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  1. Sunday

    Also making chili at some point today. Maybe some butternut squash soup too. Due for another batch of chicken stock...that just goes in the crockpot though. Kitchen/Family room addition is never really warm in this weather, poorly insulated, big single pane window, etc. Sometimes I cook (or season my cast iron) just to warm it up in here.
  2. FRIDAY- day of the dig out

    I snore...and drool. Hot. Bob woke up talking about rotating tires in the middle of the night last night.
  3. Snows a blowin' Thursday.

    We got maybe 3" here. But they've cancelled school again tomorrow. Apparently, a large portion of the town is without power.
  4. Snowmobiles

    Sno-Moles? We're about 1/2 mile from the Monadnock Trail Breakers stuff...soooooo close but not quite there.
  5. Snows a blowin' Thursday.

    Still raining here...supposedly we're getting hammered with snow at some point. But it is fracking windy already! That big pine in the front yard makes me nervous.
  6. NETFLIX Binge

    That actor (Kurtwood Smith) is on the current season of The Ranch in a few episodes. He even gets a "Dumbass" in. We just finished the most recent season of Black Mirror. It's only 6 episodes. Some of them are (as you might expect) disturbing. In a mostly entertaining way. We were definitely impressed with a couple of them.
  7. last SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY of the year

    Headed to Boston in a bit with the kids for the First Night festivities. My Mom got hotel rooms for her, my brother and his family, and us. Super generous gift (especially since it's the Four Seasons!), but...Wow, I'm not looking forward to the crowds and the cold. They've already cancelled some of the outdoor activities. And my brother is oddly super lax in his attitude about his teenagers and alcohol, so I'm stressed about dealing with that.
  8. last SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY of the year

    When you've been together/married so long that Christmas presents become superfluous because you just get whatever you want/need yourself all year long? That's where we are.
  9. Load The Sleigh Sunday

    The people on my town's FB page are always outraged at something or's usually anything that threatens their vision of their historic small town...somebody is tearing down a historic house to build a new one, someone is building *gasp* condos or a Dunkin Donuts...such snobs and higher-than-thou's. There is one guy, however, who is completely bat poop crazy, his posts almost always resulting in W.T.F?!?, that in itself is worth the price of admission. I wish I could get notifications just to see what he says, 9 times out of 10 his stuff gets deleted by admins.
  10. Oh Christmas Day

    I was surprised to see the 17 yo up at 7, figured I had at least another hour to myself.
  11. 21/12/17 Thursday !

    Well, I'm (almost) 50 not 80, so no.
  12. 21/12/17 Thursday !

    Finishing some Christmas shopping today. Stopped for lunch...sitting at the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings (yes...i chose poorly...but they have beer). The bartender, who is AT LEAST 20 years younger than me has called me "Hun" (Hon? As in "can I get you anything else hon?" ) about 8 times. It's more annoying every time. LOL. I guess I should be happy he isn't calling me ma'am.
  13. 21/12/17 Thursday !

    Ditto. (to Bob...not Dave ) Also: Earplugs FTW.