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  1. Tree - Splitting Bark on backside

    the tree guy said GTFO
  2. Tree - Splitting Bark on backside

    Bleeding split bark is not good. Bugs and or stress. Wouldn't be surprised if the center is rotten. Not a tree guy.
  3. NETFLIX Binge

    It ends too quick. Left me wanting
  4. Winching 101??

    Didn't see his pics but that is normally a nasty injury
  5. Toooosdee

    Still not sure how they can always find something to pregnant dog about
  6. 4.8 chevy in a tj

    Why ruin a good jeep
  7. Winching 101??

    im in dracut
  8. Winching 101??

    I have a small chain comealong also have small electric hoist
  9. Flannel Friday

    You're so pretty
  10. Flannel Friday

    I could do it. But sometimes its best to pay the man. Not sure I want to pull a couple hundred feet of pipe by hand with no help
  11. Flannel Friday

    finally found a well company that answered the phone and will come to my house
  12. Flannel Friday

    well pump poop the bed..... not how I wanted to start the day

    We do thermal every 3 years I think

    American test?
  15. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    That just sucks