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    Are they paying you extra? Is there a retention bonus at the end?
  2. Smokers Corner

  3. That seems like pretty good money on a trade in for what it is. Makes me feel better about eventually trading in the wifes wagon.

    Dump truck still not wanting to start?

    Dipped into the bag of tricks? Cause obviously Dave isn't there....
  6. Munday

    negative...and he's back to normal and at school today. he had his removed already.
  7. Munday

    before. He never ate cause he wasn't feeling well.
  8. Munday

    Good luck with mom. I hope all goes well and it's not related to her previous condition.
  9. Munday

    Some more time to slip the pink....
  10. Munday

    Cat Scan ruled that out. Yes....except they did the cat scan first and apparently the contrast die they use can mask kidney stones. He's doing pretty good this morning. Hopefully that trend continues.
  11. Munday

    Dragginazz today. Was in the ER with the oldest crochfruit half the night. Severe abdominal pain. Like....two hits of morphine didn't take the edge off. Had to get additional orders to go to a big hit dose. Cat scan showed all clear. Blood work showed clear. It settled down on its own. Nothing worse than not having an answer as to what the hell it was. Not the first time he's had discomfort, but in the past its always been just like having bad gas/cramps that settle down after an hour. This lasted for hours and had him shaking and buckled over screaming in pain. Almost presented like a kidney stone, but they couldn't get a confirmation on that.
  12. SUNDAY

    No need to tolerate that poop Roy. Plenty more out there.

    Here too. Oldest broke his phone....and that's everyone else's fault. Hes just pissed because he can't text his girlfriend 88 times today.
  14. FRIDAY

    Mine was after she got pregnant with our 3rd kid.
  15. Jerusalem

    Twitter: They have been embroiled with our government for years (yes even during the Obama era). And for the most part have won their cases and kept data private. Do i think Trumps agencies have any right to a random internet ranting account? Nope. damn that. No more than I liked the Obama administration using the IRS as a weapon against companies who opposed him. Trump and CNN: This is the same BS Obama was doing with Fox. Publicly slamming them. Over and Over. I actually voted for Trump in part because he was telling CNN to damn off. But yet I still haven't seen him actually tell one of his agencies to actually terminate their broadcast. Excuses? None. I am not defending Trumps behavior on social media. As others have said...he should learn when to stop typing. BUT....again....i have yet to see someone produce an ACTUAL illegal action on his part.