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  1. ShaunB71

    Official NEOW time waster games link thread.

    I Just heard on the radio this morning that some scum bag from Australia just made a game and put it out on his website. It is called Vtech rampage and it mimics that dirtbag that killed thirty two people. You basically walk around and kill as many students as you can. What a world we live in!!!! :maine:
  2. ShaunB71

    Survival Gear

    When I hike, I use Tablets over a water purifier, first of all just something extra to carry, and second of all I get a kick out of watching the people I hike with spend 30 minutes trying to fill a 1 liter Nalgene getting destroyed by "insert annoying insect here"!! The water tastes a little funky and they may stain your bottle but what are you gonna do. I also try to strain the detritus out of the water with a hankerchief or t-shirt, no fun to watch the "floaties" in your water