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  1. jollymon

    Must bring this home... Must bring this home....

    Saw Buford at the 1A Auto show in Pepperell today. Very cool and nice execution.
  2. jollymon

    Smokers Corner

  3. jollymon

    Smokers Corner

    That's good to know... the one I linked to claims to have a thermostat feedback to regulate the propane so maybe less of an issue with getting lower temps? I was thinking the larger space would be useful as I often cook with plenty of leftovers for all the nights when kids sports, etc. make fixing and eating dinner together impossible, but something smaller that's easy to store/move isn't a bad consideration.
  4. jollymon

    Smokers Corner

    I've been meaning to get a smoker and try my hand at this but just never got around to it. However, I have a couple hundred in Cabela's gift cards I got as awards from work and short of using them to supplement purchase of another boom-stick, there's nothing I really want/need from Cabela's right now. So, I figured this could be the incentive and reason to get a smoker. Based on what I've read here and a few other places, the best bet for a "minimal babysitting" smoker is electric or propane (the end goal for me is good eating, not the drinking-while-farting-around-tending-the-fire-all-day experience). I tend to grill year around and could imagine wanting to use a smoker in the cooler seasons, so figured that propane might be a better way to go over electric since more BTUs available when needed. I was looking at this one: What do y'all think? Thoughts? Other better options?
  5. jollymon

    How about a fish Recipe

    Just did our normal fish dinner... Cod loin dusted in 1:1 ratio Old Bay and flour, then dipped in egg and rolled in panko crumbs. Spray a little Pam on top to crispy it up in 450 oven. Dill and cayenne pepper powder on top. Mmmmm... Crispy almost like deep fried but without the need for a defibrillator
  6. jollymon

    Sad day coming, probably Friday.

    so sorry to hear. Godspeed to your canine best buddy
  7. jollymon


    way too tempting. I really have a thing for the 4th gen montes, but my driveway is full and wife is running out of patience with my never ending car desires Hope this car lands in good, appreciating hands.
  8. jollymon

    Ok, I know it's after 8 pm. Bare with me.

    SLC is closest. Fly into Billings, MT for a great, but longer drive. Get to see a wide variety of mountains and high plains that way. Denver is a long drive but if flights are more direct/shorter... Yellowstone, Cody, etc. all of n between for good sights and adventures as you see fit or desire
  9. jollymon

    Bella Belben

    So sorry for your loss. It's sofaking tough to lose a great dog/companion/buddy. Lost the one in my avatar two years ago next week. It really made me take perspective and assessment of the things that really mattered in my life... So even as she left me, there was a good that came from it. Seems like you are/will/have found that too. -Trav
  10. jollymon

    Random Video Of The Day

    Cameraman with major caffine jitters or Parkinson's
  11. jollymon


    Enjoy! some of that dirt that won't come off is collector item... Gennywine Paragon AP dust. Gawd I miss that place and the good friends/times
  12. jollymon


    PMed ya
  13. jollymon


    I'm sure we can figure something out for transit. Where are you at?
  14. jollymon


    Bump. This needs to go. Make a reasonable offer
  15. jollymon


    Bump. These need to go. Beefy rocker protection for short money.