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  1. Chevy Dana 60 front axle 4.56 gears

    225 to have them machined and then it's worth what, $600-$700? I don't have to sell it, just don't need it.
  2. Chevy Dana 60 front axle 4.56 gears

    Yeah I know buts Chevy anyway, good for CJ
  3. East Hampton, CTI believe my scrambler build is taking a different route I have this really nice 5.3 with only 42K miles on it, has a L33 cam and springs in it, makes 325HP and 345TQ as is, has all accessories and Fuel injection system on it. Complete with harness and ECM and some Corvette manifolds(I think ls3? ) that fit it that work great in an FSJ or truck. $1600, I'm in CT and can deliver in northeast for a price, otherwise I'd rather not ship, unless you set it up.Paul
  4. Nice condition, Front Dana 60 Passenger side drop, very clean factory 4.56 gears, no calipers, aftermarket tie rod, about 1.5" thick, DRW hubs on it.$600 East Hampton, CT
  5. T18 D300

    So T18 with the 300 adapter installed in, $800 still? but no D300? Need some YJ or CJ parts?
  6. Need 2 265/75/16 E

    I have 2 really nice, maybe 80% tread Michelin all terrain 265/75/16s, $150 for both
  7. I have the heater system, both parts
  8. a LOT of CJ/YJ engines,trans,t-cases

    All the T176s are gone, got a nice T5 in now.
  9. CJ, YJ, axles, , etc...

  10. Turbo'd 4.8L Chevy V8

    Holy doo-dee nice engine for the Scrambler
  11. a LOT of CJ/YJ engines,trans,t-cases

    Got more than this now....
  12. CJ, YJ, axles, , etc...

    TJ axle is gone.