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  1. Thirstday

    Today is my Friday. Heading home to pack the boat and chase some Tautog tomorrow morning.
  2. Buggy Overheating Issue

    not pushing air. Its letting the now warm (read expanded) fluid to the path of least resistance. Make sure the overflow bottle is full and has an airtight connection at the hose ends at the bottle and the radiator neck. This will ensure it draws fluid back in as it cools rather than air.
  3. New gig

    Good for you Roy.
  4. Toooosdee

    Stepped on one of those nests when I was about 10 years old. Few hundred stings by the time I got to the house and stripped all my clothes off. Inside the house. Which resulted in 3 or 4 dozen yellow jackets in the house. Lol. To this day a bee sting heals up and diassapears faster then a mosquito bite. Sorry to hear he died. It's a reminder to live life while you can.
  5. Howell fuel injection question

    throw a relay off a key switch circuit and run it. The computer won't care.
  6. Moanday

    my clock is all sorts of messed up. Was out fishing till 3am Friday and Saturday night (well actually 5am Sunday morning). Gonna be an extra cup or two of java today.
  7. Flannel Friday

    First Drive Friday. Oldest got his permit this morning. Been driving around all day. I could get used to this. In 6 months he will have a half real license so I'll have a built in designated driver for family dinner night.
  8. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    sorry to hear that. I feel fortunate to have the exact opposite relationship with my old man.
  9. Hot foods you like cold better

    Lo-Mein, Lasagna
  10. Thursday

    more specifically the guy that talked him into buying all the poop that got bolted on to it.
  11. Tuesday

    try banging on her stuff while watching TV. Solve both problems at once.
  12. Thursday

    It won't be anyones fault. The diff design is junk, and the chain is undersized.
  13. Thursday

    Front diff sprague cage will be next. The good news is that the 2017 TurboXP front diff has a bigger/stronger sprague and can bolt in place of the 1000 diff. It will also require new front shafts. The second thing will be the reverse chain in the trans. Theres an upgrade for that through the aftermarket.
  14. Thursday

    needs some Super ATV Rhino2 axles.