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    Slept in past 8 for the first time in forever. The wife is off getting some errands done and the lil guy is still sleeping.
  2. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    I would love one, just shouldn’t spend the money right now.
  3. wednesday

    It’s crazy what the taxes are on that. Now that I’m in a higher “managerial” position, every March I get a bonus based on how well the company did, how we made out our safety wise and personal performance. Right now for me it’s a minimum 13% of my salary but it’s taxed 45%. As nice as it is getting that check, it sucks to see the before tax total.
  4. Tuesday

    Cool. Maybe I’ll check out the burger tomorrow night. Only here for one more. Was here a few years ago went to that Pirate place since I saw it on Bar Resue just to see what’s up.
  5. Tuesday

    Just hit Not Your Average Joe’s with a couple people from the class and McGintys Public House. Same. But at least there’s quite a few places to drink. Sketchier than Boston though for sure.
  6. Tuesday

    Been lucky with my son. Almost a year and a half old and has slept in his crib since 3/4 months in his room all through the night and not a peep. Even when he wakes up in the morning after sleeping in until at least 9 am, he just sits there and babbles to himself waiting for us to get him out, but never whines.
  7. Tuesday

    In Silver Srping MD, just outside of DC, for work to finish up a certification program. Loading up the company card with drinks for the past couple hours, nice having happy hour down here. Also was offered a job from someone in the class that I guess has been trying to get in touch with me via LinkedIn. Fawk that tho, not moving to Philly, don’t really care what he’s going to offer.

    That tire got even higher. We call that obstacle "Rollover Rock", as a bunch of people have gone over there if you hit the line wrong or don't commit. Wasn't able to make it today, as the rocks were cold and not gripping very well.

    Had some fun today in the new rig.
  10. I wish I could afford this as well. Wife really digs it, as do I.

    Heading out for some wheelin in the next couple hours. Can’t wait to try out the new rig.
  12. Buy More Monday

    I knew if I didn't get it done yesterday it wouldn't have happened for a while, don't have any more days off to use or time to blow otherwise. Glad it was a painless process. As for the inspection, I got a hookup with one of my 4x4 club buddies whose parents own a garage, but thanks!
  13. Buy More Monday

    Day off today, decided to go to the RMV and get the YJ registered. Showed up 30 min before doors opened, grabbed a coffee next door and got in line. Already 15+ people in line. I had all my paperwork ready and none of the people before me did so I got to be the 1st served. Quickest I’ve ever been in and out of there.
  14. NEOW First - Portsmouth to Newport

    Even 95 would shoot you around, which is what I'd do myself.
  15. NEOW First - Portsmouth to Newport

    Around 10-11 is probably the best, but traffic is pretty bad all damn day in and around Boston so who knows. But that’s usually around when I’ve had to shoot into the city from Waltham for job meetings and it hasn’t been too horrible.