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  1. toyworx

    Fishing Friday

    If you read this before you lose cell service....east side of the windmills. 70ft of water. We did pretty good there yesterday and a few at 25" as well.
  2. toyworx

    Way early Wednesday.

    Mouth of the river in the flats on the east side. I was netting bunker, got a mother load, and in the 10 minutes it took to clear the net i was into one of the rock piles. I just wasn't paying attention to how fast I was drifting.
  3. toyworx

    Way early Wednesday.

    So I was hooking up the boat at 5am and couldn't help but notice the weather. Figured it couldn't hurt to throw it in the water for a few hours considering the dealer doesn't open till 10am. One drift the wrong way and one rock pile later and it'll be in the shop for a while now for a new lower unit. Oh well. At least I'll have it back before the fall fishing starts.
  4. toyworx

    Way early Wednesday.

    Animals got me up. Can't fall back asleep. Guess I'll get this day started. Need to drop the boat for an oil change. Then head to the office.
  5. toyworx


    Ya ours is up too. The A/C in the garage doesn't help!
  6. toyworx

    Hump Me Day

    The upside of owning the place.
  7. toyworx


    Dragging this morning. Oldest had a tournament in Minnesota and flew back in last night. Plane didn't get in till about midnight. Normally not a big deal but for some reason when we got back I was wide awake. Couldn't fall asleep till about 330/4.
  8. you know what they ain't the amps that get ya..its the...oh wait.
  9. toyworx

    Finally Friday

  10. toyworx

    Sad News to Share

    sorry for your loss. Never easy.
  11. toyworx


    Id rather not get the constant flood. There is zero email etiquette at this place. No...i do not need to be cc's on you chuckle heads saying "thanks.'....and "your welcome".
  12. toyworx

    ISO Yakima or Thule Rack Expert

    It comes in a number of different wall thicknesses. Theres a steel shop in Meriden with a bargain bin. I can stop there on my way home and see if they have any 1 1/8". Sells by the pound pretty cheap.
  13. toyworx

    Finally Friday

    Today is my Friday....oh wait.... Going to make a short day of it and hit the shop early. The A/C is undersized in there, but at least it knocks the temps down a bit and dries the humidity.
  14. toyworx

    Battery Packs

    The real question is...will it power a cement tamper?
  15. toyworx

    Tardy Thursday....

    draggin a little. Did an after work last minute road trip up to central VT to grab a tube roller. Can't wait to try the thing out tonight.