid set my self but before that i used the autozone OEM set with lots of success for free .99 its works well
  6. auto zone rents the tool for free, well refundable deposit
  7. supazuk


    that was a major league (movie) spoof, ironically no one got it
  8. supazuk

    Wanted: Samurai fenders
  9. supazuk

    What do you know about hummers?

    dont know anything about these guys but they have one
  10. supazuk

    Car/Truck Ramps

    my wife did that with her old grand am, she will not drive a car up a ramp ever again
  11. supazuk

    110v plug in LED over head lights

    You can, the SAMs ones come with surface mount clips. I have one side of my garage done with 4 of them surface mounted . On the other side I have one temp hanging waiting for my to unlazy myself and mount the other 4
  12. supazuk

    door hinges

    i'm just over in farmington you can borrow my router if you want
  13. supazuk

    O rings??

    PB Blaster honest it restores O-rings
  14. supazuk

    Opps I did it again

    how convenient, no 1 rod made a window to see the problem. good thing i have a 1.6 to replace it ..