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  1. Actually, the kids flipped my direction. They want me to keep it as a YJ, so it's differerent from my wife's CJ (your old one)
  2. I am not interested in the frame at all, but would like the sway bar and lift components.
  3. I think I need to find a CJ heater assembly and cut this tub for the defrost.
  4. I'll do that. I have the blue one off my YJ... I am going all CJ.
  5. I can make it a dump trailer, not hard to do.
  6. If this sells, the money is for other people's Christmas. People without food or what have you. Emptied my safe out yesterday for the same purpose.
  7. Sending this out with Matt Blain on Thursday if any of you Mainers want to check it out. We're loading my Jeep into it.
  8. BAR-D kit - Browning Automatic Rifle, in .308 win - Used by the Israeli Army to whoop on Egyptian butt. Uses FAL magazines. It's in cut form can be welded back together (if you're brave) or buy a new side plate -1400 As always, might take a trade, if it's interesting.
  9. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    I use my cordless tools, including impact for everything these days. I fired up my compressor for the first time in a month or more. Electric impact is nuts. 100% tq immediately available.
  10. OME 3" XJ rear springs

    Looks like they've dropped in price a bit. 135 each now: The bushings: Can't buy one without the other.
  11. Extending an I-beam??

    Yeah, the pull jaws are shaft specific. I don't have a 1/2" set. A set of jaws is about 900.00.
  12. Extending an I-beam??

    What is the overall thickness? I need to order them to the closest 1/16". How many do you need? Can you get 110psi of air down there
  13. WTB Old skool "roll cage" or light bar

    It probably does. Thing is, I have light for it.