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  1. LizaYJ

    I think it's Tuesday

    LOL. That's just while I'm cooking dinner, depending on how involved dinner happens to be. I didn't say I stopped AFTER dinner.
  2. LizaYJ

    Day of the Wed

    Today is my Monday. Which sucks, 'cause Monday was my Friday. Next week is even worse. Not a lot of weekend this month.
  3. LizaYJ

    I think it's Tuesday

    Does not compute. A glass of wine is required equipment for dinner making in this house (where I am the only one making dinner).
  4. LizaYJ


    I would too...but I need something to drown out the voices in my head during the 2.5 hour stretches in the car.
  5. LizaYJ

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    LOL. My younger son is a mumbler. Drives me nuts. many times do I have to tell you "FFS, Please just talk to me like I'm deaf!"
  6. LizaYJ


    Ditto. I have an Audible subscription and get the longest books possible. I'm on my 2nd run through of Song of Ice and Fire (ie Game of Thrones) now. Steven King, Ken Follett trilogies, etc.
  7. LizaYJ

    Smokers Corner

    Both of them we're here for a while (couple years?). One was being picked up, and whoever left the other told us it was ours if we wanted it.
  8. LizaYJ

    Smokers Corner

    One of them got left here, "gifted" to us. If you want it you're welcome to it.
  9. LizaYJ

    Hump day

    I got stung last Friday right above the left eyebrow. Woke up Saturday morning with my eye swollen shut. Good times.
  10. LizaYJ

    Tax Bill Tuesday

    What did you use? The less seen side of my house is being taken over.
  11. LizaYJ

    Going fishin saturday

    Wanting to see that again. Already out of the theaters near us at home.
  12. LizaYJ


    It is also my last day in Philly. I also want to be home. Dreading then drive home tonight.
  13. LizaYJ

    JUNE 1

    Wet here. Not in the fun way.
  14. LizaYJ

    TUESDAY , I think

    My oldest is graduating from high school on Saturday. Busy week full of stuff leading up to that. He's on his senior trip to Six Flags today. Prom tomorrow, Senior Awards night Thursday, etc, etc. Youngest just got his drivers license last week...that certainly helps alleviate some of the Mom pressure. It's a month full of "Wow, you're getting old" reminders.
  15. LizaYJ


    Fat (the good kind) isn't necessarily bad. It helps with the protein to keep feeling full longer. Sugar is the enemy.