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  1. Pintle hitch for 2" receiver

    Thanks again John!
  2. Pintle hitch for 2" receiver

    Looking for something to tow my old m101a around the yard for yard work but not spend a lot doing it. What's out there.
  3. Friend in need

    I also have a set of 235/75/15 on stock wheels.
  4. Jet ski trailer or small utility trailer

    PM sent.
  5. Jet ski trailer or small utility trailer

    No, no it didn't. Why want to buy it? It's just holding the jet ski. Funny story he bought the jet ski while he was driving a rented f250 after crashing his car. Then had no way to get said jet ski out of the bed when it was time to return the truck. You can see a lot of thought went into this. We backed the trucks tailgate to tailgate and slid it out of the rental into my truck.
  6. My sister's boyfriend decided It would be a great idea to buy a used jet ski. Now he has no way to transport it. It's currently in the bed of my truck. It needs a trailer.
  7. D44's front and rear

    1985 leftovers
  8. WTB TJ D44 Dana 44 Rear

    Matt Stonesifer has a mint empty housing.
  9. Maybe if you like dudes. I can give you his Snapchat info.
  10. I'm looking for a car for a friend of mine. Sometimes under 1000 without a million miles that won't take much to get a sticker. Doesn't need to be pretty. Point a to b car.
  11. 84 Scrambler 258, T5, D300, D30/M20, 3.31 gears I think. Tub is junk. Frame has rot in a couple spots. Engine ran and yard drive until fuel lines went. Carb is off. Has the roll bar and vin tags. I used to have the title but it was lost in a flood. Has nice chrome wheel centers. No dash. 83 Scrambler 258, T156, D300, D30/M20, 2.73 gears I believe. Tub is mostly there but pretty rough. Maybe saveable if your really ambitious. Frame is a little tender by the rear shackle hanger ( like most) but fixable. Has grill, fenders, hood all rusty. Has dash rollbar, half cab. Divider is a little rusty on the bottom edge but savable. Has replacement rear springs and aftermarket wheels. Bought this for parts and never tried to turn over the engine. Carb is off. Has bin tags. Plenty of good driveline parts. Make some offers through PM.