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  1. So school shootings

    There is a chance that someone was beat to death with one.
  2. Wack Off Wenesday

    if it had a stupid filter the place would be blank
  3. Wack Off Wenesday

    was riding home and the shift linkage fell apart. will have to figure that out
  4. Wack Off Wenesday

    I was told brother inlaw was boiling. Hope there is some for this week3nd
  5. Wack Off Wenesday

    Haven't we already established that he likes the taste of windows
  6. Manic Monday

    couple of the boys that help out around the farm, I have been telling them for years to make sure they use rubbers. last weekend I saw them for the first time on college break. HEY, you guys using rubbers and not drinking too much. Yes SIR! using rubbers as told to do so..... fine work boys carry on
  7. Safety toe boots

    been wearing redwing loggers for longer than i care to admit. they stopped making them in non steel toe, then stopped making them all together. i bought 4 pairs from all over the us. was the last of the real redwing boots. I get 5-7 years out of a pair if I take care of them well add in a random resole if the leather is good and I should be able to make it to retirement. I assume I will get sick of wearing loggers before I run out
  8. Manic Monday

    When I was a bunch younger my girlfriend at the time was grinding away on top of me both had all clothing on. I was flat on my back on the couch. The back side of the couch was open to the rest of the room. Her mother walked up with out us noticing and asked me what we were doing. Well Gentleman I will tell you with all the smarts I have gained "practicing" was not the correct answer.
  9. Manic Monday

    Hope to buy my first this week. As of 2 weeks ago the state will allow me to mostly exercise my 2A rights
  10. Wood stove tech

    Toss her out the open window
  11. Snowy Sunday

    i wish I had stared smaller. some cool kats on here doing real small batch. the stuff im learning on we cant even get rolling till we have a couple or multi thousand gallons of sap. I wish I was around for the days when they had the small wood pans and a few hours away from the wife. Im in it. one of the very few that do something like this, it just doesn't seem as cool as it was before I started doing it
  12. Snowy Sunday

    everything we do is so cool, no one cares. its hard to make boiling water look like fun. Im amazed neow puts up with the few or us talking about it
  13. Snowy Sunday

    moved a trailer load of syrup jugs into the attic of the sugar house. kinda like tossing a 30 lb medicine ball over an 8 foot wall and through a box almost the same size. then run up the stairs over and under a few floor level changes put boxes where needed then run back down and start again
  14. Snowy Sunday

    netted wasn't there a cost to move that thing into the house

    How much data does that fancy bike eat.