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  1. 2004 Jeep LJ. For sale

    Wow, thats a solid LJ. Wish I was in the market for one right now. GLWS.
  2. Mundee

    Headed over to UMass Boston. Got to go scan for rebar in sidewalks that we have to rip out. Want to get some cores to evaluate before they tear them out.

    For sure. Also known as Sloan in Entourage.

    Took too many beer breaks working on the Jeep that I didn’t have time for yard work. Haha. Ok by me. Got as much done as I could with the parts on hand. Waiting on motor mounts and a few misc. parts. Just want to get this heep good to go for F&F next month. Plenty of time.
  5. Snow Blower - SOLD

    Same. Could use one better than the poopbox I have.
  6. Penny, Judy or the Mom?

    F#ck it. All 3 of them.

    Running to Advance Auto for water pump, balancer and idler pulley to swap out on the YJ today. Maybe some yard work if time allows.

    Buddy came over while I was tinkering around in the heep. He fixed the OBA that had a cracked hose, so got that working again, but while I was adjusting the belt, hoping to clear a squeak, found the harmonic balancer is on its way out along with some play in the water pump. Also the motor mounts are junk allowing the drivetrain to shift too much and Yorks pulley is rubbing on the upper radiator hose. So instead of wheeling tomorrow I got some fixing to do.
  9. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    I'm assuming he's making a jab at typical parts store guys...
  10. Moist Monday

    Not feeling so hot today, stomach bug or something. Plants are closed with the day off for union guys so not a busy day but non union, aka me, is supposed to be in today. Maybe I’ll shoot in later if I start feeling better.
  11. Faryedey

    Thank god it's Friday. Busy day here today, a lot of concrete going out the door. Got one of the sales guys kids helping out for the next couple months. He's still in HS, but now schools are letting seniors not go to actual class if they have a certain GPA and can get an intern position to write a paper on at the end. Kid is only 17, and man does he make me feel old. Little bit of ADD, so have to reel him in, but kind of figured as I know his dad...
  12. Faryedey

    Sounds like your wife's problem.
  13. Wednesday

    Hoping to get out of work and take a look at my personal truck when I get home before picking the kid up. Was looking underneath as it suddenly got louder and heard a clang. Tailpipe was borken off at the muffler. Sounds good, haha. But also found a drip of fluid underneath the engine compartment, believe its the power steering, was a little tougher to turn the other day.

    As Carl with a K said, that's a good way for short loads. I work for a concrete company and we have a short load fee, minimum of 6 yards, so even if you don't need that much, that's what you'd be charged for. This produces the concrete on site with materials it carries. The trucks you more commonly see, more just transport the concrete batch at the plant and mix.

    Met up with a buddy for some drinks. Ended up at the Golden Banana. Haven’t been to a titty bar in quite a while. Spent more than I had wanted.. Thanks again for the trailer Jon, should treat me well.