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  1. Tjlongworth

    Looking for a hobby metal mill or 3 in 1

    okey doke, figured Id throw out the offer
  2. Tjlongworth

    Looking for a hobby metal mill or 3 in 1

    you can go for a ride and use my mill
  3. Tjlongworth


    Id take the whole week off...
  4. Tjlongworth


    That movie couldnt have been more accurate
  5. Tjlongworth


  6. Tjlongworth


    well aint that just poo
  7. Tjlongworth


    Im really surprised all that stuff is required for it to pass emissions. in ct they do the snap test and check to see if the cat is in place ( if the truck is under 10000 gvw ) if over 10 k gvw no emissions required. are you sure you cant just drop the tune down and throw a dummy cat on it ?
  8. Tjlongworth


    Thats what ive been thinking.. Thats the literature they should be putting in sales pamphlets ! Ive been eyeing the 45xp
  9. Tjlongworth


    Thats good to know! I have had a hypertherm 380 for a few years now, It has been fantastic. Just wish I could cut thicker stuff
  10. Tjlongworth


    That is an excellent point; however are the ones that dont fail at test going to fail later on ?
  11. Tjlongworth


    So what your saying is, now is not a good time to buy a new plasma ?
  12. Tjlongworth


  13. Tjlongworth

    Camper, hey Seth,not mine.

    She covers the face, but not the bum.....
  14. Tjlongworth

    Question for the athletes in here

    LMAO!!!!!!! Reply of the day, I now have to wash the coffee off my monitor
  15. Tjlongworth

    2014+ Ford V8's and V10's

    pay very close attention to the GVW and GCVW.. Rv manufacturers are all over the place when it comes to weights. Most of the time gas motor homes on ford chassis are already pretty close to maxed out. none of the mfg actually say how much the conversion weighs. before buying one ask to take it to a scale to have it weighed. the v10 although it dosnt have much more power, the chassis usually has a higher gcvw