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  1. Thursday 3/22/18


    Likely headed back to Chelsea today to finalize the VFD installs then Rangeley for the weekend
  3. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    hard to keep a secret when there is 10 bros in there
  4. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Lies Its the pot for naked man stew
  5. Thursday 3/22/18

    coating at my house no one can drive Rt2 in general, poop show when it snows

    In Chelsea today
  7. MONDAY Muther-F-ers

    no weak stream here ... I've been practicing
  8. MONDAY Muther-F-ers

    Putting out fires at work from home today
  9. What is there to do (WITTD) in Cape Cod?

    Where on the cape? Seasonal stuff will still be closed. Beaches will be open/free
  10. In before Karl Thursday

    work email has not been working since last night, cant email IT to put a ticket in Off to New Haven for the day
  11. In before Karl Thursday

    is that Jackie's face the first time he saw it?
  12. White Wendesday

    I would say just shy of 2' Plowed last night at 9, another inch or so since then. Slid the truck off the driveway into a snow bank on my last push. Left it there so Ill need to rescue it today
  13. Threatening Tuesday

    5-6" already. working from home snowmobiling tonight
  14. Monday Again

    At the office today. I'll leave early to make up for being late. New track coming in for my sled today. I'll be installing that tonight, already tore the sled apart yesterday.

    Holy fawk, make sure you are ok 14-16" here
  16. Worlds coming to an end Wed

    No poop but not best bang for your buck. Both the prices don't include delivery, clearly Eversource can do it better then wind. I'm at 11 cents, retail before delivery
  17. Worlds coming to an end Wed

    Wind doesnt pay either Princeton MA is "100% wind powered" well except when they don't produce enough for the town then get raped by the grid. Buddy is paying 0.17/kWh on wind and 24 cents when they don't have enough wind, delivery not included
  18. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    there are actual border crossing areas. We however were not crossing , just riding along the border. Only signs off humans up there is the 20yard wide swath cut from the forest and shooting shacks on the candian side.
  19. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Border cut
  20. It's Monday Again

    Slow start for me this mroning. Great weekend snowmobiling in Rangeley. My back is sore, ITS was wasted coming back into town saturday night.

    feel free to use my truck

    today is my Friday. Final walk through on 2 jobs in NJ then straight to ME ... eventually
  23. Wild Wednesday

    3rd interview this morning then off to NJ. taking Friday off and headed to ME for snowmagedon
  24. Funky Friday

    Everyone missing today? Working from home today. Interview yesterday went great, I'm going to bet he gets hired. Few more next week before we make any decisions.
  25. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    they forget the other G?