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  1. dkj1028


    In Chelsea again ... oh it feels so good
  2. dkj1028

    NEOW Express

    I'm in Rindge, think the person would bring them my way? I just don't head Swanzy way often. Travel thru Portsmouth to Portland for work most weeks
  3. dkj1028


  4. dkj1028


    Yup the idiots were out in force
  5. dkj1028


    At the office today and had to switch my calendar to September. Shows how often I am here. Ride in was a little crazy, it was pouring. Don't think I hit 50mph on Rt2 until after the rain let up in Concord
  6. dkj1028

    Case of the Mondays...

    wow slow day here today I am in South Portland. final walk thru on a tank repair and headed out shortly to make a dock house fly
  7. dkj1028

    Phones and Plans

    I think I have one hanging around if youre looking for a backup I havent paid for a phone or plan in 10 years. Made it known that I needed my work phone to be my personal phone as well
  8. dkj1028

    Garage sale in Westford Ma.

    I'd be interested in a chain fall
  9. dkj1028

    Thrz of the day

    ain't nobody ever called you big
  10. dkj1028

    Thrz of the day

    today already feels too long Saw my big 10 this morning crossing my driveway. First time I've seen him in person, have pictures of him since I moved in
  11. dkj1028

    Wed Nes Day

    South Portland today, then dropping off sled shocks for rebuild
  12. dkj1028

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    they sting
  13. dkj1028


    Like Richard, I was also a freshman in college. Sitting in class when someone bust in to let us know the first plane had crashed. Professor turned on the TV as we all saw the second one hit. Classes were canceled for the rest of that day. Sat in my room glued to the TV all day
  14. dkj1028


    its cold, bet the deer are moving. Saturday can't come fast enough
  15. dkj1028

    Moist Monday

    wonder what 20k sleds you're looking at? Pretty much any rider forward sled with a tall seat will be more confortable