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    It is also my last day in Philly. I also want to be home. Dreading then drive home tonight.
  2. JUNE 1

    Wet here. Not in the fun way.
  3. TUESDAY , I think

    My oldest is graduating from high school on Saturday. Busy week full of stuff leading up to that. He's on his senior trip to Six Flags today. Prom tomorrow, Senior Awards night Thursday, etc, etc. Youngest just got his drivers license last week...that certainly helps alleviate some of the Mom pressure. It's a month full of "Wow, you're getting old" reminders.
  4. Sunday

    Fat (the good kind) isn't necessarily bad. It helps with the protein to keep feeling full longer. Sugar is the enemy.
  5. SxS questions

    You guys were done talking about SxS's right?
  6. SxS questions

    You got your doctor's confused. He was Dr. Custom Werx. Dr. Wheels was the guy from Cape Cod/Cape Cod Jeep Club.
  7. SxS questions

    Yeah...that's his. Also this from the facepages: LOL.
  8. SxS questions

    Oh, he's back in NH. I think the fire that destroyed his shop in Troy with customers' vehicles in it didn't help business back then either. https://www.f***
  9. Dumping Cable for Streaming?

    How do the satellite internet plans work? Data restrictions? In NH we're in a spot with no cable...honestly could do without broadcast TV, but really could use some interweb access without having to resort to the Verizon hotspot.
  10. Friday, it is, thank god

    Wondered why there was an exodus last night. Which is a's friggen gorgeous this morning. They could have gotten in another half day of wheeling on dry trails.
  11. WED....the calm after the storm

    LOL. You meet some interesting people hosting private events.
  12. WED....the calm after the storm

    I know some guys that are into that kind of thing.
  13. WED....the calm after the storm

    Today is my Monday. I am having a hard time getting going. Currently procaffeinating. My boss is a pregnant dog so I better get moving.
  14. FF season opener extra driver ticket 4sale

    LOL. Oh god no. Bob's self-appointed job is to point out everybody that is wrong on the internet. Mine is to be pregnant dogy at you when you blow by check-in and "forget" to sign the waiver, or tell you to stop the karaoke at 3 in the morning.
  15. FF season opener extra driver ticket 4sale

    It's fine. I'm usually the bad guy anyway.