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  1. Mundee

    Hi...headed to the bed.

    I curse Belen every spring cause he has all my saws tuned for below zero late night "Let me tune your saw" mode. I figured it out. I'll curse his name come winter now.

    Son pitched a 10K no hitter today and mercies then in 4 innings. Had 2 9 pitch innings! I over ate at the Irish funeral for the grandma today.
  4. Assist or full hydro?

    Consider the ems off road cap? Pretty cheap bolt on-ish alternative. I've had no issues.
  5. Fridgid Friday

    Took the night off last night and hit a different brewery for 2 periods of hockey, then home for final with son. Today was gym and building bull pen with said son. I'm gonna try and find some live music tonight. Tommorow we bury my grandmother. 95 yrs, 14 children, veteran.

    I messaged you.
  7. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Anyone wanna buy an emglow wheelbarrow compressor? I misjudged my needs.
  8. Moist Monday

    Frozen rain over 2 inches of snow on untreated roads made for a gnarly commute home..driveway is plowable.

    Took the night off so i could have the day and get poop done..insomnia till about 4am. I got about 2 hours in. Wasted day. Still cold.

    I'll go to southern nh for sure. If fact will be in Rindge and hopefully Hollis soon. I'm pulling a self contained 26 ft. Hydraulic tilt deckover converted to ramps. I'll pm you Jerry. It's just me. Owner/Operator. Decided to self employee myself in my free time.

    It's just me. Owner/Operator. Decided to self employee myself in my free time.

    Anyone want to learn more email or pm me. f***book isn't quite live yet. Almost there though.
  13. Tiling Tuesday

    Rain sorta screwed up my afternoon. Been concentrating on prepping a new to me deckover trailer. Some progress.
  14. Some pussay at Dunkin Donuts

    My parents are getting older and I'm tasked with removing a big black cat that showed up dead on their snow covered lawn. I say leave it a few days and maybe nature will dispose of it. Well my dad got pissed of my moms nagging and tossed it in a white plastic grocery bag. W tf. I asked what he did with the bag.. well "trash day was Monday so he missed it. He stuffed it in the drive thru trash receptacle at dunkin donuts" He doesnt even like dunkins..he drove thru the drive thru, didnt order, and used the trash can thingy with the sloped top so he didn't even have to get out. I don't know if this is genius or he's lost his marbles with age? Another classic.

    My first and only underage drinking interaction happened when my dad found wine coolers hidden in my old jeep while looking for his tools. He was bullpoop. Told me to get those in the fridge before they went bad so my mom could enjoy them..