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  1. Thursday

    Could have used it last night on the river. We got mauled by small black flies.
  2. Thursday

    How did you end up with that ticket?
  3. This one will have fenders.....

    This thing is amazing. Nice work!!!!
  4. SxS questions

    You can't get a 50" 4 seat anyway so no worries there. Do you actually need 4 seats or can you get away with 3? 3 opens up a lot of additional options on the more utility side of the market.
  5. Seriously. 4WD burnouts. What other reason do you need?
  6. Tewzday. 5/22/2018

    I actually don't totally hate being a "manager". What i gets me is when i have to be a "manager" for 2 years over the course of 14 occurrences before I can actually do anything.
  7. Seems to me that you can fit a diff under that radiator.....
  8. Tewzday. 5/22/2018

    This job has it ups and downs like any job. But like any job, being a manager is pretty good right up until you have a problem employee. Mornings like this morning are the times i wish i was just one of the team grinding through the day.
  9. Double ended steering Cyls

    That softball was teed up for the crowd....
  10. Double ended steering Cyls

    You'll want 4 (not 8). Char Lynn 120cc will get you 4.3 lock to lock, but that's for the full 10". If you can't take 10", it will obviously be less lock to lock.
  11. Lost a good man today.

    Sorry for your loss
  12. It's SUNDAY Final score 9 to 8. The boys lost but man do they deserve to hold their head high.
  13. It's SUNDAY

    Knock on wood the rain had held off. Boys won their first two games. That puts them in the championship game. So no worse than a 2nd place (out of 64 nationally ranked teams). So it will be a rematch with Amherst. The #1 in the country. Although I don't have high hopes, it will be good for them put up some points against them. As long as they don't get shut out it will be a victory.
  14. It's SUNDAY

    Looking to be slightly less rain today. Day 2 of tourney day. Hopefully the boys got at least some sleep.

    Long rainy day today. They won 3 out of 4 and the one loss was by 2 to the #1 team in the country. Good enough to put them into the "A" bracket tomorrow. They need to win the first two to have a shot at getting into the finals. Otherwise they are playing for 5th. Hopefully they don't stay up too late tonight