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  1. Yep. I have like 12 of them.
  2. What's the big whoop about the ac pump?
  3. grendel

    2WD 48RE

    Need one to rebuild.
  4. So I bought a bigger TIG. Ordered the 1/4" thick 2x4 aluminum tube.
  5. grendel

    Anyone here have or work at a body shop?

    We've done a few of them. It's upwards of 2K a side. We don't want the job.
  6. grendel

    Looking for parts

    I powdercoated that to make it pretty. Doing the same thing to the one in my YJ.
  7. grendel

    Newton's Finest: Part II

    Forgot about the sheet of 3/16" that became the floor in back :). Your kid is uber safe from flapping driveshafts...
  8. grendel

    Battery Impact gun

    This. I have two battery impacts. A little Bosch screw gun, that really drives most of my work and is super light. Then there's Bubba - a half inch Bosch with 18v nastiness. If bubba doesn't work, I need the 1" air impact gun.
  9. grendel

    Touring the country road trip

    We've built a few of these now. 2-7 were all Mack B model based on modern Pachar chassis. Funny how mine was the first we started and I am still working on it, but we've completed 7 others while mine is still being done. Motor home, with big truck ability - we have several trailer modules, but the best one is a 4 car stacker with a full garage. Take a run about, a toy and some other stuff. Have a garage, a living space and 550hp and 1750ft lbs of torque. Shower, kitchen, seating for 7, sleeping for 2 (the seats fold into a bed). Still building this one.
  10. grendel


    Send me the template. I can do a letter, but will be in Japan for a bit.
  11. grendel

    IH Scout II Steering Box

    Look at a 80's "Toyoda" box too... if you're not putting it on an actual Scout.
  12. grendel

    waggy 44

    I have a stock one.
  13. grendel

    Jeep CJ-7 Buildup

    I am not sure I ever did.
  14. grendel

    Garage sale in Westford Ma.

    Can you grab that for me?
  15. grendel

    Garage sale in Westford Ma.

    Smart man. I broke the chicom one I had.