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  1. K20 8 lug wheels or 16.5 tires.

    I have nice aluminum rims and E range 285's. They Pro Comp classic rims. They're currrently at Matt Blain's holding up my Jeep. Although I think the spare is here.
  2. NEOW Express NH-VA and Back

    Got another one coming... this time, empty down, with a hit out to Indiana. Coming back heavy, so taking the W900.
  3. Paypal question

    Still nothing to lose, where you were giving it away
  4. Paypal question

    It also means she can process a return up to 45 days later. You would be on the hook to ship it back... and would have to have proof of shipping.
  5. I am open to trades :). This is the motor: Although it has a steel Scat crank in it.
  6. Brought this home, as I have a bay open, to do the sound deadening, new carpet and new seat covers. Head liner is in rocking shape. Also really like the dual piston 98 2WD S10 brakes, knuckles and unit bearings on this. With new ball joints and tie rods, it really tightened up the front end. Stops nicely too. Still interested in trades. I don't need another fast car.
  7. Must bring this home... Must bring this home....

    I am not a fan of the fuel tank. Nice rig though. The air intake doesn't bother me.
  8. Super bowl !

    Actually, the Eagles ran an illegal formation to get Foles that ball. It should have cost them five yards and we would have had the ball on a loss of downs. Who knows what happens if they don't turn the game around?
  9. I sub it out. It starts at 300 and goes from there. My guy is 80. No computers, a six pack of beer, a few cigars and however many hours it takes... his equipment is from the 50's.
  10. Yeah, I'd buy it back for that. Repair estimate is 8K or more. I'd go all aftermarket. I also have a guy that can pull that frame back within 1/16" of factory.
  11. The insurance company doesn't want the liability to keep fixing it. It took a hit hard enough to bend the frame and shear the sector shaft from the steering box. Who knows how rusty the frame is as well. Axle is probably bent, control arms, bent frame, steering box, fender, flare, marker light all need to be replaced. Be careful taking parts from it. If they buy it out, the insurance company owns it all. They take a million pictures and if they suspect theft, they will come after you. We see it a lot. Usually the buy out is 10-20% of the total loss, unless they think they can pull a whole lot more at an auction. I would buy it back at 15% or so. Used parts are easy to find, but that Jeep will never be the same as it was.
  12. My wife doesn't drive her CJ7. We have a really nice "best of" CJ7 in hugger orange.
  13. Ok, so when are we swapping an LS into this puppy?