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  1. WTB Plasma cutter

    Hand torch. I have Davchel for machine torch.
  2. WTB Plasma cutter

    Heh, no idea on that. Just going after a 20' lead.
  3. WTB Plasma cutter

  4. WTB Plasma cutter

    No idea what that means?
  5. WTB Plasma cutter

    Ordering mine.
  6. WTB Plasma cutter

    get yer own thread... I am asking for the help here
  7. My son's 76 Cherokee Chief.

    Motor and trans is ready. Ordered all the sheet metal to repair the body... everything but the passenger side quarter is on the way. Should have a bit more oomph than it did stock. Cam, DOD/AFR delet. LS6 intake, bigger throttle body and a decent tune.
  8. WTB Plasma cutter

    How can I use that info to get one of dem dere refurb'd dealios?
  9. 2001 5.3 and 4l60e

    I am pretty sure this can come here and then go there.
  10. WTB Plasma cutter

    Does the Chel part of Davchel know something Dav doesn't? I didn't coin the term, BTW.
  11. WTB Plasma cutter

    None kicking around, according to the Dave part of davechel.
  12. WTB Plasma cutter

    I was hoping for a refub.
  13. It's a PITA and heavier. That's a reason to go the other way.
  14. Depends on the diff and the IFS. I am still modelling it all but not sure I really need to. Its more weight for diminished returns. Does have a cool factor.
  15. Everything is for sale. I liked Roadkill. Never seen it before.