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  1. IronLung


    Nice chatting with you Karl. Nice surprise. Next time TJ.
  2. IronLung

    (1) 39" Krawler-used

    Princeton? What's up neighbor!
  3. IronLung


    Was in Lyme Ct all day for a day of baseball. Back again for 8 am Sunday. What weekend?
  4. IronLung

    Day of the Thurz

    Daughter placed top 10 out of 50 in nationals event in Hollywood last night. She was youngest on stage..big accomplishment.
  5. IronLung

    Monday Monday Monday

    Annual Florida in July dance Dad competition trip. Pre-gaming with son during happy hour before we uber to a Marlins game. Not sure it possible to fit this much activity into the last week. My liver may call in sick to work next week.
  6. IronLung

    Satisfying Saturday

    Sprayed oil this am, baseball in the sun, then started to empty fridge before we depart. I'm fawking stuffed.
  7. IronLung

    Tax Bill Tuesday

    Another hot one out there..I'm gonna scramble to get packed up and out to camp. No rest for my truck and trailer. My kid the pitcher got a chance at the plate last night at holy cross for american legion ball. Cool to hear him announced in stadium, fully expected a strike out..and then crack. Nice center field single..holy poop.
  8. IronLung

    Way early Wednesday

    Down in Northbridge tonight for baseball. Kid is 15 and starting pitcher facing college freshman. Were at like 16th game in 14 days. He is gonna get a reality check tonight.
  9. IronLung


    Gotta get to nh for a barrel of underoil this week.
  10. IronLung


    Played in my garden topless today..
  11. IronLung


    Nice phone Tawd.
  12. IronLung


    Pay day. Gotta buy some groceries and gas today. Rebuilding a power washer this week. Carb, pump, hose, gun, and foam cannon and chemical guys soap just arrived. I'll be washing myself silly soon.
  13. IronLung


    So true.. it's cheaper too.
  14. IronLung

    BRING IT! Monday

    Much needed 6 hour sleep. Another week loaded with todos . Kids playing legion baseball at age lucky dad gets to drive 28 games in 32 days. These aren't all home games either. This is impossible.
  15. IronLung


    Need to use eye protection when spraying oil. Eyes have been burning now for 15 hours.