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  1. Friday

    Sup sissys? Fighting a cold and enjoying the Nyquil. It's all I got really.
  2. Threatening thursday

    10 days on west coast is too long. In already ready to come home.
  3. NEOW plumbers help

    Local plumbers supply new favorite store..never again buy a fixture from a HD or Lowes. Had good luck buy a band name whatever off eBay as well.
  4. Friday

    Day one on vacation on west coast. Boy wants to go sneaker shopping at some sorta sneaker boutique and daughter wants to build a long board and take it out. Wtf..but ok.
  5. Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle?

    Musta worn mine out?
  6. Skipping Wednesday

    Today is my Friday. Wrapping up a bunch of scrap here, selling a tractor and taking my cash to San diego. Blow it all on kids and beer.
  7. Welcome To August

    7th baseball game in 5 days. I'm about done.
  8. Damn Kids Thread

    Still recall my kids wtfs.. One eating all the sun molded Oreo gum crumb dog hair crayon skittle clumps pulled from between my truck seats. The other sitting under the bird feeder eating the spent flower seed shells covered in bird poop.
  9. SATURDAY again

    Move that quad before you do.
  10. FRIDAY

    But you look so pretty with them.
  11. Bachelor Party XJ

    Sounds like a still dfrink?
  12. *whew*

    f***book has taken my new time away. I don't know how Karl does it.
  13. SUNDAY

  14. SUNDAY

    Spent weekend as a single dad at camp with kids and friends while wife did white women stuff at the cape with friends. Great weekend really. I got these weekend get aways dialed in right.
  15. ThUrS

    Iron maiden show last night...not so good. Huge lines, terrible acoustics (So bad I bought ear protection) 13$ drafts, lame set list and it took me 2 hours to get out of lot after show. Do I sound old?