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  1. Thank you, I wont be unhappy if it stays around....
  2. Trade for stroker Jeep engine 4.6-4.9, guns, really nice 33s, no vehicle trades, NO BIKES, SLEDS, or boats, thank you.
  3. Please excuse my sharpness in this ad, it was written for Craigslist idiots; Marlborough CT, $3000 don't PM me and ask me where I am or the price; READ THE AD! Only shipping it if paid in full and you set up the shipping. NO BS, I'm gonna tell the bad and the good. Great truck, runs, drives(neighborhood, don't know about highway or trips, don't ask), brakes work great and even the parking brake works. Don't waste my time with lowball offers, these are very hard to find for this price. Don't make offers except in person and only if you can back it up by going through with it immediately, this truck will not last. I have a really nice 1978 F150 with a 79 F350 Front Dana 60 swapped in, had shackle reversal done. Was told it's 4.10 gears, haven't checked, they usually are. It Has newer 8" pressure treated flatbed made from 2x8 and 4x4, nicely done. Frame has NO RUST!!! Cab only needs a little floor patch on each side and 1 cab corner, I have a new LMC drivers side pan and a cab corner. Rockers are amazing!!! NO ROT, very solid!!! Doors are not rotted and close nicely; all parts work, even have exterior lock keys, lol. Fenders are also rot free, someone treated this truck well. Grill is complete, not borken. Gas tank is good, rear bumper is still there and in good shape. Engine is 351 and C6 auto trans, shifts fine, runs awesome!!! Has Edelbrock 4 barrel intake and carb, headers, full dual exhaust, was told it is cammed and it sounds like it and pulls like it. Engine DOES leak oil, at least from valve covers. Runs rough, needs a real carb person to tune it or needs a new carb(honestly), I haven't dug into it so I don't know but it starts right up. PO said it needed a fuel pump, I have a brand new one with the truck but haven't put it in. You are not driving this home, bring a trailer and $3K, have BOS, recent registration in CT, no title. When it was last regstered they kept the title, it's over 20 years old so NO TITLE. EXTRAS; I have a nice 95 F350 bench seat for it, also have shackle reversal parts for the rear and lift shackles, truck can easily fir larger tires(like 40") with the lift parts. Front spring mounts are bolted together, I would definitely weld them or increase them to add lift. I also have some 6" rear lift springs from a 99 F250 that can be fit to the rear and some good front Superduty springs that should add 3-4" of lift too. I have a new drop pitman arm for you as well. Comes with a working plow frame/lights wiring all hooked up and 8' plow, electric/hydraulic, check pictures. Pics here;
  4. So finally rented a commercial garage, I wont be listing individual parts here anymore, but I have roughly 400+ sq ft of CJ and YJ parts at this point, so ask me for your CJ and YJ needs, I may have it and I will treat my fellow NEOWers well.
  5. YJ Roll Cage windshield bars with bolts

    Mine are in the mail.....
  6. YJ Roll Cage windshield bars with bolts

    I'll send you pair. text me
  7. Sell the spare? I'm not far from you
  8. Crushtheogre "no really I'm keeping this one" CJ7 build

    YUP, damn pills aren't working anymore......Anyone want some sweet CJ parts? Got some 75 CJ5 stuff too lol
  9. Built CJ Widetrack axles

  10. AMC/ Jeep 304, 360, 401 stuff

    Intake is sold, also I am selling my own AMC 360 with 79k miles on it, it's out of a 78 Cherokee and has all the bolt on accessories still on it, carb, everything. I even have some v8 mounts you can have with it. It was in a cj7 and runs perfectly. $500 Firm
  11. I have a set of 4 35" BFG MUD Terrains, about 95% tread, some weather cracking from sitting outside for 3 years, no holes, plugs, or patches, 35x12.50x15 on 15x8.5 Alloy CJ rims 5 on 5.5 lug pattern(if you don't know if these will fit your vehicle Mr. Google is your friend) $700 31x10.50x15 old mud tires, look like Gumbo Monster Mudders, 4 of them, weather cracked a bunch, hold air though, on black wagon wheel 15x8" CJ rims, 5 on 5.5" $150 a set of 4 nice BFG AT tires 30x9.50x15 on WHITE CJ rims, same lug pattern, also fit Ford F150 up until 1997 and Dodge 1500s, $200 A set of roller CHROME and rust CJ Rims and wheels, 5 of them, Wagon Wheels, need paint, etc, a little rusty, $100
  12. WTB: 4.0L with 4 speed auto trans

    Bamm, there you go John
  13. All for AMC V8 304, 360, 401 I have a nice clean edelbrock performer dual plane intake for 4 barrel carb, $180 Used Hedmann headers for CJ7, decent shape, need sanding $100 Federal Mogul torque cam, specs same as Melling MTA1, Exhaust Duration--214 Exhaust Lift--0.295 Intake Duration--204 Intake Lift--0.28 $150 New lifters for the cam, $50 I will ship everything for an Additional $50