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    I was locked outway up high on a roof top at the mariot in montreal overnight. This was way before the movie hangover too. dfrink under aged americans.
  2. Sub-Zero Saturday

    Another weekend of thawing frozen pipes. Rented a now. Not having any luck..
  3. last SATURDAY of the year

    Frozen pipes.. Good news is the service guy is in town. Bad news there are 6 others without heat.
  4. 171226 - Boxing Day Beaches

    Nice to see someine not pregnant dogging about something here... February is coming though.
  5. Oh Christmas Day

    Merry xmas. Trucking around central mass picking up gifts and sampling beers.
  6. 21/12/17 Thursday !

    Thursdays always my Friday but Sundays my Monday. So wtf. May go wander around the woods today dressed in orange and tell everyone im a hunter.
  7. Newest old plow rig

    Its an impco mixer yes. All liquid till mixer. Not dual feed, runs through coolant heat exchanger. Putting in a warmer thermostat just in case.
  8. Newest old plow rig

    Snatch block yes. Gotta grab a simple pulley next time at tsc. Today is thermostat and new battery. Got a lot of wiring todos so ill start with much needed battery.
  9. Newest old plow rig

    Videos below.
  10. Newest old plow rig

    Sold the old plow truck last year and cobbled this together. Just an 8ft hydro over electric curtis on a propane powered cj with 40s locked . May even run chains that are free to me. Gonna need some counter weight as it crab walks really bad. Using the warn to raise and lower. Still gotta figure out hydraulics to angle it. Not my brightest idea. Still concerned with running propane on a neg 10 morning. Got a few hundred and too much time invested to give up now. 20171219_152707.mp4 20171219_152835.mp4
  11. Monday

    For the amount of time $$ and effort ive got into this jeep plow i could of just paid a contractor to plow all season..
  12. what forum is Belben on now??

    Seen some of his next gen meth making burners recently. Things are good.
  13. WTF Thurs.

    Nothing makes your time on throne reading your local paper better than seeing your daughter's name listed on the high honor role. Not bad kid...this flush is for you.

    Ill skip the driveway thermostat install job today and just go sand the driveway instead. Was gonna hunt but the wind is wild out here today.