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  1. Random Video Of The Day

    Barrels are only single use for bourbon. American whiskey, wine, beer, Irish whiskey scotch all use the used barrels from bourbon.
  2. Anybody got any interest in the hood?
  3. All yours. I'll bring it up, when I come to get the truck.
  4. Bought from janesy a while back and never put on buggy. $100 for both.
  5. Dusty Old Cars - Nashua

    Dusty reversed the charges to my card. Satisfied with resolution.
  6. Dusty Old Cars - Nashua

    They did a temp refund but unless vendor agrees to reverse charges they wont pursue because there was a signed "as is" contract. Although signed based on misrepresentation. damn these guys!
  7. Dusty Old Cars - Nashua

    Still refusing a refund on a car that I never picked up. Looks like I need to escalate to AG's office as well.
  8. Dusty Old Cars - Nashua

    Advertised as "running and driving". At scheduled pick up car does neither, has no battery, 3 EFI codes, and an apparent cracked block with all its oil on the ground under it. Refused to pick up and sales manager was "unable" to issue a refund. A week later and they still want to fix it and not refund my money and will not return phone calls. Disputing charge on credit card.
  9. Dusty Old Cars - Nashua

    Buyer beware. Still giving them the benefit of the doubt to make things right, but not looking good.
  10. Anyone have a sawmill

    either 16 or 18, maybe both. Fits my stihl 029 saw
  11. ISO: Jeep Wrangler TJ Soft Top

    Nick, I have all three windows for the oem top. Free if you pick up and get them out of my garage
  12. Charging a shock

    Ive got a N2 set up here if you want to borrow you are welcome to it
  13. Rust free TJ tub

    Daughters jeep. Floors and body mounts are pretty bad. Fixable but might be cheaper to swap tubs then fixs the one we got.