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  1. dkj1028

    I think it's Tuesday

    Hola, already sticky out there. Got the AC blasting in the office right now. Lots of driving for me today. Doctors appointment this am, then up to Portland to check a tank liner, then down to Stow MA where golf will probably get rained out, and home ...
  2. dkj1028

    Trailer Brake Controller Removal

    you could cut it into the center console where your change is
  3. dkj1028

    It's 7:33 Monday

    Is karl on vacation?
  4. dkj1028

    Hump day

    stung 4-5 times by hornets yesterday, feeling it today. Back of my head is swollen and hurts, as is my right forearm
  5. dkj1028

    Monday Monday Monday

    ugh Monday... At the office today
  6. dkj1028

    Flippen Friday

    yes sir
  7. dkj1028

    Flippen Friday

    Rain already went thru here. Rained hard but not for long
  8. dkj1028


    horrible In Linden NJ this morning, couple conference calls and walking the new guy around the terminal. The whip the new caddy home
  9. dkj1028

    Gotcha Thursday

    in NJ, meeting with planning board engineers on site to agree to conditions of approval on our new pipe bridge .... fun
  10. dkj1028


    Closing tonight. Neighbor is closing on the house Friday. So I'll have new neighbors soon
  11. dkj1028


    We got approval for my neighbors' technical subdivision last night from the planning board. Nothing interesting, just buying the land my driveway is on from him before he sells his house. bumps my property up to 21 acres
  12. dkj1028

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I saw a dually flatbed with a skid steer on it hooked up to a landscape trailer the other day in Chelsea. Ill see if I can find it next time Im out there.
  13. dkj1028

    Brought It Tuesday

    at the Chelsea terminal today, golf league tonight is a warm up. Tomorrow I have a golf tourney for work then 2 days of drinking eating and shmoozing with industry peeps on the Cape
  14. dkj1028

    BRING IT! Monday

    working from home so I can get plates transferred to the new car and get to the bank today
  15. dkj1028

    THRUSDAY, night of the coon.

    High mileage ones yes. I searched for the diamond, took me 2 months. 2009 with 65k and likely went back and forth to church and the grocery store. Wish it was black