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  1. 2 post lift bolts??

    How come you decided to tighten the nut. When I first installed ( not my current garage) every 6 months I would check the nuts. not knowing any better I would retorque them to spec. a few years went by and I picked up my fathers 2500. one of the wedge anchors popped a chunk out of the concrete. I didnt fix the floor since i was moving a couple months later. When i setup the car lift in my new garage, I poured a brand new floor with very large pads for the lift. 4x4 x 2 ft thick.. i purchased my wedge anchors from rey jurgans ( spelling may be off ) they specialize in automotive lifts. when I asked them the proper way to check the anchors; they say torque once and then just make sure the nuts are snug from there on out. If you keep re-torquing them i guess over time it draws the taper through the collar compressing the concrete with that said is the hole all the way to dirt ? if you get a new anchor is it snug in the hole, or does it have a case of the weeble wobbles ? I would epoxy in a piece of threaded rod / call it a day
  2. FS. Mini cooper exhaust

    Ill give you 400 if you deliver !
  3. Unionville, CT

    You know how long it takes for that to happen..
  4. Unionville, CT

    years of lurking, finally being helpful im picking the exhaust up tonight. will ride up north with massxj
  5. Unionville, CT

    Look e dere, Game of telephone with an exhaust
  6. Unionville, CT

    Im 10 min away, I live in farmington. Whats up ?
  7. TF999 to AW4 swap??

    I have given this swap alot of consideration for my 99 tj. One of the biggest issues is the added length. If you can afford it the swap is very strait forward. the exhaust will need to be routed like a Cherokee because of the trans pan size. there is a good write up from stu offroad that goes step by step through the process on a tj The t case should bolt right up, on the tj in stock for the firewall lower pinch seam requires modification with a hammer to fit. Whats the reason for getting away from the 999?
  8. '78/79 F250 HP44 Housing

    Are you in a hurry to have it gone? Ill be up that way the first weekend in October From central CT
  9. '78/79 F250 HP44 Housing

    Im quite interested, do you have the hubs / brake brackets ?
  10. Metal Lathe - Warner Swasey Number Three

    just so you guys know, Tom loves dick pics sent to his gmail DOOSH !!! I guess thats my welcome to Neow
  11. Metal Lathe - Warner Swasey Number Three

    Could you send me pictures of the actual lathe ? What condition are the ways / chucks in ?
  12. super dana turdy five for sale....

    Its an auburn E locker