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  1. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    they forget the other G?

    don't envy you
  3. Tropical Tuesday

    Nope. Bobby left at beginning of the year. So I am the entire Engineering department. Saving grace is I should not have to travel to PA much anymore, handling New England and NJ now. HR has finally found someone acceptable to interview for the vacated position.
  4. Tropical Tuesday

    Foggy as poop leaving Rindge this mroning. People driving 40 in a 55 get passed by the grandpa car. First interview today for the engineering position, atleast I get some input
  5. TGIF

    in other words, Mud
  6. Day of Stupid Cupid

    an 18 yr old can not legally purchase a handgun
  7. Twosday again

    In Chelsea today. Snowmobile club meeting tonight, less than a mile from my house
  8. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    bad bum pic right there Mr (or Mrs) Belben
  9. Fugg'in A Friday

    Wire brush drill bit on a drill extension. then get aftermarket outer axle seals before you put it together
  10. Fugg'in A Friday

    must have slept screwed up, cant turn my neck more then 15*
  11. Must bring this home... Must bring this home....

    Did Dave just get jealous because Neow first?

    could previous manager have done his math wrong? Home today, snowmobiling tonight
  13. Wetness day..
  14. Wetness day..

    When they ask "can you do better on the price?" my answer is usually yup, $2000 would be better for me
  15. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    "The fellow with white tail feathers in the first photo is particularly large & handsome."