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  1. NHScrambler

    Boat rods (fishing poles/reels)

    I'm interested in 1 - 2 as well.
  2. NHScrambler

    Lube up yer wench! I mean winch.

    So I'm rebuilding a winch and I'm looking for suggestions on what type of grease to lube the gears with. The stuff that was in there was like molasses.
  3. NHScrambler

    YJ ice cram run build

    I probably do. I'll look today.
  4. NHScrambler

    Ditching the YJ cowl vent.

    Maybe something like this. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183268233678
  5. NHScrambler

    Ditching the YJ cowl vent.

    Well the mice infested the heater box of my YJ and those in continent little bastards rotted the metal around the heater box drain. Evertime it would rain this rancid brown liquid would fill the passenger footwell. Instead of sourcing a new YJ heater box I decided to go with one of those Summit Racing heaters that mount under the dash so that the mice no longer have a heater box to inhabit. I removed the old heater box and the cowl ducting but I am now looking for a cowl vent cover to replace the plastic vent grill. I could fab something up but I am really looking for something I can just run a bead of sealer around and screw down. Any leads? I know I've seen them before but now can't find them. Secondly I was toying with the idea of putting a manual vent there like the old Willys since the new heater does not draw outside air and has no fresh air feature. If found vents for rally cars but the seem pricey. Any cheaper alternatives?
  6. Red - header panel has light bezels and turn signals. - fender has flare. Small dent on rocker area and paint is scraped off on top edge with bad clear coat. Best offer
  7. NHScrambler

    YJ ice cram run build

    Yeah but Timmy liked it in the rear. I may have a mouse infested heater box you could clean out and use.
  8. NHScrambler

    Looking for parts

    I actually think I have a receiver box as well.
  9. NHScrambler

    Looking for parts

    That's the one. It's drilled for the tire carrier but I do not have one. Also no receiver.
  10. NHScrambler

    Looking for parts

    I've got a family cage, some d window rims (rusty) with old 31"s and an old school Tomken rear bumper. I'm very negotiable.
  11. NHScrambler

    (4-5) 6 lug,15x8 wheels 3.5 - 3.75 backspacing

    Had any time to do this?
  12. NHScrambler

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    I used this stuff called Natures Miracle. I literally dumped it on the seats until they were saturated then I just let it dry. The mouse smell is gone. It even took the mildew stains off the vinyl.
  13. NHScrambler

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    It's POR 15.
  14. NHScrambler

    YJ heater box

    The mouse soup in mine rotted a hole in it. I need a new one.
  15. I'm going up in tire size and I need less offset to clear the leaf springs on my YJ with wagging axles.