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  1. makizoo

    DBBBQ smoker #2

    I bought this from Todd and mounted it to a cheap harbor freight trailer to move I around the yard (not safe to tow). Works great but way too big for my needs now that both kids have moved out. Going up for sale this weekend on craigslist for $650. $500 firm with trailer and a couple ribs to get you started for anyone from here. Sean
  2. makizoo

    Sad News to Share

    Sorry for your loss. Fcuk Cancer!
  3. makizoo

    Monday Monday Monday

    Small world. I've been with CRL or one of their acquired CRO's since 1998, mostly in vivo DMPK. May or may not have done a ton a work for both.
  4. makizoo

    Monday Monday Monday

    EWW another pharma geek in our midst. Besides taking care of your wife's pooches where do you work in industry? Getting close to 25 yrs in CRO's myself.
  5. makizoo

    Lift recomendations

    Built a garage/barn. Garage in front is 30'w X 24' deep garage with 4" poured floor, 12' wide X 10' high barn door and 12' ceiling. and 10' x 10' barn door through to barn in back. I want to put in a lift to work on stuff, but do not want to obstruct ability to shuffle vehicles off to the sides for storage in the winter or block driving straight through to the barn. Seems the single post portables have the flexibility but only rated to 6-7K and i'd like to get up to 10K to work on 3/4 ton truck, and just looks unsteady. Does anybody make a good 10k rated portable 2 post that isnt $20-30K? Anybody got some good recommendations?
  6. makizoo

    Random Video Of The Day

    Barrels are only single use for bourbon. American whiskey, wine, beer, Irish whiskey scotch all use the used barrels from bourbon.
  7. Anybody got any interest in the hood?
  8. All yours. I'll bring it up, when I come to get the truck.
  9. Bought from janesy a while back and never put on buggy. $100 for both.
  10. makizoo

    Dusty Old Cars - Nashua

    Dusty reversed the charges to my card. Satisfied with resolution.
  11. makizoo

    Dusty Old Cars - Nashua

    They did a temp refund but unless vendor agrees to reverse charges they wont pursue because there was a signed "as is" contract. Although signed based on misrepresentation. damn these guys!
  12. makizoo

    Dusty Old Cars - Nashua

    Still refusing a refund on a car that I never picked up. Looks like I need to escalate to AG's office as well.
  13. makizoo

    Dusty Old Cars - Nashua

    Advertised as "running and driving". At scheduled pick up car does neither, has no battery, 3 EFI codes, and an apparent cracked block with all its oil on the ground under it. Refused to pick up and sales manager was "unable" to issue a refund. A week later and they still want to fix it and not refund my money and will not return phone calls. Disputing charge on credit card.