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    Rainy day here. Need to clean and reassemble the fridge now that it's working again.
  2. As Frank would say...."She's a dragonfly." She drags up hills and fly's down them.
  3. No one is claiming its a rocket.....the point will roll down the road at 65mph. When you google the road test specs and get to the 0-60 category its lists "yes".
  4. Funky Friday

    Gonna need some pics
  5. Funky Friday

    What's that gonna cost?
  6. Wack Off Wenesday

  7. Wack Off Wenesday

    yes. yes indeed.
  8. Wack Off Wenesday

    Sitting in a meeting from 10 to 4:30 today. Who the damn schedules a meeting like that
  9. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread "i believe it about 10 years old". Well the Y2K reg sticker believes otherwise.
  10. Tropical Tuesday

    Today is my Monday (insert state employee joke here:). Still feel kinda poopty. Happens every year after KOH. Get home and then try to eject the sand out of my lungs for a week and a half.
  11. One Line Movie Reviews

    A little, but not enough to distract the movie.
  12. One Line Movie Reviews

    Black Panther. Another good one from Marvel. Worth seeing.
  13. Snowy Sunday

    Spent the day disassembling the fridge. Full cleaning. Dethaw. Fire back up. Nope...still not working. damning thing has been a lemon. I think it's time for a new one. Which sucks cause this one hasn't made it 3 years.

    Yup. Been at it for a few hours here so far. Not too much on the ground yet but we shall see what the morning brings.