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    Went to mountain madness out in Esperance, NY with a few buddies. Brought the quad. I caught a buzz and my handle bar caught my upper right thigh about 2" from mycawk. I don't bruise easily. This one is good and purple.

    Day trip to St. Albans.
  3. Gayrage is all the ground. Going to visit the town office next week to chat about a permit.
  4. Brought It Tuesday

    Wow. Open vault. I'm not gay I swear lurkers.
  5. Jerry! My 5.3 is making a racket.

    It already got me pulled over once I zoned out on 89 in Vermont this morning listening to talk radio. Me, not used to driving something doesn't shake at 80, looked up to see at VT State Trooper. I looked down to see 88 mph. Great Scott! Blue lights. He was nice, I showed him my wang, and got a written warning for 86 in a 65. That could have been expensive.
  6. Brought It Tuesday

    Meeting up in Jeffersonville is done. Lunch in Stowe. More barn work tonight.
  7. Jerry! My 5.3 is making a racket.

    Jerry gave me a hot car to pick up dudes in.
  8. Jerry! My 5.3 is making a racket.

    2006 Chevy 1500
  9. Jerry! My 5.3 is making a racket.

    I'm on my way to the jfn.
  10. Video attached. Pulled both belts, does not go away.
  11. North Conway NH 6-21 to 26?

    Check out cathedral ledge while you're in town. You can ride up to the top. Arethusa falls is also a great easy hike. I'll be camping at Crawford notch next month for a weekend.
  12. Jay

    damn cancer.
  13. FRIDAY

    Saw one of these this morning on 91 north with two old fawks in it going 65 It's only a $240k car.
  14. My new ride

    Agreed; Zero turns are the way to go. Nice rig.
  15. Anthony Bourdain....well...you know

    I enjoyed watching his shows and how he immersed himself in the culture of the region he was in. In fact I was watching his show just last night on Netflix. Bummer. Seemed like a cool guy.