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  1. massxj

    Day of the Wed

    We all are
  2. massxj

    Day of the Wed

    Who isnt
  3. massxj

    Built YJ, 1 tons, LS, etc

    Happy wife happy life
  4. massxj

    I think it's Tuesday

    i had drink while making dinner, she did not like me having drinks while making dinner. fawk off you can make dinner . thats not the correct answer. I was home making dinner figured I was golden. why the damn do the rules always change should I damn her mother?
  5. massxj

    I think it's Tuesday

    I will often tell her To calm down and call her by her mother's name Mothers name just always makes it better
  6. massxj

    I think it's Tuesday

    Try, "Shut your cake hole pregnant dog" After you wake up she will have forgotten about the tree
  7. massxj

    I think it's Tuesday

    I was running some roads out in western ma. Long dirt path that shows as a road on the gps I'm in for almost a mile. I round a bend and there is a guy and his house. He was pretty cool about it and said he should put up a sign but he gets a kick out of watching people have to back all the way out. Zero room to turn around other than his parking area and it was clear i wasnt going to be able to use it. Sucked backing the pick up all the way out
  8. massxj

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    I have had a few unsecured loads but they didn't cause me any problems
  9. massxj


    And no top on
  10. massxj


    Just got back from field and forest. That place got nasty hard. Makes me want a buggy
  11. massxj


    Have a guy coming to look at the truck hopefully he will buy it. Then off to field and forest to hang with a few friends
  12. massxj

    Where’s Disapear Skier?

    Must be a big door
  13. massxj


    my riding pant are most often what ever i am wearing when I go riding , sorry your wourld is difficult
  14. massxj

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    They shut down all the good sections this guy is less talented at finding his old hourly room mate
  15. massxj


    Was at MB in plaistow over the weekend for mower parts. Was a complete poop show and half the parts are not correct even with all the info for a tractor that was purchased from them