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  1. Another Wet Wednesday

    I've had enough for a lifetime. I'm with her. No colon, still rollin'.
  2. Another Wet Wednesday

    Send him pictures of your b-hole.
  3. Another Wet Wednesday

    Off to St. Albans for a meeting.
  4. The Big Switch. Used. $50 shipped. Compare at $90 http://www.flamingriver.com/index.php/products/c0015/s0003/FR1003-1
  5. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread


    Raced the bro-lite today in monson. 2nd in the qualifier. I literally could see turd out my visor. Drive by following the truck in front of me. Second race I got my bumper hooked on another truck in the first corner resulting in a flat. Oh well, that's racing. I spot a tawd today. Along with some other neowers.
  7. That's what I wrote to.
  8. Ooooo! Greek. Gyros? I'm not familiar with a galley system, but I'd guess Mr. Excavator didn't have the washed stone in place? Pics?
  9. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Yup. Same here.
  10. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Wet tap for an 8" water service. The stainless tapping sleeve is clamped to a live 10" water main. The boring machine is bolted to an 8" gate valve. Open valve, bore, pull bit out, shut valve, unbolt boring machine. All done in an hour without shutting the main down. Service in the area uninterrupted. The pipe in the upper right is a 12" HDPE drain line crossing the drive way to Dave's place of business (it's clogged pretty good with dirt). Boring machine run off a hydraulic pump. A 3/4" garden hose is attached to the body of the bolted piece. Relieves pressure and ejects metal shavings. Pipe is ductile iron. Working in a trench with trench box. Please use the picture ☺️

    RIP Sr. Probably won't be very far behind.
  12. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Wet tap.
  13. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    You get the couch. I'm with Dave. Thanks for the offer. I'm going to try to jam home. I should have some time to pass out in my truck on the clock.
  14. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Up early for a nhdot class in Concord, then over to Lebanon to work over night. Yay for a 27 hour shift.