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  1. 3rd function hydraulic question

    I think Belben is up to speed on this stuff
  2. Wet Wednesday

    The plot thickens
  3. Sunday

    Mayor is up for reelection. Same group protested last month no one even noticed
  4. Friday

    for far too long now.
  5. Well water pressure tank

    May have been a siphon jet set up before
  6. Friday

    frigging tj
  7. Friday

    nope, remember the zipper thing
  8. Shaturday

    3 hrs to get to farmington, should have been 2. help put a lift in a JK and I now have a sears/atlas lathe in the back of my truck.
  9. Friday

    You back in MA already
  10. Phone scam/class action

    Not on the list but I was getting 3 or 4 of them a week

    Not feeling it
  12. Anvils

    Ya that too. Lol
  13. Anvils

    All the neck beards want to make knives. What wasn't shipped off to China is way over priced.
  14. WED

    "We" have learned nothing from history