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  1. Funky Friday

    I’ll see how the interview goes and if I think it would be a good fit, but commute would be cut in half at least, pay should be much better but we’ll see.
  2. Funky Friday

    Boss called me this morning, says there is a new position within the company he thinks I would be good for and to come in for an interview if I want. It's a bit more sales related than I think I want to get into, and I know I have a future where I am, just will take longer to get up to that managerial level and accompanying pay. Also really comfortable where I am, like the people I directly work with and its not in the corporate office. I know it won't hurt to sit down and discuss so I'm going in next week. It's just nerve wracking thinking about the change, even though it's not even a sure thing that I would get the job, but the commute and pay would both be significantly better.
  3. Safety toe boots

    Redwing is my go to.
  4. Tropical Tuesday

    Have fun there! That park is amazing! Very jealous. Where else are you going in Moab?
  5. NETFLIX Binge

    Been watching “Absentia” on Amazon. Just one season, about an FBI chick that was missing for 6 years and is now a suspect in a murder. Still have a few episodes left but will finish today as the kid sleeps since the wife and I are still sick.
  6. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Very nice!
  7. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Stayed home yesterday and today. Feel like I was hit by a truck. Bad headache, sore throat/coughing and just completely out of it, head feels like 100 pounds.
  8. Fugg'in A Friday

    https://www.ultra4racing.com/LIVE Flag drops in about half hour.
  9. Thursday

    Nice little surprise that I forgot about. Retroactive for the last paycheck as well.
  10. So Beards

    Almost daily and beard balm. Keeps mine nice and tame. Wife was against me growing a beard several years back, but now would kill me if I shaved. Which is fine by me because I don't plan too. Just have the barber trim it up every now and again and I keep the mustache hairs out of my mouth.
  11. Speed bleeders

    Gravity bleeding is the only way I’ve done it for a while now.
  12. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    I'll have to see if my buddy has any. Before I ever had a smartphone. And another filter! Undies that go up their butt.
  13. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    Reminds me of the time I got back from my summer job during college to my apartment, and this girl was walking down the hallway in just a dryer sheet, no bra, safety vest and hardhat. dfrink as poop. One of my buddies girlfriends friends that I didn't know were stopping by.
  14. Bella Belben

    Sorry for your loss. It is never easy losing a 4 legged friend.
  15. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I hope to god this common core poop is gone by the time my son is in school. I was always great with math, this just not make sense. Saw this on Instagram. Really hope it’s not real.