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  1. Rats - got some, want less

    Pouring ammonia and then chlorox into a burrow works wonders to get rid of critters. Snaking a hose into the hole helps get the toxic mixture deeper into burrows.
  2. Sunday

    -9* here... just re-lit the woodstove
  3. Remote start

    Nah.... I'm already old and gray.... close enough
  4. Remote start

    Just bought a Fortin from Amazon for my daughters 2015 Escape. Came pre-programmed so no need to buy a programmer. $100 to my door. Suppose to be all plug and play except for two connections to the ODB port harness for the remote start function. I suspect if I hook up the parking lights it'll require a tap or splice. " Santa" now has to put it in.
  5. Utility power was out 14 hours here. My 17KW battery bank & 5KW inverter kept the house humming.
  6. Equifax Data Breach

    I froze Equifax a couple of days ago and Transunion and Experian this morning without any issue. Equifax was free and $5 each for the other two here in MA.
  7. Wet Wed?

    Dry ground here this morning.
  8. Jeep TJ Clutch Replacement

    Might want to pick up the little metal wire clip that holds the clutch arm on the ball stud in the bell housing. I've found them borken when doing a few Jeep clutch's and required a mad dash to the dealer to pick one up so the job can be completed.
  9. stalling snowblower

    Most carbs like that have the main jet in the center of the bowl. Pull the carb, remove the jet and be sure the jet is clean. Check it's passages and gently clear with a fine wire if necessary. Shoot some carb cleaner thru where the jet was. Flush the same passage from the carb throat back to the main jet to get any doo-dee out of there. Blast the other carb passages back and forth with cleaner too. Re-assemble. This usually does the trick for me on my small engines.
  10. Balljoint tool kit recommendation

    I'd just get a loaner from your local Autozone or Advance Autoparts when you need to do ball joints unless you are doing it a lot.
  11. Generator Sunday

    Used billboard vinyl works great too if you can get your hands on it. Super thick and tough.
  12. "Resetting" a laptop?

    Looks like hitting F11 just as it starts to boot will get you to the system restore utility in the hidden partition (assuming i's on your system) See... https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/ht035517 Doing a full recovery should wipe the disk clean and reload the operating system and utilities just as it was when taken out of the box new. You'll have to suffer thru installing all the Windows updates and numerous reboots to then get it up to date.
  13. battery tender recommendations

    Be wary of the HF ones. I got one a few years ago and put my Jeep's battery on charge with it. Turns out the unit was wired backwards from the factory and it killed my battery. Now I only use Battery Tenders. Great little units!