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  1. Fridgid Friday

    I'm already over today and hangry ... watch out
  2. Fridgid Friday

    dusting on the truck this morning. Am in Chelsea again
  3. my driveway is mud season ... still better than last year when we moved in
  4. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    We do the same with in-service petroleum pipelines, called a hot tap I know the machines our contractors use have a bit inside the hole saw to keep hold of the core
  5. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    I didn't think it was actually possible to use that line without sarcasm?
  6. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    the 15th was a sunday yesterday was emancipation day in Washington so you have until today
  7. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    up early even tho working from home today
  8. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    thats LOW for not being bagged
  9. Moist Monday

    same when I left and still coming down, but not plowing ride on RT2 west of leominster was junk
  10. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    guessing its bagged?
  11. Faryedey

    up at 2 and already at the terminal in Linden NJ for a big meeting this morning I'm just the peon surrounded by all the big wigs, bet I'll be the one answering all the questions to the potential customer
  12. Trailer axle and wheels/tires

  13. Wednesday

    except for that post, it could steel the show
  14. Wednesday

    at the terminal very early this morning, headed home in another hour or so

    3-4 hours at the office then headed to Chelsea. Wearing jeans, screw the corporate dress code