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  1. Wanted: Samurai fenders
  2. What do you know about hummers?

    dont know anything about these guys but they have one
  3. Car/Truck Ramps

    my wife did that with her old grand am, she will not drive a car up a ramp ever again
  4. 110v plug in LED over head lights

    You can, the SAMs ones come with surface mount clips. I have one side of my garage done with 4 of them surface mounted . On the other side I have one temp hanging waiting for my to unlazy myself and mount the other 4
  5. door hinges

    i'm just over in farmington you can borrow my router if you want
  6. O rings??

    PB Blaster honest it restores O-rings
  7. Opps I did it again

    how convenient, no 1 rod made a window to see the problem. good thing i have a 1.6 to replace it ..
  8. Dumping Cable for Streaming?

    if you are having trouble with youtube not allowing you to stream over your ISP think about a VpN and browse from a diferent market
  9. Opps I did it again

    The 1.3 in Experiment 626 (my lil Samurai) is now a Rap star; here comes the BOOM!! ..... The block decided to have an exorcism of its internals! time for a 1.6 swap!!!
  10. Gifts to get kids to get them into wrenching

    "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."
  11. Mangled Lyrics

    and there's a rino in the road
  12. Happy Turkey Day

    tried to clean up the house and yard who the hell knew the dump was closed hahah
  13. NEOW First - Portsmouth to Newport

    95 to 195 is your best bet
  14. Show some 4x4s for the NHX Boy Scout Jamboree 2018

    i will most likely be there. So I might as well bring my rig, my 2 boys are in 188 in Farmington. I am not looking forward to sleeping in a tent on the gravel that the jambo in 16, it was cold and back aching
  15. i have a cheap BT OBDII doggle and use touquepro (lite is nice but i wanted more options of pro when i had the super duty)