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  1. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I saw a dually flatbed with a skid steer on it hooked up to a landscape trailer the other day in Chelsea. Ill see if I can find it next time Im out there.
  2. Brought It Tuesday

    at the Chelsea terminal today, golf league tonight is a warm up. Tomorrow I have a golf tourney for work then 2 days of drinking eating and shmoozing with industry peeps on the Cape
  3. BRING IT! Monday

    working from home so I can get plates transferred to the new car and get to the bank today
  4. THRUSDAY, night of the coon.

    High mileage ones yes. I searched for the diamond, took me 2 months. 2009 with 65k and likely went back and forth to church and the grocery store. Wish it was black
  5. THRUSDAY, night of the coon.

    bought another caddy yesterday
  6. 02 2500hd instrument cluster problem

    I have not in my GMC but I had a dodge with similar problems and it was a borken ground wire
  7. Titillating Tuesday

    working from home this morning. Going to look at another CTS today
  8. I've got a trailer full off timbers...

    still cant hit the bottom
  9. I've got a trailer full off timbers...

    I did 4" at just over 7
  10. I've got a trailer full off timbers...

    We do use them some times but generally we are doing enough supports for the cost to not makes sense. however that extra 3 yards is almost enough for half your slab floor
  11. Munday

    ya ya you heat with wood ... whaa
  12. Munday

    you might want to keep checking, supposed to be 2 days of this
  13. Munday

    trying to get back to my regularly scheduled program In Chelsea again today
  14. I've got a trailer full off timbers...

    what do you see as a benefit to the precast over sonotubes?
  15. there may be a size limitation in your town but if the structure is not permanent it generally doesn't need permitting
  16. JUNE 1

    "Derek used to have donut control"
  17. Stand With Steve

    Last night went very well. It was great to see the amount of people he touched in his lifetime.
  18. Stand With Steve

    what I wouldn't give for just 5 more mintues
  19. Stand With Steve

    Thanks everyone for your support. It is a very tough time right now for his family and friends. I just wish I could take his suffering away
  20. TTTTTTTuesday

    something has got me sneezing his morning, first time this spring
  21. Manic Monday

    Waiting on the water guy this morning. Interviewing another kid at the terminal this afternoon
  22. Thursday thursday

    haha yup Sounds like someone is getting a promotion, make sure you get the perks that come with it and not just the work
  23. Thursday thursday

    yup, since found out Dunkins not accepting mastercard today
  24. Thursday thursday

    Well no problem with my accounts says the banks, confirmed at rite aid. Coworker came in and said Dunkin Donuts is not taking Mastercard today, nice of them to tell me
  25. Thursday thursday

    coworker bringing me breakfast