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  1. grendel

    Uh oh...

    Is this a date request?
  2. grendel

    Uh oh...

    Looks like I will be dragging this back
  3. grendel

    Uh oh...

    Thursday, I think
  4. grendel

    Built YJ, 1 tons, LS, etc

    Send Rachael to do it then. Someone in your business has to :maine:
  5. grendel

    Built YJ, 1 tons, LS, etc

    Yep, probably a new horse or trailer or truck in the pasture or in the works. BUY THE JEEP. Then I can buy your 2013 JK.
  6. grendel

    Newton's Finest: Part II

    BTW, when we built this for the the first time, we called it Newton's Finest, as his screeen name here was Newton. He has threads on the engine build, etc.
  7. grendel

    Newton's Finest: Part II

    I am glad you're using and enjoying it.
  8. grendel

    Nason's finest

    oh and it's here, with us now. We've done the seats, air intake, CJ to YJ re-conversion, radiator, trans cooling lines, etc. Goes for a dyno tune next week.
  9. grendel

    Pirate4x4 auction

    Thanks. It's a bit different these days.
  10. grendel

    Nason's finest

    Welp, with two CJ's in the family, this is becoming a YJ again
  11. In black preferred.
  12. Warranty at any GM dealer in the US can't be beat. I'd at least use the GMPP swap harness for the motor/trans you select. Much, much easier install.
  13. grendel


    This. My daughter is stoked. She remembers the Diamond T build parties and you with George,.
  14. Customer's truck, can't post pics unless they authorize it. I'll ask. We did a 71 Camaro for him, with a connect and cruise LT4 and T56 magnum with Vette front suspension and 6th gen Camaro IRS in the rear. He was sensitive about pics. Then he posted it to the GM website. Oi. We did a crate motor. Nice in that it carries a 3 year/36k mile warranty. I won't do anything but anymore. We used the LTG 6 speed trans. 4.12 first gear is decent for a mall crawler.