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  1. What's the nuttiest project in your brain?

    Thinking about another AWD corvette based chassis. Maybe with a Willy's Wagon body on 345's on all 4 corners.
  2. I bought four of these to build a Willy's Wagon and decided against it. These are new, never mounted. 100.00 each. I paid 150 each. I also have moog bushings (quieter) to go with them, those are 30.00 a spring, paid 45 each.
  3. D44's front and rear

    Soon, I have this YJ I am building too.
  4. D44's front and rear

    No, Scramblers were made from 81 to 86. 128 built in 1986.
  5. D44's front and rear

    So I got what I needed... and kept Scrambled together. For some reason, we were never able to take it apart. Bought it with the intent of replacing the tub... then we bought a new tub and frame and used Steve's CJ7 cut D44's etc. So in typical Scrambled fashion, I used the (different axles) axles I bought from Pete under the YJ, as he had Steve build them for this YJ... Scrambled is still together, as I got it from Rick. I sense a build thread coming on... my wife likes it, reminds her of the 86 I had way back in the day. This is an 81. Frame's in good shape and I think armour would seal up all the ugliness. I do have one tons I could put under it and a 1998 L31 from a Suburban, with the right headers and all.
  6. Just buy the dies, they're on Amazon. I had to fix my pump too. Died after 8 years of stainless use.
  7. Must bring this home... Must bring this home....

    Although I like the classic "wrecker" look of the second pic, the bed would be handier and easier. You just have to tie the fenders into the running boards. Could also use tear drop fenders on the rear and keep a bit of the more classic looks.
  8. I am parting out a build a inherited in a trade. They has the truck in the body shop, all final sanded and sitting in epoxy primer, solid lines, no rot and ready for paint. 1970 C10 SWB, Fleetside. Just sold the cab. Factory SWB original frame, with truck arm suspension, VIN plate and title - 1500 SWB fleet side bed - 2K 69-72 Chevy and GMC fenders - 300 each 69/70 Chevy grill 200.00 67-71 (some 72) Doors - 300 each inner fenders 75.00 each Etc, etc. - Need something, just ask.
  9. What's the nuttiest project in your brain?

    Still building this. Funny thing, we have a lot of interest in buidling others, so we started those before I finished mine. Most Mack B models instead of the Diamond T. The Cat 3406B is killing me. Has to extend the nose 2" which is a lot of curves.
  10. Let me know if that doesn't happen. These would be perfect for my YJ.
  11. D44's front and rear

    Want it on won tons?
  12. D44's front and rear

    Thanks guys. I bought an old project - some of you may know - Scrambled. Rick had it for a bit, it has Scout axles with 4.10's and lockers under it on outboarded perches.
  13. D44's front and rear

    Yeah, waiting to hear about the axle ratio. It was on FB and Craigslist
  14. D44's front and rear

    Yes. I am waiting for the Scout guy in VT to get back to me on how crusty they are. I do have an hp30 with CAD and a Ford 8.8 I could use, but I prefer to match what's under the CJ7 for parts exchangeability. I also prefer to run the D300 I have vs an NP241 I don't have yet.